Sophie’s Summer Adventure Ch. 03Sophie’s Summer Adventure Ch. 03


Almost as soon as Brandon closed the door, Sophie drifted off into a peaceful sleep. The next thing she knew, it was morning. Surprisingly, she didn’t have the guilt she suspected she would feel for what happened.

‘It’s not my fault that mother can’t satisfy her man,’ Sophie thought wickedly as she got out of bed and went to take a shower.

As Sophie began to wake up in the shower, she realized how ridiculous (and awful) a thought like that sounded. But the way she looked at it, her mother would probably be more upset with the potentially negative publicity of this coming to light than she probably would that her boyfriend had slept with her daughter.

In all likelihood, Jessica and Brandon would be breaking up soon anyway. You could get as much good publicity from a breakup as you could from the relationship itself, if it was played right. So Sophie figured she might as well have a little fun while Brandon was around. There was precious little she liked about being here as it was.

But as she got dressed, the other positive aspect of the trip once again entered her thoughts: Diego. He was a nice boy, and he didn’t deserve her treating him this way. She thought the best thing to do was pull away from a more serious relationship for now. Hopefully they could reconnect back in NY in the fall.

She knew she would only break Diego’s heart if things went any further. So she planned to tell him the next time she saw him that they should slow things down.

Sophie came down the stairs for breakfast, this time both Brandon and her mother were there. Brandon motioned for her to sit next to him at the dining room table, while her mother was arguing in the kitchen with her chef.

“Sleep well,” said Brandon with a smirk, leaning over and putting his hand on her knee under her robe. “I know I did.”

“Not here, she’ll be out any minute,” Sophie replied, pushing his hand off. “Do you want to get caught?”

“If I want to finger you here in front of your mother, I will,” Brandon countered, putting his hand on her knee again and moving it upward. “If you keep quiet, she’ll never know.”

“You’re unbelievable,” Sophie said, but this time she made no move to remove his hand. She heard her mother’s voice, arguing about the calorie count in the omelet the chef was making, but that slowly began to fade as Brandon began manipulating her mound through her shorts. Her breathing picked up and soft little moans began to escape from her lips as Brandon’s fingers began their magic.

“Ohhhh…ohhhh…ohhh,” Sophie moaned, trying desperately to keep her eyes focused on the kitchen and her mother’s movements.

“That’s it, Sophie, surrender yourself to it,” Brandon whispered in her ear, as his manipulations increased. “Come for me with your mom 10 feet away. Do you want that?”

“Yes, please, make me come,” Sophie replied desperately. She was moments away from her orgasm and needed it now.

“What about your mother?” Brandon whispered back. “What if she walked in the room right now?”

“I don’t care!” Sophie shot back, a little too loudly, though luckily her mother was still focused on her breakfast emergency. “Keep going, don’t you dare stop!”

With that, Brandon began rapidly stoking her clit and brought her to her release, placing his other hand over her mouth as it formed an O when her orgasm hit. Sophie moaned her pleasure into Brandon’s hand, neither of them noticing that her mother was beginning to make her way out of the kitchen.

Just before she got there, Brandon quickly pulled his hands away, jolting Sophie from her post orgasmic bliss back into reality. He looked none the wiser as Jessica sat down to eat, but she did notice the dreamy look on her daughter’s face.

“Sophie, darling, are you OK, you look flushed?” asked her mother.

“What…” stammered Sophie at first, “…yeah I’m fine, just need a little something to eat,” she said as she recovered her bearings.

“Well, don’t eat too much,” said her mother, her momentary concern for her daughter forgotten. “You shouldn’t gain any more weight. Ask Pierre to make you what I’m having.”

“OK,” replied Sophie, rolling her eyes as she walked into the kitchen. ‘If only you knew the real reason I looked that way,’ Sophie thought to herself.

That afternoon, she noticed Diego outside with his father again. He was clearly distracted looking for Sophie. She realized she had to let him down easy now, before it got more complicated. She walked out to the pool area and motioned him over.

“Hi Diego, I wanted to talk to you for a second,” Sophie said. “I think we need to slow things down a little.”

“Did I do something wrong?” Diego lamented, “I knew I shouldn’t have kept you out so late.”

“No, it’s not you, it’s me,” Sophie replied, using buca escort the dreaded words. In this case they were true, but she clearly couldn’t tell him why.

“I just got out of a long-term relationship at school,” Sophie lied. “I want to take this summer and be alone, to recollect my thoughts. It wouldn’t be fair to start anything with you, maybe once we get to school in the fall.”

“OK,” Diego said disappointedly. “But can we still hang out, you know, just friends?”

Sophie wanted to say no, that she was bad news and he should run as far away as he could, but looking into his cute, puppy dog eyes, she couldn’t break his heart fully. Besides, she did like hanging out with him, and it wasn’t like Brandon was one for deep talks.

“Sure, I would like that,” Sophie said, against her better judgement.

“Maybe we could go to a movie again on Friday?” Diego asked.

“I can’t, my mother has a big party planned; she wants to show me off to some of her high-powered friends. Maybe another time.”

Sophie had not been looking forward to this party at all, but suddenly she did have a reason to go. Brandon’s attention had suddenly given her a new found confidence, in her body and her sexuality. She was now excited to show it off and maybe try out her flirting skills.

And she knew her mother’s boyfriend would be there. Knowing how Brandon reacted seeing her with Diego, she only imagined what he would do if she was flirting with his young Hollywood friends. She couldn’t wait to find out now.

Saying goodbye to Diego, Sophie made arrangements to go to her mother’s favorite boutique in Beverly Hills to pick something out for Friday night. She picked out a strapless black dress, with a v-shaped plunge in the middle to accentuate her cleavage. A week ago, she wouldn’t have dared tried this on, let alone wear it to a party. Now, she couldn’t wait to see the reaction.

Sophie turned all the heads of the young men at the party that Friday. She even caught her mother’s attention; for the first time, she thought she saw a hint of jealousy as her mother really looked at her body for the first time. This only did wonders for her confidence as she flirted with the boys.

Surprisingly, Brandon was nowhere to be seen, she noticed, with a little disappointment. She knew this dress and her flirting would drive him mad, and she wanted to reap the benefits of that later tonight.

Sophie didn’t know it, but Brandon was watching from the corner of the room, and seething. He hated seeing those guys, those boys, touching Sophie. Only his hands should be roaming her gorgeous body. He began to walk to her to pull her away; at this moment he didn’t care if he caused a commotion, he didn’t want Sophie being touched like that.

Before he could though, Jessica made his way over to him.

“Well, I must say, I’ve never seen Sophie look so confident,” said Jessica, with a hint of annoyance in her voice. She wanted her daughter to make friends, but she didn’t like being overshadowed by anyone.

“Those guys shouldn’t be groping her like that, in front of everyone,” snorted Brandon. “I’m putting a stop to this.”

Jessica misread his anger as protectiveness of Sophie, and not for what it really was.

“It’s sweet that you want to protect her, darling,” Jessica said as she grabbed Brandon by the arm and pulled him away from the scene. “But Sophie’s a big girl; she can take care of herself. Maybe someone will take a few pictures and leak them to the tabloids. It’ll do wonders for my image, having the new hot daughter in town.”

Brandon continued to stare at Sophie as he allowed himself to be pulled away. He knew he couldn’t cause a scene now, in front of Jessica. But he was going to put a stop to this, the only way he knew how.

A few hours of flirting and dancing later, Sophie excused herself to the kitchen. The party was almost breaking up, and several of the boys suggested going to an after party at one of the hot new clubs on Sunset. Sophie wasn’t used to this sort of attention, so it was fun and exciting for her. She decided to go, making her way to the stairs to her room to freshen up before going out.

Before she could get there, she felt an arm pull at her from behind and jerk her around. It was Brandon.

“Are you crazy, letting those creeps put their hands all over you!” he said angrily.

“I thought they were your friends,” Sophie replied with a laugh. “Besides, I’m just doing what you and mother told me to do, make new friends. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get ready. We’re all going out clubbing now.”

“The hell you are, not with them!” he shouted, not really caring who might hear him at the moment. “No one gets to touch you like that but me!”

“Well, what are going to do about it, big man?” Sophie sneered at him. She didn’t expect he would do anything, it was too dangerous; anyone could walk in and see them. But as she looked in those eyes, she knew she was wrong. Her heart began to race.

With no words, just an animal grunt, Brandon yanked Sophie away from the stairs and toward the pantry in the corner of the kitchen. Closing the door behind him, he spun Sophie around and wasted little time.

“I’ll show you what I’m going to do!” he roared, dropping his pants to his ankles and pulling Sophie’s panties off quickly. With another grunt, he slammed into her already wet pussy from behind and began frantically pumping his cock in and out of her body.

Sophie was stunned and in momentary pain, but that quickly faded as his pistoning hips began to find their rhythm. Soon there was only pleasure, and Sophie put her hands on the counter for support as Brandon fucked her from behind.

“Nobody…does this…to you…but me!” he stammered out between his ever maddening thrusts into Sophie’s behind. “Do…you…understand…me!”

“Yes, yes…” Sophie hissed as he continued his onslaught. “Only you, Brandon, only you!”

“Only I what?” he moaned, grabbing her hips and throwing his head back, somehow finding an even higher gear.

“Only you can fuck me!” Sophie cried out in ecstasy, “Only your dick can do this to me!”

Sophie’s words only made Brandon more crazed. Soon his rhythm began to break, and he felt those delicious sensations in his balls and midsection that indicated his imminent explosion. As he felt Sophie’s pussy tighten, and heard her orgasmic moans beneath him, he pumped hard into her, once, twice, three times, and completely let himself go.

“Sophie! I’m coming!” he moaned, as his felt his semen shoot out into her depths.

“Yes, I can feel it!” Sophie answered back in triumph.

Brandon pumped several times, each time spurting his semen as deep as he could. With an exhausted sign, he fell forward onto Sophie, both of them using the counter in the pantry for support. Finally, he pulled himself from within her, and leaned next to her.

Sophie was barely conscious at this point, laying her head on the counter as she recovered from her most explosive orgasm yet. Beside her, Brandon quickly pulled up his pants.

“Hurry up, we’ve been gone too long. Someone might have noticed.” Brandon’s words snapped Sophie from her dreams, and she looked at the clock. They had been in here for a good 20 minutes at least. People would be looking for them soon.

“I’ll exit first,” Brandon said, peeking out the door of the pantry to make sure the kitchen was clear. As he got ready to leave, he turned back to Sophie. “Don’t go out with those losers. I’ll make it worth your while if you stay in tonight.” With that he closed the door behind him, and calmly walked back to the party.

Sophie took a few more moments to compose herself, before beginning to move her sore body. It was a good sore though, she thought with excitement. She didn’t think it was possible to have sex again tonight, but there were other things they could do. This would be much more fun than some stupid club, she realized with a smile.

Upon her return to the party, her mother came up to her, oblivious to her daughter’s (or her boyfriend’s) whereabouts for the last half hour.

“Sophie, there you are, I have some people I need to introduce you to,” Jessica said, leading Sophie by the arm. As she moved them to introduce Sophie to her actor and producer friends, she whispered to her daughter.

“You’ve made quite the impression tonight…a lot of these young men want to take you out later.” Jessica said happily. The paparazzi were now sure to get pictures of Sophie with some hot young star.

Sophie sighed, looking over at Brandon in the other corner of the room, a knowing look on his face. She made her final decision then.

“Actually, I’m kinda tired, and a little sore…from all the walking around,” Sophie told her mother. “Think I’ll just call it a night after this.”

“Oh, OK,” her mother said with some disappointment. “But you really should learn to take advantage of these opportunities I’m giving you.”

Sophie laughed to herself. ‘I’m definitely taking advantage of something of yours’, she thought,’ even if you didn’t give it to me.’ She knew her mother would be taking another sleeping pill tonight. All she had to do was wait.

Over the next several weeks, Brandon and Sophie got together every chance they could, mostly when her mother was out shooting her TV show, but also after she went to bed at night. Both of them were quickly becoming addicted to their rendezvous. Neither of them thought this could go anywhere, but both of them were determined to enjoy things while they could.

But as they got more confident they wouldn’t be caught, they began to get sloppy in covering their tracks. Several times, they were having sex when Jessica returned to the house, only barely separating before she noticed. Sophie realized what a dangerous game they were playing, so she attempted to cool things off for a while.

But it only lasted so long, for either of them. The next time Jessica had an all-night shoot, they got together again.

“God, you look amazing,” Brandon gushed, ogling Sophie in the new lingerie set she bought; a purple number with black panties and garters. Sophie wasn’t in love with Brandon, deep down she knew he was still a selfish jerk. But she had grown to love being this desired by a man; that it was her mother’s boyfriend only made it more addictive.

As Brandon lay her on her bed and began removing her lingerie, neither realized this would be their last time together. Jessica had gotten a call while being driven to the studio, her shoot had been canceled. She returned home, less than an hour after she left. As she climbed the stairs to her bedroom, she heard the tell-tale signs of a couple having sex. They were coming from Sophie’s bedroom.

Jessica smiled at first, thinking her daughter had brought someone home. She hoped it was someone famous; she could definitely use that to her advantage. But as she listened closer, her smile faded. Jessica quickly recognized the frantic male moans that accompanied her daughter’s cries.

“Sophie, baby, I love fucking you!” Brandon groaned as he thrust madly between her legs.

“Am I better than her?” Sophie moaned. Deep down, Sophie knew this was so wrong, but that’s what made it feel so good. Finally, after 19 years, she had something over her mother.

“Yes, you’re the best, babe, I want you so much more than Jessica!” Brandon cried out, as both reached their peak. “I’m coming.”

“YESSS!” Sophie screamed, as Brandon arched his back and pumped his semen into her womb. She rubbed up and down his back as both came down from their highs. In their post-orgasmic bliss however, neither noticed Sophie’s bedroom door open and silently close a few moments later.

Jessica Norton was speechless as she watched her 19 year old daughter fucking her boyfriend. Rage overcame her, and she was moments away from screaming out. But, something clicked in her, and she simply closed the door quietly instead. A plan began to emerge in her head, as she entered her bedroom.

There was a movie role she desperately wanted, a prestige drama about a middle aged woman who loses her husband to a younger woman, and must rebuild her life. She auditioned for the role, and the producers loved her work. But, they told her, no one would believe the perfect Jessica Norton playing the role of an aggrieved spouse.

‘Sometimes, even bad publicity can be used to your advantage,’ thought Jessica, as she sat in the dark waiting for Brandon to come into her bedroom. After a few minutes, Brandon opened the door and turned on the lights.

“So, have you enjoyed fucking my daughter?” asked Jessica calmly. She didn’t want to disturb Sophie, she needed her to be ignorant of her plan for it to work.

“Jessica, what are talking about?” stammered Brandon, suddenly not the confident man he portrayed to the world.

“Oh, don’t give me that, I saw you in there with her,” Jessica replied with a laugh. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to yell and scream at you.”

“OK…what are you going to do?” Brandon asked, totally confused.

“I have a plan that can work for both of us. If you can pull this off, both our careers will benefit. If not, I’ll ruin you.” Jessica began to explain what she wanted Brandon to do. He was incredulous as she laid her idea out.

“You would really do that to your daughter?” Brandon said, dumbfounded. He felt very sorry for Sophie in that moment. But his career was more important to him.

“Please, she lost all right to complain once she started sleeping with you,” Jessica said dismissively. “Besides, I can make it work for her too, after she learns her lesson. No one messes with Jessica Norton.”

Brandon shivered inside at her words, but he had already made up his mind. He had no choice; he didn’t want to ruin Sophie’s life. But he would if it meant Jessica wouldn’t ruin his career.

“Ok…I’ll do what you need me to do,” Brandon sighed.

“Perfect, I’ll let you know when I’m ready to put things in motion.” Jessica said smiling. “You can go now…this relationship has run its course, don’t you think?”

As Brandon slinked off, Jessica returned to her daughter’s room and looked in on her sleeping daughter. A part of her knew what she was about to do was wrong, but it didn’t remotely stop her from doing it. Jessica’s career was what mattered, and she would step over whoever she could to further it. Including her own daughter.

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