Squeezed Together with DaughterSqueezed Together with Daughter


Even at her young college age, Becky had traveled the world plenty of times. She was smart about it too, especially with the internet and today’s technology. She’d spend hours online looking at places to go, meticulously planning the next adventure, booking locations that most tourists had never even heard of.

The latest trip that Becky planned took place in Italy. She was drawn to a resort which featured an extremely interesting group of people whose whole lives revolved around yoga and spirituality; something that Becky had become very involved with in recent years.

Once there, it was everything we thought it would be. Gorgeous in every way. Everyplace that we went to was filled with amazing beauty and wonderful people. We would be there for two weeks, going to a few different locations before attending the big yoga retreat (something I would be forced to do for the very first time; yoga).

I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. Despite my inner whining, I was here because of my daughter; she can be a highly persistent young woman and it’s impossible to refuse her wishes. Especially when she’s always been such a good girl who works so hard at school.

The first few days were just us being tourists: walking around, taking pictures, enjoying the views and the food. But the days after that were where the issues really began. Had I known the trip would turn out like this, I would never have allowed it to happen, thus, leading to the avoidance of the taboo secret we now share. To my dying day, I’ll always wonder if this trip was a good idea or not. But then again, Becky has a differing opinion.


After spending half an hour on her phone, she finally put it away and there was a strange expression on her face. It was the kind of expression which showed she had received some bad news, but despite this she also had enough good news to mitigate the damage.

We were in our small hotel room with our bags packed, ready to go for the next part of our trip.

“The bus will be here soon,” she said with a sly smile and a hint of nervousness.

“I’m sure it’ll be so much fun,” I said hesitantly, waiting patiently for the bad news to drop.

Becky gave a slow nod. That sly smile was still on her face and so was that nervous energy which surrounded her.

“Yep, plenty of fun,” she said, trying to sound positive.

The suspense was killing me.

“Anything wrong?” I asked.

The sly smile grew bigger. “I wasn’t going to mention anything, but since you brought it up, our transportation is going to be a little…unique.”

My eyebrow rose. “Unique?”

“Yeah, well, it’s not like a major company. So we won’t be sitting in a fancy tour bus for the next few hours.”

“That isn’t a problem.”

“We’ll be sharing the bus with hedonistic people,” she said quickly.


“It means, people who…”

“I know what it means. But what does it mean for us? Are they going to be oddly dressed or something?”

Her jaw clenched. “Try a little less.”

“Are they nudists?”

Her jaw clenched tighter. “Kind of.”

It felt like a bombshell had been dropped, but it wasn’t the end of the world. Becky was a young woman. I kept trying to tell myself that the important thing was that they were nice people (which I’m sure they were). I couldn’t stop thinking how awkward it would be, sitting in a bus full of nudists and whatnot, while we rode during those few short hours.

But who knows? Maybe there was another way.

“I’m sure there’s something else we can do,” I tried to reason. “Maybe another bus? The next one going to wherever we’re headed next.”

She shook her head. “The thing is, that’s the only bus going to our destination.”

“So that nudist bus is owned by the place we’re going?”

Becky nodded. “Pretty much.”

“Are we going to a nudist yoga retreat?”

“Technically, it’s not actually a nudist place. It’s a clothing optional place. We can stay dressed if we want.”

I sighed, “There’s a relief.”

“Don’t be sarcastic, dad. It’ll be fun. We should keep an open mind and learn about the human spirit and body. Who knows, you might even meet your future wife there.”

“A nudist resort is the last place I’d want to meet a wife. No offense.”

“You never know,” she said playfully, knowing how badly she screwed up with this trip.

“Is it too late to get a refund?” I half joked.

“We can only get a partial refund at this point. So we’re better off just going there and making the best of it.”

“That’s just great,” I huffed.

She smiled shyly. “Sorry dad, I was really busy with final exams and I guess I didn’t do my due diligence this time.”

It was time for me to be the reasonable adult here and stop complaining. Becky was a sweet girl and I didn’t want her to feel bad for something like this.

“Let’s just enjoy the trip,” I said. “It’s beautiful here. It’ll probably be a lot of fun.”

Becky threw her arms around me to embrace. She was happy that I wasn’t mad. How could I ever be mad at a girl like that?


We Yıldırım Escort waited in front of the hotel with a few other attendees of the retreat until the bus arrived. It was big, old, and clunky. The thing looked like it came from the 60’s. The engine sounded like it too.

The bus stopped and it was already halfway filled with all sorts of people. As we had come to learn, many were tourists, just like us. Many were from across Europe and a few others were also from America.

The thing that they all had in common was that they all had the same free-spirited attitude. And yes, there was some partial nudity. Men with no shirts on. Women with their breasts exposed. It was all so normal to them. The parental side of me wanted to cover Becky’s eyes and drag her away from this. But she was a young woman now. As a parent, it’s sometimes easy to forget that your child is already grown up; something I have to keep reminding myself of.

Everyone was extremely friendly and they greeted us when they came out of the bus for a brief rest. There was still a few more minutes until the bus would depart again.

As everyone got off the bus to stretch and use the bathroom before the trip resumed, I loaded our luggage into the storage area, while Becky took the opportunity to make some new friends. She has always been such a friendly girl. She’s the type of girl who could go anywhere and be friends with anyone. And that was proven here as she socialized with grown women with their breasts showing, along with men who were also shirtless.

When I finished loading our luggage, Becky came to me to another one of those looks on her face. What that meant was, this day is about to get a lot more interesting.

“How do you feel so far?” she asked in an extra nice manner. “I mean, are you okay with all this.”

“I’m fine. How about you?”

She nodded. “Great.”

“I can see you’ve made some new friends already.”

Her face lit up. “I did. Nice people. I think we’re going to have a blast.”

People were returning to the bus and it seemed like we were moments away from departing on our adventure.

“We better get to our seats.”

She took a short breath. “Wait! You know? I was talking to the other ladies, and well, I think we’re over dressed. Well, at least I am.”

This came as a particular surprise since she was wearing a simple T-shirt and shorts. If that’s being ‘overdressed’ then I didn’t want to hear what she had in mind.

“What do you mean?” I asked quizzingly.

Becky gestured to the bare tits surrounding us. “Take a look around. We’re going to a hedonistic retreat and we look like total tourists.”

“We are tourists.”

“And that’s a problem.”

I tried to reason with her. “Becky, most of these other people here are tourists too. What’s the big deal?”

“The big deal is that they’re at least making an effort to conform and have a good time. We stick out like sore thumbs. We’re practically ruining the vibe and energy of this group.”

Her comment gave me the sneaking suspicion that maybe she knew more about this trip than she would care to admit. I got the feeling that this was all planned in some way, but I didn’t want to accuse her. Not outright, anyway.

“You sound like you know a lot about this,” I questioned.

Her eyes sharpened, lips tightened. “Don’t be silly.”

“Look, I think you fit in just fine, I really do. You look great.”

Based on the slightly saddened look on her face, it was clear that my poor attempt at making her feel at ease didn’t work. If I was honest, Becky was right; she did stand out as a tourist. None of the other women on this trip were dressed the way Becky was dressed. The other women looked like nudists, hippies, and tree huggers. Becky looked like a city girl on a hot day.

“Can we at least compromise?” she asked in a cutesy tone.

“I don’t like the sound of that.”

“Just hear me out. Compromise means I’ll remove my bra. That’s it.”

“What?” I said evenly, but really I wanted to yell.

“Relax, I won’t be topless or anything. I’ll just remove my bra. My T-shirt will still be on. It’ll give me a more freeing look. You know, like I’m in touch with my body and completely unashamed.

“It’s inappropriate.”

She gestured around to the other women with their tits free. “If anything, I’m the inappropriate one for wearing a T-shirt and bra. Please? When was the last time I asked for a favor? I never ask for favors.”

“Becky, this trip is costing me thousands of dollars.”

“That doesn’t count as a favor. You’re my dad. You’re supposed to pay for everything. Besides, you never complain when I organize all our vacations. We always have a blast together.”

There was no denying that fact. She was right. Whenever we had the chance to go on a vacation together, she would always pick the places and find the activities. We always had so many memorable experiences together. That was one of the many things I loved about her.

In many ways (as tacky as this sounds) she Escort Yıldırım is my best friend. And she’s told me that I am her best friend too. So how could I deny her this? Especially when she makes her eyes so big in a pleading attempt to make me feel guilty.

I sighed, “This is crazy. I can’t believe this is happening.”

She smiled, “Thanks dad, it won’t be that bad.”

Having said that, she reached underneath her T-shirt from behind, right in front of the bus, in public. She reached all the way up to her bra.

“What are you doing?” I asked, shocked.

“Unhooking my bra so I can pull it off.”


“There’s no time to go inside to use the bathroom.”

I gulped. “Are you going to take your T-shirt off or something? My goodness, Becky, don’t you need some privacy for this?”

“Relax, every girl knows this trick.”

After unhooking her bra from behind, Becky reached inside the left side of her T-shirt sleeve to pull her bra strap down. Then she did the same thing with the other side of her T-shirt, this time pulling the bra away completely through the short sleeve.

I watched in shock as my braless daughter stood before me, holding up her bra as if it were a trophy of sorts. Even worse, a gust of wind came and pressed her T-shirt against her chest, giving me an uncomfortable look at her. It was the first time I had ever seen her nipples pressed against her T-shirt.

She then handed me her bra. “Can you put this in our luggage for me? Thanks.”

I couldn’t refuse and I was left doing the uncomfortable task taking her bra and putting it inside of our luggage, which was stored inside the bus.

Once I managed to put her bra inside, the final call was made, and it was time to sit next to my braless daughter.


We sat in the back of the bus where no one else was sitting. As expected, the bus was noisy and the ride was bumpy. Surprisingly, the seats were small and we were really squeezed next to each other.

After about an hour or so, I closed my eyes and tried to sleep while Becky was looking at stuff on her phone.

My eyes were closed, and despite the noisy and bumpy ride, I almost managed to fall asleep. That was, until Becky tapped me on the shoulder.

“I have to show you something,” she said.

Becky showed me her phone. There was a video playing, which appeared to be of the retreat. I had only done some brief research of this resort (something I still regret to this day) and I had never seen anything like it. The video was tastefully done, but it showed a far more sexual side to the place than I had expected. The people in the video did different forms of nude yoga and other relaxation techniques. The nudity was far too casual for a father/daughter to be participating in, especially together.

There was a particular look on Becky’s face. It was as if she was seeking my approval in some way. As if she knew that we would be heading into this and she didn’t want me to be mad at her for it.

“Did you know it was going to be like this?” I asked.

Her lips tightened briefly. “That’s not important. The important thing is that we’re only a few hours away.”

“So you knew?”

“Dad, that’s irrelevant now. We’re almost there.”

Becky closed the video and put her phone away. It was her way of giving me fair warning of where we were headed.

I sighed, “I’ll try to enjoy myself. But when we get home, we’re going to have to talk about this.”

“Well, that’s the thing,” she said, nearly blushing. “I really want us to enjoy this retreat. It’s something I’ve looked forward to for a while.”

“So you knew that it was mostly nudist yoga?”

Becky looked flustered. “Just let me make my point, please.”

“Fine, what is it?”

“This place has an extremely sexual vibe to it. It’s hard to explain right now in the back of a noisy bus, but this retreat is special. I want it to be part of my learning experience. I want this to be a part of my young adulthood.”

By the sound of her voice and the look in her eyes, she meant every word. This clearly meant so much to her that I couldn’t possibly scold her for this, even though it was slightly obscene to me.

There was also a sound of concern in her voice. I know my daughter far too well. She clearly wasn’t afraid of the nudity, as evident by her enthusiasm earlier. It was something else entirely that was bothering her.

“What’s the problem?”

She whispered in my ear. “I’m a virgin.”

Now I was shocked even further. My head nearly spun that my own daughter would tell me this. But we were in the back of a bus, which was no place for this sort of conversation.

“What does that have to do with anything?” I tried to understand.

“Everything! How can I rightfully take part in this sort of spiritual awakening if I’ve never had sex before? I don’t want to be the only virgin there.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin,” I pleaded. “You’re fine the way you are. No one is going to notice.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of. No one Yıldırım Escort Bayan is going to notice me there because I don’t have the same aura of sexuality to harness. It’ll totally ruin the whole atmosphere with my geeky presence!”

“Becky, you’re…”

I was about to plead some more until she gave me her infamous pouty face. Her lower lip curled and her eyes went big. Her lower lip trembled and her eyes started to water. It was only a matter of time before the tears would come.

The thing was, sometimes she did this. Sometimes she would actually start to cry with a flood of tears coming out. But sometimes this was only pretend. Once I gave her what she wanted, a big smile would burst onto her face, showing me that it was all just a ruse.

At this point, I wasn’t sure what it was. But we were in the back of a bus with lots of people and this wasn’t the time to make a big scene. Luckily, no one had heard our conversation due to the loudness of the bus.

“Don’t cry,” I said.

Her lips quivered. “Can you help me?”


“Thanks!” she said, her frown turning into a smile. “We need to think of something before we arrive there.”

It had all been a ruse. She wasn’t going to cry. And she had known about the sexual nature of the retreat all along.

“Becky, I’m your father.”

That was the first thing I thought to say at that time. Somehow though, I knew that wasn’t going to work. She had already planned the whole thing.

“Honestly, I prefer it that way,” she said in a frank tone. “Hear me out. I have so many friends who lost their virginities to assholes and douchebags. I swore to myself that I would never let that happen to me.

Oh god. I didn’t like where this was heading.

“Please don’t, we…”

“Dad, listen to me,” she said in a commanding tone. “It’s been awhile since you’ve dated. And I’ve never done this before. I can understand how this must bother you. But honestly, it doesn’t bother me at all.”

My mind felt like it was spinning and this day felt like a bad dream.

“Are you suggesting that…”

She nodded. “Fuck me. Right now. In the bathroom.”

The shock of all shocks. Every father’s worst nightmare.

“Becky, please…”

As I tried to plead, she wasn’t having any of it. She reached below and grabbed my cock through my pants. Even though she had skinny arms and thin fingers, the girl had a strong grip. It felt good and my cock stirred.

“Please what?” she said, massaging me through my pants. “Let go?”

I gulped. “Yes, let go.”

“Make me.”

As I tried to reach down to pry her hand away, she only squeezed my cock harder. It felt like a trap. If I tried to pull her hand away, I was certain that she would do some permanent damage to me.

The thing was, I was rock hard at this point. She took advantage of my erection, rubbing up and down my shaft with her tight grip. God that felt good, but I was so conflicted: From my own daughter? How could I? How could she?

“I’m not letting go,” she said.

I gulped again. “Why are you doing this?”

“I told you already. Please. I’m begging. I can’t be a virgin at the retreat. I want to grow spiritually and sexually. I want to blossom into a young woman. Now is the time.”

She squeezed again, giving me a full blown throbbing erection.

“I…I can’t…you’re my daughter. You have to understand.”

“I’ve already thought of all of the ramifications. Frankly, it’s not like anyone is going to find out. I won’t tell anyone about this. Will you?”

“God no.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

I sighed.

Just then, the bus driver made an announcement on the intercom: ‘The trip is halfway over and we will experience some bumpy conditions on the road ahead, due to some construction works.’

“Now’s our chance,” she said. “I understand your frustration with me. Honestly, I get why you’re so upset right now. But you have to believe me; this is going to feel so good once we start.”

I wanted to say, ‘but it already feels good,’ but that was clearly an inappropriate thing to say to my daughter, who still maintained her powerful grip on my cock.

“You’re relentless,” I said.

“I get all my best traits from you. Now come on, let’s go to the bathroom now before anyone notices us.”

“Wait. We can’t be seen going to the bathroom together.”

As those, deeply surprising, words spilled from my lips I realized I had just acknowledged that I was willing to fuck my own daughter, and the only thing stopping me was that people would see us. This made Becky smile.

“Relax, dad, I told them you’re my boyfriend.”

“You what?”

“We’re in Europe, the age gap doesn’t matter here,” she explained. “Now come on. I’m ready.”

Becky never bothered to release my cock. She stood up, her grip tight as ever, and squeezed herself over my body to make it to the aisle of the bus. As she squeezed over me, I saw her braless chest in my face. Her nipples were poking through her tight T-shirt. They were obviously hard, aroused at the very thought of losing her virginity to her own father.

As she stood in the aisle of the bus, her hand never left my throbbing cock. It was her way of making sure that I followed her towards the bathroom all the way in the back end. She gave a hard pull to get me out of my seat. I had no choice but to follow her.

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