Hotwife, Cuckolding Guilty PleasureHotwife, Cuckolding Guilty Pleasure


Hotwife, Cuckolding Guilty PleasureI’m a woman who has been happily married for ten years, which, I admit with some satisfaction, is no easy feat. There are many reasons for my marital happiness, including mutual trust, respect, love and appreciation. But I want to focus on an important, but perhaps more visceral and base reason. About three years ago, I began practicing non-monogamy. That’s been a sexual game-changer in a lot of ways but especially so in these last two years when I really embraced the Hot Wife/Cuckold lifestyle. That, for us, means I have the freedom to sexually experience another man: To make out with him, to take his hard cock in my hands and mouth; to enjoy feeling his hot tongue in my mouth, on my nipples, on my pussy making me squirm with desire; and to spread my legs and receive his hard cock in my married cunt, fucking me until we both cum together.But my husband must remain faithful to me and only me as I have no desire to deal with the jealousy and/or uncertainty of my husband having intimate relations with some other woman.I know some might take exception to this but it wasn’t some flip decision on my part. In fact, when he and I were first discussing it, I suggested that Hubby should, if he wanted, also explore extra-marital relations. But my husband reminded me that when it came to sex, the thrill for him isn’t about him banging some other woman but is about witnessing how excited and how sexual I become when I’m regularly getting fucked by another man and that sex should be about what I wanted.After thinking about it, I decided to keep my husband “thrilled” and make the decision based solely on my desires. I fully accept that this isn’t “fair” or “equal” in any way. But we agreed that sex is my realm, the area of our marriage where I get to make rules that first and foremost satisfy my needs. And those admittedly selfish needs are that I and only I get to experience the thrill of extra-marital sex.And experience it I most certainly do! I love fucking. I absolutely love the feeling, as the man I’ve chosen as a lover first slides his dick inside of me, filling me in a way that only a REAL cock can. Knowing that this hard cock that’s filling me, that I’m gratefully sliding my wet pussy on is not my husband’s. Well, it’s such an amazing experience, really the ultimate in guilty pleasures (with an emphasis on both the “G” and the “P“).Although being a “Hot Wife” doesn’t totally dominate my life, everything I do related to sex is supercharged because of this. I go to the European Wax Center for a Brazilian Wax and I do it for one reason – to make my pussy accessible and slick, not for Hubby but specifically for my lover. How hot is that?When I get a mani-pedi I imagine my manicured hand wrapped around my lover’s cock or my pedicured feet in the air while he pounds the pussy I had waxed just for him. How many married women can say the same? And I go to Victoria’s Secret or Soma to buy something sexy for the man who’s fucking me, not my husband. güvenilir bahis That puts a little extra “oh-la-la” in my shopping!In fact, the last time I made a lingerie purchase I refused to let my husband see me in it because I bought them to wear for my Marcus; having Hubby see me in them before-hand felt too intrusive. It all makes things hotter, more sexually charged. And I get to do all that AND have the security of knowing that my husband stays faithful even celibate for me. That’s what Cuckolding is all about!About Hubby’s celibacy, for nearly the past two years I’ve had about five lovers and when I’m with a lover, I prefer that he be the only man who puts his dick in me. In other words, Hubby gets “cut off” from intercourse because another man becomes my primary sex partner, the only man who gets to have marital relations with me. The reason I do it is simple although not something most women would admit: I prefer fucking my Bull over fucking my husband.Hubby’s handsome, smart, funny, and a wonderful lover. But we’ve been together more than ten years. Sex with him is great but it just doesn’t carry the thrill I get from a deep dicking from a skilled big black cock. So when Marcus is present, he gets that privilege and I get the thrill and the satisfaction that comes with being faithful to one man, a man who is NOT my husband. Why not? It’s my pussy and I want to give it to someone who will give me the most satisfaction.Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband. He’s my soul mate, the man I admire and love most. But I think Hubby and I are wired, sexually, a little indifferent. For Hubby, I let him get close to my pussy, to touch it, to taste it, to put a dildo in it, then I rub his cock, I make it cum and he’s satisfied, leaving my pussy “pure” for my Bull’s cock.For me, it’s important that the man I am fucking is a “lover” and not just a “fuck buddy”. He has to be someone I’m not only physically attracted to but someone I’m also emotionally attracted to. When I have sex with someone I’m letting him enter my body in the most intimate place he can. His cock has the power to bring out my inner slut, to bring me to a point of excitement where I want him to do things to me my husband doesn’t.I had a previous lover Brian, who was smart, handsome and very sexy. He loved playing with my whole body: my mouth, my nipples, my pussy, even my asshole. And sex with him was just so fucking… sexy! One time he was fucking me and he began to cum. He then pulled his dick out for a moment and squirted his cum across my pussy lips and then shoved his still spurting cock back inside of me, triggering a head-spinning orgasm. Believe me, that’s just not the type of sex you have with the man you’ve been sleeping with for more than ten years!And with Marcus, it’s more than just fucking, it’s a true sexual event. And that’s what I want when I have sex, a sexual event. It’s the ultimate: the most intimate, the most primal sexual act I can have. I want it to be special, the güvenilir bahis siteleri thing I’m looking forward to days before it happens and the thing that still gives me a tingle days after.Believe me, a lover, who is not at all getting it in an exciting way from his wife or significant other can bring that, nearly every time!Take Marcus for instance. When he and I got together he fucked me for nearly an hour straight, giving me five orgasms before coming deep in my very satisfied pussy. Is it really any great wonder that I prefer to limit sexual intercourse to this type of sex?Plus there’s that added frisson I get by being that kind of wife, the kind of wife who has her husband in check but who unabashedly fucks her Bull like a woman possessed… Works for me! Besides, not having sex with my husband makes intercourse with Marcus more urgent and better because he’s the ONLY man giving it to me. In fact, my recent pattern has been that when I end with one lover, I immediately look for another to take his place, keeping me in a state of pleasure and Hubby in an extended state of chastity.Although I’ve let him put his dick in me a few times in the past year, I currently see no reason to let Hubby fuck me on a regular basis. I’ve gotten all the cock I desire from Marcus and, abstinence seems to turn my cuckold husband on and makes him more attentive to my pussy. As twisted as this might sound, I guess I’m a kind of serial monogamist! I’m just being monogamous with a man other than my husband. Besides that, Hubby seems content even excited as long as I either jerk him off or let him come in my mouth.Hubby and I do engage in regular sex play but my husband’s agreed-upon primary sexual role is to tend to my pussy: to pleasure it, but to not enter it with his cock as that is a singular pleasure reserved for Marcus. It keeps Hubby focused sexually. His play with me becomes a ritualized but fundamentally secondary act of servicing his Hot Wife. Pleasuring this pussy, I cuckold him with, by satisfying my need to have an orgasm in between the times when my chosen man has his big black dick inside of me.Hubby kisses and caresses me and he plays with my tits and pussy with his mouth, hands, and a dildo, and he performs oral sex on me, especially after I have been fucked and filled by Marcus. I thought I’d never admit this, but having my husband serve me in his way: I love it!There’s just something so fucking taboo, so fucking “out there” about refusing to have sex with your husband but having another man screw your brains out and come inside of you, and then to have your husband willingly go down on you and taste that other man’s cum from your pussy. I mean this is my husband! The man I promised to “forsake all others” for. But he not only steps aside because I want to only be fucked by another man, but afterward, when I get home, he expresses his appreciation by climbing between my legs and hungrily eating my just-fucked pussy!I also keep Hubby satisfied. I love iddaa siteleri how hard he gets just because I allow him to see, touch, and taste the pussy that is now reserved for another man’s big black cock. It’s hard to not feel special when you have that effect on your husband. I will kiss and caress him, and I will jerk him off and suck his dick in return, in effect “milking” my cuckold to both satisfy and keep him in a state of sexual excitement. And he loves it.But he and I will not have sexual intercourse anymore. At least as long as I only want to make my pussy exclusively available for more satisfying sex with my Bull. In a way, I guess you can say I “milk” my husband to keep him satisfied but receive a boyfriend’s “milk” in my pussy, to keep me satisfied.And I do it with the self-satisfied awareness that my husband’s waiting at home for me, knowing that as he dutifully, reverently keeps true to me I’m being anything but true to him. Because that’s the way it works in our marriage. While Hubby waits at home for me, aroused as he imagines what I’m doing, my chosen lover is having his way with me.He’s driving me wild with his big hard black cock, making me beg for it, telling me to suck it, or stroke it, or put it in me. And I gratefully comply because I need it in me, possessing me, dominating me, making my pussy his as he fucks me, like a man should fuck another man’s wife, causing me to surrender my body to him, coming on his beautiful dick and begging him to fill my married cunt, claiming it as his with his cum! I love it!After, I head home feeling satisfied and smug and all squishy down there—knowing I’m that way because my Bull just erupted inside the pussy I no longer let my husband fuck. But that doesn’t dampen the excitement Hubby has to welcome me back. There will be no mistaking what I’ve been doing when I come through the door: I’ll have that look of fulfillment, of true satisfaction on my face, a big grin that says, “Oh yeah, your wifey got laid… and she loved it!”My panties will be messy with some of the cum that leaked out of me, my nipples will be sensitive, maybe even a little sore from the workout he gave me, his smell will be all on me, and Hubby’s going to be hot for it. His cock will be hard as a rock and he’ll be hot to see, and feel, and taste the wicked thing I did while he was waiting for me. God, I love that.It’s such a feeling of ultimate satisfaction, of triumph to head home to my welcoming husband and have him eat the creampie my Bull left inside of me! Mmm… that feels so good, so fucking wicked! Hubby’s cock will probably be all trussed up in this cock and balls ring he wears, hard not only because his sexy “cuckoldress” is home after being thoroughly fucked by her lover but also hard because he’s going to get to taste my just-fucked pussy!And then my cuckold will climb between my legs and eat the pussy I just cuckolded him with, tasting my Bull on and inside of me, all the while hearing how much I loved the way Marcus took possession of my cunt. Then, if I’m still in the mood for more, I’ll let him give me another orgasm with his tongue, all while he tastes what Marcus left inside of me. Now that’s an arrangement I hope we have for a long, long time…Hotwife, Cuckolding

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