Spilt LemonadeSpilt Lemonade

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I spent Friday afternoon with Cassandra. She was a good friend and one who had been single again for the last few years was leading an active social life. She was a close friend and one who I could confide in with confidence and she seemed to regard me the same way.

1. We sat at an out door café and were enjoying a cup of coffee. We had done some serious shopping and now she was relaxed. I asked her if there was a man in her life at the moment.

She said ‘Dan, her widowed father in the granny flat behind her house was the only one.’ She confided, ‘I think he’s overdue for a decent fuck with anybody who’ll have him.’

‘He’s gorgeous for his age, Cass. How old is he?

‘Fifty nine,’ she said.

‘Wow. He only looks about 40 if that.’

‘Well yes. You’re probably right. Underneath his innuendo and ribaldry, he’s a real sweetie.’

Cassandra had helped me select some less than modest underwear to wear for my Mission. Maybe I could call my-self a missionary. My aim was twofold. Firstly I had to stop beating myself up for getting into that situation with Vernon where I let him touch me with his big black cock, and then I completely lost sight of the straight narrow path of righteousness, and found myself fucking him as much as he was fucking me. Cass seemed to understand that whole situation when I admitted what had happened to me in the gymnasium.

Secondly, I had resolved to thaw out my husband Clifton’s over-zealous religious attitude that sex is only to express ‘sacred’ love and make babies. I have recently learnt that it is also enormous fun, tax free and good for your health. -o-

The thing I love about Clifton is that he’s a real gentleman and I feel valued when he opens doors for me and does all the chivalrous things that women appreciated and expected in earlier times.

But there is another side to such tight manners. There are times when good manners can be forgotten and a more spontaneous and indulgent side of a relationship can emerge. I knew I would have to lead Clifton gradually into this possibility. Although we were very different people with different backgrounds and lived in different situations, my friend Cassandra was a trusted confidant. In the time we had known on another, we never judged the others choices or behaviour.

2. For the first few weeks I had planned to let Clifton see me occasionally in my new more revealing underwear that I had picked out on a shopping day with Cassandra. I also planned to cuddle up to him in bed more often and I was determined to get him to fuck me at least twice a week within the first month of my self imposed program.

His idea that sexual congress once a week (on Tuesday mornings) was within decent bounds of prudence, was no longer enough for me. The next Tuesday, I decided to make sex feel a little more like something to look forward to.

I even planned to add something new each time. First time, I would wrap my legs around his. Second time I would start twitching my vagina as he was getting close to his climax. Third time would sigh out loud in his ear.

I had many ideas I wanted to try out such as other sexual positions, playing with his balls and arse, kissing him a little longer, no longer hiding my orgasms in silence, even giving him oral sex, but I stopped short of seducing him in a semi public place as had happened with Vernon in the gymnasium with the door wide open that Friday a few weeks ago. Clifton was far too uptight to risk his reputation by agreeing to anything like that.

I found that subtlety worked wonders. Clifton had a habit on sleeping on his back and this was great to cuddle up to whenever we went to bed at the same time. It annoyed me when I wanted to be spooned but my first rule was to never complain. Instead, I would sometimes wake at night and then when I was pretending to be asleep again, I would rest my hand low on his stomach, or the top of his leg. Within days, I was feeling the stirrings of an erection, and left my hand there bornova escort until he awoke when he would leave the bed and visit the bathroom.

During that week, I postponed a wedding rehearsal he was to take part in and he was free until 11AM rather than the usual 9 o’clock obligation for such things when Clifton was arranging them. This suited the wedding party as well.

I thought everything was progressing well and I planned to take a leap forward in my plan that Friday. I awoke early and absent-mindedly touched his leg and felt his balls tighten up. This was a very encouraging sign. I felt his stiffening penis. I could feel myself getting very aroused. I was even feeling damp between my legs.

I moved closer to him and murmured softly, close to his ear with my hand on his chest, something I know he likes. I was about to feel for the lower part of his stomach and do my best to harden his erection even further, when he reached for his bible and began reading.

I suggested ‘Can you do that later Clifton?’

He said, ‘I can get my readings and biblical passage and a few songs picked out for the service on Sunday, Eve. It will take a lot of pressure off me over the weekend.’

‘OK’ I said. I silently asked myself, why am I trying so hard?

3. I remained for another minute holding his hand, but I had to get away from him. I was horny as hell and I was frustrated and resentful. I thought I might say something I’d regret and break our growing bond if I stayed in bed with him at that moment.

I left the room quickly, showered and dressed in the new dress Cass had suggested and picked out for me. It was a light blue green and white print dress that reached to my knees. I thought she might like to see it on me away from the shop.

I called her and left a message on her voice mail. I told her I would be there for a visit in an hour. Later I kissed Clifton and left to visit her.

When I arrived, there was no response at the front door. She was probably enjoying the privacy of her back yard so I walked around the back. Her Father was pulling weeds near the back fence and greeted me with a smile.

‘Hello. Are you looking for Cassie?’ His dark stubble seemed to accentuate his blue eyes that twinkled when he smiled. He was wearing torn cut-off jeans and an orange T-shirt. I couldn’t believe his age. He was in remarkably good repair and his slim body made his shoulders look wider. His work must have been physical to sculpt a body like that and maintain it into his later years.

‘I left her a message. She must have missed it,’ I said. ‘Dan isn’t it? She mentioned you when I saw her last week. My name’s Eve.’

‘You make that dress look very pretty Eve. I’m about due for some refreshment. Will you join me?’ he said. He disappeared leaving a pair of plant trimmers on the out-door table and went into his bungalow to prepare something to drink. ‘Don’t leave me. I’ll be back in a moment.’

Cass was right. He was such a flirt. I was free for the morning so I was sure a short break wouldn’t matter. I walked around the back yard while. There was a fence surrounding the garden and a gate that was jammed slightly open that led to an expanse of open park where there was a cycle path running past the gate. Some walkers and joggers would probably use the path as well.

Dan reappeared with a tray with drinks and sat at a table with a bench seat alongside. There was a choice of drinks and some biscuits on the tray with half a dozen napkins. He asked me what I would like. He poured me a glass of lemonade and said ‘Here you are Eve. Get this into you,’ as he handed it to me.

I hadn’t heard that expression before so I said, ‘Thank you Dan, I’ll get it into me’.

I sipped and placed my drink on the table but there was a spoon under it causing the glass to topple and the drink spilt across the table and on to the front of Dan’s cut-off jeans.

‘Woops’, I said. ‘Sorry. I can clean that up for you if you like.’ I stood up and rushed in side as Dan protested, but I continued and returned with a bucket of water and a soapy sponge.

I took his hand and said, ‘Stand up. I’ll sponge that off for you. Lemonade will get sticky if you leave it.’ I rubbed the sponge firmly on the front of his jeans and could feel the shape of a lump. I must have been touching his willy.

Once I realised what I was doing, I looked up at Dan’s face and saw him smiling at me. It was one of those message smiles that had more meaning than just being glad to see me. I kept sponging him for longer than I needed to and I could feel his lump growing to an impressive proportion.

4. I could feel that stickiness between my legs again for the second time that day, and realised I felt like I was getting drunk with desire. It was such a delicious dizzy feeling that I suddenly heard alarm bells ringing.

I needed to find a distraction. I noticed a towel hanging on the clothes line.

I said, ‘I’ll dry that off for you Dan,’ and walked away to retrieve the towel. I dried his shorts a little. He said ‘I think my underpants are still a bit wet.’ He removed his jeans before I could find the words to object. He was wearing brief white undies, but the wet section was almost transparent, and I could clearly see the shape, size and colour of his impressive swollen penis.

I was shocked to be in such a position with such a highly aroused man who I didn’t even know. I handed him the sponge and asked him ‘Would you like to dry them Dan?’

He took the sponge and said ‘I have a better idea.’ He placed the sponge on the table and walked to the clothes line, removed his underpants, pegged them up and walked back to me wearing only his T-shirt and boots with about 8 inches of very hard cock wagging from side to side with each step he took. His large egg shaped balls were tight against his body and I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

Surely I wasn’t heading in the direction of compromising myself again, and this time with the father of my close friend. I recalled Cass’s description of him that she thought, ‘I think he’s overdue for a decent fuck with anybody who’ll have him.’ At this moment, I resolved that that someone would not be.

Clifton was so dumb he probably didn’t even know he had rejected my advances, so I would have no reason to get even with him. But I was dying for a fuck and I had missed out in spite of my rearranging a free Friday morning for us and other preparations.

Well I still had my Friday morning free and I was still ready to fuck. If Clifton had walked into the back yard at this moment, I was ready to screw his brains out. I wished he would but I knew he wouldn’t.

A part of me that I was very ashamed of, was completely blocking out any reason I could think of to remove myself from this situation. My carnal desires seemed to be driving me, overruling my earlier resolution.

Dan said ‘If you feel anything like me you will be a bit wet right now. I’m going to feel you. Eve’

My God, He said I’M GOING TO FEEL YOU. Then he added EVE. His words startled and shocked me. I felt helpless to respond or even to move.

Then Dan, this half naked stranger with a throbbing erection walked to me. He lifted my skirt. He put his hand inside my nickers. He ran a finger between the drenched lips of my treacherous vagina. Then he added a salacious grin to increase my self-consciousness. He removed his hand, only to lick his finger.

I didn’t know what would happen next. I thought it was my turn to take control of events before they got out of hand. But Dan was in control of the whole situation.

He gently put his hands on my shoulders, turned me towards the table and guided my hands forward so I was leaning on the table. Then he lifted the back of my skirt up and pulled on the side elastic of my nickers and cut through them with what must have been the plant trimmers, then he quickly repeated this on the other side and my nickers were stuck to my cunt with my wet juices. He held one side of them and wiped them upwards between the cheeks of my bottom. I was so hot I was ready to do anything he could think of.

Someone’s voice said ‘Are we going all the way Eve? It’s not too late to stop.’ It was Dan.

I was almost weeping when I said ‘For God’s sake fuck me please Dan. I’m desperate.’ His hands were on my hips and the end of his turgid prick was probing around between the cheeks of my arse feeling for the wet entry.

I wanted to spread my cunt lips wide for him but the weight on my arms would not allow me to take my hands off the table. I began moving my rear end around to help the end of Dan’s hardened cock to find its target. Every part of my nether region that he touched sent shock waves of pleasure through me. I wanted to stay in this state forever. I felt his invasive penis, gradually part the wet lips of my pussy. I was wide open for another session with a stranger.

He penetrated my vagina then he seemed to slide his cock into me for a long time before stopping.

Dan fucked me comprehensively for ten minutes while my arousal soared. Then he changed his action and was slowly moving the first two inches of his cock in and out of the entry, the sensitive part of my cunt.

My orgasm built up. Just as Dan stopped, he made a loud straining noise. My cunt started involuntarily twitching as my climax turned me into an animal in the wild, driven by the squirting penis filling my helpless vagina. I was like a baying wolf bitch on heat.

After waiting for the aftershocks to end I began to catch my breath. Dan slowly slid his still hard cock out of my pussy, then walked to the clothes line and dressed again. I used my now useless nickers to wipe Dan’s semen dribbling down my thighs. I wrapped my sopping torn nickers in a napkin and put them in my purse.

That would have been perfectly acceptable if that all it was. Suddenly it dawned on me that I was cheating on my husband again. He was at home preparing for the weekend church service and sermon for his devout congregation of righteous believers while his wife was in a suburban back yard getting fucked by her friend’s father. While he was doing his clerical duty, I was turning into a wanton little something. The only word I could think of was slut.

Two local residents walked past the back gate with their dogs. Cassandra walked into the yard, just as we resumed our seats. We were seconds from being seen in a very compromising position.

‘Hi Eve. You’ve met my dad?’

‘Yeh. Hi Cass. Did you get my message?’ Dan distracted her when he offered his daughter a drink. He was so cool.

‘What have you two been up to? Been here long Evie?’

Dan said, ‘Just long enough for a quick screw?’

‘Sure Dad. Don’t be disgusting in front of the minister’s wife if you don’t mind.’

He said, ‘Sorry love. You’re right.’

I interjected, ‘Your father was a lovely host, with drinks and everything.’

5. Dan returned to the garden and I drank a cup of coffee with Cassie. I could feel the breeze under my dress now that I wasn’t wearing underpants. Cass was pleased to see me wearing the garment she suggested and lifted the fabric to feel its weight. I hoped she didn’t catch a glimpse of my bare arse. I hoped she was unaware of the smell of recent sex on me.

I wasn’t ready to tell her I was fucking her father in the last ten minutes. That could wait until it was old news if it was ever to come out. For the moment, I still had a husband to seduce. My mission was only postponed. Nothing else was different.

But the most disturbing question remained. Was I a slut?

I would never deal with it if I didn’t acknowledge it. I guess it was true. I was a slut. Suddenly, I felt as if I was free to approve of myself by owning up to it. It was a moment of self-revelation.

Now I had to decide what I would do about it. There were two ways I could go. I wasn’t the only one who would pay for this behaviour.

But the best thing to do was to get serious and a bit more creative about getting Clifton to start fucking me more often.

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