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As I stood in the sun next to my car at the back of the cinema, drawing slowly on the cigarette in my sexy black pvc skirt and tight top that showed my curves I knew what awaited me inside, but I wonder if the people walking past knew what I was upto. I had spent the last two hours becoming the sexy lady they saw standing in that car park all hints as to my male self were gone, hidden, I was now a woman, and the adult cinema was I hoped full of sexy horny guys just waiting for a girl like me.

As I walk slowly from the car park to the entrance, a group of 3 guys are checking me out as they walk towards me, I love the attention my feminine frame and slutty clothes attracts, I can see their eyes going up and down me, and their mouths almost drop open as they see me turn and open the door to the adult cinema, I wonder if they will come and join me….

Closing the door behind me, I pay for my ticket, and check my makeup in the mirror before walking over to the cinema entrance, every part of my body is tingling as I push open the door and step into the darkness beyond, as the door swings shut behind me, my eyes start to adjust and In the light from the screen I can see ten or more guys all with their eyes now diverted from the girl sucking cock on screen towards me, following me as I walk down the rows of seats to the back, standing against the back wall I pause for a few moments to watch the beautiful blonde on screen taking that lovely hard cock deep into her throat, spit running down her chin and dripping onto her breasts, what a delicious scene.

There are three seats empty at the back of the Seyrantepe Escort cinema, I settle in the middle one of the three and sit back to enjoy the show on screen, it wasn’t long before a guy moved back to sit next to me, both of us eyes on the screen watching the girl gagging again and again on that lovely hard cock in her mouth, and as quickly as he had sat down, I feel his hand on my stocking clad thigh, my legs fall open as his hand moves up over the top of my stockings onto bare flesh, the back of his hand brushing my panties as he massages my thigh, my legs open wider as he moves his hand over the now stiffening cock in my panties, and then down running his finger over my tight ass, my body shudders as his finger circles my little love hole, my eyes closed, my heart pounding, my breath deepens, how long I have waited for this moment.

Reaching over I run my hand over the bulge in his crotch as he massages between my thighs, I unzip him, his rock hard cock springs up to meet me, I wrap my hand round it, feeling it’s girth, running my thumb over the tip I feel the wet pre cum. Unable to control myself, I lean over taking the head of his cock into my mouth, tasting his salty pre cum, sucking his cock deep into my mouth, I can feel the pulse of his cock as I suck him.

Slowly he starts to fuck my mouth, pushing his cock deep into my throat, until I can take no more and then sliding out almost all the way until on the top of his cock is touching my lips, before driving into my throat again, his hand firmly holds the back of my head, to ensure I cannot pull away, but Escort Seyrantepe why would I want to…..

As I suck his cock deep into my mouth, I feel a pair of hands, sliding over the cheeks of my ass, under my little pvc skirt, I push my ass out to invite more attention, as I do I feel one hand slide between my thighs, opening my legs his fingers immediately hook my panties out of the way. In seconds I feel gentle pressure of his fingers on my tight hole making me gasp as he worms his finger into me, opening me up for the first time, still with my mouth full of hard cock, first one then two fingers penetrate my well lubed hole, sliding deep into me, my own cock now dripping pre cum into my panties..

Its not long before my pleasure is interrupted by 2 hands on my hips pulling me up and round onto my knees, still with a hard cock in my mouth, my legs are forced open, and again 2 fingers are inserted deep in my hole, this time more forcefully, making my gasp as he adds another finger, stretching my tight hole, each gasp is met with the cock in my mouth being forced deep into the back of my throat. Gagging hard as he hits the back of my throat again, I pull my head up, look into the face of the owner of this glorious hard cock, and utter my first words since entering the cinema “fuck me” more begging than a command, he needs no more encouragement, quickly he stands and moves behind me, as the fingers are removed from my now gapping hole, they are quickly replaced by the head of his cock, resting against the entrance, I push my ass back against him allowing just the head Seyrantepe Escort Bayan to start opening me up.

As I push back again, he pushes into me, the head of his cock stretching me, I let out a little cry, but more in pleasure than pain, he takes a firm hold of my hips and starts to draw me towards him, sliding deeper into me, until his full length is filling my ass, then withdrawing and sliding deep into me again as I whimper with pleasure, my eyes clamped shut as he drives deep into me again and again.

My own cock though untouched is pulsing as he fucks me deeper and deeper, thrusting into me, harder with every stroke, driving me mad with pleasure, my head reeling, what a good little slut I have become…….

As he fucks into me again and again I feel the urgency in his strokes increase, his cock starting to swell with each stroke, my own cock pulsing in time with his thrusts, I am first to cum, jets of hot sticky cum fill my panties as he tears into my ass, my muscles contracting around his hard cock, clamping onto him as he thrusts into me, in seconds I feel him drive hard into me, his cock throbs as his balls spasm and shoot his hot cum into me, throbbing inside me as he shoots more and more into me, he holds me there his cock deep inside me as he throbs and twitches, his orgasm making him shake, then slowly he pulls out, I feel the cum run out of my ass and down the backs of my thighs as he does.

I open my eyes and look around, 4 maybe 5 guys are surrounding me, more interested now in the little cum soaked slut at the back of the cinema than what is happening on screen, reaching back I scoop a big wad of cum from round my ass with my fingers, and take it into my mouth, mmmmmmm I love that taste, as I do, I feel a new guy taking position behind me, a fresh cock pressing hard against my hole, this could be a long afternoon……….

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