Girl Visits Aunt Uncle and Twins Ch. 02Girl Visits Aunt Uncle and Twins Ch. 02


I was very refreshed within half an hour of enjoying my orgasm while being fucked by Clint. Pat’s cuddling had turned by then into gently rubbing his erection across my bottom as he lay behind me. I am not sure why but I acted as if I was reluctant to let Pat fuck me. In fact I was greatly excited by the prospect and loved it when his arms circled me and found my appreciative nipples. I had expected him to be so focused on penetrating me for the first time he would be very rushed. In fact it was me who seemed to want to get on with things. I turned over offering him better access to all of my body. Still he took his time using his hands to arouse my nipples before using his mouth to suck them to full erection. I had not expected subtleness like this from this encounter, but welcomed it. My legs had fallen open and my hand had found my still slightly sensitive clit. Having not cleaned myself from my earlier encounter I was still sticky and a bit wet.

I had not realized that Clint was still in the room still sitting at his computer. I thought he was giving us some privacy when he got up and left the room. He was back within a minute and threw something small onto the bed saying, “I think you may need this.” “This” was a condom that all three of us knew would be in use shortly. Pat reached for the condom but I took his hand and guided to where my own hand had started to do a very effective job. He smiled at me and visibly relaxing started to do just as effective a job. On reflection his hand was not particularly skilled but my pussy and clit were particularly easily aroused. I encouraged him and “suggested” what he might do next. He was very keen to learn and I was very keen to receive the attention. Pat had sat back down at his computer but was now not paying it any attention as he watched us.

For the first time in my life I knew that I would not be left frustrated. We had the rest of the day to play. I had two lovely easily excited cocks to play with, to my heart’s content. Two young men who would fuck me all day if I wanted. I felt like a child in a sweetie (candy) shop. I was going to enjoy this.

Taking charge of the situation I knelt up so that I could take Pat’s rock-hard erection into my mouth. I was used to doing this to my boyfriend before he fucked me because it guaranteed he was fully erect. Pat didn’t need me to go down on him for this reason but we both enjoyed it anyway. Pat seemed keen to get his mouth to my pussy but I was very conscious that it was very sticky down there and decided I would keep that pleasure for another time. It was at this moment it struck me that fucking the twins was not going to be a one off.

I moved Pat onto his back and straddled his stomach. He reached up and used both hands to play with my nipples again. Again I made suggestions on how he might vary this stimulation and was greatly rewarded by him learning quickly. We remembered the condom just in time and I tried to make it as sexy as possible as I stretched it along his large cock. I hate the taste of condoms but took him in my mouth to ensure that at least the first few inches were lubricated. I was pleased I did as even though I was very wet his large cock took some working into me before he was comfortably buried very deep. It was a lovely feeling of being filled completely as I pushed down fully from my kneeling position. I felt a pang of guilt as I reflected that I had never felt anywhere near as fully stretched as this with my boyfriend. It felt wonderful.

I told Pat to relax as much as possible, that I wanted him to enjoy being fucked by me. I would fuck him to orgasm and therefore why not enjoy the journey for as long as possible. He seemed delighted by this and I felt his whole body with one notable exception relax. I rode him with short strokes ensuring he was very deep inside me at all times. This guaranteed that he was reaching areas inside me never visited before my arrival here. I wanted this to last forever. I suspected he would not last for long but knew I would orgasm very quickly. He didn’t need to announce his orgasm as his body communicated it beautifully. He moved his hands off my nipples and took hold of my hips. I was happy for him to fuck me at this stage but was determined that he would remain buried very deep throughout his orgasm. It became a battle as he tried to lengthen the thrusting while I ground myself down to ensure maximum penetration.

My orgasm started so deep inside me I was not sure whether it was inside my pussy or not. This was completely different to the clitoral orgasms I had always experienced before. There was a power to it Didim Escort that shock my whole body, a completely knew experience for me. I knew he was enjoying his orgasm but I was far too consumed by mine to enjoy his. Eventually my body stopped shaking and I started to breath again. This was greeted by Clint clapping and congratulating both of us. As I collapsed onto Pat with him still buried in my pussy I felt Clint’s hand on my back caressing it. I was not sure his intention as it travelled down until it reached my bottom. I was just about to complain when he quietly said,

“You look so wonderful just as you are. My fingers will not be demanding and I will stop when you ask me to.”

His hand carried on down until his middle finger made contact with the heart of my bottom. The whole area was slick with natural lubrication. I was confused but intrigued. When a single finger entered I held my breath. I was stunned at how erotic it felt. He very gently fucked my bottom, only penetrating an inch or so. I had no idea where this was leading but enjoyed it for what it was.

“Oh, that is wonderful your bottom seems so beautifully sensitive. Would you like me to stop now?”

Fuck, I wanted him to carry on all day but was far too embarrassed to admit it. I could not make my self tell him directly to stop so quietly said,

“That’s just fine thanks.”

He took it that I wanted him to stop. I was not surprised to see Clint’s cock was at full erection. After Clint removed his finger both boys seemed to accept that the sex was over for the morning. We agreed to meet after showing and go down to the beach.

I enjoyed meeting their friends again. We swam played beach games and sunbathed. Most of the group was male but there were three females who were part of the dozen or so others. I didn’t take much notice of the females because it was the males who were paying me most attention. One of the girls did however catch my eye. Her eyes sparkled as she talked to me and I did find myself drawn to her. I had lots of female friends back at home but I had never found any female in the slightest bit intriguing. Gemma was quite different. I tried hard to work out why. Yes she was being very attentive to me, but she wasn’t the first. Yes she had a fantastic body, but I had never found even the most beautiful female attractive. I was intrigued by her but just as fascinated by my reaction. I was drawn to her and was thoroughly enjoying being around her.

As lunchtime approached the twins and I said that we were going back for lunch. I noticed Gemma give a slight sign of disappointment. I asked her if she was okay but she was non-committal but gave me a nice smile. My invite for her to join us was out of my mouth before I thought about it. The twins seemed very happy with the idea. When Gemma and I were in the kitchen she quizzed me about why I was staying there and how well did I know the twins. I explained that they were my cousins but deliberately avoided what I thought was her real question. She said that she had known them for some months and enjoyed their company. The way she said this left me wondering just how well she knew them.

When we joined the twins by the pool they were both naked having already had a dip in the pool. Gemma seemed completely unfazed by this and was soon as naked as them. I thought to begin with that she was completely shaved until I was able to get a better view. In fact she had very trimmed blond hair cut in a small triangle. Having laid the lunch out I tried to look very casual as I slipped my bikini off.

Lunch over; I knew I had an hour or two before I needed to make dinner and clear things up. Picking up the suntan cream I went to start creaming my legs when I suddenly became excited by the idea of creaming Gemma. I sat on the edge of her sunbed and made it clear without words that I was offering to cream her legs. She made it abundantly clear that she would welcome me doing so. There had been chemistry since we had first met but now it had ramped up dramatically. My offer had been accepted in the same way as an offer of “coming in for coffee” at the end of a date. Yes I would apply suntan cream but I intended that we would both enjoy it as much more.

She turned onto her stomach and I drank in the view of her firm and very rounded bottom. I wanted to apply suntan cream to it immediately but resisted and started at her feet. I worked my way up to the very top of her legs. Her legs partly slightly as I got higher and I sensed that my touch was exciting her. Again I resist temptation and moved to her shoulders. When I reached Didim Escort Bayan the bottom of her back I knew I had to make a decision. Just how sexual was my creaming of her backside going to be. I started modestly but as I worked towards the middle not only her legs parted but also she started pushing up towards my hands. These actions allowed me to see more and more of her bottom and when I stretched the area (in a supposedly innocent attempt to get to cream everywhere) I could see the nearly black crinkled skin of her anus. With no trace of hair back there, her small tight orifice looked stunning. I had to complete this part of her body quickly before I became inappropriate.

As she turned over I was completely confused. I had been attracted to this girl immediately but within hours I was lusting after her body, a female body. I have never been in the slightest bit homophobic but had also never been attracted to another female in any way. I had been so tempted to pull her cheeks apart and kiss her beautiful anus. I was a little bit scared about where this would end. Was Gemma happy with what I was doing? She had offered no protest and I was sure she hadn’t wished to. Either way I wanted to hear her express her wish for me to carry on. The two boys had been getting closer and closer to us as I massaged her and took more interest when I asked her,

“Would you like Clint or Pat to cream your front? I am sure either of them would be delighted to oblige.”

With this, if there had been any doubt about it before it was now clear that what was happening was sexual. Her answer shocked me. She didn’t say a word but took my face in her hands and kissed me passionately. My god it was special. No kiss had aroused me like this. I wanted to forget the suntan cream but realized that being allowed unlimited access to her stunning body was wonderful foreplay. I prayed it would turn out to be foreplay. The creaming of the front of her legs started to get interesting when as I got closer to her pussy her legs fell wide apart. Everything between her legs was neat and compact. It was also plump and moist. For the first time in my life I understood why men wanted to give oral sex. I wanted to kiss her, lick her, suck her and tongue her. I suspected that she was thinking the same.

Instead I started at her shoulders. Until I got to her boobs everything I did was functional but as I creamed her boobs her nipples sprang into life. In contrast to her pale skin her areola and nipples were a deep red. The color was attractive but what struck me was how thick her nipples were. This increased, as the areola seemed to become part of her nipples. Now they became longer as well as thicker. I forgot to put suntan cream on my fingers as I caressed just the very tip of her nipples as lightly as I could manage. Her eyes clouded over and she was unable to maintain eye contact. If this was what men felt when playing with a gorgeous female I was very jealous. I don’t know how or why I resisted from sucking her huge nipples into my mouth. I used one hand to finish applying the suntan cream while the other hand played with one of her nipples. When I reached her pubic hair she drew her legs up and opened them as wide as possible. She clearly wanted me to finger her but I had other ideas.

Very quickly I was between her legs. They were still pulled back and still wide apart. It offered her neat excited pussy and clit to me perfectly. I held under her bottom allowing me to control her movements and keep perfectly in contact with her clit. I wanted this to last forever. She tasted wonderful, she smelt beautifully pungent and the noises she made were exciting. It was just as I was settling to my task the twins arrived on either side of Gemma. I panicked briefly thinking this could upset Gemma and kill the mood. Far from it she took one erection in each hand with a huge smile on her face.

“What more can a woman ask for? A beautiful female, giving her the best oral ever and a prick in both hands. Heaven, just heaven.”

I wanted to do exactly what she said and give the best oral ever. I knew that if I was her I would want it to last. I would want to be teased and play with until eventually I lost all control and exploded. I varied what I did from aggressively exciting her clit to gently playing with her pussy and even licking her perfect anus that had captivated me earlier. She reacted to my tongue licking bottom almost as if I had applied 20,000 volts. I was tempted to concentrate on this alone as there was something beautifully naughty, forbidden and downright dirty about it. Escort Didim As much as the whole scene was exciting me I realized that I was the only one who was not going to orgasm unless something changed. I accepted that there would be time for me later. Gemma had other ideas,

“Which one of you two wants me to suck them off?”

Both boys were instantly trying to get to be the one. Pat won and Gemma used both of her hands as she prepared to add her mouth. Just before she gagged herself with his cock she told Clint that he should use his cock to service my pussy. It was a strange use of words but who was I to argue. I welcomed his cock as he fucked me firmly with long strokes. I only hoped that having cum earlier he would give me the time to build towards my orgasm.

Pat was the first to cum. He did announce it giving Gemma time to pull away. I wanted to see him ejaculate but was denied that as Gemma took whatever he had to offer without spilling a drop. I had been between Gemma’s legs for many minutes and my mouth was getting tired. After one last visit to her perfect bottom I committed to her clit. I had obviously succeeded at keeping her close to orgasm as she immediately became very vocal. She praised me, she cursed me, she denied something but I have no idea what. Then she exploded into a breathtaking orgasm. I was pleased to have a good grip on her hips as I was determined to keep my mouth glued to her clit. I only achieved this by sucking it hard before biting it at the base. When she calmed down significantly I continued to bite her but used my tongue to play across the head of her clit. I don’t know if she had a second orgasm but she carried on praising my efforts for many seconds.

Clint now announced his climax and I felt gutted, as I was so close but not quite there. He fucked me vigorously and I felt his body tense. Just as I was sure that he had finished, my orgasm hit me with great force. I fucked back onto his softening cock getting just enough to complete a short but very satisfying climax.

We didn’t manage a coherent conversation for a few minutes. For some reason, I was desperate to know whether Gemma was gay or not. She assured me that she enjoyed both male and females. She said she rarely found females attractive but when she did the sex was usually unrivalled. She sensed my next question that I could not quite bring myself to ask.

“In answer to your next question, yes that was the best oral and easily the best orgasm I have ever had. Did you enjoy giving it as much as I enjoyed receiving it? Do other females respond as easily as I did? I just loved it when you licked my bottom. Do others find it as special?”

“So many questions. Yes I loved going down you. I will remember it forever. I will remember it forever, as it was my first time meaning that I cannot answer your other questions. I don’t know whether I enjoyed it as much as you enjoyed receiving it because no female has ever gone down on me.”

If there had been a glint in her eyes earlier it certainly returned in response to my answers.

“I am delighted that I was your first, I had no idea. Please let me be the first to go down on you and let you find out whether having your bottom licked is as good for you. It is not the same as losing you virginity but I certainly remember losing my lesbian cherry with great fondness.”

I didn’t like the idea that I had lost my lesbian cherry but it had been a wonderful experience. I wanted to experience more with this gorgeous girl, but not today. I wanted to experience it fresh and very ready. Gemma wanted to know when we could see each other again. She said she would not be able to make the next day but would love to meet up the following day.

That morning I had felt blessed to have the twins to satisfy my every sexual need. Now I felt as if I my new toy had been ripped away from me after just receiving it. The remainder of the day and evening were uneventful. I thought the sex was over until Pat arrived in my bedroom asking me if I wanted to have sex. For one of the first times in my life I didn’t have a strong need. I had enjoyed three lovely orgasms during the day but was happy to have sex if Pat did all the work. I told him he needed to go down on me and get me very ready. In fact I wanted him to go down on me so that I could fantasize about my time with Gemma.

It worked and I was happy to receive Pat’s prick as I knelt in front of him. I was less aroused than I thought and had to masturbate myself to ensure that I came for the fourth time in the day. Pat came shortly after me. He kissed me tenderly before leaving me to get some sleep.

When I woke the next morning my libido was fully restored and I was looking forward to a day with the twins. I would not be disappointed even though Gemma was never far from my thoughts. The next couple of days are the subject of the next chapter.

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