My wife becomes a Hot wife Part ONEMy wife becomes a Hot wife Part ONE


My wife and I have some pretty awesome sex together and almost always have.

I doubt that everybody always has ‘perfect’ sex together every time but I’m thinking about 95% of the time it’s absolutely mind blowing.

We’re actually no longer exactly ‘spring chickens’ and frankly I have reached an age where my erections aren’t as hard as they used to be. But I can remember times in my youth where I’d get a boner when the wind blew. I miss those times. I still get rather aroused and often though I’m happy to say.

Flash forward to the present. This is supposed to be a story about my wife, Shari.

I’m fortunate to have a wife as loving and as caring as mine is to me.

Having sex with her was something I have always just loved.

I had also learned in my life early on that orgasms were fun to give to other people. For me its almost as much fun as receiving one!

And, I found that giving orgasms to my wife truly excited me and made me want to really finish by fuck her strongly and good.

When Shari gets excited her slit has the slipperiest wettest lubrication that a guy could want. I have always loved tasting her, spreading her legs wide apart so I could see her, and suck in the scent of her excited pussy which always was arousing to me.

Sex always becomes pretty routine even in the best of situations so although it was never boring, it was, you could say, pretty routine. I always wanted the sex with my partner to be wild and NOT routine so during some of our encounters I began whispering some rather lewd thoughts into her ear to see how she would react.

At first I think that she was shocked but I was just entertaining her with some fantasies that I had conjured up and was sharing with her to hopefully excite her. When she got over the shock and realized that I was trying to intensify her excitement then she relaxed and went along with her dirty husband’s fantasies. She started to imagine the thoughts I whispered and shared with her while I played with her body.

As I discovered that she was actually OK with my naughtiness I found that she suddenly had become a ‘sexual dynamo’ and she really start to let go with strong orgasms. After awhile she actually started to tell me when a cum was arriving and then she’d announce the cum with loud grunts and groans which made me practically cum myself just from watching her!

She would either spread herself so that I could climb aboard and plunge my excited cock inside her wet pussy or she would turn over and get on her hands and knees exposing her bottom and ass and have me slide inside her that way.

Taking her doggy style is probably our favorite way to finish and it never takes me long to plunge my cock into her wet squeezing tunnel to add my own cream to her already slippery pussy.

Whew….I’m getting excited just telling you about it now.

So, I could probably write a good *********** for a ‘sex video’ and I call it a sex video because I believe that the word ‘porn’ is kind of harsh. But my lewd wicked thoughts could probably make for a nice video that would hopefully excite women as much as guys.

And that’s a problem with sex videos. They almost always seem to lean towards a guy’s pleasure and not so much the woman.

Shari and I BOTH get excited by watching a good sex video together and playing with each other’s bodies while we watch.

Naturally, the action on the screen is pretty intense, even IF male oriented, and we both put ourselves into scenes that we are watching together. This began to lead me into even more naughty fantasies that I would Beşevler Escort whisper into her ear while we played.

Our favorite video subject is of two guys or maybe even three touching, fondling and pleasuring a willing girl.

It was a little scary at first talking about my fantasies because I didn’t want to put her off listening to her husband’s dirty mind and fantasies.

I eventually began to subtly ‘suggest’ another partner in a sexual encounter.

At first it was just a couple observing us having sex and they get turned on, and then the guy and girl would start playing sexually too, and Shari and I would get excited by watching THEM and we would end up getting a doubly exciting thrill because they were watching US. Obviously we really LOVE to watch sex….

As Shari became more relaxed with my fantasies in which I ALWAYS included her as the primary object of desire she was no longer offended by me suggesting somebody else joining in and playing with us.

I finally got around to really suggesting finding a willing ‘fuck buddy’.

I was then fantasizing my loving wife and myself in the following fictitious scenario.

Part ONE

I somehow arranged a threesome with two males and my wife.

I would insist on Shari choosing the partner to join us as she knows the kind of male that excites her.

She’s good at flirting and I know that she could find a willing male. She finds ‘Seth’ a fair looking guy with a lot of natural charm.

He understands the ‘rules’ for our little encounter and is very willing to know that Shari’s sexual pleasure is our priority.

We begin at ‘neutral territory’ which is a nice hotel, not far from our home. The hotel has a nice dinner house and bar and we pour some drinks after a nice meal with ‘small talk’ getting familiar with each other.

Well, we need some cocktails to ease the nerves that all of us are feeling.

The scene feels, well, pretty good so alright, we decide to take a bottle to our room and see what transpires.

I am hoping and praying for an exciting sexual encounter tonight and want it to go just right.

Now, it’s time for myself to become a third in this party at least for now. So this is how MY ‘sex’ video might play out…

First, we are now loosened up by the drinks, so we start out slowly with both guys seducing Shari by caressing her, fondling and exciting my her, by me first kissing her lips to relax her with a little bit of our tongues dancing on each other.

Meanwhile Seth came up behind her and began to get physically familiar with her body, touching her gently, then kissing her neck and taking in her perfumed scent.

I know from experience that this absolutely thrills Shari.

Then, Seth begins squeezing and fondling her shoulders, and eventually slowly works his way down fondle her breasts. It gets a welcoming sigh and moan from our darling little toy so when he discovers no protests from her we both laid her down on the bed so that we can begin to touch her even more intimately and fondle her, first clothed which, well, the clothing kinds of get in the way eventually. So we take some extra time to un-wrap the package.

The guys, now, intent on giving HER pleasure, take time exciting her to want to eventually play naked with us.

Anticipation is wicked and wonderful isn’t it?

She begins, with a naughty smile, to stroke the boys through their pants and feel their hard penises. Meanwhile, they move down and touch her thighs, and then her inner thighs, eventually working our way to her Escort Beşevler excited pussy.

The action continues with each of them caressing and touching her body intimately while tongue kissing her which excites her more because she realizes that she is actually sexually kissing each of them and discovers how naughty that feels.

Trading sexual kisses with two guys is so hot.

Seth and I begin revealing the rest of her so they can touch her more intimately.

This excites her too because she’s showing off parts of her body that she doesn’t always share with just anybody.

But she enjoys being looked at and we remove her top and then release her breasts from their confines exposing her breasts. The guys each share a breast apiece and fondle and gently squeeze them and then each of them lean in to kiss and suckle her exposed nipples.

Oh, the excitement of having two guys latch onto your nipples at the same time makes her pussy suddenly cream inside. They continue to suckle and tease her nipples making them stand out erect. That’s even more exciting to the boys so they attack those nipples even more in their passion giving her a mini cum from just that. And now she wants more.

She now wants to expose their hot pricks and look at each one to compare and contrast and imagine what each one might feel like fucking her. She takes out one naked cock, my familiar one, and strokes it with a smile for both of us. She then unzips the other fly, reaches into Seth’s pants and takes out his naked cock and views it for the first time, admires it and then begins to stroke both of us. The feeling of holding two boys cocks at the same time is a thrill to Shari. She’s crossed a line and loves the feeling of being ‘bad’ and discovers that she really loves being this naughty.

The boys continue to caress and play with her breasts and also continue to undress her more to get to that treasured slit between her legs, the ultimate object of desire. Seth pulls her panties, aside, exposing her quim to gaze upon her which is almost making kissy motions, sexually excited contractions in anticipation of what will happen next.

Seth then just has to taste her wet pussy and the second that his tongue touches her pussy she groans from an almost immediate orgasm that surprises her from this sexual playing with two guys.

She feels wicked letting Seth lick her wet slit while I am able to watch them both, smiling all the while and Shari strokes my hardened member to excite me too.

Seth then stands and drops his pants to reveal himself to her completely and Shari pulled him closer to taste his warm cock, already dripping with pre-cum because he too is so very turned on by the sexual tension in the room.

Now Seth who has been toying with her pussy pulls her panties down to her ankles and really starts licking her inner thighs, spreads her lips apart and while tickling her engorged clitoris, goes down and begins licking her love tunnel to taste her juicy hot slit. Shari is wreathing around now almost overcome from the attention and sensation of his tongue.

Shari is going mad from the loving attention of these two horny boys and she loves that they are just allowing her to lay back and be touched licked, tasted, and played with.

Pretty soon with all the fondling and attention being afforded to her body the feeling intensifies in her cunt and she knows that a good hard cum is on its way. We can tell it’s coming too because her breathing has turned into short hard breaths as though she’s suddenly having trouble breathing. She gasps Beşevler Escort Bayan for air, holds it for about five seconds, and then it releases in an orgasm that shakes her from head to toe. It makes her hair stand up on her back, and she has a couple of rapid releases one after the other followed by a warm fuzzy long breath and then an easy let down.

The guys know to back down now just a bit as they realize that she’s just too sensitive to go any further for the moment.

Give her a few minutes to enjoy. We need not go any further for a little while. Just let her relax and enjoy the warm afterglow.

The boys, though, are still sporting erections that will need satisfaction too.

After her afterglow subsides a bit she is now prepared for more, and to return the pleasure she had just experienced.

She motions for Seth to lie on the bed and then momentarily worships his erect cock with her mouth and hands. She wants to know what that will feel like inside her.

She squats over him, and holding his prick up against her slippery pussy just rubs the head of his prick back and forth until the combination of his pre-cum and her own sex oils mingle and lubricate his hot meat. He moans as she does this and can’t wait for her to impale herself on that wonderful slippery cock that is suddenly invading her most intimate part of her body.

And I have been watching this and getting more excited by the second. The scent of their joined sexual organs is exciting to all of them.

She motions to me to hold out my cock where she can lick it and then takes me in her mouth.

It feels so so very naughty to her having two male cocks to play with at the same time.

Shari noticed the feeling of Seth, who she impaled herself on beginning to fuck his prick in and out of her while she continues to suck on my cock.

She feels totally lewd and naughty and she’s once again on fire inside. She feels Seth’s hard stiff prick fucking deep into her body back and forth.

She sucks on my cock until it’s nice and wet, but then I suddenly move behind her and quickly run his tongue up and down her ass to lube it, then places my cock in the left over hole, her wet open slippery sphincter, and I push the mushroom crown of my cock very slowly inside to let her open up to the sudden invasion.

The feeling of being double penetrated sends her over the edge and she’s once again cumming very hard from the lewdness of being fucked by two cocks at the same time.

This has never happened to her before but she knows it’s not going to be the last time either. This is just too much fun, being taken and hotly fucked by two horny guys at the same time. It’s been a dream to be in the middle of two naked bodies pleasing her.

The guys, too, know that they’re not going to last long from this. As they fuck their cocks back and forth they can feel each other’s pricks swelling and rubbing against each other inside this wonderful girl’s body.

It ends up being too much for both of them and they both squirt their cum inside of her filling both her pussy and bowels with man cream.

With a few more grunts and lunges it is then finally over and they all lay on the bed exhausted.

They fall asleep for a few hours and then awaken to notice that this was not just a lurid dream but actually really happened.

She awakens to the boys running their hands over her naked flesh once again and they watch as she bites her lip, something boys just love, and anticipates the ‘next’ move.

But first, a shower is in order…And then….more…..

End of Part ONE

Well, I enjoyed writing this and hope that you enjoy reading about it.

It hasn’t come true yet, but, I pray that it’s only a matter of time.

In the mean time, I’ll work on a part TWO…..

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