The ‘Daddy’ Next DoorThe ‘Daddy’ Next Door


Marissa smiled as she knocked on the door of the next door neighbor. He was new to the neighbor-hood and she thought she would welcome him.

The door was opened by an older man, with thick silver hair and penetrating blue eyes. “Can I help you, young lady?” he asked.

Marissa held out her slender hand. “I’m Marissa. I live next door and thought I’d welcome you to the neighborhood, since you’re new.”

He reached out to take her hand, saying “I’m Landon.”

When their fingers touched, Marissa felt a pure jolt of awareness go through her young body. Wetness dampened the crotch of her panties. She resisted the urge to shudder. She had never had this kind of reaction to an older man. But even the boys she went out with didn’t make her feel like this.

Landon knew the effect he had on her, so he released her hand.

“So who else lives here?” Marissa asked, hating the way her voice came out husky.

“No one, just me,” Landon replied, and smiled.

The smile made Marissa’s cheeks heat up with a blush and said, “Well, it was nice meeting you,” then hurried across the yard and into her house.

Inside, Marissa took a deep breath. Why was she having this unprecedented reaction to an older man? She didn’t care for older man! Why was her body reacting like she was in heat?

She decided to take a dip in her pool. She needed to cool off.

Two hours later, she laid in a lounge chair, her body oiled, in her skimpy yellow bikini. She was being deliciously lazy, the sun heating her skin. Her strawberry blond ringlets were pulled into a ponytail, and her green eyes were shaded by sunglasses.

Landon went into his backyard and grinned as he peered over the fence to see his sexy neighbor sunning herself on her patio.

As he watched, Marissa stretched and Landon saw her Tire Escort slip a hand down to her cunt, covered by the yellow material.

She began rubbing slowly, “Mmmmmmm, Landon, rub my pussy. It feels sooo good.”

Landon’s eyes widened. She was fantasizing about him!

She slipped the hand into her bikini bottoms, and began fingering her clit furiously. “Ohhhhh, yes, Landon, rub my little clit!”

She was cumming, Landon thought, as he fisted his hard cock. At his advanced age of 56, he wouldn’t have thought that this young twenty-something girl. Maybe I should give her the real thing.

He reached over the fence and released the latch, then walked in.

Marissa didn’t hear him approach, and her eyes were closed. He crouched beside her chair and slipped a finger in between her legs.

Her eyes flew open and she jerked off her sunglasses. “Landon! What are you doing?”

“Giving you what you so obviously want, my dear,” he said, rubbing her pussy through her bikini.

She pushed his hand away, determined to resist him. “No, Landon, you can’t do this. You’re old enough to be my father!”

“Age doesn’t matter, does it, darling?”

“Yes, it does!” Marissa said angrily, getting up and grabbing her towel and bottle of oil. “Go back to your own yard!”

She threw open the sliding glass door on her patio and stalked inside.

Landon grinned. He wasn’t through yet. He would wear down her resistance.

* * * * * * *

Landon stood over his stove, stirring his spaghetti sauce. No woman could resist his home-made spaghetti sauce. He strained the rigatoni pasta he’d boiled. Then he tossed the sauce and pasta together and mixed it well, grabbed the basket of garlic bread, and tucked a bottle of chilled wine under his arm, then Torbalı Escort walked over to Marissa’s. Food and fine wine should do it.

She opened the door. “Landon! What do you want?”

He admired the way she looked — she wore a peach colored sleeveless dress which showed off her tanned skin, a beautiful shade of maple sugar, with an apron over it.

“I brought you dinner. Homemade pasta. You do like pasta, don’t you?”

Marissa nodded. “It’s my favorite. Bring it in.”

Landon followed her to the kitchen and set it down.

“I was baking a coconut cake. Dessert?”

“That sounds great. Where are your wine glasses?”

Marissa opened a cabinet and took out two crystal goblets, then handed him the corkscrew.

He opened the bottle of wine, poured two glasses, then handed her one. She sipped it slowly.

An hour later, the food was gone, and Marissa was on her third glass of wine, and feeling a little tipsy.

Landon took the glass from her. It was time to make his move. He led her to her living room and settled her on the overstuffed green and white striped couch.

Marissa was laughing. “I ate too much and I drank too much. I’m usually not like this.”

Landon slipped the slender straps of her sundress off her shoulders and began kissing them. Marissa sighed.

He slipped a hand under the skirt of her sundress and found the dampness between her legs. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

He slid a finger into her cunt. Marissa gasped and then humped her cunt against hir hand.

Landon took his free hand and drew her face to his, and kissed her gently, pushing his tongue between her lips, and then she touched it with her own tongue.

Thet engaged in some deep tongue-kissing, and then Marissa pushed his hand Üçyol Escort way and began jerking at the fastening of his pants.

She released his hard cock into her waiting hands, and then took it in her mouth. Landon’s head fell back and he groaned as she expertly sucked him.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it, suck that cock, baby! Oh, God, yes, Marissa!”

Marissa kept sucking, but she wasn’t going to let him cum in her mouth. He might not get it up again.

She pulled her mouth off his cock and grabbing his head, pushed it toward her pussy. Landon wasted no time, putting his head between her legs and lapping eagerly at her wet slit.

Marissa moaned, “Oh, yes, Landon, eat my pussy!”

Landon continued eating Marissa’s pussy. She was writhing in pleasure. This man knew how to eat a pussy correctly. None of the boys she’d ever dated had made her feel like this.

He quit licking and flipped her onto her knees and began tonguing her asshole.

“OH, GOD!!” Marissa screamed. “That’s it, Landon, that’s it! Lick my little bitty asshole!”

Landon continued rimming her asshole, then slipped his tongue into it. Marissa went wild.

Landon then flipped Marissa onto her back again, and took hold of his dick and put it toward the mark. He slid his cock deeply into Marissa’s gripping pussy.

He groaned in pure pleasure. She was so fucking tight.

“Fuck me, Landon,” Marissa pleaded. “Please fuck me!”

“Are you Daddy’s little cunt?” he ground out. “Daddy’s little cumslut?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Marissa gasped. “I’m your little slut! Fuck your little slut, Daddy! I’m your little whore!”

Landon began pounding his cock into Marissa’s cunt with tremendous force. She was screaming and cumming over and over as he fucked her.

“Who’s your Daddy, you little slut? WHO’S YOUR DADDY???” Landon was screaming at her.


Landon growled in pleasure as he thrust deep and emptied his balls into Marissa’s convulsing twat.

“Oh, God, you gorgeous little fuck. You are such a good fuck and a good little cunt to please daddy.”

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