She Was The Key To My LustShe Was The Key To My Lust


Isn’t it funny how something innocent and unexpected can really get your motor revving? We tend to find our particular passions, at least I think, through serendipity. I remember the time when I discovered that I have a huge exhibitionist streak. It was unintentional but so amazing for me. I was young, old enough to know better, but too young to care. It wasn’t like I was innocent! I was raised in a Wiccan hippie atmosphere, after all. I knew my parents were swingers; I knew all about kinks and fetishes and swapping and the fact that both of my parents “liked” both men and women.I was at the local library, studying for some assignment and I was wearing just a t-shirt that had “She’s a witch, burn her!” and a flowy skirt. Other than some shoes, I wore nothing else. I was seated at a long table in the back, my books spread out before me, reading and taking notes intently. Unknown to me in the moment, my legs had spread out as far as the books I had my nose buried in. I was totally oblivious to my lack of modesty.One man, however, was not so oblivious. He was older; by the Goddess he must have been in his late twenties or early thirties! When you are in your late teens, that seems like a venerable age. He was also not very subtle. He was walking near me and he suddenly stopped with a sharp intake of breath. I looked up only to see his eyes glued to me with a huge grin on his face. I realized what was going on and snapped my legs shut, feeling startled. He turned red and moved on.Feeling embarrassed and ashamed, I literally ran out of the library and into my beat-up old car. Before bahis siteleri I had even left the parking lot, I realized how wet I was. I ruminated over what had just happened and immediately realized that the attention turned me on to the point that I was touching myself while driving. I had to stop someplace to calm down and an outdoor ice cream stand seemed perfect. In those following moments, I did it again, this time accidentally on purpose. The thrill for me was indescribable!Like I said, innocent and unexpected.The same thing, in spirit, happened to me yesterday. I was working on a story, a confessional of my sexual desires, and she was helping me. Why was she helping? Let’s just say that while I write well, my grammar is atrocious. She helped me with some issues I had, gave me some pointers, and was quite nice and helpful. I thanked her for her help to show my gratitude. My story was accepted and I went on with my day. Then came her unexpected message.She wrote, “I have a naughty confession to make. I just got off to your picture.”I’m used to men saying and doing things like that. Yes, guys, it is appreciated and I do enjoy the flattery and attention. I did just mention that I’m a showoff, right? However, just be warned—for me and probably all ladies in general—just because you like our pictures or prose does not mean that we necessarily want to meet you, have cybersex with you, or talk dirty. If we feel like getting nasty with you, you’ll know.But this was entirely different. She was complimentary and appreciative in a way that only women can be. She wasn’t trolling canlı bahis siteleri for some online dirty-talking romance. She just mentioned that she loved my physical appearance and took matters into her own hands. It wasn’t as if she were hitting on me; it was just an adult lady being openly sexual and confessing it to me. I was taken aback and instantly felt those butterflies in my stomach, thighs, and loins, just like when I discovered that I like flashing innocent and appreciative bystanders.I shot her a message right back, showing my appreciation and letting her know how flattered I felt. Before I had even finished typing what I hoped was a reciprocally appreciative note, I felt the heat and moisture between my legs. Although I had other things to do and a date to prepare for, I kept going back and reading her two-sentence message over and over. It drove me to the edge of physical explosion.The rest of my work-day was a blur. I’d do some work, wait on a customer or two, and then jump back online and read her message for the umpteenth time. I swear that every fifteen minutes I had to go to the back rows of the store and get myself off. The fact that I have no clue as to what she looks like just added to the mystery and fantasy aspect.I sped home after I closed up shop and tried to get ready for my date. I was thankful that he is a friend with benefits because she definitely put me in the mood for love. I put on a patchwork peasant skirt and a crocheted midriff halter top; nothing else except for some sandals. I was planning on dressing in elegance, but I canlı bahis chose those clothes to suit my mood and my makeup was applied a bit heavy and stark. I looked like quite the sex-doll.Waiting for my friend to arrive and knowing that he’d just come on in when he showed, I bided my time by rereading her message over and over, then checking out her profile for the thirtieth or fortieth time that hour, and then perusing her stories. One hand was clicking the mouse and my other hand was clicking another button under my skirt when his voice startled me.“I’d freeze this moment in time if I had the power,” he said. I looked up after gasping in shock. Okay, it wasn’t the first time he’d seen me playing with myself. In a way, it is part of how we met. That is its own story.I looked him over, handsome in that rugged roguish sort of way, with a well-muscled and athletic build. His broad shoulders and narrow waist were covered in a black loose linen V-neck shirt. His inverted triangle torso sat atop faded jeans that were tight in the right places and his long fine hair haloed his elfin face.“Just a minute,” I moaned out. I could see his erection growing in his pants. Always gallant, he just stood there watching. His eyes roamed over me, drinking me in.I felt my orgasm coming on and quickly pulled up her message once more. With him looking at me with open lust and her words on my screen, I convulsed and moaned through an incredibly intense orgasm. He stood there appraising me as my convulsions subsided, then helped me to my feet. As he bent to straighten my skirt, he let his fingertips brush near my pussy lips. His fingers glistened with my juices as he licked and sucked on them in front of me. His mottled gray and hazel eyes stared into my soul and did nothing to quell the fire still burning inside of me.

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