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As I drove quietly down the road late one night, I noticed her walking slowly along the side of the dark, desolate road. She was dressed in an extremely short, black mini dress with white polka dots and black high heels. Needless to say she looked extremely sexy.

I pulled over along side her, rolled down the window, and asked “Need a ride?” looking her up and down. She smiled back at me seductively, reached for the door and climbed into my car.

“Thanks for the ride, I have been walking forever,” she said. After a second of silence she looked hard at me and after realizing exactly what was on mind she asked, “So what are looking for?” She smiled sweetly, licked her lips, and looked me up and down in the same manner that I had done to her just a few seconds ago.

I slowly pulled back onto the road and proceeded to drive rather slowly, keeping my eyes on her. After thinking for a second, I asked, “How much for a blowjob?”

With a huge grin, she said, “Twenty bucks.”

I smiled and agreed. “Wait a sec, how do I know your not a cop?” I asked with a grin, already fully aware that she was not.

Without saying anything, she leaned back against the door, faced fully to me and spread her long, smooth legs wide to reveal her white thong-clad pussy. Her slender hand slid slowly down her body and began rubbing her wet pussy through her soaking panties. Then she pulled the white thong to the side and gave me an amazing, full view of her damp, shaved pussy. Her fingers ran tentatively over her pulsating clit and vet vagina as she slid one finger into her eager, tight hole.

My cock stiffened greatly in my pants as I watched her prove to me that she wasn’t a cop. I exhaled deeply and said, “Okay sweetie, that’s proof enough for me.”

As I continued watching her tease show, I couldn’t take the cramped feeling in my pants of my hardening cock in my pants. I quickly jerked my shorts down to let my cock free as I watched her rubbing her pussy. As my hardening, half erect cock bounced out of my shorts, she took one glance, licked her lips and slid over the seat closer towards me.

With a huge eager smile as she watched my cock growing even harder, she said, “With a cock that big, I may have to charge you extra.”

I smiled back and reached up and grabbed the back of her already descending head. With my hand pressed firmly on the back of her brown-haired head and her eager, red mouth wide open, she took my fat cock into her mouth as I whispered to her, “Just suck it, slut.”

She grabbed my cock with her small, girly hand and ran her wet, red tongue up and down the sides of my thick shaft. Her wet lips wrapped tightly around the head of my cock as she worked her way slowly down my hard shaft. I moaned in ecstasy as she took my cock deep in her mouth and began bobbing up and down faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. One of her hands slid up and down my thick shaft following her hungry mouth. At the same time her other hand rubbed and squeezed my full, shaved balls. My head rolled back with pleasure as she worked my dick with tremendous talent. The muffled moans emitting from her cock-filled mouth could barely be heard over the wet, sloppy slurps of her slippery mouth sucking my spit covered dick.

“Mmmm, suck my cock, slut, just like that,” I said as I rubbed the back of her bobbing head. She looked up at me with her big, greenish-brown eyes and moaned hornily. I looked back into her eyes and whispered to her, “Suck my fat balls, bitch.”

Quickly, she slid my hard cock out of her mouth with a loud slurp and wrapped her still parted lips around my smooth ball sac. As she sucked hard on my full balls, I began jerking my cock off in her face. I gently slapped my thick, hard cock on her face and she moaned sluttily with my balls deep in her open mouth.

After sucking my balls tentatively for a few minutes and jerking my fat cock off while she did, I pulled her mouth off my balls and gave my cock back to her wanton mouth. As she started sucking vigorously again, she shifted her sexy body in the seat so that she was now on her hands and knees with her head in my lap and her sweet, round ass high in the air. As she worked diligently on my cock with her ass in the air, her already short dress crept seductively alsancak escort up her side until it fell around her waist, thus exposing her luscious ass in plain view without much covering from her tiny thong. As I immensely enjoyed her wonderfully wet blowjob, I slid my hand down her arching back and down onto her ass. I gave her a few quick, slightly hard spanks and she moaned in appreciation on my cock. As my head rubbed and explored her ass and wet panties, she wriggled her ass on my head and urged me to explore even more underneath her thong. I caressed her soft, round cheeks and perfect ass crack.

Then, after teasing her slowly, I finally slid my fingers under the string deep in her ass crack and rubbed her tight asshole and continued down onto her hot, wet pussy. I rubbed her wetness up and down, barely hitting her throbbing clit with each stroke, teasing her. While her experienced mouth continued taking my cock hard and deep, she moaned and whimpered, begging without words, for me to slide my fingers deep into her. She pushed her ass back onto my hand forcefully, wanting me inside her so bad. Finally, having teased her enough for now, I slid two long fingers into her horny vagina. She moaned loudly again as I worked my fingers inside of her. Still sucking my cock, she pushed her pussy back and forth onto my hand, taking my fingers deeper and quicker into her soaking wet pussy. She rocked back and forth on my fingers, fucking them. She moaned loudly and took her hand off my cock, but continued sucking without any help from her hands. Her now free hand darted quickly down to her pussy and she began rubbing her clit as she fucked my fingers and her head continued to bob up and down on my fat cock.

As we continued this act for a few moments, I slowly pressed the brakes of my car and stopped lawfully at an inconvenient red-light. With my head rolled back enjoying her tremendous blowjob, I was unable to see that a car full of people had pulled up at the light next to us. She continued sucking my cock and rubbing her clit as I finger fucked her vagina. Having noticed the show in the car next to them, the drunken college students watched attentively. They yelled in appreciation of her amazing ass high in the air, fully visible to them through the window. Now noticing our audience, we didn’t stop; their cheers of appreciation and enjoyment seemed to increase her drive and horniness as she worked my cock even harder, deeper, and faster than before. The light turned green and neither of our cars moved at first until I began to pull away, much to their disappointment. They sped up to catch up with us and continue watching, but as I pulled off, she raised her head and pulled off my cock.

She looked at me with wanton eyes and said, “I want you to fuck me now! I want you inside of me!”

I smiled down at her horny face and said, “I don’t think I have that kind of money.”

“I don’t care. I want your cock inside me. You can have me free of charge. Now pull over, I can’t take it anymore,” she greedily answered.

With a smile I agreed and pulled over into an empty parking lot and she went back to sucking on my cock. As I stopped and turned off the car, she rose up off the seat and turned her back towards me and leaned over still on her knees. She bent over slowly and stuck her ass out, giving me a great shot of her wonderful ass, with her dress pull all the way up. She turned to me and said, “You can fuck me, but first you have got to eat my wet pussy and ass. Now come here!” After saying this, she grabbed my shirt and pulled me down onto her ass.

Without hesitation, I dropped my head onto her ass and kissed her soft cheeks several times. I bit her slightly on one of her cheeks and she showed her liking by moaning. I kissed my way around her ass towards the crack and grabbed her white thong with my teeth and began pulling it down with my mouth. Once I had pulled her thong out of her ass and down around her knees, I lifted my head into her open, waiting pussy and began to slowly lick around the sides. My tongue left a saliva trail up her thighs as I kissed and nibbled at her. Next, I slowly ran my long tongue up and down her pussy. She was so wet and horny. I pressed my face deep inside her thighs and pushed my tongue into her open hole. I spanked her ass with my hand as I worked her pussy hard and deep with my tongue. I ran my hand up and down her thighs as my mouth and tongue ventured to her tight asshole. My hand slid up to her pussy and I began rubbing her clit with my fingers as I eagerly ate her ass. Moaning loudly and arching her back, she reached back and grabbed my head with her hand and pushed my face deeper in between her warm soft cheeks as I licked her ass. I worked my tongue back down to her pussy and continued rubbing her throbbing clit as she started to rock back and forth and fuck my face.

“Eat my pussy, baby, yeah just like that,” she moaned as lapped her wet snatch with my protruding tongue.

With my face buried in her pussy, I began jerking my cock off, now even hornier than before.

I moaned to her, “Oooh yea baby, fuck my face. You taste so good.”

To which she replied, “Don’t stop baby, keep licking.” And I did steadily for a few minutes until she said, “Lick my ass again before we fuck.”

With the anticipation of fucking her sweet, tasty pussy, I obediently ate her ass and slide my tongue in her tight hole as I furiously rubbed her pussy and clit. I gave her wet pussy one more lick and lifted up in the seat, ready to fuck. She turned around and spread her legs over me and climbed onto my lap as I sat upright in the seat. I quickly ripped off her shirt and bra and placed my mouth on her round, perky tits and sucked on them. She pushed her tits together on my face and moaned in ecstasy as I nibbled and sucked on her hard nipples. She pulled my face off her tits with both hands on my cheeks and kissed me long and hard. As her tongue explored my mouth and my hands gripped tightly on her ass, she rose her body up and found my cock and guided it with her small hands into waiting, wet snatch. As my hard cock slid easily into her soaking pussy, we both moaned loudly. My lips found their way back to her tits as she slowly rose up and down on my cock, wetting it properly as to make it easier to slide in and out. Having grown accustomed to my big cock in her tight pussy, she began to bounce up and down with increasing speed taking more of my cock into with each bounce. Pretty soon she was bouncing up and down quickly causing her big tits to bounce wildly as I watched. Riding my cock amazingly, she reached back and grabbed my fat balls from between my legs and rubbed them attentively while she bounced up and down. With her tits jiggling in my face, I spanked her ass lightly and moaned with great pleasure. My thick cock slid in and out of her sopping wet vagina, making loud slapping sounds as her round ass hit against my straining thighs. I squeezed her tits tightly with both hands as screamed and moaned loudly with each thrust.

She leaned back slightly and ran her hand across her tits and squeezed them and pinched her nipples. I grabbed her thin sides and began pulling her up and down on my cock taking over for her bouncing. With me now I control of the fucking, she slid her hands further down her torso, across her flat, taut stomach, all the way to her fucked pussy. Her long, feminine fingers found her pulsating clit and began rubbing furiously as my cock thrust deeper, harder, and faster into her. She pulled one of my hands off her side and brought it up to her mouth and sucked seductively on my fingers. After minutes of continuous fucking and clit playing, she screamed and shuddered her way to an enormous, erupting orgasm. She collapsed on my chest, my cock still hard and deep in her spent vagina. We breathed hard onto each other’s naked, sweaty skin.

After a seconds rest, I tightly squeezed her bubble ass cheeks in my tight grip and began pounding my cock into her wet, still horny pussy. She wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and breathed heavily upon my neck and into my ear, which made me fuck even harder and faster.

“Fuck me like a dirty slut,” she whispered hotly into my ear as I pounded her cunt. She moaned loudly. “I want to suck your cock. I want to taste my cum on your hard cock now that you have fucked me so good,” she continued.

I gave her several more thrusts, long and deep, then I pulled my cock out her hot pussy and she climbed off of me and sat my side. As soon as she could position herself right, she immediately took my wet cock deep into her mouth, licking her pussy juices off the entire length of dick and even the little wetness that had seeped down onto my balls. She moaned and sucked for several minutes before I lifted up her head and pulled her onto all fours, her ass facing my cock. She eagerly arched her back and poked out her ass in anticipation of my fat dick pressing against her wet hole. With my cock head at the entrance of her drenched pussy, she moaned slightly and pushed back against it, wanting it deep inside her, she whispered, “C’mon, please fuck me again. I want it so bad. I can’t get enough of your huge cock.”

I decided to tease her a little more and ran my dick up and down her soaking wet hole, letting it slide over her pussy, but not putting it in. I slapped my dick on her cheeks, asshole, and pussy and she moaned with excitement. I pressed my fat head to the hole and pushed it in slightly and slowly before ramming it in deep with one quick motion. She yelped slightly but her surprise was quickly replaced with joy and pleasure. I jutted my cock into her over and over again. She placed her hand on the window to balance herself as he was pounded by big cock from behind. After a few minutes of exquisite fucking we developed an amazing rhythm as she pushed her ass back and forth to meet each one of my thrusts in unison.

“Fuck yeah, baby, you like that cock?” I asked her as I slapped her ass several times.

“Oh yeah, big boy, keeping fucking me. Don’t stop stud,” she answered.

For the second time in a few minutes she started rubbing her clit as I fucked her pussy. As she did this, I spanked and rubbed her ass all over before I began rubbing my fingers up and down her open ass crack and across her tight asshole. She moaned softly as I slid a finger into her ass and continued fucking her with a steady rhythm.

She began to vigorously rub her clit and rock back and forth on my cock as eventually shuddered and screamed her way to her second orgasm of the night. I continued pounding away on her sweet pussy for several minutes after she came the second time. She moaned and licked her lips, then sucked her fingers as I continued to ravage her twat.

Finally, I was ready to explode. She could sense my cock tight and pulsate in her tight pussy and looked up at me and said, “I want you to cum in my mouth. I want it all. Cum in my face, baby.”

I teased her a little more as cum built up in my fat, full balls ready to shoot. I said, “You want me to cum in your face and mouth? You want it?”

“Yeah, I want you to shoot your hot sticky, white load all over me. Give it to me.”

I quickly pulled my throbbing cock out her wet snatch as she dropped to her knees on the floorboard of the car and positioned her face, with her mouth wide open, in front of my cock. She rubbed my fat balls as I jerked my big cock over her until I could last any longer and released my jizz onto her. The first shot sprayed across her cheek and onto her face. The second hit her lips and trickled into her open, waiting mouth. Several more jets hit her mouth and chin before the last drops oozed out and dripped down onto her tips. She licked her lips and swallowed all she could in one gulp before taking my cock back into her mouth to get the last little drops. With her mouth she cleaned up my still slightly less hard cock. Licking up the remainder of cum off my cock, she gave my now released, deflated balls one last warm, adoring suck. I collapsed in the seat naked and she fell on top of me. We laid there with each other for several minutes, both unable to move. Eventually, she rose up and slid her dress and panties back on. She smiled sweetly at me as I pulled my pants back on and climbed out of the car.

“Thanks, hon, we should do that again some time real soon,” she said and winked at me as she closed the door behind her.

I sat there for a second, enjoying the moment, before I drove off and made a quick u-turn and lapped back around pulling up to her side again. She smiled and jumped back in the car.

“Hey babe,” she said and leaned over the seat and kissed me softly on the lips.

We drove off silently and smiling, heading back home, both extremely spent and tired. As I looked at her sexy body and beautiful face, I began immediately thinking of the next role-play she and I could do that would top this amazing one.

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