Well, don’t you just love a summer day in Australia? Well, it all depends on how warm it is. It was actually one of the more mild days by the beach with someone I hadn’t known for too long. I won’t say his name and he respects his private life and I don’t wish to embarrass him but he was so yummy in so many ways and that alludes to his career. But anyhow, I had ended up at this house by the beach for just a couple of days. There was something about him that made me sigh heavily and made my panties wet.

He had cooked me this delicious meal and we were sitting there dining together. I remember the clang of the silver spoons and the swoosh of wine in glasses and this delicious food was absorbed as well as the conversation. He kept looking up at me and I got the feeling he liked me quite a lot. As for me, I was feeling slightly cautions. I had had a history of bad relationships and didn’t want to get in another one. Looks can be deceiving. Things were going well so far though.

I noticed he was looking longer than I thought. It prompted me to put the wine glass down and look back.

“Has something got your attention there?”

“Yes, the collar around your neck. Is it made of leather?”

“It is. It’s ah a soft black leather… umm…slave collar.”


“Well, I had a relationship with a dom a few years ago and I must have been important enough for him to bestow me with this collar.”

“I always thought the standard practice was, if you were still wearing a collar, you still belonged to the dom?”

“No, not in my case. We ended things on a really good note and he said I said I could wear it afterwards too. I hope you don’t mind. I am not intruding, am I?”

“Not at all, I just…have I told you that I am a dom too?”


“How about you finish up your meal, my Pet, and you did know we would be up to no good here. I did bring some stuff with me I hope you will enjoy. I figure we can be a bit of fun after dinner. Maybe a bit later. Wait for this meal to digest first. Do not drink too much of that wine. I want a clear mind for both of us. What can I do with you, how can I toy you somehow?”

“Sure, a couple of hours? Can I call you Sir?”

“Of course.”

“Well, Sir. Umm, yes. I do want to play but shouldn’t we discuss boundaries first?”

“Look, I am not going to try and do anything painful. I am not going to spank your bottom until it is bruised. I am not going to do any heavy bondage, none of that sort of thing. But if it makes you feel better, we can use a safe word. The word will be triple sticks.”

“Triple sticks?”

“There is a story behind that name but that is a story I can tell you another time. At the moment, I am too distracted. Distracted by your beauty. I just…I cannot believe my luck sometimes. But yes, triple sticks, and if I do have your mouth covered, you might want Casibom to grunt forcefully three times and I will stop. Though I am sure you won’t want to stop. The same system with the former dom?”

“Yes, of course. I don’t know if I have told you but many years ago, I had a partner who was violent towards me and I have been scared about going down that garden path again. This is all exciting but it is scary for me at the same time. So with the last dom, he understood,. I only ever had to use the safe word once. I hope you understand.”

“Of course, I do. I am sorry to hear that. I will look after you, okay?”

As he said those words, he reached out across the table and held my hand. There was something genuine about this guy. He was not some cowboy in the style of a certain book I deeply disliked. I hated that book and its portrayal of BDSM as being coercive and abusive. We continued our meal and went for a walk along the beach. Sitting under the stars for a while, contemplating thoughts for later. When we got back to the house, he was direct with his orders.

“Well Pet, I want all your clothes off.”

“Right now?”

“Yes, Pet”

I was lucky I wore a dress, it slipped off easily and I gingerly removed my bra. Standing there with just panties on. A white cotton pair. It was very obvious I was aroused because of the wet patch. He came across me before I had had a chance to remove the panties. His hands were all over my body, plucking at stiff nipples. Each nipple calling out to be played with so he took one in each hand. He pushed his body up against mine and placed his lips for a kiss. His tongue slipped into my mouth. It was this erotic mix of the tongue that sent a shiver down the spine and increased the lubrication. I looked like I had peed myself and he had noticed. While we were kissing, a hand escaped and inched its way down my body. The hand slipped between my legs inside my panties when he began rubbing my clit. I started to get restless but tried not to be too distracted. I knew that would not be the end of it.

“I see Pet’s all hot and wet for me. Be a good girl for Sir. I want you to lie down on the bed. Come along with me.”

I crawled towards the bed and laid down on the blankets. I didn’t have much chance to do much else as he grabbed my panties and peeled them off me. There I was completely naked apart from my slave collar, stiff nipples and glowing cunt. Then he pulled out a gag.

“I did wonder if I should restrict one of your senses and I wasn’t sure which one. I want to be able to see your beautiful face when your orgasm. A ball gag, it will be.”

There it was, a black rubber ball with pink suede stripes and most befitting as it matched my lipstick. Lifting my head slightly, he slipped the rubber ball between my lips. I was told to lie back down. The next thing he did was grab a pair of handcuffs. Cuffing Casibom Giriş my hands together above my head, I never felt so exposed in all my life. He then came out with the toys.

I was rather surprised to see a double-ended dildo. Pondering what he wanted to do with that, without a moment’s hesitation, he slowly inserted the tip with a finger rubbing the clit so slowly. Slightly teasing. Enough for me to start twitching all over the bed. A lot of noise was coming out in the form of some garbled grunts. I couldn’t say a damn thing!

“Oh Pet, I know that. I know that I can’t understand a word your saying but that’s okay.”


“Ooh, you feel that. Hmm, actually

I do like the sound of a wet pussy. Watching your pussy swallow this cock. You are a cock loving slut sometimes. I want to make you my pet. I want to see how well you perform. It has been very good so far. I love how pink and swollen you at the moment. A hard throbbing clit. I want my cock in you so bad. I wonder if I should be forcing you to cum for me.”

There it was, the dildo was just lying in me, I felt my pussy contract as out came a little vibrator which he attached so it sat pretty over my clit. A hand had a remote control. He was a tease. Instead of setting it on a continuous buzz, it let off a buzz every ten seconds.

Could I handle that sensation every ten seconds? It drove me crazy. I made so many muffled moans which played in symphony with the sound of a vibrator on a gentle hum. Looking right at him just made it much more intense.

“I like teasing that little clitoris of yours. You know what, I might just ungag you for a moment. I wonder if you could…cast an eye over the situation. Perhaps guide me on what I should be doing next.”

That had me confused. I thought, “hang on a minute, you are the dom, not me”. Why does he want my guidance? He unbuckled the gag and he was looking at me like a pippy wanting food. The vibe is turned off.


The dildo was still in me

Yes, well, I did wonder why you had a double-ended dildo but would it be…I almost don’t wanna say it. I think it is almost wrong of me to ask you to stick a dildo up your ass.”

“You want me to be at the other end of the dildo. In my ass?”

“You did ask!”

“Makes the playing field more even. I do have an idea. You are right. You be submissive, I can be submissive too. I am going to gag you again then…”

A new gag, Pink straps, but instead of a black rubber ball, it was a one-inch gag in the shape of an erect penis.

“Cock sucking little whore.”

He retrieved my panties. It was just a flimsy pair. He then shoved the panties in his mouth and out came the grey duct tape. I don’t know if I was horrified or pleased to see he had taped his mouth shut. He had the remote in his hand as he went to get lube. The curious sound of the lube squirt. But I was more used to it being done on me, not a guy. I had not quite ascertained whether this new love was a fan of a wet handjob. Others like it dry.

Here I was with the cold lube as he fingered his own ass. I was intrigued as to how this would work. I watched as his cock grew even stiffer. He had such an impressive dick. The thought of his dildo going up his ass sent his cock rocketing through the air. It was quivering so much already. There he was, holding this dildo in his hand, trying not to pull out me. He eased himself onto it. There he was, his ass swallowing this double-ended dildo and by the time he had inserted as far as he could, there were literally inches between us. I could almost feel the heat generating from his loins but that wasn’t all. He actually had another vibrator in his hands. The little slim finger vibrator which was on the side of his penis – yes, he taped it to his dick. What the hell is going on here? His was not even remote-controlled, he just turned it on. With the constant buzzing, he started to moan really loudly.

I can’t even explain that situation. Here we were, thrusting against one another and occasionally thighs would touch. There was the continuous hum of twin vibes. I kept looking across at him to see what he was doing. Happily fucking his own ass. Grunting and breaking into a sweat. His dick was so hard and absolutely throbbing and moving so much as the vibrator stimulated him the right way.

I started to orgasm. As I was doing that, somebody on the other side of the dildo was making a lot of noise. I did wonder who would cum first and it was him. I watched as I saw this jet of absolutely thick cum spattered across his chest. It seems he rather enjoyed it and two minutes later, it was my turn. I was ashamed I took longer.

I heard the rip of the tape came off his face and he removed the used panties from his mouth. The vibes were off and the dildo had slipped out. He looked at me with this face of content enjoyment and peace. He ungagged me.

“Let’s un-do this. Oh, here we go…truly remarkable?”

“What is?”

“When you cum, you giggle…that is so cute!”

“Well, I find orgasm to be such a release, I cannot help myself but I never in a million years imagined you’d turn around and do that to yourself. I didn’t know you were into that sort of thing.”

“Well, there is the first time for everything. I have been experimenting with the vibe and gagging before. Only ever had a butt plug up my ass before. The opportunity was just ripe. Sorry, I wasn’t as dominant as you wanted me to be, but we have plenty of time, don’t we?”

“Of course, you want to see me against don’t you?”

“Yes. A few hours and I will be wanting to fuck you. But, how about we get ourselves a drink and say cheers. Perhaps a toast to this new period in our lives.”

Clink went the glasses. That evening, we had sex for the first time. No roles to be played. Just him and her. The start of something fantastically wonderful. But wasn’t it a great first time?

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