The Enchanted Boy Ch. 06The Enchanted Boy Ch. 06

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This is a fantasy story set in a fictitious land and in a time of medieval sorcery. All characters depicted are 18+. Although this story is in a time where safe sex is not heard of I would always recommend the practise of safe sex.

CHAPTER 6 — The escape

“Rulf! Over here!” the soldier shouts.

Vernon and Bain sit naked on the ground looking up at one of Soltan’s soldiers pointing a crossbow at them. They hear some footsteps running towards them and a second soldier appears.

“Wow looks like we have a pervert that’s into young boys,” Rulf says.

“No, it’s not what it looks like, he’s my son,” Vernon tries to explain, he suddenly realises just what he said.

“Your son? That’s even worse!” and he booms out laughter, it echoing around the ruins.

“They fit the description,” the first soldier says.

“Phabian is gonna be so pleased with us,” The first soldier says.

Rulf gets some rope from his horse and ties both Vernon and Bain together back to back.

“What do you want with us?” Vernon asks.

“You’ll find out seen enough when Phabian get’s here,” Rulf replies.

“Who’s Phabian?”

Rulf cracks Vernon on head with the butt of his crossbow, “Shut up, we’ll ask the questions.”

“The boy is really cute,” the first soldier says, “Soltan may promote us for finding such a pretty thing.”

“You’re kidding aren’t you? We wont get any credit for this,” Rulf replies.

“Well if we ain’t gonna get anything out Pendik Escort of it I think I’ll just help myself before we hand them over,” the first soldier says walking up to Blain and unfastening his battle pants. Bain shivers.

“Leave him alone you bastard!” Vernon Shouts.

The soldier swipes him across his face causing his nose to bleed.

“Shut up you pervert!”

‘Look who’s talking,’ he thinks.

“We’re forgetting something,” Rulf pipes in, “we’re supposed to be looking for a boy.”

“We found one,” the first soldier says.

“Duh! Does he look short with dark hair? Fucking hell Gritch you can be so dense at times.”

Vernon realises they are talking about Rafael.

“Where is he pervert?” Rulf asks Vernon.

“I don’t know who you mean?”

“Don’t fucking lie to me!” And whacks Vernon across the head with the Butt of his crossbow causing a deep cut on his forehead. Vernon keeps quiet.

“Untie them then tie them to those trees.” Rulf points to 2 trees near where the soldiers have tied their horses. Gritch unties them both then Rulf takes Vernon and ties him to one tree his back facing out while Gritch takes Bain and ties him to another his front facing out. Bain is wondering why Rafael doesn’t do anything, surely he has some powers to help, he is enchanted after all.

Rulf takes a bullwhip from his horse, Vernon can’t see but Bain can.

“Leave my father alone!” he shouts.


Searing pain rushes across Anadolu Yakası Escort Vernon’s back, he stifles his scream.


This time Vernon can’t stifle it and his scream echoes around the forest. Bain can’t watch and looks away, tears are swelling in his eyes as he hears his father screaming. Gritch is now kneeling in front of Bain and is slobbering over his balls and cock. Bain looks down in disgust at this hideous man, teeth missing, unshaven and festering boils covering his face, he hopes dearly that he hasn’t got anything contagious.

“Tell me you piece of shit!” Where is the boy?

Bain’s tears are flowing heavily now, he so desperately wants to say what he knows about Rafael to save his father but he knew that would betray his friendship, Rafael is the first true friend he has ever had.

Gritch is trying his best to get Bain erect but he is far too upset and repulsed for his cock to get hard.

“Gritch! What the fuck are you doing?” Rulf shouts.

“I just thought I’de…”

“leave the boy alone, I’m getting nowhere with this one, the other boy must be nearby, go and look for him.” Rulf orders.

“Since when are you my superior?” Gritch argues.

“Just fucking do it or I’ll tell Soltan you messed with his new toy.”

“You can be such a cunt at times,” Gritch complains then walks off.

Rulf grabs Vernon by the hair and pulls his head back. “You can’t protect him you know, sooner or later we’ll find him.” İstanbul Escort He smashes Vernon’s head into the tree. “I’ll be back to finish you off later,” he threatens.

Rulf walks off and Joins Gritch to look for the other boy. Bain looks round at his father, what he sees shocks him. Vernon’s back and ass is covered in deep cuts and blood is oozing out of them, he is delirious with pain. Bain starts sobbing.

“Oh father, what have they done?” he sobs.

“It didn’t hurt that much,” Vernon croaks lying.

Suddenly the ropes holding Bain slacken and he is free.

“Rafael! Where have you been?” Bain asks as he materialises in front of him. Rafael lifts a finger to his lips then pushes him Vernon.

Bain wipes the tears from his eyes then unties his father while Rafael unties the soldiers horses and brings them over.

“Steal their horses? What brilliant idea! But what about ours?” Bain looks to where they had been tied but they where nowhere to be seen. He looks back at Rafael and he taps his nose. Bain smiles.

Once Vernon is untied he collapses to the ground, he is in too much shock and pain to stand let alone walk. Bain helps his father up onto a horse and Rafael climbs up in front taking reigns.

“Our clothes! The map!” Bain is about to run over to where they shed them when he saw the soldiers heading back, “Crap, no time.”

“I told you it was a bad idea to sleep naked,” Vernon croaks leaning against Rafael’s back.

Blain mounts the other horse and they gallop off into the night.

“Fuck they’re gone!” Rulf shouts.

“And so are our fucking horses!” Gritch adds, “Why didn’t you stay with them?”

“I didn’t think they..”

“Fucks sake Rulf, you call me dumb? Phabian is going to have our heads for this.”

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