The Garden of EdenThe Garden of Eden


The morning sun glanced into her window and kissed Eden’s eyelids as she stretched in her bed. She felt a familiar dampness between her legs. It was an incredible dream. He had come to her, and she was reluctant to awaken. She then realized that this was the day they were to meet and she smiled and hopped out of bed.

After a quick shower she wandered out into her back yard. It was a warm day and she loved the way the sun made her skin tingle. It was a wonderful sensation. She felt a shiver creep up her back and her body radiated with sexual anticipation. Although this was their first physical meeting, there had been meetings of the minds for several months. She was so thrilled that today, this day, he would soon be sitting next to her. His voice would no longer be across a phone line. His face would no longer be a refreshed image on a webcam. He would now be next to her. Where she had longed to have him.

As Eden wandered into her garden she watched as butterflies danced from flower to flower. She was wearing a white flowing sundress made of loose linen. One of the spaghetti straps had fallen off her bare shoulder. Her long brown hair swept across her and brushed her skin where the dress scooped down to her mid back. She felt terribly sexy today. Her choice of makeup had been simply mascara and lip-gloss. She’d decided she didn’t need any other make up because her skin was aglow already from the wonderful orgasm that had awakened her earlier…

As she lowered herself onto a stone bench in the garden the sexual desires mounted. Could she wait for his arrival? How wonderful it would be for him to find her already moist and hot. The idea of this turned her on so much. She allowed her hands to run down her thigh. She slowly guided her dress up so that she could touch her bare skin. The sun had made her already hot skin even more so and she loved the feeling of this… Her hand slowly slid underneath the dress to her damp area that wasn’t covered by anything. Why wear panties? No need. Her hand immediately found her clit and she was thrilled to find that she was already wet enough to allow her fingers to glide over herself easily. She began to manipulate herself and orgasm was sultangazi escort easy to reach. Her nipples were now erect and poking through the soft material. She had no bra on and had admired the way her brown nipples showed slightly through. Would he appreciate this? Certainly he would…

As she reached her third orgasm she heard a rustle amongst the bushes. Had an animal come to join her? Just as she opened her eyes that had been closed in ecstasy, she saw what her eyes had only seen in dreams. There he was. He had been standing there for some time obviously because his pants were unzipped and his fully erect penis was in his hand… She smiled slightly and winked at him. Without saying a word he came to her.

She stood as he approached and as he started to open his mouth to speak she put her damp finger over his lips… He took the hint and didn’t speak. Instead he allowed his tongue to come out of his parted lips and lick off her juices. Damn, she tasted so good to him. Better than anything he could conjure in his mind. She ran her finger down his neck. She gently replaced it with her mouth. She kissed him softly. He smelled so good to her, was that her scent she smelled? She kissed him slowly at first, allowing her hands to explore his body. He let out a slight sigh as her fingers pinched his nipple ever so gently. She felt a sudden rush of dampness between her legs and new that orgasm number four would not be a difficult feat. She nibbled slightly on his bottom lip then allowed her mouth to loosen. He groaned again as she lowered herself back on the bench. Just as he started to sit and join her she grabbed his hips and positioned him between her legs.

Eden had been awaiting this very moment for an eternity it seemed. Still standing, His erect cock was standing at attention just in front of her mouth. A small drip of him glistened on his head. She allowed her hot tongue to slowly take this. She opened her mouth wide and put herself around him… He could feel her hot breath on him but she hadn’t yet closed her mouth… She then brought her head back and licked the tip of him again. She looked up at him and his eyes seemed to be pleading. She escort bayanlar giggled and without saying a word she took him into her mouth again. This time she allowed her hot moist mouth to collapse around him. He let out a sigh… She slowly pulled herself back away from him and he looked down at her again. This time she winked at him… He smiled slightly and his eyes closed. She took him into her mouth again and proceeded to suck him gently and slowly. His moans were making her so hot. She didn’t know how long she could go without feeling his hands on her.

As if reading her mind, she felt his hands go to her hair. She felt as her hair brushed against her back. He moved her head into him and then back several times and this drove her mad with desire. She let out a moan and he moaned with her… He allowed his hands to drop to her shoulders and she slowly pulled her mouth off of him. He pulled her up to him, standing in front of him again. She looked into his eyes and still no words had been said. None were needed. His hands traced the curves of her body down her sides.

The sun kissed her shoulders and she was trembling all over. He could feel this and was temporarily concerned if it was fear or anticipation that brought this on. His hand went to the straps of her dress and he slowly pulled them off her shoulder. His mouth followed where his fingers had been. She melted into him. His hands now on her hips he turned her around facing away from him…

The day was perfect. The sun had reached its full potential for 11 am and the heat was mounting between them and the world. His hot mouth began to explore her neck and the back of her shoulders. His hands were on her waist and he almost died as he watched her own hands go to her nipples that were now almost piercing her dress…She reached up and loosened her dress so that it would drop. He was still behind her and was in awe at how beautiful her brown skin was standing in the sun. She could feel his penis against her bare back now and she couldn’t wait to have him inside her.

Again reading her mind his hand went to the top of her back and bent her forward slightly… She reached behind her and took him into bağcılar escort her hand. She began to rub him up and down the crack of her ass. She was soaking wet at this point and he was quickly wet from her… She leaned all the way over with her hands on the bench. He had one hand on her hip and the other went instantly to her hair. He wrapped his fingers in all of this and raised it to reveal her smooth back and shapely hips… She felt him push into her…

The contractions began immediately. She let out a scream as soon as he entered her. As her orgasm mounted she pushed herself back into him. He was so excited that his strokes became harder and faster. His grip in her hair tightened and with this another earth shattering orgasm took her over. She began to moan and scream and then began to talk.

“Oh yes baby. Give it to me, damn you feel so good. I’ve waited for this for so long.” Eden whimpered.

The more she talked the harder he got and the deeper he pushed into her. The harder he pushed into her, the harder her orgasm became. Before she could stop herself she was thrashing her head back and screaming out in ecstasy.

“OH YES, Oh yes baby… FUCK ME HARDER.”

He did just as she asked… Just when she thought she could take no more his hand in her hair tightened even more and he pulled her head back. She began to shake all over as her body was overtaken with orgasm after orgasm. She was screaming and panting his name and his thrusts were so intense that now, instead of 2 humans, they were part of nature. The sweat glistened on her back and he was now panting and moaning just as she was. He thrust deep into her one last time… And he too reached orgasm… She joined him as his hot cum flooded her walls… He held still inside her… allowing her to enjoy her peak…

They were one. Connected. For an instant… His hand loosened in her hair and she stood back into him.. He gently kissed her cheek and she smiled. “It’s so good to be HERE” he whispered in her ear

“And its so good to have you THERE” she whispered back with a giggle.

He slowly slid out of her and she bent over to collect her dress. Still naked she took his hand and guided him into the house.

Eden smiled and said, “Nice to finally meet you,” while looking over her shoulder.

He smiled back. They had the whole weekend. What did this woman have in store for him? He could only imagine and he was turned on instantly thinking about it.

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