Sara the Goddess Goes ShoppingSara the Goddess Goes Shopping

Big Dick

Sara was in the driver’s seat of her Mustang headed to the mall. She looked over at Connor, her slave, pet, boy toy, bitch (really whatever she felt like calling him on any given day). He looked sad.

Sara said, “Now boy, cheer up. Everything will be ok. I promise.”

“Yes Goddess,” Connor replied.

Sara grinned evily at his use of Goddess. It had taken her weeks to break Connor of using either Ma’am or Mistress. Both good terms, but she preferred to be addressed as Goddess because she felt like one.

Sara was 32 and remarkably beautiful with shoulder length dirty blonde hair. She stood only 5′ 8″, but often was dressed in her Goddess outfits which included heels that brought her up to 6′ at times. She weighed in at 160, with a killer ass (if she had to say so herself), and nice 38C tits which were always displayed well in her Goddess outfits. She would admit to anyone that yeah, she had some padding that she could probably stand to lose, but she would also admit (and quite accurately) that NO slave would ever turn her down.

“There you go, boy,” Sara responded and glanced at Connor again. He was a bit older at 45, 5′ 8″ as well, 195 pounds (definitely a dad bod), brown hair (mostly balding now) and blue eyes. His most remarkable feature though was his micro penis. Flacid he was only 1.5″, but Sara loved the fact that he knew it and owned it.

Connor got off on women making fun of his tiny dick. Especially dominant women who weren’t afraid to take control, ridicule, more importantly restrain, flog and torture his balls. He was wearing a chastity cage right now. One that Goddess Sara had purchased online due to it’s tiny size. The key for it was proudly and prominently worn on a necklace she always had on.

Sara loved to be the one making fun of that tiny dick. Not to mention torturing his balls, nipples…whatever she wanted to torture. She figured it gave her the joy of being as much of a bitch as she wanted to be. Sara always thought of it as being a ‘guilt free Bitch day’.

Sara found a parking spot and pulled in. She got out and reached in the backseat for her leash. Connor already had a black collar on with a steel ring attached to the front. On each side a GS was marked to signify’Goddess Sara’s’.

Sara walked around to the passenger side, her skin tight red leather Goddess outfit hugging every curve of her body. Two men one row over whistled. Sara spun around and with a stern voice snarled, “Fuck off little boys! I already have a plaything.”

Sara grinned as they turned tail and hurried away. She didn’t want anyone mistaking bahis şirketleri the fact that SHE was the one in charge. Sara snapped her fingers and Connor got out of the car and stood by her side. She snapped the leash in place and gave it a hard tug as she walked towards the entrance to the mall. “Come boy!”

Sara’s destination was the lingerie store, but she traveled the long way around so people could stare and gawk at how she led her boy around by a leash. A lot of people, mostly women, actually pointed also. Sara looked at Connor and was pleased to see the red of embarrassment on his cheeks.

Sara finally made her way to the lingerie store and entered, Connor behind her. She tugged the leash to get him closer. “Now remember, you are not to pick anything out. Let the associate do that. And you better explain why and for what. And out loud. Understood?”

“Yes Goddess,” Connor replied, overly loud. Sara then played out a length of leash so Connor could move about the store. He walked around for a bit browsing amongst the sexy bras and panties.

Connor approached a stunning ebony woman who was tidying up around the store. He noticed her name tag and asked politely, “Excuse me, Krystal, but would you mind giving me a hand?”

Krystal smiled politely. She had already seen this odd scene playing out. Krystal had seen several men in the past come in and buy panties, bras and lingerie sets for themselves, but never one who was being led around by a woman who was obviously a Domme and in control of things. She thought her dull day was about to get exciting.

Krystal answered, “Of course. What can I help you with?”

“My Goddess,” Connor started then felt a harsh pull of his leash which made his neck jerk back a bit. “I mean, I, am looking for some sexy looking panty and bra sets. Maybe one piece sets. Anyways some sexy things to wear to please my Goddess. Do you have any recommendations?”

Krystal giggled openly. “You’re not the first man to ask me to help him buy women’s under things. Although they never usually have a woman with them. I’m sure we can find you some things that will fit well, but also leave some room for growth.”

Connor flushed red and said, “Oh, that won’t be necessary.”

Utterly confused now, Krystal said, “You don’t want womenswear?”

Sara approached closer and tugged downward hard on Connor’s leash and he immediately fell to his knees. She heard a woman behind them somewhere laughing. “Forgive me for interjecting myself, but what my boy here is trying to say is that he has an extra small member. Micro bahis firmaları really. So something with room to grow would be unnecessary.”

Krystal was taken aback at first just by the sheer bluntness of the statement, but seeing no look of shame on either one of them went a long way towards calming her. “Oh,” she simply said. She raised her hand and put her thumb and finger about four inches apart.

Sara reached over and moved Krystal’s fingers closer together at about two inches. Krystal’s eyes widened and she gasped, “Really?” Sara and Connor both nodded in unison.

Krystal motioned for Connor to follow so Sara ordered, “Up boy. See what the pretty lady has in mind for you.” Connor obeyed and followed Krystal.

She showed him a satin heart print set, white with red hearts throughout both bra and panties. Krystal explained, “Now this set you’d probably need an A cup bra. The panties are cheeky and will hug your hips well enough, but they’ll also ride up on you. XL is probably your size, but if you’re going for the tight no bulge showing feel, I’d suggest you try on a L.”

Connor asked, “Would I be able to try them on?”

“Of course my dear. Follow me to the back dressing rooms,” replied Krystal.

Sara handed Krystal the leash so she could walk him to the back. Connor gawked since Goddess Sara never relinquished control of him. Sara followed but stopped well short since all she needed was to be near.

Krystal opened the door to a small dressing stall that had a bench along with a mirror on one wall. Several hooks were affixed on another wall. She handed Connor the underwear as he entered. She then motioned for Sara.

“No,” Sara said. “His task is to allow someone else to outfit him and approve. But thanks for the offer.” Then to Connor she said, “Open rules my pet,” which would let him know that Krystal would be allowed to see or touch as she saw fit in order to outfit him. Sara then said, “I’ll be back.” She spun around and headed for the shop floor again.

Krystal waited outside the door while Connor put the outfit on. He poked his head out the door and asked, “Um Krystal? Is it possible for you to see? Or is that not possible?”

Krystal excitedly said, “Yes show me! I’ve never been part of this process and I’m loving it!” She entred the dressing room and looked Connor over.

“My God,” Krystal said. “There really is hardly any bulge at all. Just a small one. But it looks wide enough.”

“That’s from the metal of the chastity cage.”

“Cage? Oh that’s just too good. You’re like her total bitch boy!”

“I kaçak bahis siteleri am. Oral services only. The outfit is for her viewing pleasure. I’d like to tell you, because, well, Goddess tasked that to me too. But you have to want to know really. Not gonna force that on you.”

“Please do! I want to know!”

“I’m to be dressed in women’s under garments while she uses the strap on to fuck me?”

“Well you need a different outfit. Get out of those and I’ll bring you something else.” Krystal left the dressing room.

Sara was back when Krystal emerged and she asked, “Well?”

Krystal replied, “Sexy enough. It’ll do. How many outfits were you thinking of?”

“Maybe one more,” Sara said.

“Great! Sister, if you’re going to strap on a cock and fuck him like a girl, you’ll need easier access!” She headed for the front and high fived Sara as she passed.

Sara thought to herself ‘Good boy!’. She chuckled softly.

Krystal quickly returned with another outfit but did not show Sara. She entered the dressing room and was shocked because she had forgotten she told Connor to ditch the outfit. He was fully naked except for the tiny chastity cage containing his little dick. Krystal had to suppress a giggle.

She handed Connor a black body stocking suit made of nylon. It would tie around the neck and be backless, cut out at the hips and thighs, before then covering his legs as stockings. The cuts caused the crotch and ass to be fully exposed and accessible while still covering each ass cheek in the nylon fabric. There were also two black bows tied to the material on each ass cheek.

After helping Connor into the outfit, Krystal stepped back and admired her work. The opened crotch area displayed his locked cage nicely with the surrounding black mesh. She approved and opened the door to call Sara in.

Sara saw how the outfit looked and laughed manically. “Good job Krystal. This is awesome.” To Connor she said, “Just how I want my boy to look when I take his ass! Now, get dressed boy. Then let Krystal lead you back up front. She can give me the leash back at that time.”

Krystal screamed, “Hell yeah!” and pumped her fist in the air. She handed Sara a pair of black bikini panties and said, “These go with the bodysuit. I just figured you’d want it open at his ass so I didn’t let him put them on.”

“Very good call!” Sara remarked.

The women waited for Connor to dress and then headed up front. True to her word, Sara let Krystal lead him by his leash. She then handed the leash back to Sara. “Thank you for allowing me to be of service to you. Please come back anytime boy needs more sexy things to wear.”

Sara paid for their purchases and then tugged hard at the leash. “Come boy. Let’s take the long way back to the car so the other women can be jealous of me.”

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