Subject: Siblings in Satin 3 Subject: Siblings in Satin 3 By Lacylips@ DISCLAIMER: This is a fantasy depicting homosexual acts involving adults. The story is intended for adult readers and not minors. IF YOUARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR IF YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OFFENSIVE, PLEASE LEAVE. All characters are fictional and in no way related to any person or persons living or deceased. Please consider donating to Nifty. I know that enjoy it as much As I fty/donate.html _______________ Saturday morning after my suck fest at the older boys card party. It was morning wood time in our room. Mark and I were both stroking our own shafts. I don’t know what he was thinking but my thoughts were all about how good it felt to wrap my liquid lips around all of these big cocks and swallow 5 loads of yummy cum. When Mark had released his pent up load he left the sticky mess on his sheet and went off to the bathroom. I lay there and finished myself resisting the urge to go taste his remnants while it was still fresh. When my brother came back he sat on the bed and told me how pleased he was that I had made his friends so happy and satisfied. I told him that I had enjoyed it mostly and would do it again if he asked me to. Everyone would be gone in the afternoon that day with Mom and Dad going a few towns over to visit an aunt or something and ellie going with other girls to a volleyball tournament. “We will have all afternoon together, Squirt. I think you need a reward for last night so how about a long back rub after they are all out of here?” “Rub my butt too?” “Of course. You have a great firm butt and I would be pleased to rub it as well” We did all of our morning stuff just waiting for them to leave and when they were all out of the house Mark told me to put on one of the new pairs of panties the boys gaziantep escort had given me last night, get on his bed face down and be ready for a great back rub. Eagerly I dashed to our room lost all of my clothes and slid into a pair of ivory nylon hip hugger style briefs. Very basic but the fabric was really silky and soft. I humped the bed a bit face down as I waited for Mark. When he came in the room he had on one of the pairs of “bait panties” as he called them. Ones that always drew me to that bulge in his crotch that I so loved to make love to. In his hand was a bottle of baby oil he told me he had warmed in the sink just for me. Mark climbed on the bed, straddling my feet, oiled his hands and starting at the ankles he massaged upwards to the back of my knees. Oh My! How good that felt already. I was almost fully hard in my panties. After a few rounds in that section his hands worked up and down and around the back of my thighs constantly asking if I liked it. I think all I did was moan in response as it hightened my stimulation even more. I was a bit miffed when the next area was my back and not my butt. My ass was yearning to get the hot oil treatment but his hands were magical on my back anyway. Each time he rocked forward to reach my neck his hard pantied bulge brushed my nylon wrapped ass driving me crazy. “Do my ass please!” I almost shouted. “sure thing , Squirt. I was about to get to that.” As his hands slid up my thighs and into both leg openings coming to rest on the top of my ass cheeks. Oh. Shit! That feels so good, Please keep going.” With that request he began kneading my firm bubble like butt orbs like bread dough. His fingers spread wide across and his thumbs going right up the center opening my crease. He pulled harder at the top stretching the meaty flesh. “Let’s suriyeli escort get these out of the way, he said removing his hands from my panties and grasping the waist band so as to draw them down my legs and off. He stuck them in front of my face on the pillow. They felt nice against my cheek. Grabbing the other pillow he ask me to raise my hips and he stuffed the folded pillow beneath me to raise my butt a little. His hands were soon on my thighs and my butt again seemingly pulling even harder to widen the divide of my butt crack. With my spread to the max he leaned way forward bringing his pantied dick slab to rest between them. I thought I might cum right then as he slowly rocked back and forth stimulating himself and my tender ass as well. It felt fantastic to have Mark laying on top of my back side so I wiggled my ass around swaying from side to side as he went up and down. This was amazing but soon he started humping faster telling me he was about to cum. “Oh! Hell! Bennie. Humping your fine ass is too good! I am going to cum.” His movement ceased for a moment as I felt his cock pulsing and jerking without his hips even moving. Soon a new sensation of the dampness of his flooded panties became noticeable to my sensitive bubble butt. He rested for just a few seconds then quickly raised up from my legs telling me to turn over quickly. I did. He lept forward placing the front of the soaked panties right on my face rotating his hips massaging the wetness over my lips while I tried eagerly to apply suction to extract his yummy cum from them. Mark used his arms to rise into a push up position above me and I yanked his waist down bringing his big dick to my mouth so as to be sure I got all of the tasty discharge to savor. I cleaned his cock completely before he dropped off to my rus escort side. He soon had my cock and balls in his hand and realizing that I too had blown a load from the action. We fell asleep after that and woke up sticky later. We decided to shower together and spent a lot of time making sure each other was really clean everywhere. Mark was washing my ass and brought the flat side of his hand up my crack causing me to moan once again. He left it there and moved it around asking if I liked him touching my asshole. “Do you like my hand on your boy pussy.” he asked.” It felt great and I told him to keep doing it. I had never heard of an asshole being called a boy pussy though. Later he told me sissys have boy pussies not butt holes. That was ok with me as he kept rubbing. He extended his middle finger that was all soapy and made little circles around my pussy poking it inside now and then. More moaning from me which I guess brought him to shoving that digit all the way into me as a huge OHHH exited my mouth. Crazy good so he kept sliding it in and out and bending the tip as he withdrew it causing me to gasp even more. Pop! It was out and he slapped my ass telling me maybe more later. He held my back to his front from behind as he washed my hair for me and rinsed us both off. The best part of that was his super stiff thick teen cock nestled between my pussy cheeks as we finished our shower. I did not think my dick would ever go back down after that and as I dressed it was a challenge to bend it enough to get it into one of the other new panties from card night. Satin back, all lacy front. I checked myself for quite awhile in front of the full mirror. Satisfied in look and feel before slipping on a pair of shorts for the rest of the day. I was so horny from all of this, even having cum a lot, that while Mark watched sports on tv I happily sucked his sweet cock to another orgasm. Yummy cum for lunch. A most enjoyable treat. Want More? Wipe yourself off on Your panties and tell me what you ail Please consider donating to Nifty. I know that you enjoy it as much as I fty/donate.html

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