Kelly MacGuire – Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. 06bKelly MacGuire – Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. 06b


(If you haven’t read it already, you’ll want to read Kelly MacGuire – Lincoln Park Mommy Chapter 06a before you read this chapter.)The woman’s hot breath searing into his ear, Eduardo jerked his hips and pumped his cock up into Kelly’s pussy, and roughly pulled her ass cheeks apart. “Miguel,” he grunted. “Ready for this? Come and fuck puta culo!”Kelly turned slowly and looked over her shoulder as Miguel approached the bed, rocking her hips against the kid beneath her and causing his cock to stroke itself in and out of her wet cunt. “Come on, Miguel, don’t you want some? Not often that a married whore offers her ass to you while your friend is in her pussy, huh?” she taunted with a wicked smile and smoldering eyes.Miguel climbed on the bed, the bottle of lubricant he and Eduardo picked up on the way over in his hand. He moved up between his friend’s legs that protruded from beneath Kelly’s body, his cock growing more erect at the sight of Kelly’s spread-wide asshole, the flesh pink and pulsing. He popped the top of the lubricant and poured a liberal amount around her quivering anal ring. Throwing the bottle to the side, Miguel spread the lube around the perimeter of Kelly’s asshole, watching her body twitch at the combination of his touch and Eduardo’s invading cock. He inserted first one and then another finger in her asshole, loosening her up.”Nnnnghnn,” Kelly moaned. “Hurry up…I need another cock in me.”When Miguel was satisfied that Kelly’s ass was ready for his cock, he wiped some excess lube along the length of his shaft. Getting up to his feet and squatting over Kelly’s upturned and spread ass, he placed the tip at the crinkled entrance to her butt. He slowly let gravity take hold, working his bloated head against the spongy flesh, teasing it open until he popped through her anal ring and enter the hot, dark depths of Kelly’s married ass.The penetration elicited another moan from Kelly, then, “Yesssss…ass-fuck me, Miguel!!! Stretch it open.”Kelly was quite a sight. Beneath her, Eduardo was on his back, his hands firmly planted on Kelly’s fat tits, pushing them together. Above her, Miguel squatted at her ass, his hands having replaced Eduardo’s pulling the slut’s ass cheeks apart.Sandwiched between them was Mrs. Kelly MacGuire, wife and mother. Her waxed cunt was split in two by Eduardo’s thrusting cock. An inch or so above that, Miguel’s cock snaked in and out of her battered asshole, lubricant flowing out and over that cock, dripping all over Eduardo’s thighs and crotch.Kelly arched her back, thrusting her tits into Eduardo’s firm grasp as the two pummeling cocks rocked her lithe body. Eduardo buried his face in the housewife’s tits, his lips sucking one turgid nipple, his teeth nibbling on the other. Sweat flowed down the woman’s back, and dripped from the tip of her nose. Her dirty blond hair was matted to her neck and face.Her eyelids hid her baby blue eyes, squeezed shut in concentrated lust, and she bit her lower lip to keep from screaming. A deep thrust from Miguel into the deeps of her scorching asshole caused her head to snap back, damp locks slapping against her strained back. Her red-painted lips fell slack, moans and groans emanating from between them, evidencing the lust that was growing in her cunt and her ass and threatening to boil over into that raging scream she tried to suppress. She entwined her fingers in Eduardo’s hair, pulling slightly, her nails rough against the kid’s scalp.Kelly’s breath quickened at the thought of these two strange young Cubans using her married holes in a hotel room far away from her home and her husband. She rocked her hips faster, almost forcing Eduardo’s cock from her cunt, but quickly recovered, Erzincan Escort and settled into a quick but controlled rhythm with these boys.Miguel slapped her ass, causing a loud groan to escape her beautiful lips. “Spank me more…fucking love it!” she spat. “Again…spank me…show me I’m a bad, bad girl…punish me!”Miguel complied, his hand crashing down on that taut flesh. Eduardo joined in, smacking her other cheek. Her flesh rippled and turned a deep crimson. One handprint and then another.Kelly groaned hard, her head spinning.”Two cocks feel good, slut?” Miguel inquired needlessly but wanting to feel Kelly shake with the additional degradation. “Husband can’t give you this, huh? You need to go out and find it, right, whore?” Miguel continued to taunt.”Fuck, yeah…I love strange cock…so much better…than my husband…so slutty,” Kelly responded through short breaths and over the lump that was forming in her throat. “Treat me like a whore! I live for it!!” she almost screamed.Eduardo and Miguel picked up their pace and started taunting the married slut that willingly presented her luscious body for their use. “Fuckin’ puta.” “Bitch loves young Cuban cock.” “Look at her move her ass. She don’t do this for her husband.” “I bet she would fuck anyone who asks.” “The younger the better.” “What kind of wife has a shaved cunt, anyway? What a fuckin’ slut.”After a few minutes of their continued pounding and degradation, Kelly let out a moan. It started in the pit of her stomach and gathered force, then rumbled up through her chest, punched out of her by the orgasm that slammed through her belly and stopped her heart, a rush of overheated breath as she trembled between the young men.”Omifuckingod,” she gurgled, her entire body shaking. “More…fuck…yesss…like that…yessss!” and with that, she let out a scream. Her body quaked and convulsed between the invading cocks, her cunt gushing its scalding juice over Eduardo’s cock and running down to soak the sheets.Kelly continued to shake for several minutes after her orgasm subsided. The sweat dripped from her chin and matted her mussed hair to her face. Her hips rolled slowly, masturbating the two cocks still buried in her forbidden holes.The woman was in an absolute state of bliss. It had been far too long since she had had the pleasure of two cocks in her little body. She loved being double penetrated. It wasn’t just physical. Sure, she loved having her cunt and ass packed with thick hot cock. Loved the whorish feelings that washed over her when she gave herself to two strangers.But it was also mental, or psychological. She knew she was a whore, loved it, and played to it. It was so wicked for her, a married woman, to fuck men other than her husband, to tell them they fucked her cunt better and harder than her husband, to give those strangers what she’d never given Mike – her asshole.That she had two men in her, though, made it all the more immoral, and she lived for the immorality. For the knowledge that she was corrupt, and would breach her wedding vows with absolutely no thought or remorse at all.So Kelly continued to rock her hips, luxuriating in the feeling of Eduardo’s cock popping in and out of her cunt, and Miguel’s stretching her now-tender asshole. She was glad they hadn’t cum yet because that meant they would fuck her again.She was wondering how they would take her, in what position they would force her lithe body, when her phone, sitting on the nightstand, rang. She let it ring a second time when Miguel spoke up. “Answer it, whore!” he hissed, taking her hair in his fist and snapping her head back.”I can’t,” she whined. “I don’t know who it is.””Who fuckin’ cares? Pick up the phone, Erzincan Escort Bayan bitch,” he ordered when the phone rang a third time.”It might be my husband, though,” she breathed, secretly hoping it was, her nipples swelling almost painfully once again at the thought of getting fucked by these two boys while her husband was sitting at home on the couch, watching SportsCenter before he went to bed.Without waiting for a fourth ring, Eduardo stretched his arm out, fumbling for the phone. Grabbing it, his thumb hit the “answer” button and he shoved it toward Kelly’s ear.With a scowl and a fiery look of anger behind her eyes, Kelly managed to get out, in a normal tone of voice, “Hello?” as she took the phone in her hand. “Hi, honey, I, uh, I was just thinking of you,” she cooed, as Eduardo bent his head and lashed his tongue at her obscene nipples.Kelly tried to rise up, to get Eduardo’s mouth away from the sensitive nubs, but Miguel, with his cock still buried in her ass, pushed her back down. A look back at him over her shoulder, fire still in her eyes, got her nothing but another shove, her fat tits mashing into Eduardo’s face and mouth.”No, nothing bad,” she fake-laughed, feeling Eduardo’s cock burn inside the depths of her sopping cunt. “I was just missing you, and wishing you were here with me,” she said.Miguel started to very slowly fuck her ass again. While Mike was talking, Kelly took the phone away from her ear and muted it “Stop. Right now,” she hissed over her shoulder. “I can’t do this. If you start fucking me again, my husband will hear.”It was to no avail. Putting the phone back to her ear, she heard Mike saying, “…put her to bed a few hours ago, and was about to go to bed myself. I just wanted to call and say ‘hi’.”While Kelly only vaguely comprehended her husband’s words, Miguel picked up his pace in her ass, and Eduardo began rocking again, his cock slipping in and out of her cunt, his teeth nibbling her nipples. When he took one between his teeth and bit down, Kelly responded with a deep moan.From a thousand miles away, her husband heard the almost guttural sound from his wife’s throat. “You okay, Kelly?””Yeah,” she recovered a bit breathily. “I’m just getting undressed. It feels so good to get these work clothes off,” she murmured as she delighted in the double fucking she was getting with her husband on the other end of the phone. “How was your day, babe?” she asked, hoping to keep him talking.While Mike started relating the boring details of his day, Kelly again muted the phone. “Let’s change positions,” she moaned. She felt Miguel’s consent when he pulled out of her ass and moved to the side of the bed. Knowing that her husband was still talking, even though she wasn’t listening, Kelly climbed off Eduardo, feeling empty when his cock slipped from her gaping hole with a squelch. She turned around, again squatting over Eduardo’s prone body.When she grabbed his cock this time, however, she guided it toward her asshole and sank down fully upon it when she felt his head lodged itself firmly against her quivering anal ring. She leaned back, placing her hands on either side of Eduardo’s chest, and kicked her legs out from under her, placing them beside Eduardo’s knees, making sure to spread her legs wide as she could. Her massive tits stood proud and tall on her chest, nipples almost glowing like beacons.Miguel caught on and was eager to feel this married whore’s hot, sodden cunt wrapped around his cock. He climbed between Kelly’s spread thighs, and with his hand positioned his cock at the opening to Kelly’s bald cunt, running the head around her labia to lubricate it with her cunt juices.With one Escort Erzincan hand supporting her weight, Kelly picked up the phone with the other and brought it to her ear. “…home around seven thirty, and told Esmeralda that she could go home. Evelyn was still sleeping…” her husband continued.While Kelly’s husband droned on, Miguel teased her, slapping the fat head of his cock against her clit. She rocked her hips, relishing the feeling of Eduardo’s cock now stretching her asshole, and her eyes rolled into her head as Miguel continued his torment of her clit. After a minute or so of this exquisite torture, Kelly opened her eyes, the phone still at her ear, and found Miguel staring right at her.Miguel couldn’t take much more. True, he wasn’t the one being teased, but he still desperately wanted to fuck this puta. When Kelly opened her eyes and saw him staring at her angelic face, he saw her lips begin to move, the phone tucked just beneath her chin. He could barely hear her but was able to make out the words. “Fuck me like a whore…fuck that whore-cunt.”A sneer formed on Miguel’s lips as he thrust his cock forward and up into Kelly’s married cunt. He shoved into that battered dripping hole, eyes locked on hers, watching with amusement when her eyes popped wide, and then began slamming into her cunt. Every third or fourth stroke, Miguel ground his pubic bone against her, brutally crushing her clit between them.Kelly put forth a great deal of effort to keep from screaming out. As Eduardo’s cock maintained its stretching presence in her asshole, and Miguel began pummeling her cunt, Kelly needed release – she needed to moan and groan and scream. She could do none of these things. Not with her husband on the phone. He knew the sounds of his wife’s orgasms. If she came right now…game over. He might not realize that his loving wife, the mother of his child, was servicing two Cuban cocks at the same time, one stretching her asshole and the other getting ready to shoot a load of searing hot sperm in her unprotected cunt. But he’d know that someone was inside his bride, fucking the pussy she’d promised to him.But try as she might, she couldn’t control herself any longer. Biting her lower lip hard, almost drawing blood, she managed to let out just a short, low, “Nnnnnghn.””Honey…you sure you’re okay?” she heard Mike say into her ear as Miguel, still fucking her hot cunt, placed his hands on her tits and squeezed hard.Looking directly into Miguel’s brown eyes, almost gritting her teeth, she responded, “I’m okay…I’m gonna go for a run so I’m…I’m just stretching a little.”Miguel’s fingers found her engorged nipples and closed down on both simultaneously. “I’ve been cooped up all week,” she managed to get out, “and I feel like I need some exercise.”Miguel maintained his firm grip and flipped his wrists, twisting.”I was thinking . . .,” she began before Miguel twisted more. “Oh, God,” Kelly let loose, her eyes still burning into Miguel with a lust that could not be measured, before she lost it. The arm supporting her upper body gave way, and she fell back against Eduardo’s chest, dropping the phone in the process.Miguel began assaulting her cunt violently, but Eduardo, realizing what happened, grabbed the phone and put it back to her ear, holding it for her.”Sorry,” she managed, gasping. “I, uh…I dropped the phone. Anyway,” she breathed, “I was thinking I’d go for a run down to South Beach and back, burn off some stress.”Not to be outdone by his friend, Eduardo wrapped his free hand around Kelly’s body and filled his palms with her huge tits. Kelly, caught up in the lust of the moment, put an arm behind her, wrapping it behind Eduardo’s head, pulling herself closer to his thrusting body.”Well, be careful. I know there’s a lot of people around there, but I don’t want anything to happen to you,” Kelly heard as Eduardo’s free hand latched onto one of her obscenely large nipples and pulled up, stretching her right tit way beyond its natural proportions.

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