Taking Control_(3)Taking Control_(3)


This all started when my wife was trying to quite smoking. She had been have a hard time of it, and was seeing hypnotist shrink to try to quit. Personally at the time, I thought it was stupid ideal, but she felt it was helping. One day I went with her to see if she was throw away our money on with this type of treatment. I was upset to be told that I couldn’t go in with my wife for her session. While I waiting, I asked to use the restroom but the doctor’s public restroom was out of order. Already upset that I couldn’t go into the session, my complaining got me the use of the doctor’s private restroom.

In the bathroom I could heard someone talking and recognized my wife’s voice. The vent in the bathroom must also have run right in the exam room. I figured even though I couldn’t be in the room I could listen in. So I climbed up on the toilet to get close to the vent to hear. The doctor was in the process of hypnotizing her. After she was under he told her how much she hated cigarettes and so on.

“This was the bullshit, I was paying for!” I thought to my self.

Ss I was about to step down when I heard the doctor say.

“It time for your ejection.”

I didn’t know my wife was getting shots. She had never said, she was. Plus I hadn’t heard the doctor snap her out of her trance.

“Raise your skirt and lower your panties. Hmmm, you have a beautiful ass, Gwen. Bend over my desk.”

What had this quack just say?

“Gwen, doesn’t my needle feel good in your pussy?”

This quack wasn’t talking about giving her a shot in the ass he was talking about sticking his cock in my wife’s pussy, in fact he already was.

“Oh yesss.” I heard my wife moan.

Now I know that as a husband I should have race in there and beating the crap out of this quack doctor, before he was allowed to rape my wife anymore. But I happen to be one of those husbands that have fantasies about my wife with other men. Gwen had made it clear she wasn’t ever going to make that happen, so this was the closest I was ever going to get my cock was already hard as a rock in my pants. So for the next five minutes or so I listen to this quack doctor fuck my wife. Their moans made my cock throb, and I couldn’t help it I began rub my hard-on through my pants as I listen to my wife being raped. Then I heard the doc grunt and I knew he was cumming. I wondered if he was cum in my wife’s cunt. Gwen always make me wear a cum so she not on any birth control so I had mixed feelings. If he was cumming in her cunt and got her pregnant I have to kill the little bastard but the ideal of another cum in her was exciting.

I was in disbelief when I heard the doc shaky voice say.

“Now Gwen scope some my cum off your ass and lick you fingers clean. You like that? You like the taste of my cum?”

“Ohh, yesss!”

I couldn’t believe I heard my wife say that or I should say moan that. I had to beg for a blow job, because Gwen didn’t like the feel or taste of cum and this fucker had her eat his. Sure, she was in a trance but fuck, she was doing it and moaning as if she loved it. That was too much for me. I felt my cum shoot into my shorts.

“Get dressed and have a sit, when you get home go shower and clean up.”

After she was back in her seat the Doc told her when she awakes she would remember nothing that happened in the office and next visit when she hears the words.

“Come in and sit.”

She would return to this deep trance state then when she heard

“123 Wake up.”

she would wake up.

As Gwenye woke up, I slipped out of the bathroom and returned to the waiting room. As I looked around at the ladies in the room I wondered how many others this quack was doing this too. This fucker was probable raping half the women in the room, honestly I would wanted to fuck them too.

I only knew that today was the last day he be fucking my wife, if I could figure a way to stop her without blowing the whistle on what had happen in the office.

I mean I couldn’t just say.

“Honey you can’t go back to that doctor any more.”

“Why, Dear?”

“Because he was fuck you while you were in that trance.”

“What! How do you know that?”

“Well, at your last visit I was listen to him rape you and got so excited I cum in my shorts. That’s how!”

When we got home Gwen head to the shower while I tried to figure out what to do about what had happened. I know, I was wrong, but instead of being worried about my wife being rape, I was horny. You get bored after so many years of the same thing and hearing my wife get fucked, one my private fantasy had made me horny as hell. Beside my wife was cheerful and laugh as if nothing happen and to her nothing had.

Then the thought occurred to me. I wondered if I could hypnotize her, too. I know enough that the suggestion was still in her mind. When she came out of the shower and walked into the room in her robe.

I said.

“Come in and sit.”

She stopped and stared straight ahead as if in a trance. It worked, I had to make sure.

“Take your robe off.”

She did. Gwen was naked.

“Play with your nipples.”

I watched as my wife’s fingers caressed and toyed with her nipples, the whole time I was rubbing my cock through my shorts. I love my wife’s thick nipples, but she hates it when I pay attention only to her nipples, she likes her whole breast caressed. After about five minutes her nipples were harder and bigger then I had every seen them. There was a look on her face, it hard to describe. She was kind of staring straight head, but she was starting to chew her bottom lips like she does when she begins to get hot and bother. Walked over and checked, damn if even in a trance, her pussy was getting wet.

This was going to be good.

“Knell and blow me.”

Silently Gwen knelt down, pulled my shorts down and took me in her mouth.

“Don’t stop till I cum straight down your throat.”

If this worked, this is the first time after close to nineteen years of marriage she would blow me till I climaxed and after a minute or two that what I did.

I blow my load down my wife’s throat, she gagged a little but she took it. Again, I knew enough about hypnotism that I couldn’t make my wife do anything she didn’t want to; even when hypnotized, so after close to nineteen years of marriage I found out my proper little wife had an inner slut. I wanted to explore that slut to the fullest.

I told her to put her robe on then I instructed her.

“Tomorrow, you’ll be horny all day. You’ll think of sex and nothing else. Everything you see will remind you of sex. I have to work all day and when you man get home in the evening you are to seduce him, to get what you wanted.”

Our boys where staying with their friends so I was not worried about them being home.

“All you will want is to rip your man’s clothes off and fuck your man all night long. Do you understand?” I said.

“Yes.” She said.

Then before I woke her up I told her that she was not happy with that quack doctor any more and she wanted stop going to see him.

After I brought her out of the trance I almost laughed.

When she said “I needed to brush my teeth before bed. I’ve the funniest taste in my mouth.”

The next day at work I couldn’t wait to get home, all I could think about was how horny Gwen would be. I was pulling on to our street right at dark I had worked a little extra longer I wanted my wife’s pussy dripping wet. As I started turn into the drive way, I saw someone walk in the house. I pulled in wondering who it could be. Why I don’t know but I walked up to the window and could see it was one of my sons.

Being twins most people couldn’t tell one from the other, but if I pay attention tell my boys apart, it was Ben. The older one, if you can called being born two minutes ahead of his brother older. They did so, my wife and I had to also.

That when Gwen walked into the room and is only wearing a t-shirt.

“Shit, I thought, “when her man comes home that could also mean her sons too.”

I should have put a stop to it then, but honestly I read incest stories and the mother-son ones always got me off big time. So I had to see if anything was going to happen. Gwen walked over to Ben and kissed him on the lips. Not a motherly kiss but a deep, hard, tongue down you throat kiss. Ben didn’t know what was going on, but honestly he didn’t fight his mom too hard, in fact after only a few second it looked as if he was kissing her back.

After they broke their kiss Gwen walked Ben over to the couch and began stripping his clothes off. While I’m watched this through the living room window my cock was throbbing. Yesterday, I found out my wife’s doctor was hypnotizing her and then rape her in his office and I had been able to listen in. dreaming about watching my wife with another man.

Now here I could see it happening. That’s when I remembered that I couldn’t make my wife do anything she didn’t want to even when hypnotized. So did that mean that my wife had sexual desires for her sons? It sure looked like it!

I watched as she sat him down on the couch and took his cock in her mouth and starts sucking on it. Damn, her head was bobbing up and down a mile a minute. With that kind of a suck job going Ben was hard in less than a minute and as soon as it was hard enough for Gwen mount our son’s hard prick. It disappeared up her cunt in one stroke. Her head went back and I could almost hear her moaning through the closed window. I watched as my wife rode our son’s cock hard and fast, humping up and down on him moaning and thrusting herself up and down on him. I should have put a stop to it, but honestly I was wondering more if the neighbors would be able to see me because I wanted so bad to take out my cock and jerked it.

Then I saw Gwen’s head go back and Ben was grabbing his mother’s ass, squeezing it. I had a feeling that they both just climax. Then was when it hit me.

“Fuck! Ben wasn’t wearing a condom! Shit! he might have just knocked up his own mother!”

After a few minutes Gwen got up and took our son’s hand led him back towards our bedroom

“Shit!” I thought, “I said to her, she would want to fuck her man all night.”

That when I came in my pants the same way I did the day before.

Gwen and our son, Ben walked down the hall toward the bedrooms. I just stand there a little shocked thinking I needed to stop this but for some reason instead of going in the house and announcing, “I’m home!”
I snuck around back and peer in our bedroom window.

Being in the back yard I was not worried about the neighbor’s so I unzipped and took out my cum covered cock, I used the cum as lube to begin jerking it back to full hardness.

Gwen had removed the only thing she was wearing, her shirt. Ben stood in front of her his eyes were glued to his mom’s tits. She took his hand and put it on the left one and reached down and grabbed his dick. Being teenager, it was soft long. Gwen slides up on the bed and pulled Ben on top of her. After another, deep tongue in mouth kiss; Ben raised himself up on his knees and Gwen spread her legs for him. She reached between her legs to her hairy mound and spread her lips flashing her sweet pink to our son.

Seeing this, I thought to myself how I had always wanted her to shave that hairy fucking bush that was something to remember, “Tell her to that monkey bald!”

Funny want you think of as you watch your son mount his own mother.

He put his dick against his mother’s opening. The same one he squeezed out of 18 years ago and pushed in. On his face, I saw a look of pure pleasure. He was enjoying his mother’s hot cunt.

It last longer this time, I matched; my son stroke for stroke but after only a few minutes I could see he was stiffing again. Ben was cumming in his mom for the second time, maybe even seeding her womb. Gwen wrapped her legs around him tightly, holding him deep in her. I watched for the first time want I had always been involved with, watched my wife as she climaxed. She was only second after Ben, maybe even at the same time, it was that close! I followed shoot my cum on the back of the house. She held him in her with her legs till he relaxed on top of her.

“I have to be more careful with everything I tell her while she is hypnotized.” I thought to myself as I zipped up. “From now on I’ll have to use names so she doesn’t get the wrong guy, next time.”

I need to get her to stop what she doing. I remembered when I was Ben age I could get off a dozen time in a day. If I didn’t stop them, Ben would knock up his mom for sure before the night was over. I went around the house and made plenty of noise as I walk in the house. I hear Ben run to his room and his door shut. A few minutes later Gwen came down the hall with her bath rob on.

“Honey, how was work?”

She came up to me and gave me a hug, like she hadn’t just fucked another guy.

“Are you hungry? I can fix you something.”

“No, I ate before I came home.”

“Ok I’m going to take a shower. I feel dirty. I’ll be out in a little bit.”

“I bet, that pussy needs a good cleaning doesn’t it Gwen?”

I thought to myself. She acted like nothing happened. Pretended like everything was normal and turned and went into the bathroom. As I fixed a drink to relax and to think about what I should do about everything that had happen in the last two days. My son, Ben came out of his room.

I asked, “Hey sport, what are you doing home?”

Ben said, “Forget a movie that we wanted to watch tonight. See tomorrow morning, Dad”

As he talked to me he turned red from embarrassment but he had a smile on his face. After he left, I fixed another drink and return to think about what I should do, and want I wanted to do.

Want I wanted to do, won out.

Gwen was always so shy and never showed her body dressing so conservative, long dresses if she wore a dress and her shorts, were always half way to her knees. That was all going to change. I decided going to have fun with my wife, there were several nasty fantasy I had always want to do, but Gwen would never have agree to any of them. I had always wanted to use my wife like a slut, make her fuck other guys but her son that should never have happen. But it did, and I was sure turn on by it, but I let her keep fucking Ben might get out and then the family would be in trouble.

I went to the bathroom and walk in. The shower was still on but Gwen was out drying off. Her back was turned to me and I looked her up a down. Her beautiful plump ass was sticking out and her just fucked pussy lips were peeking out at me from between her thighs, they were slightly rosy pink. I suddenly remembered my plans for tonight was to fuck the hell out of my wife before Ben had got it the mix.

I said the command, “come in and sit.”

Gwen started to turn but froze and stared straight ahead. I shut off the shower Şamlar Escort and stare at my wife. After nineteen years of marriage and two kids she didn’t like bad for a football mom. Her full tits sagged slightly but her nipples thick and plump and jutted out when they were hard. Gwen hated that her nipples were so clear visible when they were hard. I reach over and squeeze, pulled, twisted them making them harder under my touch.

I said “This is the last night I want to fuck that hairy fucking bush of yours, Gwen!”

I instructed her that tomorrow she was to trim her pussy hair back, to leave just a little patch of hair above her slit the rest was to be bald. Then I told her she would not fuck Ben again. That had been a mistake, but she was not to feel guilty about it but never tell anyone.

I said “Gwen, you are to dress sexier from now on. Wear short shorts and miniskirts or what ever I tell you to from now on.”

Finally I added “Gwen, you will let me fuck you anytime, anyway I want. You will be more vocally when you are fucked; not just when you are cumming. Now 123 wake up.”

Gwen woke up and returned to drying off as if I had said, nothing to her. When she bend over to dry her legs some more, I slide my finger between her pussy lips and up into her wet cunt. Gwen moaned as my fingers found her clit. After pumping her cunt for a few minutes I pulled her back, sat her on the sink, she didn’t resist. In fact, she spread her legs willingly. I took out my dick, it was rock hard from all this control I had over her. I slammed it up in to her pussy. It felt so wet from her earlier fucking. This was a new experience Gwen wasn’t into sloppy seconds if I got to cum in her without a condom on, I wasn’t going to get anymore until she clean up.

I pump my wife as hard as I could slide all my cock out and then slamming it back into her. The sink was rocking and her back was up against the mirror. If the sink was cold on her ass or the mirror her back, she didn’t complain. In fact, she was too busy moan and begging for me to slam her cunt harder. I love it hear my proper little wife moaning and begging to be fucked. I grunted and she screamed as I climaxed filling her and even shot some on her stomach as I pulled out.

After that I said “I needed a shower!”

Gwen said “I could use another one too!”

It was sexy soaping each other up. We hadn’t showered together in years. Having cum three times even Gwen soapy hands slide over my cock and rubbing my balls only got me half hard. The sound of the running water however had an effect on me. Thanks to the two drinks while I was thinking about what I should do. I had to pee. That was when a nasty ideal ran through my head.

Before I could stop myself, I gave the command. Gwen stiffened I moved her out of the spray of the shower and had her kneel down, cupped her boobs and tilt her head back.

Before I made myself realize how wrong I was I aimed my cock at my wife and let out a stream of golden piss.

My bladder felt so full and I coated my wife’s boobs with me urine. The sight was awesome and Gwen added to it, she was chewing on her bottom lip, something she only does when she is getting hot. This night had been so nasty, but I made it nastier before I finished peeing.

I order me beautiful wife of almost nineteen years, the mother of my children; to take my cock in her mouth and drink my piss. The felling combine with the nastiest of the act added to my wife’s hot mouth around my cock, cause me to loss control I grabbed Gwen’s wet hair and began fucking her face.

Groaning, “Suck it¼ you whore, suck¼ it,” I rammed my cock down my wife’s throat making her gag!

Then surprisingly I grunted, “Drink my cum, slut!”

I cum for the fourth time, I couldn’t believe it. It was like I was a teenager again. 6 months ago I was luck to cum 4 times in a month. I ordered Gwen to clean the smell of urine of her boobs and her body and brush her teeth before coming to bed.

I was already lying in our bed when Gwen came naked in from her shower, she was smiling. As she dug out some black see through lingerie and slipped it on.

She said, “I very tired tonight. I should get a good night sleep.”

We both slept in the next morning and when I woke I found our boys had not returned yet from their friend’s house. That meant I might get some play time in with Gwen before they came home.

I walked outside for my morning paper I saw Dave our neighbor walking up to the house but he didn’t see me. Dave much older than Gwen and I are. He kind of, looks like the classic grandfather on TV, and he is a grandfather, too. He was alright for a neighbor I guess, but was kind of noisy like some neighbors can be. I didn’t complain because I felt sorry for him, his wife had passed way about 2 years ago. From the way I had seen him looking at Gwen, I know he like what he saw. Hell, I sure did, now more than ever. He came to the door wearing his normal tee shirt and sweat pants.

I decided to make his day, hell, maybe his year. Gwen was still just in her black lingerie. So I had her put a robe on over it and go tell Dave I was not home, but invite him in for a cup of coffee. After getting the coffee, she was to leave him in the kitchen and come back to me. Under my control, she did every thing I asked her to do. Gwen went to the door and let him in, sat him down at the kitchen table with his coffee and then she came back to me.

I instructed, “Go back out and flirt a little with Dave, to let your robe fall open a little and after 5 min come back to me but in the wash room.”

Bard walked down the hall. As she did, I snuck down the hall, the other way and into the wash room through a second door. The wash room other door opens into the kitchen. I peaked out the door in the kitchen. Gwen got Dave, a second cup of coffee and sat down at the table across from him. As she did, her rob fell open. I could see her boobs easily and make out her nipples from were I was so Dave couldn’t miss them. he didn’t he was sat there, staring at them.

You could tell, he was nervous but had trouble keeping his eyes off Gwen’s body. She stood up and went too the sink to do dishes. I could hear her talking to Dave about the weather and everything else neighbors talk about. She had her back to him and all he was doing was staring at her butt as it wiggled as she dried dishes, even a few times her robe rode up he could see the bottom curve of her butt-cheeks. I could see under the table from where I was that Dave’s hand was on his erection.

After five minutes of this, Gwen said, “I have to check the laundry be right back.”

Then she came to me in the wash room.

I whispered to Gwen as I rubbed her clit, ”Gwen, you starting to feel really horny. You want to do something about it. You can’t wait for me to home to take care of it. Do anything you wanted to, to take care of your need even if you have to fuck Dave but don’t let Dave cum in you.”

Gwen and I had our twin boys when we were teenagers. We tried having more children with no luck. Our doctor told us that it would be hard if not impossible for us to have more children. So Gwen doesn’t use any birth control. I use condoms most of the time to make Gwen happy. It was bad enough that she had fucked taken two loads form me and two from our son Ben with out protection. I wasn’t about to press my luck even if I was willing to let her fuck our neighbor.

She took off her robe and put it in the washer then turned wearing only her black see-through lingerie went back into the kitchen. Dave’s mouth fell open at the sight of Gwen. In seconds there were beads of sweat on his forehead.

Dave said “I have work to…I need…to go.”

Gwen walked over and stopped him and sat on his lap straddled him. In one motion pulled her lingerie off and stuck her boobs in his face. That old guy wasn’t about to refuse a tit in his face. He sucked on her tit like a new born baby. Now total naked, Gwen humped her crotch against Dave like a stripper in heat. After a little grinding action, she reached down and freed his dick from his sweat pants. It was short but thick as hell. Gwen raised herself up and slowly sank onto it. Groaning, the whole time that his cock was stretching her insides.

Dave said nothing as she started getting into a rhythm. She kissed him full on the lips as she wiggled her hips back and forth on him. Grinding her cunt on his thick cock. Moaning, how thick it was! Groaning, how it was stretching her wide! Grunting, about how good it felt!

I was stroking my cock watching my wife hump herself silly on that thick meat inside her. I guess that Dave hadn’t had sex in a long time because he suddenly grunted and wrapped his arms around Gwen held her tight. She began pushing against him trying to get up but Dave was to strong.

“Shit! It was fucking happening again!” I cursed to myself, I couldn’t reveal myself to help my wife because I would reveal I was a pervert watching a old man fuck my wife.

His cumming inside of Gwen triggered her climax and her head went back and she screamed she was cumming even as she trying to obey my orders. Trying to get off Dave’s cock even as he was squirting cum up inside her. Once he had finished cumming he released her and Gwen got off his cock as if it was burning her. The front of Dave’s sweat pants were damp from my wife’s juices it looked as if he had pissed his pants. I don’t think he cared at the moment. His dick was now soft as can be, the old man was spent.

My wife said nothing as Dave put away is cock and left. I walked into the kitchen my cock was hard as a rock.

I said to her, “You a very bad girl for letting Dave cum inside you.”

She began crying saying “I tried to obey but Dave had been too strong.”

I smiled and told her “Bend over the table for your punishment, bad girl.”

Her bare ass was beautiful in the air and added to this sultry picture her cunt was leaking Dave’s cum down her legs. I brought my hand down on her ass cheeks a dozen times turning her white ass, a shade of beautiful pink.

After I finished punishing her, I ordered her to give me a lap dance, to rub her slut ass against my hard cock till I shoot my cum all over it. The tears, she cried as she humped her stinging ass against my crotch didn’t stop me, nor her grunts of pain as I pulled and twisted her nipples. Then she lifted up and my cock shifted in position, like it knew where it wanted to be. When she came down, my cock slide between her pussy lips. She continued grinding herself against me, obeying my order for a lap dance even with my cock buried in her cunt. I grunted and added more cum to my wife’s cunt. When Gwen stood up, out slide my cock and white goo began leaking out of her. A quick order and Gwen’s hand caught the white stuff plopping out of her. I smiled as she leaked her hand clean before going to clean up. now having taken six loads of cum in two days from three different men, I decided that as soon as possible Gwen needed to be on birth control I would have her call for a doctor’s appointment on Monday.

The boys called and asked since it was Saturday if they could stay another night over at their friend’s house. It was fine by me. It just meant I have more time for fun and games with Gwen. After a long bath Gwen in which shaved her pussy bald I allowed her to put on only a t-shirt that was too small. Her nipples were clearly visible. All afternoon I watched Gwen’s bare butt as she did her house work. The sight of her sweet ass wiggling around all day had me horny as hell and made me think about fucking her ass that night. We had only tried anal once and Gwen had cried about it hurting too much to every try again.

But with her under my spell I didn’t care about anything but using my wife’s for my pleasure, and I was thinking about making that sweet tight ass gape like a porno sluts before the night was out. But my plans changed when Mandy, Gwen’s mom called to say she wanted to come over for dinner. Mandy was always given me hell.

She always said “The only reason her daughter, Gwen ever married me was because I had knocked her up.”

So I was looking forward to her visit. It also meant that my nearly naked wife would have to get dressed. So I was in a piss mood till about half way through dinner.

Then Mandy asked, “So Gwen, how are you doing with you attempt to quit smoking? Is that hypnotist I sent you to helping?”

That’s when it dawned on me. Mandy was the one that got Gwen to go to the doctor after he had helped her to stop smoking. I wondered if she could have been controlled like Gwen. When Gwen went into the kitchen I saw a chance to see if it would work.

I said the command, “Come in and sit.”

Mandy stared straight ahead.

“Mandy, you ok?”

She nodded her head. It seemed to worked she was in my control.

“Go the couch and sit down, and close your eyes.” I said.

She did just that. My wife was in the kitchen while her mom was on the couch in my control. I had to figure out what I was going to do. I went to the kitchen and put Gwen under and told her to go to bed as she was tired, nothing would woke her until the morning.

I went back into the living room. Gwen’s Dad had died years ago and I doubted if Mandy had let another man anywhere near her pussy.

With Mandy under my spell, I said to her, “Mandy, you are horny, very horny.” she began shifting in her seat.

“You think I’m very sexy and you want to seduce me. You can’t control yourself and you will do anything I say from now on. If I tell you to jump, you jump. If I want you to play with your self, you do it. Understand?”

“Yes” she replied. I woke her up. “Where’s Gwen?”

“She went to bed, she was tired.” I said.

Mandy got this smile on her face and asked if I could rub her back.

“Sure” I said.

She lay down on the couch slipping her shirt off then she laid face down on the couch. As I rubbed her back, my heart began pounding harder.

I couldn’t believe I was going to fuck my mother-in-law. Since getting married the only woman I had ever fucked was Gwen. Sure I had gone to strip club and seen other women naked but I only stuck my cock in Gwen. Until now, Mandy had been a pain in my butt for years so tonight I pay her back by being a pain in hers.

I unhooked her bra while I rubbed her back she just lay there and moaned how good my hands felt. After a few minutes I put her back under then I told her to stand up. She did so letting her bra fall to the floor. Her boobs were smaller than Gwen but like Gwen her nipples were big and thick.

“Take all your clothes off.” I sit there and watch her strip.

She had a hairy bush it had so much hair that it stuck out the side of her cotton panties.

“Fuck, it run in the family.” I thought.

“Tomorrow, Mandy you will shave this mess bald. Go out and buy some thong underwear. I want you to flash me your ass from Şamlar Escort Bayan now on when you come over here. You understand?”

Mandy nodded. “Turn around and spread your ass I want to see your hole.”

I pull my pants off my cock was throbbing, in the last three day so many nasty thing had happen. I listen to my wife’s doctor hypnosis my wife and rape her, I seen my son, Ben and my neighbor, Dave fuck my wife. I had made my wife blow me and cum in her mouth, even pissed on her, even in her mouth. Made her shave her mound bald and had her spend the day nearly naked.

And now I was about to rim my Mother-in-law’s ass before fucking her ass. Damn life was good. I took over spread Mandy’s cheek before kissing her asshole then licking it and sliding my tongue as deep in her ass as I could get it. Mandy gripped the couch as I tongue her hole and fingered her clit. Those two things soon had her moaning about needing a hard cock. So standing behind her I rubbed my cock head up her against her ass holed that made Mandy moan. Smiling to myself that my mother-in-law was acting like a bitch in heat.

I pulled back. “Here it comes.”

With a hard thrust forward my cock head sank into my mother-in-law’s ass. She screamed and pushed her face into the couch cushions as I sank into her ass to my balls.

After she had stopped screaming, I whispered into her ear, “You like your ass fucked, getting a cock up your ass makes you cum harder then getting fucked in the cunt. You loved it and beg for it ever time you want to be fucked.”

I began thrusting in and out slowly as Mandy began begging for me to fuck her harder. As my strokes began harder and faster her moans became louder. I told her to rub her clit while I fucked her tight ass rub it hard and fast. I told her if she needed to scream do it into a pillow. She came almost instantly her muffled scream of pleasure were a turn-on. 3 or four times back to back, her climax ripped through her before I emptied my balls deep into Mandy’s ass. We stay locked together till my cock soften and slide out of Mandy’s ass. I spread her cheeks and her asshole gape open wider than it had it first time I had seen it but now my cum was leaking out. It was a nasty sight that made me want to stick my tongue up her ass.

I ran my finger up and down her slit that brought a whimper out of her, her pussy was soaking wet.

“Does that pussy’s need some thing in it, Mandy?” I asked.

“Oh please.” Mandy whimpered.

I walked to the kitchen and quickly found what I was looking for a thick bumpy cucumber.

I handed her the cucumber and smiling I said “go fuck yourself, Mandy.”

Mandy took the cucumber and looked at it and blinked. For a second I thought she was snapping out of the trance, and been I be in deep shit. Then Mandy started to insert it into her pussy.

“No, turn it around use the thick end.” I said.

As I had told her Mandy placed the thickness end against her open and began push it in. She began grunt say it was too big, I didn’t care I order her to get it in there.

That green monster was thicker than me by some and it looked thicker than Dave’s cock by a little bit and Gwen had groaned about Dave’s cock stretching her wide. I wanted to see if Mandy could handle it. I watched it disappear into Mandy inch by pussy stretching inch until only a small tip was visible outside her body. Mandy was breathing heavy and complaint was it was cold from the refrigerator. I watching as Mandy’s cunt muscle began squeeze the big green vegetable cock out of her hairy hole. It was quite a sight. Once there was enough out for her to get a grip on I order her to begin pump it in and out.

For five minutes I watched my mother-in-law fuck herself, moaning the whole time that how it was stretching her inside. She went slowly at first because of the size of it, but soon under my order she was pounding her cunt hard and fast. My eyes were glued to the sight of Mandy abusing her pussy. I had a prefect view when Mandy yanked the big monster out of her and liquid began shooting out of her hole. At first I thought she was pissing then I realized the liquid was shooting from her cunt hole. I was seeing my very first female ejaculation. My mother-in-law was a squirter.

I had grown hard again after watching my mother-in-law’s climax. I moved between her legs and Mandy jumped when my cock-head touched her pussy lips.

“I am too sensitive right now for that. Please, no more.” Mandy almost begged.

I didn’t care I wanted her to suffer for all the shit she had put me though over the years. I also want her to climax over and over again I wanted her know I had given her an incredible night of pleasure too.

“Scream into a pillow if you need to but I am fucking you until I cum deep inside your cunt like I did your ass.” I said.

As I jammed my cock pass her swollen tender pussy lips as deep into her as I could. Mandy grabbed a pillow and began scream almost as soon as my cock touched her lips. On every down stroke I grinded my crotch against hers, bring whimpers of pain and moans of pleasure out of Mandy.

She had stretched out that pussy of hers, and she was sloppy wet. I smiled to myself, it was going to take awhile for me to get off. My retreat from her cunt was slowly, but my invasion was fast and hard followed by me grinding against her. Mandy push against, trying in vain to push me out of her, but the powerful orgasms she had already had, from my anal assault and the brutal cucumber fuck had her weak.

Her pussy was betraying her, with a new climax that my invading cock drew out of her, she became weaker and weaker. After a good ten minute of my slow redraws and pounding thrusts, Mandy was a whimpering wreck just begging me to just finish. Hearing that I began speeding my thrusts and Mandy screamed again in to the pillow as my balls emptied into Mandy’s abused cunt. When I pulled out Mandy’s juices began flow freely out her gaping pussy. Not wanting her and my juices to stain my couch I plugged her leaking hole with her panties. I stuff her panties up inside leaving a small piece for her use to pull them out when she got home. I allow her to sleep for an hour or so and then woke her. She dressed quietly and left.

I woke the next morning thinking of what happened the night before I had raped my mother-in-law, and made her love every minute of it. I was surprised of how much I had enjoy it, I began think about some of the other woman I had seen in the doctor’s office, if I could only get there names and numbers want nasty things I could do.

Just then the phone rang when I answer it I heard Mandy’s voice. Right on time, last night I had instructed her to called and tell how guilty she felt at what had happen but how much she enjoyed it.

“Mike, I’m sorry about last night. I don’t know what came over me, but it felt so good I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want you to stop. I did not mean for that to happen, but is it wrong for me to but I am glad it happen. So please forgive me.”

“Don’t worry about it Mandy I was just as much at fault as you were.”

“Are you going to tell Gwen?”

“No, the truth would only hurt her so we’ll keep it between us, ok?”

“I just feel so guilty, Mike, about enjoying it so much. A mother isn’t supposed to do that with her daughter’s husband.”

“Come over here so we can talk about it.”

“I can’t face Gwen right now knowing what you and I did.”

“Mandy, Gwen is going shopping. We can talk with out her here. So come by here about noon.”

I hung up the phone. Mandy was feeling guilty, good. I want her like that but after last night she was going to do what ever I want. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. Gwen was cooking breakfast she wearing blue see through top and thong panties.

One of the boys was sitting at the table eating so I didn’t walk in. I didn’t know that the boys had come home. I could see he was enjoying the view of his mom’s nearly bare assed naked body. Just staring at her as he eat so I figure it had to be Ben. When my son got up and left the kitchen and I commanded Gwen to come in and sit.

Once she heard the command she stared straight ahead. I told her after breakfast she was going shopping and take the boys. Not to come home till after three. That she was to look at other men and think about how good it would feel to fuck them and if she was about to get any guy alone she could enjoy herself, even go as far as to fuck him. I told her to flirt with Ben, if she wanted to. Flirt or show off her body was ok but no sex. I won’t notice your flirting so you don’t have to worry about me finding out. When Gwen came out of her trance, I said.

“Why don’t you take both boys with you shopping today, Gwen? Ben and Andy both need to get some new shoes.”

“Ok.” is all she said.

I needed to get all of them out of the house so I’d be alone when Gwen’s Mom came over. Gwen left the kitchen to tell the boys to get ready they were going out with her. When I walked in to the living room Gwen was talking to one of the boys sitting with him on the couch. She had her hand on his knee while she was telling him where they were going shopping. My son got nervous when I walked in so I went down the hall toward the bedrooms but I slip into the washroom and then back into the kitchen. I was able to spy on what was happen in the front room this way. Gwen was still talking to our son and rubbing his leg.

Our son was more at ease with out me in the room. Once relaxed Gwen lay across his lap and asked him to rub her back. Our boy began rubbing his mom’s back but his eyes are glued to her nearly bare butt. Every time he rubbed a little higher her night gown rode up more and he got a full view of her butt. I could tell he was having trouble trying to control his breathing. Gwen was getting horny to I could see her hips moving and her own breathing was heavier too. I told her not to go all the way but I wondered how far she would go.

Our son reached down and started rubbing her butt. Gwen let out a slight moan and arched her back. That moan brought a smile to my son’s face so he decided to hold nothing back, his hand slide down between her legs. His hand began moving back and forth over the small piece of material covering his mother bare cunt lips. Gwen tried to get up at this but our son held her down. I could see the lust in his eyes. Gwen is small thing only 120 lbs so the boys are bigger, out weigh her and are much stronger.

He held her down on his lap with his left arm and pushed her panties out of his way with his right.

Gwen said “No, we got to get ready to go shopping. “We can’t go all the way. Ben…stop.”

Then was when our son said, “Mom…I am Andy.”

At that she stopped, “Oh…then it ok, but we can’t be do this here. We need to be alone.”

Andy let his mom up and she went to the hall. Andy followed her. I realizing at that moment I had fucked up again. I had told Gwen to think about fuck other men but there were other men in the house, our sons. I had told her to flirt and she did…get turn-on and horny. I told her if she was alone she could actual fucking them. I felt safe of a half second. Gwen thought I was in our bedroom and Ben was in the boy’s room. They couldn’t use the wash room, some could walk in. So there was not a room for them to be alone in the house. That’s when I realized the bathroom. I hurried to the bathroom. The door was locked, so I pushed my ear to the door. I could hear me wife’s voice.

“Yes, oh yes baby, fuck mommy, fuck her good.”

It was over quickly.

I waited for Gwen in our bedroom. When she came in to get dressed I stop her with the command and checked her, probing her cunt with two fingers, sure enough they came out sticky with cum.

“Fuck, because of my action four different men had cum in her since Thursday and it was only Sunday. I know I had to stop this but I know that I wasn’t strong enough…the hard-on in my pants was proof of that.

I had grown hard listen to Andy fucking my wife, his own mom. So I came up with a plan. I know Mandy would be here soon. So I had let my wife be and after she was dress told me that her and the boys were going shopping and would be home about three acting like nothing just happened.

Mandy showed up at the door 5 minutes after they left. She was crying.

“Come in and sit,” I said as soon as I saw her.

She stared straight ahead.

“When ever I look into your eyes you will be filled with lust for me. You will feel guilty afterward every time but you will not stop wanting me. You are to never tell anyone and always do what ever I tell you. 1 2 3 .wake up” I said to her

She woke up and was still crying. I looked into her eyes.

She said “No, I can’t. It’s wrong,” but she then kissed me.

When we broke the kiss she grabbed my hand and led me to my bedroom…to the bed I shared with my wife. We tore off each other clothes and Mandy pushed me down on the bed. My cock was rock hard from knowing that my son, Andy had fucked his mother, and knowing the control I had over both my wife and her mother. I let Mandy climbed on top and grabbed my cock and lower her pussy onto my shaft.

“Fuck you’re so hard. My daughter not taking care of you, is she? Well, do you worry momma going to take care of you right.”

For the next few hours Mandy rode me having several orgasms, and with each one I felt her squirting hot juices pour out of her and over my cock and balls soaking the bed below us. She dangled her tits in my face perfectly for my mouth and teeth to reach. I chewed and sucked her nipples as she humped herself silly on me. Finally I grunted cumming inside her. Mandy sat up and expected my load deep in her cunt.

As she laid there catch our breath Mandy said “You given me… more orgasms in two… fucks then… Gwen’s dad had in the last five yeas of our marriage.”

By the time we both caught our breath, there was no time for more fun Gwen was going to be home soon. So Mandy got dressed and left in a hurry.

When Mandy left I thought about taking a quick shower but I decided I honestly didn’t care that I smelled of sweat and sex. I fixed a drink and waited for Gwen and the boys. I decided I have to tell the boys about my control over the mother. I had to make them believe me and I know how to do it.

When Gwen and the boys got home and Gwen came up to our room looking for me.

“Hey, Honey. The boys and I got some new clothes and some groceries, what you been doing?”

“Nothing, I just took a nap.” I lied.

“Honey, what that smell?” Gwen asked.

I answered her with come in and sit. Gwen stared straight ahead.

“Put on your black bra and panties wait here till I call you. When you come into the front room, this is what I want you to do.” I said as I quickly explain what I wanted to happen.

Then I went knocked on the boys door and asked the boys Escort Şamlar to come to the front room. I sat across from them as they sat down on the couch.

I said plainly “I knew that both you boys have fucked your mother.”

The boys both went white.

“And honestly it is my fault it all happened.”

For the next twenty minute I explain what was happening and why. When I was done I could see there was some disbelief in their eyes but there was also a look that things began to make since.

“I’ll prove what I am saying is true. Gwen, please come in here.”

Gwen walked into the front in her black bra and panties and stopped.

I smiled and said “Tell the boys what you want to do right now.”

Gwen smiled put her hand on her hips and said, “Boys, I want to suck your cocks and let you cum all over my face, so off with those shorts.”

Both Andy and Ben looked at me stunned. Then Gwen reached between her tits and unbuttoned her bra freeing her tits for the boys. That all it took for the boys to drop their shorts for their mother. For the next few minutes I watched as my wife take turns sucked her son’s cocks, I watched as first one then the other disappeared down Gwen’s throat. It was quite a sight.

That when I said, “Gwen stop. Please go to the bedroom and wait.”

The boys stood there, their shorts around the ankles and their spit shiny cock sticking straight out. Both wanted to know what I was doing. I explained that all three of us had abuse Gwen, using her without her willing consent. Even though she seemed to be willing, she was actually in a trance. In effect we had all raped her, but maybe part of her wanted to be treated this way, because a person even hypnotized will not do something that they were against doing.

So we had to decide; do we stop now. I could command Gwen to forget everything and we just have to act as if nothing had happen. Or do I command her to give in to us, when we want sex, and we use her like a whore. I got the answer I wanted. Both the boys didn’t what to use the mother like a whore but they wanted her to stay willing for anything to happen. Yes, I had rigged the result by have their mother suck them but not finish them off.

I showed my control over their mother and made them think with their cocks not their heads. If I hadn’t I was pretty sure Andy would have freaked even though he had fucked his mother, but Ben, I was sure would not have wanted to change things but why take a chance.

I called Gwen back to the front room she was wearing a white t-shirt that stop just below her tits, her nipples were clearly hard, poking thought her shirt. The only thing else she was wearing were the sheer black panties from the first time she was in the front room. I give her, her commands in front of our sons so they would know the ground rules I had thought up.

First she was to continue to wear little or nothing around the house when doing the house chores. Even if the boy’s friends came over if she was doing house chores she was not to go change. I told Gwen to think about sex all the time, to stay wet and horny. She was to act sexy around the three of us but other then teasing she was not to do anything with the boys.

This brought a protest from Ben and Andy but I calm them telling them that I knew what I was doing.

I said to Gwen “If one of your sons tries anything with you, you are tell him…it’s not right…tell him no but don’t stop him. The boys are much stronger than you. If one of them holds even your hand, you can’t get away but you don’t want to get away because you really want to fuck your sons, as much as they want to fuck you.”

I told Ben and Andy that if they want sex from their mother, they have to start it to make it happen but Gwen would give them anything they wanted.

“Plus when you are with the boys sexual there is no one else there, even in a crowded room of people, to you it just you and them. Understand Gwen?”

I told the boys that way I could watch the action if I wanted to. Andy said “Dad that pretty perverted.”

I shut him by replying, “More pervert then fucking your own mother, beside you didn’t mind me seating her watching when Gwen offered to blow you.”

After I woke Gwen up from her trance, Gwen said “if there is nothing else, I going to get dinner ready, bake something and do some dishes.”

She wiggled her hips as she walks out of the room. After Gwen went into the kitchen I turned on the TV and found a game to watch and the boys went to their rooms. I wasn’t surprised when I saw Ben go in the kitchen. I walked to the kitchen door to see if anything was going to happen

By this time Gwen had dinner and her cake in the oven and was cleaning up her mess. Ben walked up behind his mother and squeezed her butt.

Gwen pulls away “Don’t Ben you’re my son. It’s wrong.”

Ben wraps his arms around her and grabbed her butt again and pulled her into him.

“Come on, mom, you wanted this as much as I do.”

“No, Ben I won’t…” Gwen never finished her sentence as Ben shut her up be kissing her, it was a deep hard kiss.

Ben said after breaking the kiss, “Let’s go to my room.”

“No Ben, please.”

There was not as much protest in Gwen’s voice this time. At that Ben took her arm and pulled her along. Because of my command Gwen just let him lead her to his room. Ben tells his mom to sit down on his bed. Which she did, Ben walked in front of her and drop his pants down. It didn’t seem to bother Ben that I was standing at the door watching.

“Suck me, mom.”

Gwen said “no.”

It was barely a whispers protest. Ben grabbed the back of his mom’s head and pushed her forward. Her mouth opened and she starts sucking him slowly. Her gently sucking had Ben moaning and that brought Andy to his brother’s door. Seeing Andy at the door Ben pulled his now rock hard dick out of his mom’s mouth and told her to go over and suck Andy till he came in her mouth. She gets up and went over to Andy. Andy looked a little shocked. Even though he know what was going to be going on in the house now. I honestly don’t think he would take advantage of his mother’s condition now that he knew about it. So his brother Ben was going to help him out.

Andy didn’t stop his mom as she pulled his jeans down and knelt down in front of him. He didn’t stop her when she started sucking on him. All Andy did was just stare down at his cock disappearing in and out of his mother’s mouth. After a few minutes Andy grabbed his mother head and held her as he climaxed in her mouth. Ben had her pull off her shirt and then removed her panties. I watched my son Ben inhale deep the scent of his mother pussy off her panties before handing them to Andy who did the same.

Ben had his mother lay on the floor and slid between her legs.

“No, Ben…stop…please we can’t.”

Bard weak protested did nothing to stop him from slide up into her.

Once his cock was in Gwen, “oh yes, please fuck mommy good.”

Andy sat and watched as his brother fucked in and out of their mother’s cunt. It was then that the oven went off and I calmly walked into the kitchen and took dinner out leaving my wife on the floor being fucked by her own son. I checked on them several time over the next hour Ben and Andy took turns fucking their mother in different position. Both of them climaxed in their mother several times, feeding her mouth and pussy a couple of loads of hot cum. Gwen moaned and begged for ever drop of cum her son’s balls could provide her.

When both boys looked spent, I said “it was time to eat.”

“Can I go now boys?” Gwen asked stroking her son’s now limp cocks.

“Sure mom, thanks.” Together the boys said.

Gwen got dressed and went to set the table. As if nothing had happen she was smiling but she looked a little tired.

After dinner she soaked in the tub for over an hour before coming to bed. In bed we talked about the day she had. There was a guilty look on her face, which was a turn-on, since I know what she had been doing.

As far as she knew when she was with the boys getting banged I was out of the house. She was partly embarrassed, partly ashamed but I could tell she was horny too. As soon as I was undressed exposing my hard-on to Gwen, she wanted to know if we could fuck. She climb on top of me and rode me. As she ground her crotch against mine she yelped a little in pain.

I knew that the boys had fucked her good and hard for over an hour so her pussy had to be a little sore. But Gwen acted like a whore in heat grinding against me hard. We fucked like this until she climaxed several times and I felt a trickle of something hot roll over my cock and down my balls. I was thrilled like her mother Gwen was squirting her juices on me. I was spent but I was surprised that Gwen was still horny. She was willing to suck my cock even though it was covered in her and my cum. I looked at the time it was only 9:30 pm I put Gwen under.

“Call Dave, tell him I’m out with the boys and you have a leak in the kitchen. And need help.”

As Gwen got up and left the room I when and checked on the boys. Both of them were out. I move to the wash room to watch like I did the first time.

When Gwen and Dave walked in to the kitchen he asked, “Gwen, Where’s the leak?”

“The leaks between my legs.” She said as she dropped her robe standing in front of him naked.

All Dave said was “I can’t believe this.”

As Gwen knelt and took his cock in her mouth. As soon as he was hard, he bent her over the coffee table in the kitchen and slide into her from behind.

“Damn you wet, Gwenye.” Dave said.

I almost laughed sure she was in the last few years she had taken a load of cum from three different cock was would soon be taking a fourth. Gwen started humping back into Dave as he humped forward. Even fucking with pussy full of cum for lube and pussy stretched by three cocks Gwen was moan that Dave thick member was stretching her inside. Dave was smiling as he climaxed inside Gwen. He held her against his crotch until he went soft and slipped out.

Gwen smiled “thanks for helping with my leak.”

Dave smiled and said “Anytime.”

Gwen sat there for a few minutes before I walked in my cock hard in my hand and seeing me stroking myself she starts playing with herself. Gwen was now out of control and I was loving it. Her pussy lips were bright pink from the pounding that she had taking today. It only took a second or two, rubbing her super-sensitive clit to make her begin squirting. It wasn’t a trickle like in the bedroom it looked like she was pissing the floor. That sight set me off and I shoot several squirts of white cum on my wife’s tits.

As we tried to catch our breaths I notice the boys both standing there naked, they had hard-ons and a look of lust on their faces. I guess we had made too much noise. The look on Gwen was one of total sexual satisfaction and total exhaustion, she was spent. I didn’t try and stop the boys as they picked up their mother and carried her to thier bedroom.

Gwen was weakly begged them saying “No…please…stop.”

I walked down and watched a few minutes but even what I saw was not enough to get me hard again. I was spent, too. Ben was on his back, his mother laid on top of him his arm wrapped around his mother to hold her.

Honestly she no longer had the strength to push off him even if she wanted to. Her weak moan told me she didn’t as Ben pumped his cock up into his mother’s cunt. Gwen’s butt quivered I knew she was close to a powerful orgasm. Then Andy got on top of his mom. So with Ben underneath, Gwen in the middle Andy mounted his mom, the little bastard was getting his mom ass. This put Gwen over the edge. She moaned and wiggled and climaxed again and again as both boys shoot their cum deep in their mother’s body. That was it they all collapsed on the bed. Seeing this I was done I went to my room and climbed into bed.

The next morning when I get up Gwen is not in bed with me. She had stayed in bed with our sons sleeping sound all night. I went down the hall and knock on the door to get them up and clean up for school.

I was not surprised to see both my sons getting a blowjob from their mother before they head to school. After the boys left Gwen still naked began stripping Ben bed and put on new linens, just doing her normal house chores. When she came out and saw me, she was surprised she had thought I had left. She walked down the hall and dropped the soiled linens from Ben bed off in the wash room then she walked back to the bathroom and went in to take a shower. It was so surreal and sexy to watch my wife walk around naked.

I walked into the bathroom and tried to touch my wife between her legs, she stopped me. Claiming that she felt she was getting yeast infection, I know it was that her pussy was too sore from all the fuck yesterday. I smiled at that, I left the house after a quick blowjob.

So what did the future hold for my family, about three week later we found out that Gwen was pregnant. I wasn’t really surprised.
I didn’t stop the fun for a few months. Not until Gwen started showing during the second trimester.

I guess Dave had thought it was his because he sold his house and moved away. With Gwen unable to take care of me and the boys, I let the boys in on the fact I could control their grandmother too. I wasn’t surprised that boys had no problems with fucking their grandmother. The boys even brought over the whole defense from their football team one weekend and Mandy got the gangbang of a lifetime.

Gwen give birth to two beautiful baby girls, another set of twins. I had her tubes tied so no more accidents could happen. Around this time Ben started dating this girl, Jeanie who told Ben that she thought that Gwen was sexy. So of course I had Gwen began a lesbian affair with Jeanie after a few months. Ben and I caught the two of them together. After explain we had set it up Jeanie became a willing partner in our family fun.

After awhile Jeanie introduced our family to her Uncle Jack and his daughter CC who it turned out were lovers. Andy fell in love with CC and they got married. Love stuck twice and Jack ended up marrying Mandy becoming Gwen’s new Daddy. Ben and Jeanie had kids together but never married. My twin daughter’s Kathy and Mary were raised in up know al about family love. So when they were fourteen they both wanted their brother Ben to take the cherries. Honestly I think the Ben was their father, since he got Jeanie pregnant twice both times she had twin boys.

Family loving has been part of my family now for thirty years. So I wasn’t even surprised when my daughter Kathy said she was marrying Ben Jr. Who, I still feel is really her brother not her cousin like she thinks. I am now in my late seventy. Both Mandy and Jack are gone. Gwen passed away a few years ago, too. Mainly now, at the family reunion I just get to watch my great grand children and my great-great grand children. But every once in awhile one of the ladies in our family drops by the house and thanks me for watch the kids with a quick fuck or a blowjob.

It’s been a strange life but I would never change a thing.

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