Shannon’s House Ch. 02Shannon’s House Ch. 02


She bit her lower lip and tried to fight back the pain. Tears leaked from the corners of her eyes. She hoped Jason didn’t see them. If he did he might stop and she wanted to take this thing through to the end, no matter how much it hurt. She could feel every one of the twelve inches of his cock sliding into her. She hoped he didn’t try to shove all of it in; she didn’t know if her cunt was that deep.

She felt Jason’s breath on her shoulder. He kissed the side of her neck.

“Does it hurt, Aunt Shannon?” he said. She sniffled and nodded. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” she said quickly. “No. Don’t take it out.” He raised his head above hers and stared down into her eyes. God, how she wished he was just some other guy and she was ten years younger. She would marry him in this bed right now. “Fuck me, Jason. For God’s sake, fuck me.”

“Yes, Aunt Shannon,” he said with a smirk. He drew his hips back and thrust them into her.

“Oh my God,” Shannon cried. She put her arms around his neck and held on for a long, deep fucking.

There was nothing like being fucked by a man who had already spent himself, especially on another woman, even if it was the night before. He wouldn’t be so anxious to get his own rocks off. She blushed with shame when she realized the other woman was her own niece. She never thought about sharing her secrets about fucking with her niece, since she had no idea she was already sexually active. However, if she was doing it with this stud three or four times a day, Katie probably knew a few things about fucking Shannon had not yet learned herself.

Then Shannon noticed most of the pain was gone, and she felt the incredible sensation of his thick cock sliding in and out of her wet hole. He was kissing her with tender touches of his lips on her neck and face and he was moving his hips up and down with a gentle but firm thrust.

Shannon wrapped her arms and legs around him and pulled him down tight. All of that huge cock was inside her. She’d fucked men more than twice Jason’s age, men who were supposed to be experienced at fucking, who knew how to treat a woman to make up for their lack of size. Jason was not like them. He was better. He had the incredible size they would never have, and he had the tenderness they could only pretend to have. Here was her dream man, laying between her legs, fucking her the way she always wished she could be fucked, and he was her nephew. Tears rolled out of her eyes again as she held his head down to her shoulder, but this time they were from sadness.

She lost track of how long he was fucking her. It seemed like forever. She had an orgasm, thrashing madly beneath his strong body, digging her nails and her teeth into his shoulders and screaming at the tops of her lungs, then a second before she got what she wanted. His warm cum gushed into her and she cried, “Oh yes!” when she felt it. He grunted and his body spasmed and she squeezed him hard, milking his cock with her cunt for all the cum he had to give.

When he finished and the muscles of his body released their tension, he collapsed on top of her, churning his hips slowly back and forth. She held him tight and kissed his neck and shoulders. She could feel his cum squishing inside her and leaking out of her hole, running down to her asshole. That was where she wanted him next.

But did he have enough to keep going, or had he spent it all? He still felt hard inside her. But then, considering how much he stretched her cunt to get it in and how much it hurt, did she really want to go through that again in her asshole? Yes, she decided. That was what she wanted him to do to her the first time she saw his thing, and that was what she wanted him to do to her now.

She lifted his head and held it in both hands. “Do you and your sister fuck like this all the time?”

Jason blushed. “Not all the time. She has other guys she likes to fuck and I have girls I like to fuck, too.”

“How did you turn my sweet little niece into a loving machine?”

Jason shrugged. “It just sort of happened.”

They were quiet for a long time. She rubbed his back, enjoying the comfort of his warm, hard body on top of hers and his thick, hard cock sliding inside her like some alien creature.

“Do you still want to fuck my tail?” she said after a while.

Jason Ünalan Escort lifted his head. “Oh yeah. I forgot about that.”

Shannon laughed. Jason lifted himself from between her legs.

“Roll over,” he said, squeezing her ass.

Shannon rolled over on her hands and knees, lowered her head to the mattress and stuck her ass high in the air in his direction. Jason got off the bed and picked up Katie’s overnight bag. Shannon looked back at him over her shoulder. He opened it and took out that blue tube of grease.

“Does Katie take that with her everywhere she goes?”

Jason shrugged. “She never knows when she might want it in the ass.”

Shannon shook her head. “You kids today.”

Jason’s fingers touched her with the cold grease and she gasped. He smeared it over her asshole, poking his fingers in. She wiggled her ass and moaned. His fingers alone felt good. She tried not to think of how much his cock was going to hurt.

She thought back to the first time she took one in the tail. She was a freshman at college and met a guy at the football game. He took her to a party after the game and got her drunk and she didn’t even notice when he got her naked in some bed. When he shoved his cock up her ass, she screamed in pain. He didn’t stop, and fucked her until he came inside her. She was mad at him for days afterward, but when the pain went away, she realized how much she enjoyed it. From then on, she looked for guys who would give it to her in the tail. Most guys, she was surprised to learn, were not thrilled with the idea. Jason, however, seemed to be an expert.

The anticipation was killing her. She wanted him to just sink it in her and get off so it would be over. At the same time, she wanted him to go slow so she could savor every inch of that cock as it split her open. She wanted to enjoy the feeling of it wedged inside her tight hole, sliding in and out.

The bed shifted as he knelt behind her. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried not to whimper. She didn’t want him to hear how scared she was.

Jason’s hand touched her ass and she flinched. She was trembling. He probably knew how scared she was now. Would he stop? She thought not. He was probably used to girls being scared when he came near them with that thing. Did he ever fuck a girl when she said no? She couldn’t imagine her nephew raping a girl.

“Spread your ass apart,” Jason said. His voice was soft, just above a whisper.

Shannon reached back with both hands. Her heart was pounding and her breath was warm on the pillow. She couldn’t believe she was actually going to do this with her nephew. Nothing was more intimate than being fucked in the ass. She found it created a kind of bond between her and the man who did it to her, and their relationship from that point could no longer be just casual. Now she would share that bond forever with her nephew. The thought made her feel warm and fuzzy inside.

She pulled her ass cheeks apart, trying to stretch her hole open as wide as she could. She was trembling all over. The cold head of Jason’s cock touched her tender asshole. Shannon moaned. So far it felt good. Jason pressed it in and she resisted the urge to force it back out.

He pressed harder. She squirmed, biting her lip to keep from screaming in pain. He pressed more. A groan came from deep in her throat. It felt like he was trying to shove a tree into her ass. She remembered she was the one who asked for this. She began to regret it. The pain was intense.

Jason pushed for a few seconds, then eased off. The pain subsided. She was panting.

“Is it in?” she asked. Her voice trembled.

“Almost,” he said. “You’re still too tight.”

She whimpered. It wasn’t even in yet. She didn’t know if she could take this. She must have been crazy to think she could take a cock that size in her tiny asshole. The pain to get just the tip in was too much for her already.

Jason started pushing again. Shannon groaned, her teeth clenched together. She could feel herself stretching to accept him. Jason’s hands squeezed her hips and he forced himself in with a quick jerk. Shannon cried out, blinded by a jolt of pain. For a moment, she felt nothing but a sharp stinging, then the pain began to fade and she felt something else. Jason’s Escort Ünalan cock was moving in and out, pushing a little deeper each time. Her insides were forced aside to accept his cock.

Now she knew she wasn’t crazy. This was the incredible sensation she expected. He kept pushing and she groaned. How much of it would fit inside her? It felt so good sliding in. She hoped he would find room for every inch.

“Oh God, Jason,” Shannon sighed. “I love it.”

She arched her back, pushing her ass up. His cock sunk another inch deeper and she groaned. Jason leaned over her. She could feel his breath on her back. His hands came up around her sides and squeezed her tits. He kissed the back of her neck and she shivered. Her hands clutched the sheets, balling them up in her fists just to hang on. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip in her teeth. He was rocking her back and forth, forcing more and more of his cock into her tight asshole. The anticipation of the orgasm that would wash over her trembling body thrilled her. With it would come the sensation of his warm cum shooting inside her.

She heard a new voice and froze.

“Aunt Shannon, what are you doing?”

Shannon turned her head to the door. Katie stood there in her bikini with her hands on her hips. Her tanned skin was shiny with a coating of cocoa butter and she had a smirk on her lips.

Shannon swallowed hard. She completely forgot about her niece. Now she had been caught red handed, with her brother’s cock in her asshole.

“I, uh, I was just …” she started to say, but there was no way to hide what they were doing. Just then she felt Jason’s orgasm explode inside her, and she blushed. She was unable to prevent her own orgasm.

“Oh God,” Shannon said, and buried her head in the pillow. Jason was pumping a lot of cum up her ass. She could not believe she let her niece catch her having sex with her brother. She bit her lower lip and squeezed her eyes shut as her orgasm washed through her body. She waited to experience this, and now she was unable to enjoy it.

The bed shifted. Katie had sat down on the edge, the corners of her mouth turned up in a smile.

“She saw us doing it last night,” Jason said. “She wanted some, too.”

Katie’s mouth fell open. “Aunt Shannon, you were spying on us?”

Shannon nodded. “I guess I was.”

Katie grinned. “What did you see?” she said.

Shannon glanced back over her shoulder at Jason. “I saw you on your hands and knees, and I saw Jason put his thing in your tail.” She leaned closer to Katie and lowered her voice. “I swear, he’s got the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen.”

Katie giggled.

“What?” Jason said.

“She says you’ve got a beautiful cock,” Katie said.

Shannon twisted her body to look up at him. He smiled back at her, still moving his stiff cock in and out of her asshole.

“Thank you,” Jason said.

Shannon looked at Katie. She was staring at her brother with a strong look of desire in her eyes. Her pink tongue poked out of her mouth and licked her lips, like she was hungry for him. As if he understood what she wanted, Jason pulled his cock out of her ass and crawled on his knees toward her. Shannon felt a stream of warm fluid dribble out of her. His cock bobbed in front of him.

Katie’s eyes locked on it and her mouth parted as it came closer. She reached for it, lifted it to her mouth, licked the head, and closed her lips around the end. Her big, innocent blue eyes turned up to him as she sucked it into her mouth, moving her head slowly back and forth.

Shannon stared at her niece, partly in fascination, partly in revulsion. That thing was just in her asshole. She would never put it in her mouth. Katie, however, sucked eagerly, moving her head back and forth. Her tiny mouth was stretched wide in a big O shape around the shaft. She took more of it in her mouth, more than she thought possible. Then Katie stopped, and her sweet face contorted, like she was straining. Something seemed to give way inside her and her puffy lips slid all the way down his shaft.

“Oh God, yes,” Jason groaned.

Shannon stared at her niece with her mouth open. Katie’s lips slid all the way down Jason’s long, thick shaft to his pubic hair. She could see the bulge of Ünalan Escort Bayan his cock moving down her neck.

Jason cupped Katie’s head in his hands and moved his hips back and forth like he was fucking her face. He grunted and sweat ran from his face and hard chest in streams.

Katie had amazed her again. For all her life, Shannon had seen her as such a sweet, innocent, pretty girl, and now all of that had changed. Katie was a sexual animal, capable of performing sexual stunts most women could not even dream of, and she was only eighteen years old. How many more surprises could this child have?

Jason released her head. Katie slowly withdrew his cock from her throat. The head fell from her mouth, connected to her lips by a string of long, thick saliva. Katie licked along the side of the shaft, rubbing it over her lips and cheeks, and turned to Shannon.

“Pretty cool, don’t you think?”

Shannon could only nod. She’d heard of women who could do that, but she’d never actually seen it done.

“I taught her how to do that,” Jason said.

Katie slapped his thigh. “Shut up. You did not.”

“Then who did?”

Katie looked up at him with a smug smile. “Mr. Thompson.”

Jason’s mouth fell open. “No way,” he said.

“He was hung, too,” Katie said, looking at Shannon with wide, excited eyes.

She giggled and Shannon giggled with her. It was exciting to know they shared such a desire for well endowed men.

Katie looked at the end of Jason’s cock. She was stroking it with her left hand. She licked her lips, opened them wide, and put his cock in. She worked it to the back of her mouth, moving her head back and forth, then paused as she forced it past her esophagus.

Jason groaned again. He brushed the hair from Katie’s face. The tip of her nose touched his belly, just below his belly button. He cupped her head in his hands again and fucked her with his hips. His eyes were closed and his mouth was open.

Shannon realized she was holding her breath, as if sympathetic to Katie. She let it out and took another breath, but Katie was still holding hers. How could she hold it for so long? She must get a lot of practice. The thought that her niece got a lot of practice sucking men’s cocks made her dizzy.

“I’m gonna cum,” Jason grunted. He pulled his hips back. His long cock slid out of Katie’s mouth over her tongue. She put her hand around it and raised it, aiming the head toward her open mouth.

Jason grunted again. A thick spurt of cum leaped from the tip and splattered on Katie’s cheek. She squealed. The next spurt shot partway into her mouth, partway down her chin and neck. It kept coming out. Katie giggled as she tried to catch it in her open mouth, but most of it missed and landed on her face and neck and chest.

Jason’s shower of cum ended and Katie looked at Shannon. She laughed. Katie was covered with cum, from her forehead to her chin. It ran in her hair, down her nose, collected in globs around her lips, and dripped from her chin to her bare chest. Katie smiled, showing the cum on her teeth. Shannon covered her mouth with her hand and laughed harder.

Jason wiped a glob from her cheek and Katie sucked it off his finger, her bright, blue eyes turned up to his face. It was easy to see they adored each other.

Shannon rubbed her legs together. Her pussy was wet and tingly. She’d watched enough. Jason’s cock was still long and stiff, despite the amount of cum he had already produced, and she wanted some more of it between her legs.

“My turn now,” she said. She put her hand on the center of his sweaty chest and pushed him back on the bed. His penis stood up, drooped slightly to the left. She straddled his waist, reached down between her legs for his cock, and guided it to her wet hole. The fat head stretched her wide. She gasped and hesitated a second. She forgot it hurt so much.

She glanced at Katie, who was leaning on her elbow on the bed beside her, wiping the cum from her face and breasts and licking it off her fingers. She smirked back. If Katie could take it in that tiny mouth, Shannon thought, she could take it up her cunt. Hell, it was in there once already.

Shannon forced her weight down on it, gritting her teeth to take the pain. It was like being a virgin all over again. The head split her open and slid way up inside her and she was moving up and down on it.

She looked down at Jason. He was gazing up at her, his hands squeezing her breasts. The thought that he would be going back home at the end of the week made her sad. She wanted to keep him in her bed forever.

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