Temptation’s ConquestTemptation’s Conquest


Author’s Note: This is the first part of a longer story. I have done my best to make each chapter independent of its sisters.


Anne Marie was the receptionist at my job. She had long brown hair, nearly skirting her ass. She had sad eyes of two different colors and pretty much everyone at work wanted to bone her. Word had it she had done nearly everyone at the office and I had become the latest. I was happy it had happened, even if I had no idea why. Maybe to Anne Marie, it was just simple numbers. I wondered what it meant for the state of my family, my marriage, my whole life, all of it. However, one undeniable fact that was not lost in the color gray was that I was an adulterer now and my life didn’t feel all that different. The night of the act, I took a shower, sat with my wife and watched a movie. Like nothing had happened.

Maybe nothing had happened –and by that, I mean, nothing at work had really changed either. Anne Marie didn’t seem the kind to want an ongoing affair. I’m sure she had already moved on to other men. Men with better bodies. Younger bodies. Worthy bodies.

These were the thoughts that kept a middle aged man awake. My wife, in an unknowing moment of poetry, stole all the covers while she slept. I let her have the victory… it seemed the least I could do. I just stared at the ceiling, contemplating the Anne Marie equation –the Anne Marie mistake, I had decided to call it. Something that could never happen again, surely. In the darkest region of my brain, though… I knew if that girl wanted seconds, my morals would just crumble again.

I was thankful that I couldn’t continue this dark meditation because my daughter had just twisted the front door knob as quietly as possible –just not quietly enough.

Yvette had come home.

There were simple rules in my house and she had found a way to break almost every one of them. The whole time my wife and I were raising her, we had tried to raise a proper daughter –only two earlobes pierced, no tattoos, no smoking, and proper dating. But as she grew older and her body filled out, my wife and I had lost touch with the girl. She’d gotten her tattoo with a fake I.D. and hadn’t bothered hiding it from us (it was a tribal tattoo right over her ass). My wife had determined that both her nipples had been pierced and we both had discovered that she’d started smoking at fourteen. I forgave most of these offenses because she was our only child, but I often wondered what I’d done wrong. I’d wondered how I had failed her. The chance for college had come and gone and now she was this odd roommate that bounced from job to job.

She was nineteen with no respectable prospects. Career. Boys. School. All of it seemed to be washed out in favor of a party or (as I feared) an orgy that never ended. And now she was home well passed her curfew.

I came down the stairs, tying my robe over my pasty white skin, to meet her at the door.

“It’s late.”

“I know, dad.” She mumbled, locking the door behind her. The disheveled tresses of her blonde hair hid her sea-blue eyes. She wore a white tank-top that seemed to be stitched together from rips and tears, doing very little to hide her ample breasts. The round impressions of nipple rings hung defiantly just above the Equator of each full globe. A short jean skirt rounded out her sluts-approach to fashion.

“What did you say?” I asked. “Are you drunk?”

She only gave a little giggle. It was the same little giggle she used when her mother or I lectured her.

“Look me in the eye,” I said.

“Nice robe,” she said, looking up at me.

“Goddamn it, are you drunk, Yvette?”

“Yeah. Yeah I am, Kyle.”

She often would call me by my name when I used hers in an angry way.

“Well, go to bed and sleep it off before your mom knows.” I said, going back for the stairs, believing the matter closed.

From behind, I heard her use a cigarette lighter. This gave me pause. She knew there was no, absolutely no smoking in the house. I turned and saw she had lit up a cigarette as she stood in front of the door.

“Yvette, you have got to be very drunk to think that’s going to fly in this house,” I said and released the banister.

“Chill, dad, its just a little smoke. Besides, you used to smoke, right?”

I had stopped when she’d turned eight. I glared at her, “Young lady, throw that outside and go to bed.”

“No, daddy,” she said, a forthright huskiness framed her tone. “I’ll smoke where I want and I think I’ll be getting lots of privileges around here.”

“Excuse me?”

“Ran into Anne Marie at the party.” She arched her back, stretching her arms before resting her hands on her hips.

A frog swelled in my throat and I tried to bluff my daughter. “Who?”

“Anne Marie. Hair-to-her-ass-Anne-Marie? A-cup-Anne-Marie? Of course I’m your D-cup daughter, not that I’m competing.”

I supposed it was possible. The two women were very close in age and my daughter’s social network just might have extended to include someone as removed as the company’s Yeşilyurt Escort receptionist.

“From work?” I tried to act confused.

“From work?” She matched my tone with a sly smile and approached me there at the stairs. Those eyes were a little red as she gave her rebellious giggle again. “Yeah. From work. She said you had the second biggest cock there.” She pursed her lips to her cigarette and then exhaled downward.

Anne Marie had raved about the size of my cock at the time. The whole time I pleased her wet pussy, she had moaned in my ear, “such a big cock, such a great cock…”

“What are you talking about?” My response, in retrospect, was pretty pathetic –half denial, half wanting to hear more. She didn’t deny me the latter. She took a step back and exhaled a healthy plume of her smoke.

“Your cock. Your married cock pleasing a girl right around my age. Thursday. Lunch. She got a motel, right?”

She had me trapped. Her grin was wide.

“Are you going to tell your mother?”

“That depends on you.”

With that kind of information, my daughter had everything she needed to blackmail me. I swallowed audibly as I stood by the stupid banister. I turned my head away from her to ask the question. “What… what do you want, Yvette?”

“Look me in the eye,” she said coolly.

I looked at her. Those stone cold blue eyes were thinking. Her neurons were competing with alcohol. She wasn’t shy when she told me what she wanted. She was specific. It was like she had planned it.

“Show me, daddy. Show me what Anne Marie was praising.”

I saw the seriousness in her face. This was what she wanted. She could have asked for almost anything to save my marriage, but she just wanted a peek at my pecker. I undid my robe for her and hesitated when my fingers got to my drawers.

She inhaled from her cigarette as she watched my face.

I dropped my drawers for my daughter and she glanced down at my long, thick, flaccid member. She had the eyes of her mother when she picked avocados at the market. All business. I suddenly realized that I hoped it was big enough to interest her. I hoped that my own daughter might want me to rub it between her big tits. I pictured her on her back with her fleshy globes squeezed around my cock as it thickened. This revelation shocked me and elated me.

She only smoked and stared.

“I can’t tell, daddy.” She sighed finally as she flicked ash onto the carpet. “It’s not hard at all.”

Before I could say anything –which just might have been an apology, she raised her chin and put her hands on the snaps to her short skirt. The sound of her snap as it came undone seemed so loud. There she stood clad only in the white top. Her flat belly sat above her bare-naked pubic area.

“See how clean-shaven I am, daddy?” She took a step back and turned toward the couch. “Come away from the stairs and give us a good look.”

I was mesmerized.

“C’mon…” Yvette whispered. “…we both know you’re gonna.”

I followed my daughter to where she beckoned. I felt like a twelve year-old when I glimpsed the top curve of her right breast that sat behind the rip in her top. She smiled. She had seen me look.

She took a seat on the couch and opened her legs. Yvette slid forward to ensure her pussy, proud and fleshy was there at the edge of the couch.

“Give me mom’s candy dish.” She said and exhaled toward me.

The dish was on the coffee table. I took it and handed it to her. She dumped the candy on the couch and set down the dish. She intended to use it as an ashtray.

“On your knees,” she said.

I felt like a clamoring idiot as I did what she said.

“I know you and mom think I’m a slut, daddy,” she whispered, the orange glow of her cigarette illuminated her cheeks when she took a drag. “And you’re right. Scoot forward and we’ll see if the smell of another cock can make you hard.”

I did as she asked and moved my face between her spread thighs. The healthy musk of sweat was scattered across her skin. The deep, sensational smell of wet pussy was there, matted with the scent of bitter cum. “Taste it, daddy.” She said above a whisper. “Go on… you know…”

I was repulsed by the idea, but my hands were already moving to her thighs.

“That’s actually a couple guys,” she sighed in memory and put the cigarette back to her lips. “The third guy just jacked it on my tits.” Her legs spread even more. “Sometimes that’s all it takes…” I heard the crackle of her cigarette as she breathed from it.

My tongue touched to her pussy and I felt her shudder a little. That light, sexual betrayal of her power over me was encouraging. I closed my eyes. Maybe if I could please my daughter, she would keep Anne Marie a secret for me. I sniffed and licked, my tongue separated her wet lips and I felt her sexual perspiration warm my cheeks.

“Look me in the eye, Kyle,” she hissed.

I looked up from between her thighs. My eyes peered up between her big, relaxed breasts to Escort Yeşilyurt her face. I looked to her baby-cheeks that sat beneath her drunken blue eyes. She exhaled a string of smoke down at my face. I breathed in the nicotine and my daughter’s sour nectar all at once, my tongue lapped away at her pussy and her clit. “The guy with the little dick… he came right away.” Yvette sucked air through her nose and stroked her thighs against my ears. “After him, his buddy wanted a condom… but I don’t like the way they feel, daddy.”

Her thighs wrapped around my face and held me in position. She dragged her clit over my nose, up and down, up and down, as she writhed drunkenly. “I told him to cum in me. He was an ugly fucker too.” My eyes closed in ecstasy as I ate out my daughter’s folds. “Mmm, daddy… suck it… suck it…” Her free hand went to the back of my head, pulling me tighter to her wet gash. “That’s good… suck his shit outta me…” Her words were forced me on, both disgusted and thrilled. I swallowed her dirty wash and savored its rinse on my chin.

It was silent in the living room then, except for her breathing. As my tongue pleased her, her chest rose and fell with the deepest of sexual sighs. I was suddenly aware of how loud my tongue was as it dipped into her pussy. If her mother, my wife, woke up now… Yvette brought my mind back as she moaned, “oh, daddy… you just might be better than birth control…”

She suddenly leaned forward and kissed my head. “I started blowing the third guy after he came…” she whispered. I lifted my head and she put the cigarette to her lips and eyed me like a lost child. And then she offered me a drag. Without lifting a finger, I inhaled from Yvette’s hand. As I exhaled, she put it out in the candy dish. “I’m sure you don’t like the taste of come as much as I do, daddy… and your baby’s still thirsty.”

Her legs released me and I sat back on my knees.

She gestured for me to stand up.

I did what she wanted and revealed my very erect cock. Her trick worked, I was hard as steel, and electric with carnal energy.

She whistled lightly when she gazed at my cock. “Anne Marie, mercy sakes,” she giggled.

I felt honored that she liked my cock as much as she did.

“Have you noticed me, daddy?” She asked as she slipped off of the couch and onto her knees before my mighty shooter. “Have you watched me blossom?” Her hands reached between my thighs. She gently touched and circled up my legs as she gazed at me. “Did you steal glances of me at the pool while I was growing up?” Her full lips evened out into a flat, knowing smile.

“Yes,” I blurted.

“Daddy…” She whispered, almost touching my cock, but not. “If I do this. If I take you into my mouth, you have to agree with me…”

She looked right at my cock. Her nose almost grazed the end. It felt like my dick grew even longer just to touch her. “Name it,” I said and I didn’t recognize my own voice.

She smiled, loving my immediate understanding.

“You will always defend and respect me. You will never deny me.” She spoke with authority.

I nodded and she let her tongue come out to lick the underneath of just-the-head on my raging hard-on. “You need parental guidance, daddy. You’re baby’s sweet little boy. Do we have an understanding?”

This was scary. My brain tried hard to counteract my raging hormones, because in the back of my mind, I had no idea what she truly meant –and this was hardly the forum for true debate.

“Please say we do, daddy…” When she called me “daddy” the sexual energy ran up the back of my spine. “…I want so very badly to suck your cock. I want to lick it. Make it… wet… your daughter’s perfect, sloppy kiss all up and down it. And I want your hands in my hair. Then you have some control as you face fuck me, daddy… doesn’t that sound good? You might even get to fuck me if you play your cards right…” She put a hand on my cock and delicately traced it with her long fingernails.

She sensed my hesitation and stood up before me. She slipped her shirt off over her head. Her gigantic tits were housed inside a flimsy black bra. Her large areolas were plainly visible through the black mesh. Her hidden nipples were as hard as pencil erasers. My hands went to her tits instantly, pressing them up and together. She inhaled sharply through her nose and turned her head away from my face.

I brought my fingers down and I ripped her bra. Her beautiful tits spilled away from the torn fabric. I glimpsed the golden rings slit below her nipples. They glistened in the low light.

Her arms went around my neck and I shoved her to the couch, my hard-on looking for a home. “Gonna fuck me, daddy?” She giggled. “Not the first time I fucked on this couch!” My left hand went to her mouth to silence her. My other hand went to the stalk of my cock and I guided the tip toward her dirty pussy. Her hand went between her legs and blocked my cock.

Her mouth bit my hand and I tore it from her teeth in pain.

She’d Yeşilyurt Escort Bayan broken the skin and with blood on her mouth she looked at me. “Daddy, Anne Marie has pictures of you and her. If I remove my hand, you’re agreeing to my conditions or I’ll show the pictures to mom.” Her eyes were suddenly sober and I licked the blood from her lips.

I knocked her hand away and thoughtlessly forced my prick into my only daughter. Yvette laughed. Once my cock had reached as deeply as it could, she was quiet. Her eyes looked at me through narrowed slits. Her smile was an evil one. Her hands went to the back of my head and she rubbed my balding hair. “Shhh… daddy, it’s okay… it’s okay… I’ll be a gentle baby… I’ll be so understanding with you… my little man…”

I pulled back and rammed into her again and she groaned with the thrust. “Oh… daddy… it’s good… it’s a good cock…” she inhaled and began to fuck me back. Our hips rose and fell in unison. I felt so bestial, unable to look her in the eye. Her hands rubbed my back consolingly. “You’re big… like Anne Marie promised… you’re so hard…”

“This is… harder than it was for Anne Marie…” I gasped.

“She’ll never have you again…” She moaned, “I hope that’s clear, daddy…”

I nodded, gritting my teeth.

“Your cock is home, daddy… baby is all you need.”

Her hands went to my face and she pressed me away, forcing me to look at her face.

I nearly slipped out and rammed her again. Her eyes fluttered in euphoria, but she still needed me to promise her. “Say it, daddy.”

“You’re my only pussy.”

“That’s right.”

She slipped her hips away, causing the tip of my cock to nudge the couch.

“On the floor,” she hissed.

I got on my back –on the carpet.

“You know, daddy,” she said as she used her thighs to straddle me. “I only intended to blow you tonight, but your cock made me so wet when I saw it. When I saw it hard. It took everything to keep my tongue off of it. To keep my lips away from it.” She brought the tip of my prime phallus to her swollen pussy lips. The head nudged into her pussy and her eyes rolled back. And then she crept her sloppy clam over my stick. She took all of me into her so slowly. Her lips formed a perfect ‘O’ as she slid all the way down. Once she was completely filled, she stopped, and gazed down at me with lustful eyes. “I’m a jealous woman, daddy.”

She put my hands on her tit flesh. My hands pressed against them, forcing them into pancakes against her chest. Her nipples stabbed into my hands, her pierced rings felt hot in the balls of my palms. Instinctually, my hands pulled them down again and I leaned up, my mouth had to taste her hard nipples. “I’m jealous…” she groaned, quietly, against my ear.

My lips closed on one of her golden rings, pulling it upward. Her nipple dragged flat against my nose.

“…I don’t even want you fucking mom, do you…” she gasped as I bit her nipple. “…do you understand?”

I pulled off of her nipple and her hands crushed my cheeks as she brought her lips down to kiss me. Her full lips flattened against mine. The taste of whiskey, someone else’s semen, and stale cigarettes forced its way into my pleading mouth. She ground her pussy against me as I Frenched my sweet daughter.

“Oh…” I groaned into the kiss. “…Yvette…”

“…baby…” she corrected.

“…oh baby,” I humped her, “…you’re my only pussy…”

“…that’s more like it…” She smiled into the kiss, before breaking it. “…that’s a good boy…”

She leaned back, offering me her generous tits again. My mouth went down and my tongue lapped each orb in succession. I made sure each of them glistened with my sexual needs.

“…but you need to understand…” she moaned.

And she pushed me back to the floor, her pussy rising and falling. She raised herself up so high that the tip almost slipped out. But she let herself fall again so quickly and smoothly.

“…your baby has a big appetite… you’re my fourth cock tonight…”

Her smile was sinister, with a light giggle. Her ample chest shook a little as she did.

“But… I’m the only cock you’ll… ever need…” I gasped, every fantasy of having my slut daughter to myself evaporating. She only laughed.

I felt a surge of anger well up inside of me. The thought of other men -other pencil dicked guys- getting inside of her when I wasn’t allowed anyone else shook me to the core. I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back, into the couch. She only giggled a little more.

I grabbed my cock and grabbed her legs. She started to pull away, using her bare feet against the rug. I put my hand on her tribal tattoo and slammed her down. I punched my cock into her from behind.

She moaned, but the moan turned to a laugh.

I pushed into her even harder, faster, pulling out and pushing in, thrusting for all I was worth.

She stopped laughing and started panting. Her hips rose and fell and wet my cock. Our moans and groans were just above a whisper as I approached my climax. “Grab my tits,” she hissed.

My hands went to her tits and I used them like handles and continued to slam my cock into her from behind. “Harder,” she gasped. “It takes a big cock for me to cum doggie style, daddy and you… almost… have it…mmm…pull on my nipples…”

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