Seeing the Changes in EmmaSeeing the Changes in Emma


When Emma dumped me I was heartbroken. But when one of the most beautiful babes on campus took me to a secluded spot to give me a view of Emma and her new over in action, that I’ll never forget.

When I began to date Emma during our first semester at college, we were both virgins and she made it clear she planned to remain one. She is a pretty brunette with eyes of a spectacular blue hue, and she has a captivating smile. Her body is equally magnificent, her legs are long and perfectly shaped, her tits firm, her skin wonderfully soft and smooth.

I fell deeply in love with her and hoped she would relent and decide to sleep with me. But although we went out for over a year, she was never willing to do any more than give me a hand job or let me cum in the smooth crevice between her delicious boobs.

Rather suddenly some months ago, during our sophomore year, she started to give me the cold shoulder. I’d ask her to go out on Saturday night and she’d say she had other plans or had to study. Soon she stopped returning my phone calls. I was heartbroken.

One evening as I was sitting by myself in the main campus dining hall, moping about Emma, I was approached by an incredibly beautiful woman. Amy was one of the real hotties on campus, with her flowing strawberry-blonde hair and her model’s physique, and all the guys had the hots for her. She was wearing a tight tank top that highlighted her large breasts and even tighter jeans that hugged every curve.

I had never spoken with her, so you can imagine my shock when she sat down next to me and introduced herself. “You seem very unhappy,” she said quietly. “Girl trouble?”

“Yes,” I answered, a bit surprised at the question.

“How did you know?”

“Oh, you’d be surprised at how much gets around among the girls on campus.” She looked me straight in the eyes and rested her hand on mine. “I think I can make you feel much better, if you’ll come with me.” Her hand slid down beneath the table to rest upon my thigh and her green eyes beckoned with an invitation I could not resist.

Puzzled, lonely, and already sexually aroused, I left with her. She held my hand so it looked like we were a couple, and I noticed the envious stares of a few of my friends. We walked together across the darkening campus to the old science lab building. There she led me to the second floor, where she produced a key and opened an office door.

“Don’t turn on the light,” Amy whispered. At that point, my stiff cock pressing against my jeans, I’d have done anything she said.

She led me to the window. It looked out upon one of the sports dorms. Across from us, not more than twenty feet away, was an open window and a dim bedroom. No one was inside.

“Let me tell you a story. Do you know who DeShawn Jones is?” I nodded. He was captain of the football team, widely regarded as one of the best-looking guys on campus, he had light eyes with a chiseled body and reputed to be a real stud with the ladies.

Amy continued, “Everything you’ve heard is true. He is the most incredible lover I’ve ever had. Every woman he’s fucked says the same thing. I would do absolutely anything to please him. But he always makes it clear to a new woman that he only keeps her for a few weeks. Afterwards, he may bed her occasionally. Let me tell you, once a month, once a year, he’s worth it.”

I was mystified. “What does any of this have to do with me?”

Amy smiled sweetly, pulled me close, and kissed me softly on the lips. Her tongue played briefly with mine as I wrapped my arms around her slender waist.

“I’m getting to you. When DeShawn fixes on a chick, he doesn’t care if she’s single or attached. But when there is a guy in the picture, he doesn’t like scenes or conflicts with her boyfriend. So he makes a peace offering. bursa eskort I’m his offering to you.”

Slowly the impact of her words sunk in. “You mean DeShawn and Emma…” My voice trailed off. She nodded. I was suddenly torn by anger, jealously, and denial. Sensing my pain, Amy held me close and placed her hand on my crotch, rubbing my erection thru my pants.

“But Emma’s a virgin,” I protested weakly.

“Hardly, darling,” she breathed in my ear. “She gave herself to him the first night. I know he was very gentle with her.”

I felt my world crumble. “But like I said, DeShawn wants you to be happy, too. That’s why we’re here. Let’s look out the window together. Look across at the football dorm.”

For a while we saw nothing. Amy held me close, still rubbing my crotch and licking my ear to keep me hard, as we stood in the dark. Then she said, “There!” and pointed to the open bedroom window opposite us.

Through it I saw light as the bedroom door opened and a man and a woman entered. He closed the door behind them, then led her toward the window. Enough light came from the street so we could see them necking passionately.

Suddenly, I saw a sparkle of light reflect from the woman’s watch as her hands teased his hair, and I realized it was Emma, wearing a silver watch I had given her just weeks before to celebrate the first year of our relationship. The man turned on the light in the room and I recognized DeShawn, too.

Everything Amy said had been true. DeShawn’s hands roamed all over Emma’s body; he soon peeled off her pink tank top and her bra and began to suck on her firm tits. The distance between windows was short enough for me to see that her nipples were taut. Her eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted.

“God, she’s lucky.” Amy’s eyes were misty now and she gently massaged her own huge boobs. Then she turned to me. “You should share the pleasure of their moment.”

In a flash she had thrown off her own tank top to reveal her full breasts, their nipples much larger than Emma’s. “Please taste me now.”

My passion overcame my anger; I was learning that jealousy is a strong aphrodisiac. I flicked my tongue across Amy’s nipples and they hardened. I bit them gently, making her moan.

For a few minutes I forgot the two lovers in the window. When we looked again, DeShawn and Emma were naked on the bed. She had her head in his crotch and, though I couldn’t see clearly, her bobbing motion showed she was sucking eagerly on his cock.

“She never did that to me,” I remarked absently.

Amy laughed. “His dick is as magnificent as the rest of him,” she recalled with a sigh. “It feels so wonderful in your mouth. You should share this, too.”

With that, she unzipped my pants and tugged them down to my knees. My six inches sprang out. Amy knelt before me.

“This is what he’s feeling,” she murmured, then she began to lick my shaft. Her lips opened and she swallowed me deeply. Wow! My first blow-job, from a gorgeous woman I’d just met an hour before. My knees felt like jelly, and I closed my eyes to drink in the new sensations. She paused for a moment to ask me to describe what DeShawn and Emma were doing, then began to suck me again.

I hadn’t been paying much attention to them, of course. When I looked over I saw that he was straddling my ex-girlfriend’s chest and had his cock in her pretty mouth. I began to narrate the scene for Amy.

“He’s on top of her boobs, and fucking her mouth. She can’t get enough of him, she just grabbed his ass cheeks to pull more of him in. She’s still wearing the watch I gave her for the anniversary of our first date. Funny, I always imagined her rubbing it along my back when I finally slept with her…Boy, DeShawn’s cock is thick and long. She can barely bursa escort bayan get her hand around it. Must be a good nine inches.”

“More than ten, actually,” Amy gasped between sucks.

“OK, ten then. He’s bucking pretty good now. He must be close. There, he’s cumming. His seed is shooting all over her face. Now she’s got his dick back in her mouth. She’s sucking him clean like she can’t get enough of the taste. I can’t believe that’s the same Emma I knew.” I was really close, too, and when Amy stuck her finger into my bum I erupted in a flood of cum, which streamed down her chin.

Amy stood beside me again and we looked across at the other room. DeShawn had spread Emma’s legs and buried his head in her pussy, lapping eagerly. Amy trembled next to me, and I noticed she had slid her hand into her pants and was rubbing herself.

“You can’t imagine what his tongue does to a woman,” she sighed. She pulled off her boots and tugged her pants off. “I need you to go down on me now,” she commanded me.

I eagerly complied by kneeling before her as she braced herself against the window sill, her back to the window. For the first time I tasted the pungent sweetness of a woman in heat.

Twisting her head to look behind her, she took over the task of describing what the lovers were doing through the other window. “DeShawn’s focusing in on her clit now. His tongue must be darting back and forth. I bet her clit is stiff. Oh, Emma, you lucky thing. He’s so good. She’s writhing around on the bed, grabbing his hair. I think she just came; her body is relaxing now.”

Amy moaned. “You’re very good. Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” I shook my head. She sighed, “You’re just a natural.”

“What do you see in DeShawn’s room?”

Amy turned to look. “He’s spread her legs wide. Looks like the missionary position. Now he’s pressing his cock against her pussy lips. I hope she’s wet. Oh, and he’s not using a condom. Good, she’ll feel it more and naturally this way.”

I lapped faster at Amy’s stiff clit. She was finding it harder to narrate. “There, he just slid into her, nice and slow. Now out… in… out… in… Uh, yes, you’re doing that so nicely. She just pulled her knees up toward her chest. Wow, look at how fast that big cock pummels her cunt. I see her arms gripping his, she’s holding on for dear life now. Uh! Ohhh! More, just like that, baby. Wait a minute. She’s going to cum again. Definitely! Her back is arching. There, yes, yes, she just came, her whole body is trembling. He’s holding her. Oh, they’re kissing, it’s so beautiful to see them together.”

And then Amy’s body stiffened and she gasped at her own orgasm. She pressed my head hard against her, my tongue firmly upon clit, as her body bucked furiously.

“Thank you,” she murmured. “That was delicious.” I smiled up at her, thrilled to have given a woman an orgasm.

Amy gently pushed me aside and sat next to me. “Now I want to tell you why DeShawn and I picked tonight to bring you here,” she said as she held my hand. “Tonight Emma will give him a part of her she has never shared.” My eyes widened in surprise as she guessed my thought. “Yes, her ass. He’s going to take her anal virginity tonight.”

I asked how she could be so sure, convinced my straight-laced former girlfriend would never do such a thing, despite what I’d already seen. Amy laughed again at my naivete. “You still don’t understand. I told you, women will do anything to please him. Let’s look.”

We peered through the window. Sure enough, Emma was on her knees, DeShawn behind her, licking her round behind. He placed his nose in her crack. From the up-and-down motion of his head, I could tell he was rimming her butt-hole.

My throat was dry, but I görükle escort managed to choke out a few words. “She seems to like that.” Amy moaned, remembering when she was in Emma’s place. Then DeShawn placed some gel on his fingers and started to lubricate Emma’s little brown hole, first with one large finger, then two. After a few minutes, he prepared to mount her as she waited on all fours, tension and desire evident in her expression.

I saw him hold his enormous dick and press it against her rear. She flinched and shook her head rapidly from side-to-side, her soft brown hair tossing across her back. No, it was too big, she must be saying, please take it out. DeShawn, though, didn’t back off. “He’s hurting her,” I complained.

“Be patient,” Amy said into my ear. “It’s always like this at first. He’s very big. But he won’t stop. He never stops, no matter how much they protest at first. She’ll get used to it.”

DeShawn leaned forward and kissed and licked Emma’s ear. When she turned to look at him over her shoulder, I could see the tears on her cheek. But as he plunged his tongue into her mouth and then bit the back of her neck, I saw a little more of his mammoth tool slide into her back passage.

She shuddered and I guessed his head had just slipped past her sphincter. He pressed his forefinger to her lips and she sucked hard on it like it was another cock.

Slowly, slowly, he penetrated her, to the very core of her being. DeShawn began to move in and out, first just a bit, soon building to long, slow strokes. Amy spoke first, “I told you, didn’t I? She took all of him. She is feeling a fullness and a sexual pleasure she never dreamed of. Just look at her face.”

Amy was right: Emma’s arms had collapsed and her face was turned toward us, eyes closed. With each of DeShawn’s thrusts, her mouth formed a little “O” shape. I could imagine her high-pitched moans in symphony with his rutting low grunts.

Emma opened her eyes and seemed to be studying her watch. Amy noticed and added, “Her watch is very pretty. Did you give that to her?” I nodded.

“You have good taste.” Amy laughed softly. “You boys like to give us little trinkets, don’t you? Makes you feel as though you possess us. Do you think, while DeShawn fucks her ass and she experiences the greatest ecstasy she’s ever known, she remembers it was a present from you? That she was your woman?”

She saw the hurt look in my eyes. “Don’t worry, baby, I have one more gift for you.” With that, she moved in front of me and presented me with a view of her exquisite rear and glistening pussy. She rested her arms on the window sill and stood with her legs apart, an obvious invitation.

I placed my cock against her butt. “Sorry, honey, but that’s reserved for DeShawn.” Instead she guided me into her waiting, warm, and very wet pussy.

A virgin no more, I slid into Amy to the hilt. She was moist and tight, her love muscles gripping me. I plunged in and out, fucking her fiercely as we both watched the lovers across the way in the midst of their anal tryst. DeShawn began to thrust rapidly and his face contorted with his approaching climax.

Amy reached down to her clit and began to rub herself rapidly. As we watched DeShawn’s final orgasmic lurch into Emma’s willing ass, Amy gasped out her own trip into the sexual abyss, and moments later I shot my hot load into her wetness.

After we regained our wits, Amy and I returned to my dorm room, where she slept cuddled by my side. I asked her if she’d see me again, but she gently told me “I was DeShawn’s gift for just one night.”

A few weeks later Emma called me. It was awkward at first. She told me she had met someone and was no longer a virgin, but she wanted to get back together. I agreed. She never mentioned DeShawn and, of course, I never breathed a word about Amy and what happened that night.

Emma and I have great sex now, so I have no cause for complaint, except every now and then she disappears without explanation for a night or a weekend. I guess, like Amy, she’ll still do anything for DeShawn.

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