The Billionaire Rapest: Chapters 1-3 (Edited)The Billionaire Rapest: Chapters 1-3 (Edited)


The Billionaire Rapist, Chapters 1-3 by AFGGG

Chapter 1
My name is Alex, and I’m a 22 year old billionaire. My father and mother started a gym together, and turned it into a huge corporation, having 100 thousand of their gyms open throughout Canada, and the USA. I was their only child, and they had me work out till I was a monster, 5’10”, and 210 pounds, all muscle, but more importantly I was their sole heir. So two years ago when I was supposed to be in the USA for a trip on my own, I checked into the hotel, stole a car and drove to the border. I went to an unguarded part of the boarder, hopped it and waited until I could find another car to steal. I did and within 3 hours for when I left the hotel I was walking into our mansion when my parents were out. I put on the bi-hazardous suit my parents had bought me for me birthday, then grabbed a carving knife. I hid in my closet and waited for them to come home. A few hours later they came home together, my mother made them supper, because she refuses to have anyone but her family inside her house. Then they continued on with their night. Finally they went to bed. When I was sure they were asleep, I crept into their room, with the knife in my right hand, gripping it tightly. I walked up to my father, and with one hard slash to his neck I killed him near instantly. I then walked around to my mother’s side of the bed, and repeated this action on her, and left the knife sitting in her neck. I put the suit back where it belonged, after making sure none of their fluids had gotten on it. Then I left the country the same fashion I had gotten in, and was back to sleep in the hotel by 4 am. I got the “sad” call later that day, had their funeral two days later and sold their stock in the company for billions.

I have spent the last two years changing the basement of the mansion into a 1500 square foot dungeon, and now I’m finally done. I expect to be able to house upwards of 20 or 30 women or girls in it. Now that it’s done I need to find my first victim. My favorite are teenage and tween girls. I have fantasized about them forever, and I’m determined for at least my first slave to be one of them. I decided that the best way to do this would be to get one would be to go to the high school volleyball tournament being held at the school nearby. With so many teams no one would ever know that I don’t belong there, as despite being rich I wasn’t at all famous, and to help capture the girl, I drove a black work van, with no back window, and a piece of wood attached to the back seat, to stop anyone from seeing inside. As I sat down on the bleachers, I saw a bunch of hot girls, in sexy yoga shorts and tight shirts. My 10″ dick got rock hard, but I hid it by angling it up, out of my pants and into my shirt. As I watched I couldn’t help but notice one girl who was noticeably hotter than the rest, and she was clearly one of the best at volleyball too. I leant towards the guy beside me and said “who’s that”, as I pointed at her, “She’s pretty good”. “Haha ya, Karley Mavic, pretty good for a 9er and, between us she’s pretty hot to, eh?” The boy replied. “No kidding”.

The game ended and I left and stood outside of the front door, at the side of the school out of site and searched her up, found out where she live, she only had a dad, mom was dead, and the boy was right, she was only 14, a 9er for sure. I decided she would be my target. Just as I was about to leave, I heard some giggling, I peaked around to see five girls, including Karley and the coach walking out of the school. I overheard the coach say, “Just gotta lock up, turn of the lights and the surveillance cams need to go off to, they waste too much electricity when schools not on to run, nobody would vandalize the school in this area.” Then the lights went out, followed by the coach saying, thanks for having your dad come get you Karley, there’s not enough room in my car for all of you.” What luck I thought, I ran to my car parked right in front of me, unable to be seen. I grabbed a chloroform soaked cloth, shoved it in my left pocket, and a pair of handcuffs and a ball gag in my right. I watched the coach’s car drive away and saw Karley sit down. I kept up behind her, and in one quick motion shoved the cloth into her nose and mouth. Ten seconds of struggling with her to keep in on, and that was it. She went limp in my arms, unconscious. I quickly grabbed her cell phone from out of her hand, shoved it in my left pocket, with the cloth, then grabbed the ball gag, tightened it around her mouth, then attached the hand cuffs to her. I then picked her up, and walked with her to the back of the van, placed her in the back, shucked her feet to the ground and drove away towards home. As I was driving I received a text on her phone from her father asking where she was. I replied saying I’m walking home, wanted the exercise, to put of anyone searching for her, if only for an hour or so. It was enough time for me to get off the street, and start using my new slave.

When I got home I walked into the house, put her phone in my study, and then left. I walked back out to the car, opened up the trunk to discover she was still unconscious. I unshackled her feet, picked her up and carried her into the house. I put her down, walked back out to lock the car, then walked in, locked the door, and carried her down stairs. I decided I would uncuff and ungag her, then wait for her to come around. It didn’t take long, within 5 minutes she started to come to. She started to freak out. “Where am I? What do you want? Please don’t hurt me.” She whimpered. “You my friend” I replied, are in my dungeon. You’re going to be my new sex slave baby.” With that she started to ball. I reached and grabbed her, getting a closer look at her. She was super hot. A 14 year old white girl, 5’2″ probably, 100 pounds, with a cute childish face, C cups and a hot ass.

I pushed her down, dropped my pants and boxers, and then pulled of my shirt. I pulled her up by her pony tail, and then she saw my massive cock. She started balling her eyes out, and I slapped her 3 times. “Bitch, you’re going to suck my dick, and if you bite I’m going to fucking slit your throat slut.” She tried avoiding my dick, but I grabbed her nose, and pinched it shut, till she opened her mouth to breathe and I shoved 3″ of my dick in. “Suck it slut, or I’ma facefuck you till you can’t breathe anymore more.” I shouted at her, and with that she started sucking, half asked. “Listen up, whore. If you don’t do a good job you’re going to get facefucked pretty hard.” Just like that she grabbed the hilt of my dick with her hand and started rubbing it, slowly, as she bobbed her head on my cock, going between 3″ and 6″ in her mouth, along with rolling her tong around my dick. “That’s it, bitch, just like that” I told her. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, and I figured that she better learn that even if she does what I say, I can do what I want to her because she’s my slave. “Very good slut” I told her, and then took her hand of my dick, grabbed the back of her head and shoved her head forward as I shoved my dick forward. Just like that all 10″ was in her mouth, and it felt like heaven. She started gagging, and her face turned red, but I wasn’t going to pull out till every last drop of cum was down her throat. Then I felt it building up in my loins. She really started fighting trying to get me out of her, but I exploded 5 huge times down her throat. I pulled out, and some cum and tons of drool fell out of her mouth down her face onto her cute little pink and white striped tank top, and her black rippled skirt.

As she was attempting to catch her breath I grabbed her top, and pulled it over her head, revealing a black, lack push up bra that barley covered her nipples. Then with a tug hers shoes came off, quickly followed by me pulling down her skirt. Then I pulled of her white leggings to revel a lace skinny thong that matched her bra. “Man, you must be the big fucking slut at you school with this kind of equipment” I told her. “Please, sir I’m still a virgin.” She whimpered. “Still a virgin, better for me. You’re getting what you deserve, being such a cock tease.” I told her, causing her to break down and cry. I got down on one knee, grabbed her by the pony tail and yanked her over to me. Then I bent her over my knee, and spanked her till her juicy ass turned beat red. By this time she was a total wreck, and I unclasped her bra, without any reaction. It fell to the floor, pushed her down onto her back, and pulled my shirt off. Then I stepped with both legs around her, and dropped to my knees, and started kneading her breast. “You got some nice tits, wonder what they taste like” I said before bending down and sucking on the right nipple for 5 minutes or so, then I moved on to the left one, giving it just as much attention. I then go up, and grabbed her panties, “wonder how you taste down hear” I said before pulling them down, spreading her legs and eating her pussy. I ate her till she started to come. Then I place my cock at her opening. “No, please, I’m still a virgin” She begged. I slapped her, “bitch, your my fucking slave beg me to fuck you, fucking be me” I said, then slapped her again. Through even more tears she cried, please fuck me.” “Please fuck your slave” she barely got out. That’s better, I stated, before shoving all 10″ of my cock deep into her, hitter her cervix. She started screaming, I just kept going with full, hard strokes as fast as I could, despite feeling like I was fucking a vice with how tight she was, and within 5 minutes I felt myself ready to explode. “Here I come, I’ma fill you with my baby juice” I told her. “No, please pull out, I might get pregnant” She whimpered. That’s the idea, bitch. You’re my slave slut; I can do what I want to your body, when I want to.” I replied. I shoved my cock in as far as I could, slightly penetrating her cervix, causing her to begging screaming again, and then I exploded. I sent 4 huge streams of cum as deep as humanly possible into her, right into her fertile womb.
She was broken, but I wanted one more hole. I spent a few minutes getting hard again, before flipping her over, and spreading her ass. Her hole was so tight I could barley wedge my pinky into it, but I started moving it around, and it began to loosen. I pulled my pinky out and shoved my thumb in. When I was satisfied my dick would fit, I pulled my thumb out, fingered her pussy, and spread her juices around her ass for lube. I then positioned my dick at the entrance of the hole, with Karley whimpering the whole time, and began to push. I finally got it a little bit of the way in, and the rest was easy. I put all my strength into fucking her as hard as I could and quickly had 6″ in, as I continued going in, I began to hear her tearing, and she started to scream like I’d never heard her before. “Please, please take it out you ripping my insides up.” She cried. “Bitch, I’ma fuck your ass till I cum, then you’re going to suck me clean, now shut the fuck up!” I yelled at her as I slapped her, I was tiring of her begging. I finally bottomed out, and then I began to fuck her ass like I did her pussy, hearing more tearing as I did. I had never fucked anything so tight, and started to come 2 minutes in. I pulled out. Rolled her over and sprayed 5 large streams of cum all over her face, hair, and tits. I grabbed her face had her suck me clean, but as soon as I started to get hard again, I stopped her. I grabbed her, pulled her to one of the 32 dog cells I had down there. I threw here in it, and went to get the keys. I walked in and started at her crying in the corner, grabbed my dick and aimed it at her. I begin to piss all over her, mostly paying attention to her head hair. I left the cell and locked it, and walked upstairs, to my study, and grabbed her phone. It had 7 texts form her dad asking where the fuck she was, I replied, that’s one good piece of ass you got there. Then I pulled the SIM card out, put it in the food disposal where it was shredded, just in case there was a tracing cell in it. “I’m going to have a lot of fun with this one, and to think I still have room for 31 more. Breading these bitches and sell the kids on the black market is going to make me richer and it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun.” I said to myself, before going to get ready for bed.

Chapter 2
I woke up feeling great. I had Karley down stairs to fuck, and then I would force her to give me her e-mail and password for Facebook. When I get onto her Facebook I would browse her friends to find another hot teen to kidnap for a breeding toy. I didn’t bother to get dressed, what was the point? I was just going to take of all of my clothes to fuck the shit out of her in a few minutes anyways. I walked down to the kitchen, turned on the coffee Emek Escort machine, and then walked downstairs. Karley was fast asleep in the same corner I had pissed on her last night. I grabbed the keys, unlocked the cage and hung them on the door. I walked into the cell, over to Karley, and kicked her in the ass. “Get up bitch, or I’m going to beat your ass.” I told her. She looked at me with puppy dog eyes, but didn’t move, so I kicked her pussy this time “I said get the fuck up, or do you want me to fuck your ass again?” I shouted at her. She got up and followed me outside of the cell. “Okay slut, get on your knees and suck me off, make it good this time right from the start and you won’t get a nice hard facefuck.” She dropped to her knees and took hold of my massive 10″ cock with her right hand. She guided my cock to her mouth, and began to suck me off, having about 5″ in her mouth at the most and 3″ at the least. As she sucked she gave some real awesome tong movement that really got me going, along with jerking me off with both her hands on the 5″ she couldn’t get in her mouth. She kept this up for 10 minutes before I told her “that’s great slut, ya bitch just like that. Okay slut, stop and jack me off till I finish on the cute little face of yours.” Just like that she stopped sucking me off, and with her right hand only jacked off my entire 10″ hard. Quickly I came, depositing 4 large streams of cum all over her pretty face and hair, adding to the hard cum stuck in it from yesterday.

I’d had enough for now, but figured the best way to get what I want was another ass fucking threat. “Slut, you’re going to tell me what your Facebook password is, and e-mail address, right now. If you don’t then I’ll fuck your ass again, you don’t want that do you?” I told her. “No, please don’t.” She whimpered. “I’ll tell you whatever you want to know. My E-mail address I used is [email protected], and the password is hotstuff_66. Please, please don’t fuck my ass again.” She cried out. You held up your end of the deal, as long as this info is right, I won’t fuck your ass, today.” I said to her, with a smile. I then pulled her up, walked her into the cage, locked it, put the keys out of reach and walked up to my study. I went on my computer, made sure that my internet was on a proxy somewhere in Europe, then opened up Firefox. I went to Facebook, and entered the info she told me, and waited. It successfully logged in. I then quickly appeared offline, and then went to her profile. Man, she was popular, 700+ friends, couple dozen of them listed as sisters and brothers. Right in the side screen where it lists some friends there was a single girl, all the rest boys, so I clicked her, figured I’ve been lucky with getting Karley, maybe Facebook is telling me “Kristen Dirck” would be the lucky one to go after. I started scanning through photos, and damn she was quite the tease. She had pictures of her in skimpy bikinis, and a number of them with her and her friends pulling the front of their shirts onto their head to show us how nice their tits are, barely covered by equally skimpy bras. This bitch was such a tease, I thought. She deserves to join Karley, but how am I going to get her. I checked her info, and discovered she only had a mother, her father had left them, and her mom worked the night shift from 10 pm to 6 am in one of the nearby factories. Perfect I thought, I just go to her house tonight around 12 am, put the car in her garage, sneak into the house when she’s asleep, go into her room, knock her out with some chloroform, then it’s the same drill as with Karley, and maybe I’ll go back in to steal some of her sexy revealing clothes to dress my slaves up in, not like she’ll need them at home anymore. Then I need to take her home and give her the same treatment Karley got, only right in front of Karley. If I was going to be up all night, I better get some sleep now, I thought, as I went upstairs to have a short nap.

I woke up a few hours after, and it was 5 pm. Time to go get Karley and clean her up a bit, then she can make us some dinner I thought as I walked downstairs. “Hey whore, get up. We’re having a new addition tonight, and need you to look your best for them. Then you can make us some supper.” I told her as I unlocked to cage. She walked out of her cage then I had an idea. I ran to the wall and grabbed one of the collars that came with the cells. I walked over to her and attached it to her, then pushed her down to her knees. “Slut, if you’re going to be my breeding bitch, then you’re going to act like it. Any talking from now on will result in an ass fuck and the same goes if you get off of your knees.” She started to ball, but didn’t say a word as she crawled after me to the bathroom I had in the dungeon. The bathroom contained of a toilet, a bathtub as well as a movable shower head, and a basic sink. I picked her up and put her in the tub, then turned on the taps to what should be a warm temperature. “Slut, nod if the temperature is right, and do nothing if it’s too hot or cold, I’ll figure it out.” I said to her. She put her hand under the tap, and didn’t move her head. She was being awfully difficult, so I decided to teach her a lesson. I pumped up the heat really high. To the point where it would defiantly hurt her, but not really burn her. Then I pulled the knob, grabbed hold of the head, and began soaking her with water from head to toe. She screamed a bit, but didn’t say a word. I then put the head down in the tub, grabbed the body wash and squeezed some into my hands. I then started to slowly massage Karley’s back, moving down to her nice juicy firm ass, giving special attention to her pussy and ass hole, before moving down her legs. Then I rolled her over and did the same thing, starting at her lower belly moving up, stopping and kneading her gorgeous C cup tits before moving on to her under arms and arms. I then rinsed off my hands, grabbed the shower head, and rinsed her off, massaging and kneading her the same way I did when I put the soap on. Then I grabbed the shampoo and poured some on her head, before rubbing it in and then rinsing it out. Turning off the water, I picked her up and out of the tub, before grabbing one of the towels I had, and dried her body off, before fingering her pussy. As she started to get wet, and I figured that was enough.

I began to walk out, snapped my fingers behind me and said “Come bitch, time to go back to your cage, bitches don’t make dinner, I’ll bring you something.” She followed me and crawled into her cage, before I locked it, and headed upstairs. I put lasagna in the oven before going out to the van and spending the next hour getting it ready for my soon to be new slave. I had 2 chloroform clothes, 3 hand cuffs, and a pair of ball gags in it, to go along with a single pair of shackles attached to the floor of the car. I was ready to go, and always ready to capture a pair just in case I saw a piece of hot ass walking down the street. I walked back in, and the lasagna was ready. I went and got a plate, glass and two bowls. I cut myself a nice piece of it, plopped it on the plate, and filled the glass with water. I took this to the table and ate in silence. When I was done I looked at the clock and it was 8 o’clock, just enough time to feed my pet, and do the dishes. I grabbed 1 of the bowls, and filled it with water, and then I grabbed the other and put a medium sized piece of lasagna in it. I carried both downstairs, placed them down to unlock the cage, before picking them back up and carrying them into her cage. I then place on the ground and said “Dinner is served, bitch.” She crawled over to the bowls and went to pick up some lasagna with her hand, which I kicked out of the way before telling her “Nuh uh slut, you’re a bitch, and bitches don’t eat with their hands.” She looked completely demoralized as she bent her head down into the bowl to take a bite, getting all sorts of sauce all over her face and neck. When she had finished with the lasagna she moved to the water, she went to pick it up, only for me to yell at her “Bitch, act like what you are! Bitches don’t use their fucking hands!” I saw tears start to fall out of her eyes as she bent down and began to lap up water with her tong. Good, I thought. I’m finally breaking this slut. When she was done I went and got a cloth in the washroom, used it to clean her face and neck before heading upstairs and to put the dishes in the sink. I looked at the clock. Good, 9:15, I knew it would take her awhile to get used to eating like that. Now I have 45 minutes to do the dishes before 1 last 30 minute check that I have everything, and it’s all in place in my van, then it’s a hour and a half drive to Kristen’s place, I though.

I had everything and was on my way to Kristen’s, when I saw a missing poster for Karley, laughing to myself I said “They ain’t going to find this slut, she might as well be dead for them, because all she’s going to be doing the rest of her life is making babies for me to sell and make a fortune off of. Finally I arrived at Kristen’s house, backed up onto her drive way, got out and pulled on the garage door, it began to lift and I was relived it wasn’t locked. They are all too comfortable with this area being “safe” I thought to myself. I fully opened it, quickly got in my van and backed in. I then hurried to shut the garage, praying no one saw me from another house, because I know no one saw me from the street. I then walked up to the door twisted and pushed. Unlocked. This was just too easy, I thought as I walked to the back of my van, opened it, and shoved a cloth in one pocket, and a gag and a pair of hand cuffs in the other. I walked into the house, but then I heard laughing, angry someone was still awake in the house, I cursed under my breath, but I wanted to see who it was, so I took the huge risk of tiptoeing to the living room, and peaking into it. What I saw astonished me. Kristen was sitting on her couch in her super slutty sleep attire with one of her friends, who was just as hot, and dress just the same. I took a good look at her friend, and then crept out of the house, and into the back of my van. I took out a pair of hand cuffs and put them on the ground so I could use them as shackles latter. I then grabbed another gag and pair of cuffs, shoving them in the pocket with the chloroform cloth, and grabbed another cloth, shoving it in with the first gag and cuffs. I then went to the front of my van and got it.

If I’m going to wait for them to go to bed, I might as well see if I can find out about this other girl I thought. I pulled out my iPhone, and hopped onto Karley’s Facebook, I then scrolled down her friend list till I found someone with a profile picture that looked like this girl. I went onto her profile, and looked at some of her photos, yep, this was defiantly her. Let’s see, Hope Gatt, her profile was littered with just as many slutty photos as Kristen’s was. It would be fun getting revenge on these two for being such cock teases. I looked at the time, “wow, 1 o’clock, it took longer than I thought it would to find her.” I mumbled to myself. With that I got out of the van, and snuck back inside. It was quiet. I slowly walked over to the living room, empty, must have gone up to bed I thought. I walked up the stairs very quietly, not making a noise, it helped that their stairs were carpeted. All the doors were open, so I sat down at the top of the stairs for a few minutes, waiting to see if I would hear them talking or giggling. I heard nothing so I crept to the close bed room. Nothing, just an office. I then walked pass the next one as it was obviously the master, which left just one more. I crept to the door way, and peaked in, and saw one of them asleep on the bed and the other on an air mattress. They were on top of their covers and sleeping bag respectively, making my life much easier.

I walked over to the bed, and helped the person sleeping in it roll over on to their back. Kristen. I pulled out the hand cuffs, making next to no noise, and then placed them on the bedside table. The gag soon followed. I pulled out the cloth, and hovered it over her nose, careful not to touch her for fear of waking her up. I did this for 30 seconds before I was convinced that I’d knocked her out. I then shook her a little bit, just to ensure it had worked no reaction. I decided to get them both out first before getting them ready to take with me so I walked over to the air mattress and carefully dropped to 1 knee. I took both the hand cuffs and gag out of my pocket, and placed them beside the mattress the same way I did on the bed side table. I knew no one would hear a struggle now that the other was out, so I went for speed it shoving the cloth right into her nose and mouth. She woke instantly and shrieked fairly quietly along with struggling mightily. Within a few seconds she was unconscious. I Emek Escort Bayan put the cloth in my pocket, and grabbed the other from off of Kristen’s face, and shoved it too in my pocket. I could feel it really starting to eat away at the fabric; I knew I would need to get it in the car ASAP. But I had a job to do first. I grabbed the gag from the bed side table and quickly put it on Kristen, and hand cuffed her, then I checked her pant elastic for a phone, yep there it was. It took it and shoved it in the pocket that didn’t have the clothes in it. I then did the same to Hope, once again finding a phone, and shoving it with the other, before deciding to turn on the light so I could get a better look at them. Kristen was white, 5’6″ and about 130 pounds, not skinny, but not fat, she had some pretty big legs and a really big round firm ass with dirty blond hair that went to below her tits. Speaking of her tits, they were monstrous, DD’s most likely and they were pretty firm too. She was wearing a florescent pink low cut tank top that showed some of her perky nipples, and blue and white striped supper tight sleep leggings, two sizes to small at least, it showed of her ass perfectly, and even gave you a nice view of her pussy. I moved on to Hope. She was wearing the same top as Kristen except it was florescent green, with exact results as her for the nipples, along with spandex short shorts that held her ass out just fine. She was also white, 5’5″ and about 115 pounds, a supper hot frame, along with bark brown hair a little bit shorter than Kristen’s. She had a decent ass, but it was the firmest I’d ever felt. Her tits were just as firm, and by my guess, D’s. These girls were so hot; they were about 18 I thought to myself. I pulled out my phone quick to check their ages on Facebook. Holly shit, they were both 14 as well. I could only imagine if they continued to develop, and after I get them knocked up how big their tits will be. I picked up Hope, and placed her on top of Kristen, and picked up them together and walked them down stairs and out to the garage. I put them into the back of the van, attaching Kristen’s feet to the shackles, and doing Hope’s up with the cuffs, before tossing the chloroform by their feet.

I then walked back in, and went up to Kristen’s room. I figured I would take any more of her revealing or cute cloths, since she wouldn’t need them here anymore, along with her jewelry, and if I had time, her mums as well. Speaking of time, what time was it, I stooped in her room, pulled out my phone, to see that it was 2:15, I only had 45 minutes. I needed to get out of her before they woke up, and they would be up in about an hour most likely. I went to her dresser, it had 4 drawers, and I opened the top drawer, socks, I wouldn’t need those. I opened the next drawer, bras and panties, let’s take the best and leave the rest, I thought. I took a pair of white lace short panties, a pink lace thong, a grey floral lace thong and a navy cotton skinny thong, as well as a white with pink stripes push up bra, a grey push up with lace wings that matched the grey thong, a white and baby blue half cup and a white push up. I moved on to the middle drawer, shirts, skirts and shorts. I took a blue lacy string tank top, and a white spaghetti strap. I also took a pair of yoga short shorts, and denim short shorts to go along with a green frilled skirt, and a red lacy skirt. Finally I opened the last drawer, bikinis; I decided to take the whole lot. I then opened her closet, and took two really tight dresses along with some blue skinny jeans, yoga pants, and a fancy white lace dress with flowers. I then went to her bedside table, and tossed her jewelry box onto the pile, and then grabbed Hope’s suit case and it went on top. I picked up everything and took it to the van. I dumped the clothes onto of them, the suit case and the box near the seat, and checked the time, 2:35, time for one more load. I walked into the master bed, grabbed the mom’s jewelry box, and then a light bulb went off. When these girls aren’t pregnant they’re going to be bleeding all over the place when they have their periods, so I walked into the master bath and started looking around for some pads and tampons. I found 3 boxes of each, tossed them on top of the jewelry box, and carried it all down to the van, where I placed it in the back near the other box and suit case.
I got into the front seat, and put their phones in the cup holder then started the car, I got out and peeked out of the garage window, coast was clear. I opened the garage, ran to the car, and drove out. I quickly got out, shut the garage and got back in the car, before driving away. As far as I knew, not a soul had seen me. I drove home in the same time it took for me to get there, about half way I heard them starting to wake up. By the time I got home, I could hear them struggling, but more importantly could barely keep concentrate now with my wood beginning to bother me. I turned off the car and got out to unlock the front door. I then went and opened the trunk, and went inside to get Hope. I picked her up, and dumped the clothes that were on her onto Kristen. I then carried her strait into the basement, and dropped her on the floor, I went back and unshackled Kristen’s feet, and she started to fight, trying to escape, so I grabbed one of the cloths by her feet, and used it to put her out again. I picked her up, and carried her inside, taking time to shut and lock both the van and the front door. I would come back after I had my fun for the clothes and jewelry. I carried her downstairs, and put her into the cell beside Karley’s, and locked her in it, all the while listening to Hope cry and in between tears ask Karley “How did you get here? How did I get here? What is he planning to do to us?” Karley, being the good little bitch she was didn’t say a word, she just watch. I walked up to Hope and studied her, boy I couldn’t wait to get started on here, and then I would have Kristen. I really wouldn’t be sleeping tonight.

Chapter 3
I figured I’d give Hope the chance to give me a good suck off, but when she does a half asked job I’ll facefuck her. When I’m done with that, I fuck her good, and see if I can’t get to make me some cash with a kid, then I’ll fuck her ass. Then I would move on to Kristen, and do the same thing to her. Ya that sounded like a good plan I thought to myself. “I’ll answer your questions, bitch, because that bitch doesn’t talk unless she wants a nice hard ass fucking.” I told her, causing her to burst into tears. “Karley got here when I kidnapped her yesterday after her volleyball tourney, I’m sure you knew that though, you are her friend on Facebook.” As I said this she began to flat out bawling, but I continued on “You got here when I snuck into Kristen’s house unseen and kidnapped both of you, and I’m planning to fuck the shit out of you bitches until I get you pregnant and then I’ll sell the kid on the black market for a fortune, and we can start all over again.” She just kept wailing away as I grabbed the hand cuff keys out of my pocket, and then dropped my pants and boxers. I unlocked her feet, then her hands, before throwing the keys by the door. “Bitch, you better get ready to suck me off, and it better be good!” I shouted at her, only causing her to cry harder, and attempt to turn away. I walked around to where she was now facing, grabbed her face and told her “Bitch you’re going to want to suck me off, or you’re going to regret it.” She didn’t budge, so I began to pinch her nose “Now you’re going to get it, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Oh, and if you bite, I’ma slit your throat.” As I finished the sentence she opened her mouth to breath, and I shoved all 10″ of my dick right into her mouth, and down her throat. I grabbed the back of her head for support, and to hold it still, and then began to pump in and out of her mouth like I was fucking someone. She was gagging a lot and having a real hard time breathing, but I could have cared less, I gave her chance and now she was going to get the full deal, until I shove my cock all the way down her throat and explode in her. I kept at the torrent of a pace I was going for a 5 minutes, before I felt cum and shoved my cock as far down her throat as I could go. I felt it growing as her gagging worsened, and her eyes began to roll into her head from a lack of oxygen. I could feel her drooling all over me pelvis, looked down to see it all ending up in between her DD’s, and that was all I needed before I exploded. I sent 6 massive streams down her throat. I pulled out and she fell down gasping for breath, and drooling all over her slutty tank top and down her shirt all over her tits.

As she started to regain her breath, I grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head, revealing her perfectly formed DD’s. I then gave her ass a good squeeze. Her ass was well formed, and firm but fairly small. I pulled off her shorts reveling cute green cotton panties that upon further inspection had a cute cat drawn on them over her pussy that said fuck me. I pulled them off her, rolled her onto her back and started to knead and lick here tits. They really were spectacular. They were huge, and didn’t have much if any sag at all with perfect large nipples. I put the left nipple in my mouth and began to suckle it. Her nipples were already erect, and this just made them stand out even further. I suckled and nipped a nipple for five minutes or so, before moving on to her right nipple. I gave it just as much attention, before she came like the little slut she was, squirting her juices all over my feet. I straddled her, and inserted my dick in-between her monstrous tits, before squeezing them tight around it. With that I began to titty fuck her, having my cock poke her mouth every stroke. I pumped hard, her tits feeling absolutely great around my dick as she looked up into space with broken eyes, I think, I hadn’t even fucked her yet and I’d broken her. I stopped as I felt myself starting to cum, I had to be conservative. I might be able to get up easily, but with two girls and three holes on each of them I didn’t have cum to waste on a titty fuck.

With that I moved down to her pussy. I rolled her over, and then helped her stand up on all floors so I could do this bitch doggy style. I inhaled and smelt the beautiful aroma that was 14 year old grade A pussy. I inserted 1 finger, and was quite surprised to feel a hymen in this little whore. I fingered her hard, before inserting two fingers into her. I was quite surprised to not have a single protest from the bitch; I must have really broken her. Instantly she screamed and came hard on my fingers, with I put to my mouth and lapped up the delicious juice from, before bending down and eating her out for the rest of the juices. When I was happy with the amount I had, I positioned my cock at her pussies’ entrance. I began to push in slowly, hopping to extend her agonizing pain, finally I had 2 inches in ad could feel her hymen. I continued at the same speed, stretching her hymen slowly, the most painful way for Hope. With a rip her Hymen ripped, causing her to really start balling again. With that part done, I thrust as hard as I could, bottoming my 10″ out by hitter her cervix. I pulled out then thrust back with the same force till I hit her cervix again, causing her obvious discomfort, making her ball even louder. Man if she is like this, I can’t wait till I penetrate her cervix, nor for when I ass fuck her, I thought as I continued with identical thrusts. 7 or 8 thrusts later I finally felt her cervix give way as I sank the last half inch into her womb, penetrating her as far as humanly possible, and causing her to scream at the top of her lungs. I continued to fuck her hard sinking just into her cervix each time for 2 or three minutes, as I alternated between groping one of her tits and spanking her firm hard ass. I felt myself about to cum. With one last hard thrust I sent my dick as far into her as possible 1 last time, causing her to cum for the third time that night. Her already tight pussy began to grip me lick a vice. It felt like fucking heaven, and with that I came deep inside her, exploding with 5 long streams deep into her hopefully fertile womb. With that I pulled out with a pop.

I grabbed my cock and began to shake it vigorously. As I began to get hard again I looked at Hope. She had fallen down on her stomach, with her cute little firm ass slightly elevated in the air. A few more shakes and I was back to full size. I pulled her ass up higher into the air, and spread her checks. Her asshole was the smallest I’d ever seen, about the size of a pencil. I had no idea how I could possibly get my dick that measured 2″ in girth inside such a small hole, but I knew I would make it work. I pulled her midsection up a bit more, so I could access her Escort Emek pussy. I inserted 3 fingers into her pussy causing her to cry of in discomfort. I then inserted my fourth finger, and it went in fairly easily, so I withdrew my fingers, spread the juices on them around her ass hole, before reaching over to her pussy with me other hand and spreading the lips. I then made a fist with my right hand and slowly pushed into her pussy with it. I opened my hand inside her and rub her a little bit getting lots of juices on my hand, and causing her to groan with obvious discomfort. With that, I pulled my hand out of her pussy, and began to rub her juices up and down her ass crack, paying special attention to her tiny ass hole, before slowly sinking my picky into it. I began to wiggle it around, and loosen it up, before pulling it out and wiggling in my thumb, once again widening the hole in hopes of getting my cock in it. I pulled out my thumb when it appeared it was about as loose as it would go, mostly because I couldn’t wait any longer to feel her tightly gripping my ass as she screamed in pain. With that I positioned my dick outside her ass hole, before grabbing her two ass checks and pushed them apart, widening her ass as far as it would go. I then began to push my dick forward attempting to get it inside. It was an extremely tight fit, but I did just barely get my cock inside her, spreading the entrance to her ass hole to the 2″ width of my giant cock, from the miniscule size of a pencil it was all but ten minutes ago. Her loud screaming continued as I pushed with all my might, sinking further and further into her tunnel, spreading it the same way I had her entrance minutes earlier, I began to her ass ripping, causing her to scream out as loud as she could once again before begging me through tears to take it out “pl.. Pl… Pleaseeeeeee… ta… tak… take it outtttttttttt.” I ignored her before I finally bottomed out; filling what was a tiny ass with 10″ of my big thick dick. It felt increasable, and her screaming just turned me on even more. I knew I wouldn’t last long in such a tight hole, and as her screaming began to subside I wanted to make the most of it. I pulled out 9″, just leaving some of the tip inside her before pumping hard all the way till I bottomed once more; causing her to scream almost as loudly as her I first entered her. I repeated this action 4 more times, getting an identical reaction before I felt it building up in my loins. I pulled 4″ out, before quickly pushing back in, then back out again, at a torrent of a pace, getting 6 more strokes in before pulling out and sending a huge stream of cum all over her ass before repositioning and sending the next 4 streams of equal size all over her back and hair.

I walked around to her front and slapped her 4 or 5 times till she opened her mouth, when I place my cock into it, before telling her “you have a fine piece of ass, and your pussy ain’t bad either, now clean me off and get me hard so I can give your friend the same treatment. She sucked me off and licked me clean till I was hard again and told her “Stop.” With that she stopped and looked up at me. I walked over to the wall by the door, and grabbed another one of the dog collars and the locks before walking back and looked over into Kristen’s cage, she appeared to be coming around, no more than 5 minutes and I could get my way with her. I then shove the keys onto my wrist, and look back down to Hope “You’re my bitch, so I’ma dress you like one, and I expect to act like on. You will walk on all floors at all times, you will not talk at all, and you’ll eat and drink like one. Failing to follow either of these two rules will result in a nice hard ass fucking for you.” I say to her, before putting the collar around her neck, tightening it to fit her and attaching it. I grab her by the collar and drag her over to the cage beside of Kristen’s “Go on, get in there.” I say to her, before kicking her ass to her moving. She crawls into the cage, crying the hardest she had all night, I didn’t even know she could cry harder than she did when I fucked her ass, but she was. I then shut the door and lock it; I’m done with her for the night.

I walk over to Kristen’s cage, who’s still not with it 100%, but she’ll be ready in a minute or two. I unlock the cage and walk into it. I pick up Kristen and begin to take her out to the empty part of the room to fuck her, much to her protest as she is almost fully awake, you can feel the fear radiating from her. I drop her down with a thud, and begin to strip her; she puts up limited resistance as I pull of her slutty pink tank top to reveal her well formed, firm D’s, giving them a squeeze, which causes her to shriek. I then grab the elastic of her super tight, two sizes to small type of tight, blue and white stripped leggings and pull. I quickly realize the little whore was wearing them nude, no panties as I can see her cute bare little pink pussy as they leggings disappear. As I finish removing her I realize she is looking at me fearfully. I give her pussy a nice hard slap causing her to shriek out before asking “Who are you, how’d I get here, and what do you want from me?” I simply reply “All in good time my bitch, but first” I say pointing at my dick “get on your knees.” She whimpers, whether it was in regards to my dick size or to the thought of being forced to suck my dick, and who knows what after that. “Open up and start sucking me. If you do a good job I’ll tell you what you want to know, and we can be done here quickly.” I tell her, okay the last part was a lie, but I want a good BJ, and don’t feel like doing it forcefully, so false hope is the perfect way.

Just like that the little whore that she is grabs my dick and places it in her mouth. She grabs my butt checks with her hands for support and starts to suck me off. My thoughts with this bitch was right, she must be the slut of the school, she takes all 8″ of me no problem at a speed I would have thought was me slowly facefucking her. She continues this for 8 minutes, and as she does it she twirls her tong around my dick like she’s licking a lollypop. “You’re such a slut, I’ve paid whores that aren’t doing as good as job as you are. To this she just blushes and doesn’t miss a beat. I feel it building in my loins “Stop.” I tell her forcefully, and she does, though she looks a bit disappointed. “Open up.” I tell her just a forcefully, and she does looking quite happily. I begin to pump my dick furiously and explode, sending 4 large streams of cum towards her face. As I observe I realize that very little ends up in her mouth, and she greedily eats it all down, that slut, but most of it ends up covering her cute face, with some of it ending up in her hair. “Clean your face off, sluts, eat it with your fingers, but leave it in your hair, it looks hot, and as you do this I’ll answer your questions.” She quickly starts wiping the cum of her face with her hand, and then licks her hands greedily before going back for more. “Who am I, I’ll answer this with what I want from you. I’m your new master, and you’re my new breeding bitch. You’re going to be riding my dick till you get pregnant, then I’ll sell the kid on the black market, make a fortune, and then we can start again.” She stops and starts crying. “Now bitch, what did I tell you, you clean your face and eat it and I’ll answer your questions. I’m sure you’ll love it; you’re such a big slut after all. You just showed that here. I bet you’re not even a virgin?” No answer “Well? Are You?” I ask her forcefully, she whimpers and barely shakes her head, no. “See, you’ll love it a little slut like you, and don’t pretend you won’t. Now, how did you get here? That question should be how did I kidnap you. That’s easy, I snuck into your house tonight when you and Hope were sleeping, knocked you guys out, took you here, along with everything your mommy worked so hard to get you, she’ll be heartbroken and broke. Turn around, you’ll see Hope and Karley, yes your friend Karley who went missing yesterday, fine pieces of ass they are, bet they loved seeing you act like the slut you are. Now, that’s enough talking, let’s start breeding you.” With that Kristen broke down. She collapsed onto her stomach, and starting balling her eyes out.

I walked around to her back, fully hard after our talk, and grab her by the hips. I pull her up so her great tits are dangling and her ass and pussy are easily accessible in the air. I position myself outside her pussy and push with all my might. Quickly I sink 7″ into her already used pussy. I have to put a little bit of an effort to finish and bottom out, hitting her cervix, and leaving just an inch left outside of her. She is really in some discomfort but no pain. With that I pull all the way out all the way and shove back in as hard as I can, hitting her cervix with some force, causing her to cry out in pain. I continue to pump in and out. It feels great. While virgin’s feel great bitches who’ve been fucked a few times only feel best, they’re not so tight that it’s hard to fuck them, and they still grip your dick well, and in all the right places, though the pain virgins experience when I steal their virginity just about makes up for the lack of speed, I think as I feel the slut cum hard on my dick “Wow, your such a slut, I’ve only given you 7 or 8 strokes and your coming. Your must be one of those sluts who gets build up by sucking a guy of, you fucking slutty bitch, I say as I slap her ass as hard as I can, causing her to shriek. I repeated this 5 or 6 times, getting the same result each time, all the while fucking her as hard as I can. By now her ass is beat red and I reach around with both hands and take one of her monstrous tits in each hand. As I continue to fuck her I finally break threw her cervix, using her to shriek in pain, and then begin to ball. I continue to thrust, kneading her tits as I do, before her cums hard on my dick for the second time of the fuck. It was just too much. I feel my cum racing to get out, and shove my cock as deep as I possibly can, slightly into her womb, before exploding into her 4 times, showering her hopefully fertile womb with my seed. I pull out, and with the realization that I might have just gotten her pregnant she collapses, and rolls over into a ball, crying.

I shake my dick to get it ready, leaving her there as I do so. When I’m hard again, I pull her arms away from her body and throw her legs down. I then straddle her just below her tits. I place my dick between them and push them together. I start to pump back and forth, hitting her lip every stroke. “Man, you tits feel fucking great spread around me, bitch.” I say to her, getting no reaction. Broken. I broke another one again before I fuck her ass. I still need to do that, I realize. With that I get up off her, roll her over, and grab her by the waist. I pull her up so that her ass is nice and acceptable. I decide I’ll just fist her off that start, not playing around. I spread her pussy lips with my left hand, clench the other in a fist, and punch right into her pussy. I break in and keep pushing until I’m almost elbow deep and hit her cervix. She’s screaming and crying at the top of her lungs the whole time. Finally, I think, I’ve given her some pain. With that I keep punching her cervix causing her to scream in pain till she begins to pass out. With that I pull my hand out, rub my dick hardening it and lubing, before rubbing the rest of the juices around her ass hole and ass crack. I then position my dick at her entrance, spread her checks, and push. My dick easily slips in, but halts at 4″, she had passed from the pain around the time when my dick entered her ass. “You’re a slut; you’ve already had something in this hole.” I say to her unconscious body, but mostly to Karley and Hope to embarrass her when they inevitably question her when I leave them alone. She is slowly coming around as I bottom out in her. I keep pumping in the fairly lose ass, at a pretty good speed as she is wide awake now. I feel cum coming so I pull out and rub furiously, sending 4 streams all over her back and hair. I then walk around her and put my cock at the entrance of her mouth. She takes it in and sucks it clean. She is gagging the whole time, and as I start to get hard I pull out of her mouth.
With that I walk and get a collar for her. I walk over to her and attach it to her; she gives me a confused look. “You’re my bitch, as such you’ll wear the same clothes bitches wear, this, and you’ll act like a bitch. That means you will walked everywhere on all floors, you’ll eat like a bitch, drink like a bitch, and talking is forbidden. Refusing to do any of these things will result in a nice hard ass fucking. Now come girl.” I say to her before walking to her cage and snapping my fingers behind me. “Time for bed.” With that she crawled into her cage, I shut it and locked the door. I put the keys away, and went up to my room to try and get some sleep. I’m going to be busy the next few weeks I thought to myself, before drifting away just before 5 O’clock. A busy night indeed.

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