Midnight QuickieMidnight Quickie


“Honeeeey,” came the plaintive cry from my girlfriend Becca.

“Ummm?” I responded as I kept reading the latest news on my i-Phone.

“Uh, Honey, I’d like to ask you a big, no make it a huge, no, correct that, make it a colossal favor.”

“OK, ask away, but I can’t promise anything,” I responded as I turned to her.

“Sure, uh, you know your family ski cabin? Well, I was wondering if Abby and Cassie and I could use it on the long weekend coming up. We’d take good care of it, and there’d be no, well, there’d be only a little drinking. Honest, the three of us just wanna get away for a girls’ weekend.”

“Becca, hold on. It is not my decision. Dad and Mom are in charge and so far, they have always said a family member always has to be there; no loaning out to others, no renting out, you know.”

“But we girls just wanna be by ourselves. Could you please ask your folks…?”

I agreed to ask my dad, but I knew the answer would be ‘No’ unless one of the family, that would most likely be me, was there at the same time. Later that evening I called and asked him.

“Say, Dad, Becca wants to ask a couple of her girlfriends up to the cabin for the long weekend coming up. Any issues?”

“Jake, none what-so-ever, but you know the rule. You’d have to go with ’em.”

“Yeah, I know, but I promised I’d ask on their behalf. Say, the weekend is still open, isn’t it?”

“Sure is. Just let me know if you want to get dibs on it before your brother or sister. Louise and I won’t be going up that weekend, that much I know.”

“Go ahead and pencil me in for the Friday night and leaving Monday afternoon. I’ll finalize the details later.”

“That’s the weekend of your birthday, isn’t it?”

“Uh, yup, but maybe you, Mom and I can celebrate later. No big deal. I know Becca really wants to go and maybe she and I can celebrate with a nice dinner up at the ski lodge.”

“Jacob, I know I can trust you and I expect you and anyone you invite up there to take good care of the place. It’s been in the family for three generations and even though it’s pretty rustic, it’s ours and we want to keep it.”

“Yeah, Dad, I know. I’ll make sure it’s still standing when we leave,” I joked.

The next afternoon I met Becca at the student union for a coffee and to let her know the news in person. I told her that she and her two girlfriends were welcome to the cabin, but I’d have to go with them.

“Aw, I was hoping they’d change the rules for us. We’re good girls, well, you know…”

“Look, Becca, you can still have a good time with them. You guys downhill and can be together during the day while I go off for my cross-country work. We can meet in the evenings and I’ll sleep in the lean-to while you three get the main cabin. I’m sure I’ll be exhausted so you can gossip and laugh all you want; I won’t hear a thing.”

“Yeah, I guess it’ll be OK. Thanks for asking, Jake. You’re so sweet,” she added with a quick, sensuous kiss. “I’ll call Abby and Cassie and we’ll start to set things up.”

After that we did a bit of planning. We’d all drive up together on Friday afternoon and ski Saturday and Sunday. Her friends would take the ski bus back down late Sunday and Becca and I would close things down and drive back Monday with all their ski gear. The week leading up to our trip was a busy one at college and we didn’t have much time to do any fancy meal planning. Abby and Cassie agreed to take care of the Friday and Saturday meals and Becca and I would eat at the lodge on Sunday. The rest of the meals were loosely planned and scheduled. I figured there would be a lot of snacking to tide us over.

On Friday campus was like a ghost town after eleven am and I didn’t feel bad skipping my afternoon class. I drove the SUV with my gear over to Becca’s place where the other two had brought their stuff. It took no time at all to get our gear into the Rocket Box and crammed into the rear of the car. There was plenty of room for the three girls after all the gear was stowed.

I really enjoyed watching them running around and loading the car. All three were of a similar build. Each was around five and a half feet tall, they were all fairly thin but with nice curves in the right places and from the rear, if it weren’t for their hair, they looked a lot alike. As a result, they were nick-named “The Triplets” by their friends. Abby’s hair was fairly light blonde, almost white, Becca’s was a tad darker and Cassie’s was the darkest of all, some would call it dishwater blonde.

Eventually we were loaded up and ready to go. Becca sat shotgun and Abby was behind me and Cassie sat behind Becca. The girls were all in good spirits and joked, teased each other and sang little songs nearly all the way to the ski resort.

Our cabin was just a couple of miles beyond the resort just off the main highway. Dad had arranged for a snow plow to keep the drive open all winter so we were able to drive right up to the door. We quickly unloaded all of the food and clothing and got the heat going. güvenilir bahis The cabin was quite rustic. It was a single, large room with an open floor plan. The kitchen was off to one side and the rest of the room had a series of sofas which faced a huge fireplace. The bathroom was a walled-off corner. Sleeping arrangements were always casual. Some would curl up on the floor, some would sleep on the sofas and, in a pinch, one of the sofas had a pull-out bed.

I was designated to sleep in the “lean-to.” Years ago, my folks wanted to install a water heater so they extended the roof line down one side of the cabin and created a tiny, six-foot wide room. It had a very low ceiling and at one end was a closet which held the heater. The rest of the space was barely big enough to hold a twin bed and that was where I was banished to. Quite frankly, I was happy since I would be able to get some sleep while the girls stayed up late talking or whatever.

Abby cooked dinner for us while we all sat around and drank some wine and relaxed. We discussed the next day. I would take them all to the lifts and then drive on a few miles to the cross-country trails and go out solo for the day. I’d pick them up around four on my way back.

After dinner Becca let on that it was my birthday the next day. There was some good-natured teasing about what my present from her might be. She deflected the jokes saying we’d planned dinner at the lodge on Sunday and a special evening together the following weekend. Finally, around ten or so I was getting really tired though the girls seemed to be going strong. I hit the head and then excused myself to go to bed. After closing the door to the “lean-to” I was able to relax a bit and quickly I fell asleep. Sometime later I woke up and still heard them talking and laughing. Eventually I was aware of quiet and everyone seemed to have fallen asleep.

Then I heard the door creak. I was instantly awake and aware that someone was in my room. I felt the bed shift a bit and my blankets were pulled back as Becca crawled on top of me.

“Uh, hi…”

“Shh,” she responded.

I reached up to stroke her back and she grabbed my hands and pinned them to the bed whispering, “Nuh-uh.”



I quickly got the idea that Becca was in charge. Sometimes she can get quite demanding and even bossy, particularly when she’s horny. I usually let her have her way when she’s like that. It had been over a week since we’d had sex and I figured she wanted a quickie while the others were asleep. She rose up on me and again as I reached to hold her, she pushed my hands back to the sheets. I left them there realizing this was a dream come true. My girlfriend was going to town on me and I didn’t have to do anything but lie back and enjoy the ride! Within a few seconds I was rock hard and she rose up and grabbed my cock, rubbed it against her pussy and then she slid down on me. She was so wet and so tight that I could hardly believe it. Within a few seconds she pushed up and then back down repeatedly, leaning forward a bit while holding my hands pinned to the bed. Her breathing became a bit irregular as she started to rub her pubes against mine.

Suddenly something felt a bit off. Usually when she does that, our skin slides over each other’s nicely, but here it was different. She seemed to be having a bit of trouble getting to her orgasm when she released my left hand and I felt her reach between us and start to rub herself repeatedly. Becca will sometimes get too excited, as she puts it, and then have trouble coming, so I figured this was the problem. After rubbing herself a bit she almost lost her balance and threw her hand back out to support herself so I slipped mine down to rub her clit as she pounded on me.

She had shaved! She was as bald as could be! I had asked her to do this several times and had specifically requested it for my birthday. Now I was getting my wish. As I curled my hand up to rub her clit I whispered, “You shaved?”

“Shh,” was the only response. I kept rubbing her as she rose up and down on me and then I could tell she was getting close. Her breath was erratic and I could feel her legs begin to twitch. I began to let myself go and within seconds she let loose with a quiet moan and I flooded her pussy with my come. She slowed down and rested with me deep in her for a minute or so, then she pulled herself off of me and got up from the bed.

“Honey, that was…”

“Shh!” was the only response as she got up and opened the door. It was quite dark in the main cabin and I couldn’t see much except a loose T-shirt clad Becca slipping out of the room and quietly closing the door behind her.

It took me a few minutes before I could relax enough to sleep. My mind kept racing about the quickie and that she had shaved for me. I really appreciated her and how she took things into her own hands when she wanted something. I hadn’t had many girlfriends but they all seemed to be more reserved and I couldn’t imagine any of them doing güvenilir bahis siteleri what Becca just had. As I drifted off to sleep, I found myself wondering if Becca might just be the one.

I was the first one awake in the morning. I quietly went over to the bathroom, took care of business and then went to the kitchen area. I set up the coffee pot and pretty soon the girls all started to stir. I handed each of them a steaming mug of coffee before I went in and got dressed for skiing. Eventually they all got up, toddled to the bathroom and got dressed. We had a good breakfast and prepared to head out for the day. As Abby and Cassie were loading the car, I trapped Becca by the kitchen counter and gave her a wonderful, sensuous kiss.

“What was that for?” she asked.

“You know,” I smiled back at her.

Then she snickered, “Yeah, was fun, wasn’t it? Oh, and it’s your birthday, I almost forgot.”

“Hey, don’t worry, it’s OK. We’re going to celebrate later anyway. But I still like your kisses.” With that she hugged me tightly and we engaged in a few moments of wonderful lip and tongue action.

“Oh, get a room, you two,” laughed Abby as she came back into the cabin.

“Abby, it’s Jake’s birthday, I get to kiss him if I want.”

“Oh, yeah, hippo birdie two ewe,” Abby sang as we kissed a bit more.

Eventually, lunches were made and we were ready to head out. I drove them to the ski lift area before I went further down to the cross-country trails. I had a blast. The conditions were perfect, all the trails had been freshly groomed and I had a ton of energy. For years I had promised myself I would do the entire system in one day and I finally decided that that day was it. I loaded up on extra power bars and water and took off. Skiing over fifty kilometers in one day is quite tough. Since I wanted to do every trail, there was a bit of duplication so I ended up skiing nearly sixty kilometers. Even though I got tired, it was a “good” tired and I felt a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. I got to the downhill parking lot just as the Triplets were arriving and we were able to load everything up and head down to the cabin.

As Cassie prepared the meal, wine began to flow fairly heavily. The girls were still pumped from their good day of skiing and were in high spirits. Their teasing each other was a fairly common occurrence and that evening was no exception. However, all three ganged up on me, particularly since it was my birthday.

“So, Mr. Studly cross-country skier, how far did you go today?”

“Yeah, Jake, did you go all the way?”

Becca joined in. “Yeah, Honey, did you do it today? Explore every nook and cranny? Slip your way around those curves?” she laughed.

I took their teasing in good spirits and eventually the sexual innuendos dropped off, particularly once the meal was served. After dinner I was exhausted so I quickly helped with the dishes, passed on any more wine and made my way to the lean-to bedroom. I was asleep in no time though I was aware, off and on, of the laughter coming from the girls. It was in the middle of the night, well after they had all gone to bed when I heard the door creak open again. I peeked out from under my blanket just as it was pulled back and Becca crawled on top of me again.

“Hi,” I whispered. That was met with a hand held down on my mouth, an obvious signal not to talk, just like the night before. After a few seconds she released her hand and I kept quiet. She then crawled down under the blanket and gave me a brief but enthusiastic blowjob. Once I was hard, she crawled back on top of me and raised her pelvis until the tip of my cock was just grazing her wet opening. After my head was wet, she quickly and quietly slid herself down onto me. She started to pump herself up and down while pushing her pubic bone and clit right onto me. This time I decided to help her along and I reached my hand, palm up, towards her and slipped my finger onto her clit. In no time she grabbed my hand and pulled it towards her increasing the pressure on her bald pussy and clit.

Faster and faster she went until I sensed she was about to come. I could feel her legs twitch a bit and her breathing was increasingly erratic. Then with a big whoosh of air she spasmed, went rigid and took a couple of deep breaths. I let her recover but I still had not come so I started to thrust a bit. She seemed to understand the situation and resumed her up and down movement but with less attention to her clit and more attention to the head of my cock. She even reached down with her hand and used it to squeeze my cock a bit. In no time at all I lost it with a wonderful but quiet orgasm. A short time later she reached down, gave me a quick kiss and then slipped out of bed and through the door.

It took me a few minutes to recover from the sudden awakening, the quick screw and Becca’s rapid departure. Eventually I relaxed and fell back to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, it was as if it had been a dream. Only the residual smell iddaa siteleri of a woman on my cock confirmed that it had been real.

After breakfast I took them back to the ski slopes and went out and did a quick ten kilometers on the cross-country trails. I then popped over to the downhill section, dusted off my snowboard and proceeded to discover many new ways to fall, even when I was on the green trails. I didn’t see the Triplets all day and it was only around three that they came down for the day. Since Cassie and Abby planned on taking the community bus back home, Becca and I decided to stay at the lodge and have some drinks while waiting for our dinner reservations at six.

Once the two hopped the bus, Becca and I split a bottle of nice wine as we sat by the roaring fireplace. She seemed quite willing to sit with me and participate in a bit of casual kissing, nothing that was so overt as to get us kicked out.

“You know, Jake, this being your birthday weekend and all, I may just have to have a little surprise when we get back to the cabin,” she said as she sipped her wine.

“Hey, this weekend has already been pretty special, but I do look forward to some time together with you tonight.”

“Oh, skiing has been OK but what I have planned for you is definitely special. I can hardly wait.” I had really enjoyed our two nighttime quickies but it seemed she had more in store. Maybe she just wanted to have wild sex and not worry about waking anyone else up as she seems to enjoy sex much more when she can be more vocal. We relaxed a bit more and finally our dinner reservation was available. We had a wonderful meal of an Asian stir-fry followed by a wonderful sorbet. She did embarrass me just a bit by telling the waitress that it was my birthday so I had to hear that famous birthday song being croaked out by the entire restaurant. Walking hand-in-hand after dinner we went to the SUV and drove the few miles down to the cabin.

Once inside we hurried around, turned up the heat and lit the fire. I was able to scrounge up a bit of port and we each had a small glass. She toasted me and wished me a happy birthday. “Now, are you interested in your present?”

“Becca, just being here with you is a wonderful gift. But yes, you can go ahead and surprise me.”

She took her smart phone and set it to play our favorite music. Once the music was playing, she came to me, reached her foot up and placed it on my chest and said, “No moving, no talking. You just lean back and enjoy.”

She really didn’t do a sultry strip-tease, but over the next five minutes or so she gradually slipped her clothes off. She’d lose a piece and then come over to me and let me see her up close before she’d pull away. Once I tried to give her a hug and she laughed indicating that lap dances were all look and no touch. I was getting quite horny watching her but she was in no hurry and just let me watch her slowly lose her clothes. One time she came close and reached down and stroked my hardening cock but again wouldn’t let me touch her.

It was quite warm in the cabin and she was able to strip down to her panties and bra. She had been up on the slopes earlier and I was amazed that she spent the entire day wearing dainty see-through undies. On the next song she turned around and showed me her back and slowly slid the bra off, facing away. Now I had always loved Becca’s breasts but after what seemed like an eternity, she turned around letting her hair hide her breasts, frustrating me even more.


“You know that I am. Could you please give the birthday boy his wish and move the hair?”

“Maybe, but then your birthday wish would be used up and my panties would still be on.”

“OK, Becca, you’re in charge. I’ll just lean back and enjoy.”

With that she danced some more, mainly with her back to me, teasing me to no end. It was coming up to the last song when she faced me and let my eyes wander over her. With her hips swaying slowly and gently, she hooked her thumbs into her panties and turned back away from me. The panties were oh-so-slowly teased down across her cute ass and then down to her knees. From there they fell to the floor and I was looking at my favorite site: a very naked girlfriend who was clearly going to jump me soon.

Just as the music stopped, she looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. “Happy Birthday, Honey,” she whispered as she slowly turned around.

Her loose blonde hair, wavy and full, surrounded the cutest face of all, but was now pulled away from her breasts. She was grinning at me with tiny dimples and sparkling eyes. Her neck was long and sexy and just below was a body to die for. Being a guy, my eyes just automatically went to her boobs. They were perfectly shaped and swayed just slightly as she moved. Her nipples were divine little beads sticking out and begging to be kissed and sucked. The rest of her torso was lean with just a hint of musculature on her abdomen.

I glanced down to her legs which I feel are probably the best part of her. They were thin, slightly muscular but with a nice application of female roundness to give them the perfect shape. Her hips were a tiny bit full which gave her the wonderful hourglass-shape of a very fine-looking young woman.

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