The HousekeeperThe Housekeeper


I watched Maria sway her hips from side to side singing to herself in Spanish tossing clothes into the washer, the music blared from her headphones. I walked over taking in the sweet scent of her perfume. “Maria?” I asked putting my hand on her shoulder, she gasped grabbing my hand and moving swiftly kicking my legs out from under me. “AYE DIOS MIO! AYE SENOR! Oh I’m so sorry.” She said getting down to me quickly, her voice heavy with an accent.

I placed my hand on the back of my head, looking up at her. “I didn’t expect you home so soon senor.” She said pulling me up into a sitting position looking at the back of my head.

“It’s O.K. I’m sorry I startled you.” I said looking at her.

“The house, it’s so big. I hear noise.” She said pulling the headphones off her ears taking the MP3 player and tossing it on the basket full of clothes near the dryer.

“Yea I know. When, you’re alone you can start to hear stuff.” I said. She stood, grabbing my wrist she attempted to help me up.

“I am sorry senor.” She said blushing looking around.

“Really Maria it’s Okay” I said touching her shoulder, she shivered lightly under my touch.

“Ms. Kelly she call, said she be home late with mija.” She shook me off, stepping back into the washer. “The clothes in the washer and I start on these.” She said leaning down, I caught a great view of her round ass in those tight jeans that hugged her hips so nicely.

“That’s fine Maria.” I said taking a step closer to her. She blushed and walked around me. As I watched her turn the corner, I felt the stirring in my pants begin bringing my dick to life.

I moved though the house looking over the things she had cleaned. Eyeing her light grey sweater on the couch, I made my way over. As I picked it up, looking the soft fleece material over, the soft scent of her perfume hit my nose.

I had to have her.

I walked upstairs hearing her sing softly from Brianna’s bedroom, I looked into the doorway watching her back to me. Short about 5’3, really short, soft brown skin hidden under that pair of low rise jeans that hugged her hips nicely. Long black hair with burgundy highlights set off the black tint of her hair. I watched her lean over… that ass, I wanted to have it, bend her over a table, hear her cry my name.

She turned slowly. Not noticing me, she walked to the closet, swaying her head from side to side to the music that played into the buds in her ears. Her chest, while not as big as Kelly’s, was perfect in it’s own light. Soft full lips, clear complexion, and big, soft brown eyes a small nose and high cheek bones. “Oh senor… something wrong?” She asked startled, looking at me. Shaking my head as I walked into the room and sat on Brianna’s bed.

“Do you have a family?” I asked pulling out one of Brianna’s shirts folding it slowly.

“No senor… I mean my family but no children’s.” She said softly picking up hangers slipping dresses onto them and laying them next to me.

“Do you want them?” I asked looking at her, her face softened as she shook her head yes.

“Many, I grew up in a big family.” She said simply getting lost in her own thoughts.

“Did you like Mexico?” I asked leaning back on my elbows.

She looked down at the clothes frowning. “It was okay. We come to this country to find a better life.” She said pulling out more clothes from the basket folding them and placing them into drawers, she made her way back to the bed picking up the basket she looked at me for a second giving me that smile that seemed to melt everything around me.

I stood following her from Brianna’s bedroom into mine setting the basket down on the bed grabbing bigger hangers from the closet I shared with Kelly. I watched her walk back and forth carrying clothes. “I’m done senor, is there anything else you would like me to do?” She asked holding the basket on the side Escort Beylikdüzü of her hip. I watched her intently as she walked towards me near the door.

“Not that I can think of right now…” I replied. She shook her head yes, she timidly walked closer to me looking down at the ground. “Wait.” I said as she stopped halfway out the door next to me, I looked down wrapping my arm around her 5’2 frame.

“Senor.” She gasped. Leaning down, I placed my lips on hers, licking the bottom. She opened her supple pink lips slowly. Slipping my tongue in, I quickly found her’s, struggling with mine. The force so intoxicating that I could barely hear the soft thud of the basket as it hit the ground. A moan escaped her mouth into mine as I pushed her against the doorway, my hand running up her thigh over her stomach and onto her chest. Smiling inwardly as she flinched under my hand, I kneaded her softly, the kiss becoming more intense.

Pulling away, I watched her eyes flutter open. Gliding my hand down her stomach slipping it up her shirt, grazing my hand across her bra clad breasts.

“JOEY! I’M HOME!” Kelly yelled coming into the back door.,

Maria stiffened quickly and tried to get away from my hold on her chest. “Senor, please.” She gasped feeling my finger wrap around her nipple and squeezed tightly.

“HONEY! WHERE ARE YOU!?” Kelly yelled, her footsteps could be heard coming closer.

“Please.” Maria said again looking at the stairs, rubbing her tittie roughly, her face contorted in pleasure.

“Joe, you upstairs?” Kelly asked her heels clicking on the hardwood.

“Yea hon.” I said letting go of Maria gently. She turned and grabbed the basket that she brought with her.

“Oh hi Maria.” Kelly said as she walked up to me kissing my cheek lightly.

“Buenas tardes Senora.” (Good Afternoon ma’am) Maria bowed her head slowly.

“Are you heading out now?” Kelly asked again turning and started for the stairs, I reached over and pinched Maria’s ass as she walked behind Kelly.

“Si Senora, everything is finished.” (Yes ma’am) Maria said shyly not looking up clutching the basket.

“Great, so look I don’t need you to come in tomorrow, maybe not Friday either, still not sure on that but I’ll call you in case anything changes. Just plan on not being here and we’ll see you Monday, I’ll be home around 7:15 maybe 7:30 on Monday night as well and seeing as Joey can take care of himself you can leave around 5:30.” Kelly continued walking into the kitchen. Maria nodded and placed the basket in her hands on the floor of the laundry room. “Great, we’ll see you then.” Kelly smiled and turned her back on Maria, she looked at me blushing a bright red.

“Goodnight.” She said walking away from me.

“See you later Maria.” I said hinting a hidden meaning behind it. I turned my attention back to my wife who stood behind me wearing a tight grey skirt, with a loose white blouse and a grey vest.

“Hi baby.” I said wrapping my arms around her waist moving her with me slowly from side to side.

“Hi.” She said flatly. Frowning, I moved the hair from her neck, placing the soft kisses up her neck to just under her ear the most sensitive spot on her body. “Joe, stop.” Annoyed she shrugged me off.

“Kelly, come on, you work all day and when you come home I wanna spend time with you.” I said moving back leaning on the counter behind me.

“Now you know how I feel when you go into the studio or one tour. This is my job, I know you need some attention just let me get this account out of the way and I promise, we’ll stay home.” She said putting down the paperwork from the law firm she worked at in the city.

“Fine.” I groaned grabbing and apple and walked out of the kitchen.

Two months and not so much as a blow job, I thought, taking my shirt off and tossing it onto the floor Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan of the closet.

¤~¤ ¤~¤ ¤~¤ ¤~¤ ¤~¤

I sighed tossing my jacket on the banister. Monday had been long and hard I wasn’t in the mood for anything. I was mad and sexually frustrated. I hit the stairs quickly to the room maybe I could get a good nut off before Kelly came home. Hearing the soft hum from somewhere in the house, I stopped. Glancing at my watch I saw it was nearly six. “Ahh Maria.” I followed her voice, the scenes from Wednesday played again before me, it was Monday and I had been lost in thoughts of her for the past five days. If I ever needed her now was the time. She stood in the laundry room tossing in sheets and pillow cases into the dryer, bending over the tight denim hugged her thighs, the plain white shirt held back everything else.

I smiled slightly, moving close behind her. As I touched her body, she tensed, not moving an inch. I moved the headphones off her head, running my fingers lightly down her neck moving her long hair from her neck, licking the skin softly. She gasped lightly. Moving my hand up the loose shirt to her chest not bothering to tease her, I moved my hand under the tight fabric that held her breasts back. “Mr. Fatone, por favor.” She purred, she tried to move but I held her in place against the washing machine.

“Por favor what?” Mocking her struggle to get away from me.

“You’re married senor.” She said softly. I turned her around picking her off the floor and setting her onto the black machine behind her.

“Yes I am…” I started pulling her shirt up getting a good look at her chest hidden behind the white cotton fabric of her bra, “but I’m not dead.” I whispered pulling the bra over her chest and attacking her nipples. Sighing above me, her hand went to the back of my head pulling me closer to her body. My hand move down her body, feeling, and landing between her thighs. She flinched, closing them around my hand. Removing my hand I unbutton her shorts pulling the zipper down slowly. I slipped my hand into the fabric. She didn’t have any underwear on and her pussy was shaved bald. My cock instantly was brought to life feeling the wetness seep between those bald lips.

I looked up her head was leaned back, biting her lower lip she moaned into her soft mouth, a loud gasp followed after feeling the nub of her clit rubbing it roughly. “SENOR!” She cried out, grabbing at my hand and trying to pull it away.

Sternly, “Maria!” Removing my mouth from her nipple. She looked at me meekly. “Calm down,” this time softly. Putting my free hand on her cheek, moving closer to her lips I pulled the bottom in, sucking it gently. Her body twitched and tensed as I continued to play with her clit.

“AYE!” She cried out holding my hand closer to her body, cumming onto her shorts. Leaning back on her hand, she moved her hips to my hand wanting more of the pleasure I had just given her.

I moved to my knees pulling her close to the edge of the washing machine I pulled the now soaked shorts from her body inhaling the deep musky scent that came from her body. I moved my head between her thighs licking up the juices that spilled out, tasting the warm liquid I smiled pulling her lips apart lapping up every single ounce. “AYE DIOS MIO!” She moaned out putting her hand on the back of my head pulling me closer as my tongue made contact with her clit, suckling and nibbling the nub into my lips she cried out bucking her hips against my face.

I moved my arms under her legs clasping her thighs into placing licking lazy circles around her clit. Moving down I licked from her anus to her clit biting down softly. She struggled to move her hips up moaning loudly, crying ‘Mr. Fatone,.” in ecstasy,. “ORTA VEZ!” She cried pushing my head farther into her cunt, my tongue stabbed into Beylikdüzü Escort her hole violently feeling the muscles contract she came again this time on my waiting tongue. “Aye dios mio. Eso era el sentimiento más increíble.” She whispered in Spanish leaning back, her thighs continuing to tremble, trying to get her composure. “What?” I asked standing up, not that I really cared that voice; the accent just drove a passion in me.

“It… it was the best-” I cut her off putting my finger against her lips. “In Spanish.” I said smiling pulling the grey shirt from my body and tossing it on the floor near the dirty clothes. She moved into a sitting position pulling her shirt and placing it onto the dryer, gliding the straps to her bra down her arms and next to her shirt. “Lo que..” (What) She started moving down to my jeans unbuttoning the bronze metal slowly. “Usted hizo, era increible.” (You did, was incredible.) She purred continuing down to the zipper, moving it down torturously. “Yo nunca sentía eso antes.” (I’ve never felt it before.) She finished her voice barely a whisper. Feeling her hands push my pants down my legs, I smiled holding my cock in my hand. She looked down and gave me a shocked look.

Pulling her closer to me, I stood at her entrance looking at her to make sure it was Okay, glancing at her, she grabbed my ass pulling me closer. Taking the sign I slammed into her roughly, hearing the cry of surprise, pleasure and pain. I stopped abruptly not wanting to get her. She shook her head no pushing her hips up to me, I started again in a slow and steady pace watching her face contort into a deep smile her eyes closed. “SI! DURO! AYE SI! ASI! ¡MAS RAPIDO!” (YES! HARDER! THAT’S IT! FASTER!) Her voice cried out in a whiny tone. Slamming into her deeply, the walls of her pussy contracted around my dick squeezing me each time I pulled out only to be met with a wet, warm hole as I plunged deep inside of her. My balls slapped against her ass and the sound of the washing machine moving combined with the moans from her lips was maddening. The orgasm that had built up for the last two months was so close… so close.

I watched her move back leaning onto her arm her titties bounced from each forceful stroke, moving her free hand to her lips she wiped her tongue covered in spit over the tips of her fingers moving her hand quickly to her pussy, her fingers pulling her lips apart as the wetness made contact with her clit. Crying out her muscles contracted around me. “AYE!” The tightness of her grabbed at me again. Grunting I felt her warm juices flow onto my cock as it glided in and out of her.

“FUCK! I’m gonna cum.” I groaned, she looked at me quickly and pushed me away. “No, espera. En mi boca.” (No, wait. In my mouth.) She said struggling to push me off, finally giving up I pulled out of her the urge to slam back into her great. She moved to her knees quickly in front of me, sticking her tongue out she lapped up her own juices taking my dick deep into her mouth.

“Oh shit.” I groaned putting my hands on the side of her head and pulling her closer. Tensing a moment, I pulled back and shoved my dick deeper into her mouth this time met with little resistance as the head glided deep into her throat. That was it. I came seconds later, trying to pull away from her lips she just held me close as I managed to stroke in and out a few times. Emptying the contents of my balls into that waiting mouth, she sucked down my white jizz and begged for more. I pulled out leaning against the dryer. I sighed contently leaning against the wall behind me I slid to the floor slowly, closing my eyes I leaned my head back reveling in the moments that had just passed. I sighed again and opened my eyes to watch her stand before me slipping her shirt on.

“Where are you going?” I asked getting up and pulling her close. “La Senora.” (The ma’am) She said simply.

Looking at my watch I saw it was nearly 7:05. Damn. She pulled the shorts over her body. I dressed and watched her walk towards the front door trying to get out before Kelly got home. “Bye Maria.” I said loudly.

“Hasta manana.” (Until tomorrow) She said grabbing her bag from the floor near the kitchen entrance.

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