“Are you ready?” Julie asked, pulling out a kitchen chair. “You sure you want me to do this?” The grin on her face told me she really didn’t want me to say no.

“Of course baby. I told you its not that hard. I trust you,” I replied.

The smile on her face got bigger as she glanced down at the chair beckoning me to take a seat.

As I sat, she dashed into the bathroom to grab the essential supplies. She came back, shaking the can of shaving cream in her right hand, grinning again. In the 4 months we’ve been together, I’d learned to love that grin, yet fear it at the same time.

“You really okay with this?” she asked as she stood before me.

I nodded. I had mentioned earlier that I needed to shave my head. I do this chore every couple of days, because if I leave it go longer, I destroy razor blades. As soon as she heard that, Julie asked if she could do it. I didn’t see why she would want to, but I didn’t see the harm in it either. My hair was just stubble at that point, it would be easy. Even if she somehow managed to cut me, it wouldn’t be anything a band-aid couldn’t fix.

She flashed me that playful smile again as she stepped toward me, spraying the cream in her hand.

“Jeez, baby. My hair isn’t that long,” I said as I noticed how much cream she had doled out before placing the can on the counter beside us.

“I just want to make sure I don’t hurt you,” she replied, straddling my leg and beginning to rub the shaving cream into my scalp.

My eyes scanned her body, god I loved having her this close and damn she looked beautiful right now, wearing a tank top and what I recognized as a pair of my boxers as shorts. I smiled as I thought to myself, I don’t know what her motivation for doing this is, but I’m enjoying this, its sexy as hell. I was taken from my thoughts by her voice, sweet and innocent.

“You were right, I used too much.”

I didn’t even have time to register this statement before I felt her hand on cheek, smearing the remaining cream over my face, all the while giggling like a schoolgirl.

“Hey! What the hell!” I cried.

This just caused her giggle to become an outright laugh. I could imagine what I looked like right now. I looked up at her face, she was enjoying this.

“Think that’s funny, huh?” I said as my hand shot out grabbing the can from the counter before she could blink.

I quickly lifted her tank top and shot a dollop of cream into her belly button, causing her to scream through her laughter. I forgot, however that she still had shaving cream on her hand. I was immediately reminded of this fact when she ran her palm down across my nose, depositing the rest.

“Now behave,” her voice suddenly took on a stern tone, but the soft upward curl of her lips gave her away. “Give me the shaving cream so we can do this”, she said as she reached for the can.

I quickly moved my hand holding the can behind my back, causing her to drop down onto the leg she straddled as she reached for it. Christ, I thought, we’re just playing around but this is turning me on. I could feel her crotch sliding up my bare leg as she struggled to reach the can. I noticed how close her face was to mine and grinned. That grin that she told me tells her I’m up to no good. She was too pre-occupied to notice. I quickly leaned in and kissed her lips, finishing by rubbing my cheek against hers, smearing the excess shaving cream on her face.


It was my turn to laugh as she glared at me. She redoubled her effort to reach the can, her breasts pressing against my chest. I held the can further away, no way was I letting her get it. Her crotch was sliding up and down my leg. God Damn! Did she know what she was doing to me?

Finally she gave up reaching and fixed a sullen look at me while sitting on my leg.

“Fine,” she said as she wiped the shaving cream from her cheek with an attempt at a defeated look.

Against my better judgment I returned the can to the counter. What am I saying? Against my better judgment? I knew full well what would happen if I let the can out of my hands. As much as I wanted to finish the task at hand, I was having too much fun to let this end just yet.

“Now don’t cut my head just for spite because I won,” I said as I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. Wow, I was playing with fire here.

I heard the can being lifted from the counter and felt her fingers on my chest as she pulled my shirt away from my body. I opened my eyes as she sprayed a healthy amount of cream down it.

“HA!” she shouted victoriously, grinning that sexy grin at me.

I was no match for her in the cunning department, so I used the only advantage I really had, physical strength.

I wrestled the can from her grip while saying “now you’re gonna get it”.

As soon as she lost her grip on the can she was off my leg and darting into the living room with bahis forum a playful shriek. I was up off the chair in a flash after her, covered in shaving cream and intent on my revenge. I grinned as I entered the living room. She was still there. I had her trapped now, there was no way she could get past me…I would catch her before she could get to the kitchen and through to the downstairs bathroom or down the hall to the stairs and the second floor of the house. I slowly approached her, shaking the can. I eyed her up and down as she looked from side to side trying to plan her escape. Damn, she was beautiful. Every day since we met, my attraction to her grew. Today was the coup de grace. He hair was disheveled with traces of shaving cream through it, her tank top was pulled up above her navel from my earlier assault and my boxers, though quite baggy on her were damn sexy. I felt a stirring in my shorts; jeez this was turning me on. I stared at her, she was breathing heavily and her face was flushed, a little more so than her thus far limited exertion required. My eyes traveled down her body and I caught the unmistakable sight of her nipples protruding against the fabric of her tank top. This carrying on was affecting her the same as it was me.

Suddenly she made her move, with a shriek she dashed for the kitchen, taking her right past the sofa. I was on her in a flash, tackling her onto the couch. She screamed and struggled to free herself, but resistance was futile. I had her pinned onto the cushions. Laughing I lifted her tank top up, exposing her breasts, I could see her chest rising and falling with her breathing. Grinning, I proceeded to spray a good amount of shaving cream on her breasts and began to lather it up. Probably taking longer than I needed to, but I loved feeling her hard nipples against my palms. After a while I pulled her tank top back down, causing another squeal, this time accompanied by a giggle.

She bucked her hips, catching me off guard with the force of it and was able to free one hand. I watched as she pulled her tank top back up, seeing the shaving cream smeared on her stomach and breasts. She slowly drug her hand over her body. I knew what she was up to, but I didn’t care. She had this way of capturing my attention with the subtlest moves and right now the sheer eroticism of her movements blinded me to their ulterior motive. When she had a sufficient amount of cream on her hand she shoved it under my shirt, dragging her hand back down, leaving a trail of shaving cream on my stomach. Her hand didn’t stop as she continued along the waistband of my shorts, then down over the front of them. There was no hiding my arousal now, and I swear her hand lingered a bit longer than necessary.

Her laughter was now coupled with a throaty groaning, snapping me from my trance. As my hand holding the can moved, I watched her eyes follow it. I saw her catch her breath as it moved closer, her breasts rising and falling. I pulled on the waistband of the boxers she was wearing and suddenly she seemed to realize what was about to happen.

“Stop,” she gasped “we’re making a mess.”

She was right, of course, and I hated the thought of cleaning this later.

“Get up,” she pushed her hand against my thigh, her fingers brushing against the bulge in my shorts.

I groaned as I rose up off her, feigning disappointment at having to end my torture of her. In reality I was sorry to lose physical contact with her. I wanted her so bad at that moment. Our eyes locked as she rose from the couch and I knew she was right there with me.

She looked herself over and let out an exasperated sigh.

Smiling, I asked, “you ready to shave my head now?”

She shook her head, “I need to clean up first.”

I caught her smirk as she moved past me, brushing her body needlessly against mine. The shiver started from my toes as I turned to watch her walk toward the laundry room, lifting her shaving cream covered tank top as she went.

Tossing the shirt into the laundry room, she turned toward me, that sexy grin back on her face. I took a deep breath looking at her as she stood there, her breasts on full display, her hard nipples prominent through the layer of shaving cream left on her body. Without saying a word she hooked her fingers into the waistband of those boxers and gracefully slid them down off her legs. She kicked them towards me with a slight chuckle and turned and dashed up the stairs.

There was no doubt about it. She had me right where she wanted me. I reached down and adjusted my fully erect shaft in my shorts and followed after her. I stopped to remove my messy shirt and shorts and toss them with hers into the laundry room.

I found her in the master bathroom, standing naked in front of the mirror, her fingers tracing circles in the shaving cream around her breasts. Her eyes caught mine in the mirror as I stepped behind her. Placing my hands on her hips, I moved closer, my hard cock rubbing against her bare ass causing her to groan softly.

I started to lower my lips to her neck when she breathily whispered, “start the shower baby.”

I obediently turned and reached down to start the water, checking to make sure the temperature was right before starting the shower. I turned to see her bending down to grab two towels from the cabinet.

“Hot enough?” she asked as she rose back up. Catching her eyes in the mirror once again, I just nodded.

We both liked our showers hot, but there was no mistaking the double meaning of her question. Placing the towels on the counter, I watched as she grabbed my razor once again. I almost forgot how this started. Smiling, I remember telling her I usually shaved in the shower; I guess she decided to try that.

Turning toward me, her eyes wandering up and down my body, she didn’t hide the fact that her gaze lingered on my protruding cock. Reaching a hand out, her fingers softly touching my chest, she raised her eyes to mine and said, “Get in.”

I pulled back the curtain and stepped into the shower, letting the warm water wash the excess shaving cream from my body. I was about to duck my head under the spray when she started in.

“Not yet,” she said as she stepped in. I stepped back allowing her room. Suppressing a lustful groan as I watched her rinse the cream from her body. Her breasts jutting out as she leaned her head back, rinsing her hair. I wanted nothing more than to ravage her at this moment but she had other ideas.

She looked up past my eyes to my still shaving cream covered head. “You’re too tall,” she said “kneel down.”

Oh god I thought, I knew exactly what this would entail. My willpower would be seriously tested. I also had a cut scalp to worry about.

Choking back a groan, I dropped to my knees before her. I could feel my cock throbbing as I realized I was eye level with her pussy. Oh god I thought, I wanted so badly to lean forward and drag my tongue slowly through her slit.

“Hold still,” she said, her voice sounding weak and flustered.

I noticed her legs shaking and knew it wasn’t because she was nervous about shaving my head. This was testing her will power as well. I reached my hands up and held her hips.

I heard her breath catch and then she muttered, “oh god!”

There was no denying her arousal now. I took a deep breath as she lowered the blade to my head, slowly drawing it over my scalp.

Again and again, she drew the blade over my head, my fingers dug into her hips. I could hear her breaths coming in short gasps. My nostrils were filling with her scent. My cock throbbed. I removed one hand from her hip and lowered it to my aching shaft, squeezing it firmly. I held it in my hand as she dutifully shaved my head.

At some point she looked down and seeing my hard cock in my hand muttered, “fuck!”

The tone she used in saying that word eroded any resistance I had left. My neck craned forward, my lips finding her thigh. Light soft kisses and suckles before she responded. She moaned. It was the loudest noise she had made since we entered the bathroom.

I was hell bent on burying my tongue in her pussy when she said, “Jason, please…I’m almost done baby…need to get behind your ears… stop… please.”

It was more of a pant than a sentence. I reluctantly pulled my head back. Knowing she was almost done gave me the resolve to wait, just a bit longer.

I knelt there, not moving, my desire for her building as she did the delicate task of shaving behind my ears. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, she exhaled deeply and announced she was done. I looked up her; her eyes mirrored the lust in mine. I leaned forward and kissed her stomach, she moaned again when my lips touched her flesh and her hands cradled my head into her. Slowly I stood, keeping as much contact with her body as I possibly could. We slowly switched places, our hands slowly sliding up and down each other’s arms.

I pulled a hand from her and ran it over my head. Silky smooth.

“Good job, baby,” I whispered before leaning back into the warm spray, washing the excess shaving cream from my body.

Opening my eyes, I see her staring at me, water running down my body. My eyes traveled up her legs, over her pussy, her stomach, her wonderful round breasts, with nipples hard as diamonds. When our eyes met, I saw a look of crazed lust. In all of our time together, and it had all been great, I had never seen such a look of pure, wanton lust like this before. I stepped toward her, one arm wrapping around her waist, backing her up against the shower wall. No words were needed at this point. I leaned in and kissed her fiercely, she returned my kiss with equal passion. Her arms enclosed me, her breasts crushing against my chest. Our kiss grew deeper, hungrier.

My hand slipped down from her waist, sliding down the back of her leg. She instinctively raised it and I guided it around my ass. I could feel her heat on my shaft as it slid against her while we kissed. I broke the kiss as I reached between us to grab my cock, our eyes locked on one another. She swallowed hard as I rubbed the head through her moist lips. Her hands rose to my neck, cradling me as I teased her with my cockhead. A loud moan escaped her lips when it ran over her clit. I wouldn’t make her wait any longer. We had had enough teasing, she was ready, so was I.

Lowering my hips slightly, I guided my cock to her opening and eased inside her. She accepted me willingly, her walls closing tight around me as I pushed deeper into her.

“OH GOD, JASON!” she nearly screamed as I buried my cock fully inside her.

All I could do was pant, “Yes baby.” The feeling of being inside her was so exquisite, so wonderful.

We stood there, her back against the wall, the water beating off my back, my cock buried inside her. Our connection never deeper than it was at this moment. Our eyes burning holes into each other, I slowly began moving my hips, her muscles squeezing my shaft, trying to keep me there. Our breath coming in short pants. Our pace quickly gaining speed, our lust driving us both. Soon I was pounding my cock into her willing pussy, her leg around my ass pulling me, telling me to go harder.

I could feel her breasts bouncing against my chest with each powerful thrust of my hips. I was grunting, growling. The build up to this moment ensured I would not last long. I wanted and needed to make sure she got as much pleasure as I did.

Her voice started with a near inaudible whisper, “oh baby…yessss…so good,” and quickly building to near screams, “FUCK YES!, JASON!… YESSSSSSS! YESSSSSSS!”

My own words were merely grunts, “Oh god Julie…baby… .”

My cock was pounding into her again and again, pushing her body up against the shower wall. I felt my balls hitting her ass with each thrust, her fingers squeezing my neck. She ran her hands down my back. I watched her face as I drove into her. Her eyes closed, then fluttering open and catching mine. I knew she was close.

Panting, “Julie…I’m close baby.”

“Yes Jason, yesssss!” Suddenly I felt her nails dig into the flesh of my back.

That was it. My balls tightened, I could feel my shaft swell inside here.

I let out a hearty groan, “FUCK…I’M CUMMING BABY!”

Her arms tightened around me, her leg pulled me deeper. “Yessss…me too…oh god!”

My whole body stiffened as my balls let loose, my seed erupting into her depths. She wailed incoherently as her pussy clamped down tightly on my shaft. Her nails running down my back as I felt her body shake. Her pussy flooded my cock. I groaned louder, crushing her against the wall. Holding her there as her pussy milked every drop of cum from me. She buried her face against my neck.

My breathing started to slow; soon I felt her softly kissing my neck. I was still holding her against the shower wall. My cock still buried inside her.

I pulled my head back looking at her. “Julie,” was all I could manage to say.

She smiled. I leaned in and kissed her lips softly. She melted into the kiss, her hands softly rubbing up and down my back. My fingers began massaging the back of her neck, she purred against my lips.

I pulled us back under the spray of the water, my cock finally slipping out her. My knees were weak; I could tell hers were too. We held on to each other, hands gently roaming, not willing to lose contact at this point. We kissed again. Deeper. An unspoken, understood bond between us. The shower washing the sweat of our exertion away, I still shuddered when I felt her nipples drag over my chest. My mind still wanted her. Needed her. My body would soon be willing to comply.

Finally, I spoke, “Baby, we’re gonna be out of hot water soon.”

I smiled. She smiled back. I reached back to turn the shower off as she reached for the curtain. Leaning down to grab the towels, she gave me a delicious view of her ass. I licked my lips as she handed me the towel.

I gently ran the towel over her shoulders as we stepped out. She smiled that wonderful smile again and began drying my chest. We spoke not a single word as we toweled each other off, each of us lingering a bit on certain parts of our bodies; me, on her breasts, she, on my spent cock. I lowered my lips to hers and we kissed softly once more.

When we broke the kiss, she moved past me towards the bedroom. I lingered, applying lotion to my newly shaved scalp. I never noticed her in the mirror, twisting the damp towel. I heard the snap, felt the sharp pain on my ass cheek and heard her trailing giggle as she dashed into the bedroom. I rubbed the wound, looking into the mirror and not seeing a wince of pain on my face, but that sly grin. That one she loves, the one that drives her crazy.

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