The Cum-Fort Zone (Day 1 and Day 2)The Cum-Fort Zone (Day 1 and Day 2)

Cum Swapping

Day 1

She had woken early that morning, in a wonderful mood. Nothing was going to make her day bad. She was clear and decisive in her considerations. She talked to herself as she did her daily chores – the routine things that gave her joy, nonetheless. And, deep inside her, like a small current, was this need, this desire that kept her on edge all morning.

Now in the early afternoon she decided to do her dishes. It was just a small sink load, but something to do before she lost her mind. Her little folds had been sensitive from all the stimulation she had paid them. Closing her eyes, her thoughts suddenly turned inward as she recalled His words the day before.

“You will not cum my pet. You need to be, and will be a
good slut for me and wait until I give you permission.
The punishment will be severe if you cum without me.”

Her body trembled with anticipation as she felt the nectar seeping from between her throbbing lips. She squeezed her legs tighter together as she began to run the water. Long red nails played with the steamy hot water as it ran from the faucet.

“Oh little heart, the next 5 days will be torturous. I have never done this before. Get myself so close and not allowed to go over. How on earth dear heart? How?”

She continued to mumble under her breath when she shifted her weight. The handle of the cabinet door under the sink brushed perfectly across her swollen clitoris, and she felt a deep ache surge through her entire belly area.

“Fuck!!” She cried out as the sudden wave of intense pleasure ran through her. The jolt jabbed wildly from her clit, shot up into her abdomen and caused her now thoroughly wet cunt to convulse and shake.

Thoughts of bringing herself close once again surged through her psyche. They spread like wildfire as her eyes shone bright. She had been feeling sluttish ever since she awoke yesterday morning, and with her One’s command not to cum but to bring herself close, she had done just that. Now thoughts of things to help her in her task entered her mind.

“Cunt of mine, you are so hot. You liked the way the handle felt against the clit. Didn’t you, my dear?” As she talked she began to rock her hips into the handle and she keened with absolute bliss with each stroke of the handle.

Stopping for a brief moment, she squatted down an inch or two and spread her legs wide. Forgetting the dishes in the sink, she placed her hands flat on the bottom of the sink. The hot water lapped at her forearms. Shifting her weight she began Erzincan Escort to use the handle.

Glad that she wore only her robe, she caressed the handle of the cabinet door against her labia. Her head fell back making her long tresses slip down over her ass and tickle between her thighs. She jerked and moaned as the tickling began to send shivers through her body.

Her clit felt as if it were on fire as she continued to use the handle as her personal toy. Her folds spread around the handle. “Little heart, you’re such a slut. Come on darlin’ fuck that handle.”

Her knees banged against the door but she did not care for her pleasure began to mount. She knew she should stop but she wanted to get closer. He had told her to bring herself VERY close so, and she intended to.

She felt her lips throb and she knew that the handle was slick from her desire. She felt her nectar drip down her thighs as her cunt sucked at the handle greedily. Her body twisted and swayed with the motion of the dance she was dreaming of.

The handle was hard against her clit, and it pinched past the hard bump and into her entrance. Only able to go so far in made it a most wondrous torture. Torture, she loved. Her nails dragged along the bottom of the sink as she felt her pleasure begin to erupt. She felt her walls convulsing hard within, and the nectar began to flow easily.

She pushed herself hard from the cabinet falling to the floor breathing hard. Her belly jerking and twitching as her cunt fought her to keep in control. Her breath came out ragged and raspy as she held herself in check.

Her moans and whimpers filled the room. She knew she had gotten too close. She realized that she had almost lost. Smiling to herself she stayed in that position, curled on her knees, until the pleasure subsided enough so she could finish her dishes. Her bright blue and gray eyes drifted up to the handle of the cabinet door and she knew she would never look at it the same way again.

“Master would be proud I think, little heart. We did well, love. Now, let’s finish the dishes.”

Day 2

The sun had gone down long ago. Well it seemed that way to her. He had been gone for two days but it had really been three since she had seen or talked to Him. She missed Him, immensely. She craved His presence. She wanted to touch Him and pleasure Him. And yes damn it; she wanted Him to let her cum finally. The resonating ache so deep inside her was almost too much to bear.

She has Erzincan Escort Bayan done what He asked her. She brought herself to the edge and back only to do it all again. Her hot sex was dripping and in need. She began to think of things she could use to fuck herself. She thought of ways she could tease herself as well as get pleasure of watching another cum.

Just then it hit her. Her neighbor was always peeking out His window into her yard. Perhaps He is up late, she thought to herself, and a wild idea crept into her mind. She scooted out of her favorite couch and walked to the window and opened the blinds. She could see His house and she smiled when she noticed His curtains were open as well.

She watched His house, until she finally caught a glimpse of Him entering the room. He had indeed looked up and saw her. She smiled her sweetest smile and waved to Him.

“Dear heart we are gonna have us some fun.” She whispered to herself as she walked back to her couch that was directly in front of the window. Her hips swayed side to side and as she turned around to face the window she began to undo the sash of her favorite green robe.

Smiling teasingly at her neighbor as she saw His mouth drop open, she blew Him a kiss and let the robe puddle around her feet. Her long legs were bare, and her feet clad in her red high heels, pronouncing the shape of her calves.

Turning her long curvy back to Him so He could see the outline of her body, she leaned forward and placed a hand on the back of the couch. Her long fingers spread out as the red nails clawed tightly against the fabric.

She brought her heart shaped face back to look over her white creamy shoulder to make sure He was still watching. Her eyes widened and darkened as she not only saw Him watching, but He was on His front porch with His cock out. Her heart leaped in pleasure and almost fear as she saw that He was stroking it.

He stood there across the street, His muscular thighs spread open and bent slightly as He rocked His hips so His cock could slide into His palm. His eyes glowed brightly in the moonlight as He continued to look at her, so brazenly displaying herself for His pleasure.

She whimpered as she felt this had to be a dream. This could not be real. She did not care. She only knew that she was enjoying this immensely. She began to trace her throbbing folds slowly. One long nail rested along her clit then rubbed hard sending vibrations of joy throughout her torso.

Her hips began to roll in circles as she Escort Erzincan began to plunge her finger in and out of her sweet, wet cunt. The walls began to quake and suck greedily at the two fingers. Her eyes lust filled and never leaving Him as He continued to tease His cock.

His mouth was agape as He squeezed the head of his nice lengthy and thick cock. Then He began to move it in circles and thrusting His hips forward as if He was teasing a pussy before Him. She cried out and tossed her head back as if she could suddenly feel His cock against her folds.

She reached behind her, and felt the long dildo in the pocket of her robe, and she brought it out and briefly held it up in the air. She knew He saw it. She licked at it lasciviously, and then slowly, very slowly, and never removing her eyes from his, slid it deep inside her.

“Please, kind Sir, fuck me. But do not make me cum. I have to save that for another.” She shoved her hips back onto His cock. She could swear she felt Him entering her hard. He growled loudly as he thrust His body against her, hard and fast.

Her eyes traveled over His body as she saw Him loose all control. His muscles bunched up, then loosened, and then tightened all over again. His cock slid rapidly in and out of His hand. She smiled sexily as she rolled her hips as if she was grinding her sex against His groin. She whimpered loudly as she began to get closer, watching her neighbor masturbate to her show.

She thrust her hips back hard and fast as she sunk her toy into her cunt deeply. She screamed out as her walls began hungrily attacking the invasion. She moaned and squirmed as her heavily hooded eyes took in the view.

“Cum! Sir, Cum now. Please!” As if He heard her she could hear His yell through her window. A loud deep growl as He began to quake. She slammed her toy deep with her cunt walls and thrust her hips back and forth hard and fast. Her clit was pinched between her walls and toy. She rode that cock hard as her pleasure rode higher.

The wet sound filled her ears as her heart began to thump wildly. “Yes little heart. Fuck it. Get yourself close. Oh GOD!! Oh GOD!! FUUUCKK!!”

She quickly withdrew the toy and turned to watch her neighbor. His hips were out of control as He began to cum. The moonlight shone brightly off His hot white liquid. She whimpered and bit her lip as her legs squeezed tightly. “Fuck I love the way Men look when They cum. Oh pleasure zone, you love it too I can tell.” She rubbed her pussy one last time before walking away from the window.

Her pleasure remained hanging on edge waiting for the “Yes!” from her Master, as she winked at her neighbor and closed the blinds.

“Master? If You can hear me, please come home soon. Your slut needs You”

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