My first Cross Dresser and meMy first Cross Dresser and me


I laid down beside her and gave her the soda. We sipped slowly and talked about what had just happened. I sat the sodas on the night stand and moved up closer to Toni (a name we will use for this article) crossing my leg over hers so that my clitty rested on her nylons. We kissed for several minutes as I played with her nipples thru the silky bra. Toni looked up with lust in her eyes and said she wanted me to fuck her.I started kissing her neck and started down bahis siteleri her soft body, I raised her bra to expose her nipples and sucked them up hard and continued down. I stopped at her clitty and kissed, licked and sucked at it for several minutes before taking each ball into my mouth and sucking gently. As I was doing this I slowly and gently spread her legs pulling her ass off the bed ever so slightly. When I saw her ass pussy peeking out I slowly canlı bahis siteleri ran my tongue to it circling slowly. Toni let out a loud moan and I just planted my lips around it and started tongue fucking her slowly. She began raising her ass from the bed to give me better access and I told her to roll over.I got up long enough to get the lube from the nightstand and laid back down behind her. I wanted her to be very excited for this so I spread canlı bahis her ass cheeks and again went down on her fine ass pussy, tonguing her for several more minutes before asking her if she was ready. She said she was, but to be easy as she was still a real man virgin. I raised to my knees as she did also. I placed a large amount of the lube on her ass pussy and began rubbing it around, inserting my finger slowly, just a little at a time. Toni talked about how hot if felt and I told her it was the heating lube. I continued this for several minutes until I was fucking her deeply and began inserting two fingers, this took awhile but was exciting me so much that I was already dripping.

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