Subject: Sexual Adventures 12-13 TRUE SEXUAL ADVENTURES By Rev. Jesse Penfield Gibson, MDiv, DMin DISCLAINER: The following is based on true experienced. It consists of consensual sexual experiences between consenting adults, including barebacking and other unsafe practices. All episodes are homosexual between gay men. None involve romance of any sort. If this offends you, stop reading. If you find homosexuality erotic, I hope you enjoy. Complaints, compliments and comments to [email protected] TWELVE ASIAN TWINK Club Orlando I first saw him in the hot tub outside at Club Orlando. I was chit chatting with a guy in the warm water on a late spring night that had just the barest nip in the air. He came up and undid his towel, hung it up carefully on the pegs and descended into the water. The perfect twink. Not tattoed to hell fortunately, although on the right guy that can be sexy. I am a poor guide as to age with Asian men: I always assume them to be younger than they actually are. He is young though but old enough. He is lean, flat bellied and defined, but more of a skinny pack than a six pack. He defies the stereotype of Asian men though. His tool is perfectly adequate. Of course, I have generally found the stereotype to be wrong. I try to engage him in conversation and gather that he is from Shanghai and only temporarily in the US but his English is limited and I speak precisely none of the Chinese tongues. Plus, he doesn’t seem that interested in talking. This happemed before they built the porn theatre and dark area. So there is really only the one play area and that is the man cave. Otherwise, it is a guy in a room with the door open. I make a few swings through the man cave, play a little here and there. I see him from time to time. He has a perfect little ass, really just a perfect little body. I would fuck him for sure but I figure that he is not that interested in me. And that’s okay. When I was young, I played with other young guys. I don’t begrudge him that. Nor am I focused on young guys. I am more of a target of opportunity kind of guy. In a place like this, all I need is a bit of physical attraction and your willingness. But I like it dirty. My actual lover is a decade younger, a former competitive swimmer who never really stopped training and is a total bottom. However, we both travel a great deal and both of us fuck outside the relationship. Bathhouses are perfect for us. I can get my rocks off, tell him the story, and have no danger of any romantic entanglements. The next time I see the boy, he is in the mancave laying down on a bench, where later the sling would be, wrapped up with the towel around his waist, eyes closed. I wanted to manhandle him then but really didn’t know what his gig was. I figured since he was young he got in for the sole price of a locker and no admission fee. Not having a room to go to, he may just be decompressing here. Maybe he wants to be manhandled. I don’t know. It is a bit inscrutable. But, as I say, there are targets of opportunity available and I am going to seek them out and not moon over something that wasn’t meant to be. I am in the back corner room getting my dick sucked when the Asian boy comes in. He sits down on the bench perpendicular to mine and undoes his towel. The guy between my legs doesn’t notice or stop doing what he is doing. The Asian twink starts stroking his dick. As dicks go, it is a pretty one and he has nice big balls too. I watch him watching me get head. When he sees me watching him, he looks up at the monitor showing porn but doesn’t stop jacking. The guy blowing me is doing a good job so I let him continue. If Asian boy wants something, he can make a move. He doesn’t. But he doesn’t stop jacking either. The thing is that he has a really nice dick. Big enough, thick enough and perfectly proportioned. A latin guy comes into the room and looks things over. He decides to stay. There is a guy on his knees swallowing my tool and the Asian guy. He decamps next to the twink. He wants a piece of that. The boy doesn’t want him. When the latin guy reaches over to put his hand on the boy’s dick, he lets him but only for a moment. THen he takes back over. The latin guy tries again and the boy pushes him away. I actually feel bad for him because he is fairly hot and I certainly would have done him. But he gets up and heads out. Another twink, well not a twink exactly but a younger guy a bit too beefy to call a twink, comes in and sits next to my twink. They take to masturbating each other off. I have an idea. I tap on the shoulder of the guy blowing me and nod my head in their direction. He takes the hint. And, more importantly, he takes the other guy. I am between the boy’s legs and nibbling on his balls. A rich, full, plump set of nuts. My hand is on his hard dick as I suck on them. But that tool needs attention too. I would suppose I am not the first older guy to ever suck his dick. When I was younger, I even had men pay to blow me. When you are young, youth lasts forever. I suspect that he has been worshipped by men more into Asian twinks than I am. But I want him bad enough that I am not giving up. I have superior cocksucking skills and I can lay it on with a tongue and mouth. The other guy is blowing Mr. Beefy Boy. Asian boy stops me. “You fuck me” he says. I have a room we can retire to or I can do him here. Doesn’t matter to me. “Where?” I ask “In my butt” he answers. Ask a stupid question. “Bend over” i tell him. He moves over the corner of the bench, where it forms an L, which is the deepest part and gets on his knees with his head in the corner, ass out. I finger him but just for a second. Mostly to be sure. He is tight. He is a bottom boy but not terribly experienced. I bury my face in his ass and eat it. There are some things about being gay I believe in. tuzla eve gelen escort One is that you ought to have taken it at least once and more than that really. Even if you are a top. Especially if you are a top. Bottoming some makes you a better top. But the other is that even if you are a top, you are still a queer. Pay attention to the bottom. Give him the pleasure he is giving you. I think it is wrong if a top won’t rim. I will. I like getting other men off. But he doesn’t want my tongue. He wants my dick. A little bit of grease and I slowly slide it in. Very slowly. As gentle as I can. He is tight. His ass muscles spasm around it. It feels good. Slowly I go all the way in. I just stay there and let him get used to it. Then very slowly, almost gently, I fuck him. I am not trying to ravish him or pound him or anything like that. Just slow fucking. Beefy boy come and kneels down next to the Asian boy and presents his dick for me to suck. Well, damn. Two boys at once. I open up and take him in. I lick and suck him at the same pace I fuck his age mate. Nice and slow. Enjoy it. Actually fucking slowly has its rewards. THe sensation of his bare ass on my dick is outstanding. He is tight enough after all. I can see in my peripheral vision that there a couple of guys now gathered around, watching. Most of them want to be me. They want at this kid’s ass and some of them want a lick at the other boy’s dick. Ultimately, we are all greedy little shits. I slap him on the ass, almost like I would put the clutch in while shifting gears. Time to for second gear. A little bit more, a little faster and a little harder. The dick in my mouth gets a bit more too. But my jaw is a bit sore and doing two things at once is diminishing my pleasure at doing either one by itself. “Fuck me while I fuck him” I tell the boy. “Seriously?” “Sure” I say, braver than I should be and more certain that the logistics would work. I have never been lucky Pierre before. Usually I have trouble sustaining an erection when I get fucked. But it’s worth a try. Why not? It’s not like I know these people. And who doesn’t want it all? He hops down and grabs my lube. I have douched as usual just in case. I spread my legs but keep fucking the Asian boy. He is behind me and I can feel his body next to mine. Boom. He slides it all the way in. “Damn, Mister, that’s tight” he says. I think I am going to cry. It hurts some. Plus, I have that sensation where my brain is trying to sort it out, whether I need to piss or shit but it clearly feels good then and maybe what I need to do is actually cum. That fullness of a hard cock in my ass; that pressure against my prostate. Now it does feel good. The only way this can be done is if the middle guy does the work. My fucking the Asian boy results in my getting fucked. And that is totally cool. And I feel totally alive down there. On fire really. There is a crowd around, watching. They are in tight, probably 6 or 7 guys watching, leering. I am cool with being the center of attention. I just fuck the boy, my perfect little twink, perfect little ass, perfect little body while the white boy takes me in the ass. I am fucking him faster now, harder even as the dick in my ass is impaling me. Neither boy is being still. The Asian is bucking back against me and the other guy is stabbing it in. I stop and let them go. Both are wanting more. The one is bobbing now back and to on my prick hard and fast and the guy fucking me is is driving it in hard and savagely if not fast. The Asian boy is groaning and moaning with pure pleasure. But even as it builds and grows for me, he sits up a little, jacking furiously. He has held it as long as he could, his hand giving him blessed relief. But I am not pulling out just because he came. I piston fuck him, going at his ass with a passion. THe boy behind me wants that too. I think both of us are close and it will be a race to see who pops first. My own breathing is ragged as my brain is having trouble concentrating on breathing given the overwhelming sensations flooding it from my dick and from my ass. It’s amazing that my heart is still beating and it is beating out of my chest. There is only one thing right now: the fucking . The orgasm. It is building and the beefy boy is definitely fucking me hard. We have a rhythm: I pound the Asian boy and he pounds into me on the backstroke. Oh, God. Each time sends little shivers of pure ecstasy through my body. My dick is alive with sensation. I don’t know if I can stand it any longer. I can’t even talk or speak or even grunt. Too much. The whole of my existence is in this bit of pleasure. This growing, building wave of pleasure, growing more and more. I nut. I dump a big fat load in his perfect little ass. Beefy boy isn’t done. He has lost control too. He is still fucking me and I just bend over and take it as Asian boy scrambles out from underneath me. His fat hard dick stabs me, faster and faster, shorter and shorter strokes. Then, he nuts. We are done. THIRTEEN A BOSSY BOTTOM Pure Pleasure, Gainesville FL I don’t know why I pay the $20 bucks to get into the theatre. It makes no sense. They are playing straight porn in there and that doesn’t interest me. One time I fucked a woman in there. It was, I confess, okay. Better than masturbation but not what I would call actually that great. Pussy and tits have nothing on dick and ass, I can tell you that. But I paid it and went in. I stand at the back, accomodate my eyes and look it over. It isn’t packed but it is kind of full. There are guys in the solo chairs, rubbing their crotches as they watch but don’t have it whipped out to stroke. There is couple on a couch in the middle row, older than me I think, but one of the front row couch is empty. I head down and sink into it. There is tuzla otele gelen escort a guy on the other couch jacking but he covers up as I pass by. Not a good sign. I am wearing sweats and T shirt and no underwear. I reach in and begin to fondle myself, coaxing an erection out of my play pretty. But I get it hard and then hike down my pants enough to liberate my dick. I don’t understand the guys that don’t. What is the point of looking at porn if you are not going to get off? What is the point of sitting there, rubbing yourself through your clothes, wishing you were getting off? It is 20 bucks to get in for fuck’s sake. Enjoy. I don’t have body image issues and I am not shy. If you are in a place like this you are a fucking adult. We don’t have to think of the children. This is a place devoted to the fucking carnal. The physical. The lustful. Whip it out and go to it. But there are those who are shy or embarassed. Fuck it. A guy comes down and sits down next to me. He doesn’t ask. He just does. I don’t stop or cover up. I had my hard on when he sat down, so that’s the score. He looks at me and reaches his hand over. Okay, so he knows the score. He went for the right guy. I am the queer here. There may be others but I am one. I let him jack me. My tool is greased up and he slides up and down smoothly. In general, I am not thrilled with hand jobs. I know how to work my dick better than anyone else. I have 4 decades of experience. There was once a time when I was interested in how other men treat their own dicks and someone elses but that day has passed. Now, a hand job is just foreplay. A bit of stroking and time to move on. I reach over and put my hand on his crotch. He is hard. Good. He undoes his pants to let me get at it. Pretty quick though, he has his pants off, his hard on sticking up. He wants me to get my sweats off. I hesitate just briefly. THere is a straight vibe here. Maybe it is the one straight couple but I think most of the men here came in hopes of a swinging pussy being here. We are queers in a straight theatre. But I do it anyway. After all, I have as much right to get laid as anyone. We are fondling each other when he leans over and swallows my tool. I reach underneath him and continue to stroke him slowly, keeping it hard. But the angle is tough. But his mouth feels good. That’s for sure. I am a bit antsy about the whole thing because I don’t want some redneck beating the shit out of me because he is digusted by our fag shit. But the blow job is nice and I don’t stop him. I reach around to his back, curious. I have a better angle for his asshole with my fingers than his dick. I slide my hand in between the clefts of his cheeks. He doesn’t stop me. I massage the sphincter with my finger, not pushing it in, just rubbing the hole. He still isn’t stopping me. I slide a finger in. All right. So he’s a bottom. Cool. I get two fingers in. After a minute, he stops and pulls up. He is still hard and that means something to me. He is a true queer, just like me. He gets off getting guys off. I lean over and return the favor. I swallow his whole dick. All of it. He’s hung well enough. He could top if he wanted to. But I suspect he is a total bottom. Who knows how many dicks I have sucked in the course of my life. Hundreds for sure. There is an art to it. Tongue and lip and hand combine to pleasure a man. I use my tongue, swirling around, even as I use my lips and suction on his shaft. He just leans back and lets me suck him. “Fuck me” he whispers after a while “Right here?” I ask He doesn’t answer. He turns sideways on the couch after looking at the row behind us. I peek back too involuntarily but just see the people there resolutely watching the screen with the slutty black haired woman screaming annoyingly as she gets pumped. My guy has twisted over on his side, presenting his ass to me. I try to guide myself in and do, more or less. But it is incredibly fucking awkward. I can get it in kind of but I can’t really fuck him. Not really. Not the way I want to or the way he wants. “You want to go to the booths?” he asks. “Yeah” I pull up my sweats and head out. He takes longer getting his pants up. I head out into the store and wait in the hallway leading the video arcade. When I see him coming, I head in and head for the back booth, sort of by itself, next to the bathroom. It is the premier sex booth. There are no glory holes and none of the booths have doors. In a way, I prefer it. Gay guys won’t complain and straights are more likely to just stay away. I head into the booth and he follows me. “Missing this?” he asks, holding up my wallet. It must have fallen out. Sheepishly I take it. “Thanks” I have done that before. At BarCodes in Orlando, I was busily blowing a guy in their cruise area when I lost my wallet. I was a mile away before i realized it. When I got back the guy was just on his way to give it to the bartender. He recognized me as I came in. So, I have been this stupid before. He kisses me. I think that is a nice touch in a place like this. Let’s have a little fun but not just pump and dump. I kiss him back. It was easy for me to get undressed, just the sweats and a shirt, piled up on the sole plastic chair in the alcove of the booth. Because it is open, there is no privacy ultimately. He strokes my hard dick and reach over a kiss him. He strips off his pants but leaves the wife beater shirt on. He isn’t hiding flab: he is built solid. I put my dick on top of his and stroke both. We kiss again. I sit in the chair, my head at crotch height, open up and take him in. I am going to fuck him. I don’t want him getting the idea that I am not but I do want him to enjoy the whole experience. We don’t have to fuck and be done, We can enjoy it for a while. So I suck him. He enjoys it, I think. tuzla sınırsız escort He moans the way you should and he swivels his hips and tries to get it in me. But, honestly, he is a bottom and that means that what he really wants is to be fucked. I am still hard but probably not rock hard. His mouth, though, takes up for that. It feels good, his wet, hot mouth on my prick. In no time, I am hard, hard as a rock, hard enough to fuck. We kiss again, I suck on his nipples, a bit more foreplay but I am hot and hard and he is needing it bad. He sniffs on some poppers. Then he uses his lube to be sure that he greased. He stands, feet apart. I get behind him, crouch a little and angle myself into him. One slow long motion but all the way in. It feels great. The heat of his body and tightness of his ass, even though this ass is not virginal by any means, squeezed against my rod brought on sensations of great pleasure. All the way, my crotch buried against his ass checks, I pull back and begin to fuck him. Slow at first and then with urgency. I am horny and I don’t mind dumping a load in his ass. He stops me. “Let me” he says. Okay, I figure. He takes over. All I have to do is stand there as he slides back and forth on my pole. He goes almost all the way out, my tip just in his rectal vault before he slides ever so slowly back onto my prick, finally ending up back together, body against body. Then he does it again. Slow, easy, almost tender fucking. “That’s the way I want it” he says. Well it feels good, I have to say. Slowly and gently. He continues to rock back and forth on my stiff prick, almost all the way out and then all the way in. Then he lets me do it. I try to fuck him slow, fuck him the way he wants. He is tight enough that the sensation is amazing and I do want to last, to enjoy it for a while. So, I slide it in. “Slow” he says I try to slow down. I do feel alive, electrically charged down there, like the neurons are in hyperdrive. Plus, I am horny. I want to enjoy forever but I want to enjoy it for now right now. I speed up some. “Slow” A man comes in and watches us. My bottom reaches out and begins to jack him. I keep slowly fucking him. I am beginning to breath heavier. I groan a bit. The pleasure is building up more and more. His tight ass is enveloping my stiff prick and it is great. I bite my lip to reduce the intensity of ecstasy of it. “Stay still. I’ll do it” I almost got pissed about that. I mean, it is his ass but it is my dick. Fucking is about giving and taking. Almost pissed. BUt not. It felt too good. He pushed back on me slowly, slowly, fully in and wiggling his ass. He pumps me like that but I am horny too. I began to fuck him, become more active, with a stroke that is perhaps a little faster. “Don’t come in my ass” he says. Fuck. I pull out and try to stroke out a load like a porn star. No big deal. But it is happening soon. The bottom pulls away from me. He turns and kisses me. “See you around? We finish later, huh?” he says. “Yeah, sure” I say. He dresses and leaves. I am now horny and frustrated. Hard, horny and frustrated. I dig out some money from my wallet and shove a couple of dollars in the slot to get some porn. I don’t really want to come from a solo but I figure I will hang around here for a bit and see what happens. So. I sit there, watching a Helix scene with a little hottie with glasses and a blonde boy together and I stroke watching, naked in a open booth. After a while, a guy shyly comes around the corner to watch. He is average height and clearly Mexican. He doesn’t speak to me and I don’t to him. I point my dick toward him. He shyly reaches out to touch it, hold it in his hand. That’s fine and all but I am all horned up and have the beginnings of blue balls. I would have infinitely have preferred to have just nutted in his ass and moved on back but instead I am starting over with this guy, who isn’t bad looking all things considered and clearly in reasonably good shape in a blue collar sort of way. I reach up and grab his crotch. I call feel boner. Good. He unzips and pulls it out. I open up and put it in. He has a funky smell, not bad but earthy. He is uncut and that is a positive. I like playing with foreskin. The porn is on the viewer and I have probably 5 minutes or more and my dick is hard as a rock. I’ll suck this guy off. There have been hundreds of dicks in my mouth, one more or less is nothing. He’s not bad. Average size, average girth but he loves it. He has his toy and I have mine. I am good with an uncut dick. He reaches down and shoves my head down to the root, driving himself in. I’ll let that go for a little while, he’s horned up and wanting it, but I don’t really like it. Still, I am hard and wanting to go at it, stroking myself as I blow him. I go for his balls and he lets me but then lets me know by body language that it isn’t his thing. I respect that. Personally, I am not that into ball play for myself although it is a standard tool in my sucking arsenal. I don’t like forceful tit play either but I know a lot of guys do. I am more of a dick and ass kind of fag. “Yeah, you suck it” he says. Yeah, I suck it. I suck it good. He shoves it in my mouth. Between the porn on the viewer and fucking and my stroking, I am beginning to really get horned up. I am sucking the Mexican guy with abandon, letting the lust win. “I’m going to cum” I say, standing up to stroke. “YOu shoot on me” the Mexican guy says, jumping into the vacated chair and pulling up his shirt, exposing his copper torso and undoes his pants, down to the shaved pubes. “Cum on me” Okay. If that’s your kick. I turn, jacking hard, about the explode. Explode or die. I am over him. There it is, it’s growing. I jack hard. Then, all at once, a heavy spurt and then dribble cum onto this torso. I lean down and get a wad on my finger and taste my own cum. Sweet. I pull on my sweats and shirt, dressing silently. I head out, out of the booths to the outer corridor to the door and out. My guy from earlier rounds the corner from the theatre back to the booths. “You ready for round 2?” he asks in a whisper. I shrug. “I just came. Sorry”

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