Story TimeStory Time


“Ah, this feels sooo damn good,” Elizabeth purred happily.

Elizabeth and her best friend, Dawn had spent the day lazily making love, and were now relaxing in the hot tub. Dawn had always been a prim-and-proper type, but today she had finally allowed herself to do something wild. Elizabeth, on the other hand, had always walked on the kinkier side of life. Her experiences had been varied and plentiful. Today’s seduction of Dawn, however, topped the lists for most erotic.

“You took to eating women like you were born to it,” Elizabeth laughed, caressing Dawn’s thigh.

Dawn sat across from Elizabeth with her legs around her friend’s body. The two were very close due to the size of the tub, and their desires to touch. Both of them were totally nude, and neither of them seemed to mind it. After a long day of intimate behavior, there was no more modesty between them.

“How did you learn all that?” Dawn asked, kissing Elizabeth’s toes.

“What? My love-making technique?” Elizabeth asked coyly.

Dawn laughed. “Yeah, well, sort of. I know how I learned how to fuck, but I never learned how to give myself pleasure. You, on the other hand, are just as good with a woman as you are with a man. How did you learn all that?”

Elizabeth pulled Dawn’s petite body closer and began to tickle the outside of her labia. Dawn shuddered, her body still wanting more of beautiful Elizabeth’s touch. She was amazed that in one day, she had become a nymphomaniac!

“My sweet, I learned to eat pussy the same way I learned to suck dick–practice, practice, practice.” Elizabeth kissed Dawn’s open lips, flicking her tongue to taste her juices on Dawn’s petal-soft lips.

Dawn looked at her with deep blue eyes full of passion. “Tell me about it, please. You never have told me this story, and I always wondered what turned you into a bi-sexual.”

“All right, dearie,” Elizabeth did her best “grandma” voice, “Come in close, and I’ll tell you all about it.”

Dawn scooted her body until it was up against Elizabeth’s. Their nipples rubbed and bobbed together on top of the water, sending delicious ripples up each woman’s spine. Settling down, Dawn was ready to hear the story.

“About three years ago, I was dating this guy who was a real wimp. His name was Marc. Marc was good looking, wealthy, and really good in bed, but he just let everyone push him around. Anyway, he had this friend who was married to a bitch they called a freak. Marc told me alot of stories about her having orgies, and about her being, um, aggressive, but he really didn’t prepare me for what it would be like to meet her.

“Anyway, Marc took me to New Orleans to meet them. We were supposed to stay two nights while the guys conducted some real estate business. He asked me on the plane if I was open to alternative lifestyles. Well, I had been an exotic dancer for five years by this time, so I had seen everything. Or, so I thought. “Her name was Fiona. She was a tall, big-boned woman with long jet-black hair, huge breasts, and wide hips. I don’t know if she was Latino, Italian, or what, but Gümüşyaka Escort she was very dark complicated and exotic looking. To see the way she dressed and carried herself, you would have thought she was the sexiest creature in the world. She was wearing a black leather bustier and a long flowing velvet skirt. I was intimidated by her from the very beginning.”

Dawn laughed and flicked Elizabeth’s nipple playfully. “You, intimidated? I don’t believe it.”

“Believe it, my dear,” Elizabeth kissed Dawn again and plunged her fingers into Dawn’s silky nether-region. Dawn gasped, her body stiffening at the shock. Then, she relaxed and returned the kiss and the caress.

“Be still, and I’ll finish my story. You may enjoy it, if you’ll listen and hold still.” Elizabeth stroked Dawn’s ever-hardening little clit. Dawn nodded and opened her legs slightly for better access. She was looking forward to the nasty story and the fingering.

“That first night, they had prepared a lavish dinner. Seafood, pasta, rolls, wine. Lots and lots of wine. I was used to drinking, but I don’t think this was normal wine. Maybe she spiked it, I don’t know. Anyway, after dinner, we went into the den. This was a gigantic room, with several couches, soft carpeting, lots of places to just kick back and enjoy life. Marc’s friend put on some soft music, and they started asking us a bunch of questions.”

“What kind of questions,” Dawn asked, rubbing her ass against the softness of Elizabeth’s pubic hair.

“Like, how long had Marc and I been together? How good was our relationship? Did we have sex alot? Did we like sex? Why or why not? I thought these people were the nosiest people in the world!” Elizabeth laughed and placed a butterfly kiss on Dawn’s neck. “Boy, if I only knew then why they were asking. They wanted me. I just had no idea how badly they wanted me.

“Fiona called Marc over to sit with her, and Marc complied, quickly. I must have given him an odd look, because Marc’s friend whispered to me that it was best for me to just keep quiet, or else I would displease Fiona. She ordered Marc to pull down his pants, which he obeyed at once. Then, she began sucking his dick! Marc’s friend was sitting across from me, and I could see the bulge in his pants. I was shocked. I knew people loved to watch, but I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

“Then, Marc’s cell phone rang. The business deal was falling through, and they needed both Marc and his friend to come to some meeting right now. I was so pissed off! Not only was he having sex with some bitch right in front of me, but now he was leaving me alone with her! What if I kicked her ass? Not that I’m the jellous type, especially with Marc. But, anyway, he told me to lighten up and enjoy the experience, then the two guys went out the door.”

Dawn laid her head on Elizabeth’s shoulder and began kneading one of her beautiful breasts. “So, what happened?” She asked. She was highly aroused by the thought of Elizabeth and this exotic beauty making love.

“At first, nothing. Fiona offered Gümüşyaka Escort Bayan me some more of that wine. I was a little distracted and very horny. I guess that’s what I told myself. Anyway, I sat back down on the couch and we had some light conversation. She sat down beside me, and all of a sudden, she kissed me! I was mortified. I pushed her away and said, ‘I’m not into that!’, and she slapped my face, hard!”

Dawn froze. This was the not what she was expecting to hear. How could anyone slap confident, strong Elizabeth? “What did you do then? Beat the shit out of her?”

“No. I just stared at her. Like I said, I was pretty drunk. I couldn’t get my mind to clear up. Anyway, she told me to never again resist her, or I would be punished. I just nodded like a dumb-ass, and let her kiss me again. This time, she was kissing me hard, even nibbling my lips and tongue! It hurt for a second, but I was really turned on by all this! I could feel my panties getting moist. Then, she ordered me to strip. I guess didn’t move fast enough, so she bodily stood me up and yanked off my clothes. She broke the zipper on my bluejeans, and ripped my blouse!”

Dawn wiggled. This story was tantalizing. So was the pleasure of Elizabeth’s stroking her clit. “Oh, go on!” She said breathlessly.

“Fiona began kissing my entire body. She ordered me to stand completely still. She took a nipple into her mouth and sucked it, hard. Then, she would move to the other one. Her hands wandered everywhere. She particularly liked my rear-end. She kept caressing my cheeks, squeezing them, digging in her fingernails, slapping it. Then, she ordered me to bend over and lean on the couch. I didn’t move again, just to see what she would do. She grabbed my ass and smacked it hard enough to make me yelp. Then, I obeyed.

“She began licking my pussy and my butt-hole. I couldn’t believe how good it felt! Her tongue was warm and soft, and she kept sticking it up my twat, and then licking and sucking my clit. She did this forever, it seemed, just until I was about to get off. Then, she would go up to my ass, and begin to lick my hole. That felt just as good as having my clit licked!

“It didn’t take too much of this until I came. Oh, what an orgasm! I had never felt anything like it! I was screaming and thrashing my head around like a crazy-woman! I was actually grinding my hips harder against her mouth!”

“Mmmmmm,” Dawn purred. She was feeling close to cumming herself. Absently, she put her left hand onto Elizabeth’s labia and began stroking inside.

Elizabeth moaned slightly and kissed Dawn’s neck again, then continued her story. “She ordered me to stay still, and I did. I was hoping that if I behaved, she would do that again! Well, the next thing I know, I felt her fingers coated with something cold and slimy running in and out of my butt-hole. She was lubeing me up.

“What I didn’t know was that Marc and his friend had returned. I don’t think they ever really left, I think it was all a clever ploy. They were probably watching the whole Escort Gümüşyaka time. Anyway, I heard her order someone to ‘Fuck her ass, hard’. I still to this day do not know who it was. All I know is that a cock slid in. It hurt at first, and I flinched. Fiona grabbed my face and said, ‘Relax, baby, and just let it happen.’ She had also taken off her clothes, and was now only wearing a black garter belt and black lace stockings. She held my upper body against her while the guy plowed my ass. Once he got it in, he started reaming me good. His balls were slapping against my swollen clit, and Fiona was fingering me again. Then, the guy came. He pulled out just before, and I could hear him breathing really heavy, and feel the hot load shoot off my ass-cheeks, all over my back, and run down my crack.

“After he came, Fiona positioned herself on the couch so her crotch was in my face. She pushed my head down and ordered me to eat her. I just looked at it, not really wanting to put a pussy in my mouth. She was shaved, and I could see how wet she was. When I hesitated, she said, ‘Now!’ and someone slapped my ass with a belt. She held my shoulders so I couldn’t turn around and see who spanked me. Then, she told me again to eat her. This time, I didn’t hesitate.”

Dawn felt her orgasm building. Elizabeth had taken her hand away and was massaging Dawn’s girlish breasts. Dawn was frigging herself in and out, the first time in her life she had ever masturbated. She had lost herself in Elizabeth’s story.

“The taste was not bad. It was tangy, but not fishy as I expected. I began to lick her slit, exactly where she showed me. She grabbed my neck and pushed my face deeper into her cunt. I licked her clit the most, because that’s where she seemed to like it the most. I listened to the noises she made, and noticed that she really liked the way I traced a circle around her clit with my tongue. I also fingered her vagina while I licked her. Very soon, I felt her body begin to shudder, and I knew that I had made her cum. I licked up the fluid that poured out of her, almost as much as a man shoots. That seemed to make her cum harder. She was screaming my name and humping my face as hard as she could.”

“Oh my God!” Dawn cried, then felt her orgasm hit her. She rubbed herself harder while her body convulsed against Elizabeth’s. Elizabeth kissed her neck and held her tight, enjoying the feeling of Dawn’s body in rapture.

Dawn opened her eyes and saw Elizabeth’s beaming smile. “I thought you said you didn’t know how to masturbate?” She teased.

“I guess you taught me something else, chick,” Dawn said easily, then kissed Elizabeth deeply. “So, what happened after you got Fiona off? Did she punish you any more?”

“No. I was a good girl after that. She let me lay down on the couch with my head in her lap, and ordered Marc to fuck me. He did, while she played with my tits and fingered my twat. I came again, really hard, when Marc shot his hot load into me. . .” Elizabeth trailed off, “Damn it, this is all making me horny!” She pulled herself out of the hot tub and sat on the edge. “I’m gonna have to introduce you to some of my friends. I’ll make some calls tonight. But first,” She grabbed Dawn’s neck and pulled her against her pussy, “Eat my pussy, or I’ll spank you!”

Dawn laughed and hungrily obeyed. She couldn’t wait to meet Elizabeth’s friends if they were anything like Fiona.

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