Seduction of ChloeSeduction of Chloe


Seduction of ChloeMy first wife and I met in college and by our junior year we were living together. Neither of us being virgins we had a splendid sex life. She was 5-4 and wanted to be taller. Her hair was auburn near to dark red that fell softly to her shoulder. She had sparkling green eyes that could turn into icy cold pieces of glass or soft, wet windows that shows the heat within her body. Her lips were wide and so soft and inviting that once kissed could become an obsession. Still, it was her body that drew so many men’s attention. Her skin was white as porcelain with only a sprinkling of freckles across her nose each no larger than a fleck of ground pepper. Her breasts were perfect mounds and so firm that her nipples stuck straight out and were visible without being arousal but as large as thumbs when aroused. Her waist was small and below that her pelvic bone stuck out between hips wide and inviting. Her legs were perfectly proportioned shaped as well as any model yet firm with thighs hard from exercise. While all this is plenty for a man to love there was more. She was happy, loved life and was kind to all creatures. Even when men made passes at her she never acted offended or made them feel brushed off.The attention she drew from men became much more evident after we married. We lived in a small community near Seaside, California where we both worked. We had no interest in having c***dren as Chloe had a birth defect that would cause harm to her and the c***d with natural birth and neither of us were in favor of a cesarean section. She was born with a smallvagina both in length and width. While most woman’s vagina is from only three to four inches long will when they become aroused double or triple in size to accommodate any man. With Chloe she could only double in length but at the expense of making her vagina close in. The more she expanded the tighter her vagina. This defect was perfect for me as it was like fucking a virgin every night. Being slightly less than 7 inches I would seldom strike her cervix. It was also an advantage to her as she was able to feel every vein on a man’s dick and would invariable orgasm quickly and often.She was both sensual and sexual. She loved sex and both men and women could pick up on that. She enjoyed being the center of attention and dressed to attract attention which she always got. Since I met her she had flirted with men young or old it didn’t matter it is a part of who she is. And for those special men who did not push her she was always willing to flash a thigh or position herself to give them better view of more breast then showed by her cleavage.She was naive to a certain degree sometimes not truly understanding the effects, she was having on men. She did know; however, that most men by the way they looked at her or sometimes when dancing with them she could feel their physical desire rubbing against her stomach knew they wanted to fuck her. She did love the attention and it did turn her on. At night she would speak freely of what a man did or what he would say to her and in reliving the event her pussy would become wet and I would gently slide the length of my dick into her and she would fuck me with a passion. There were nights that I would ask her to drive us home so I could see how much other men affected her by running my hand up her leg and feeling her wet panties and open almost gaping cunt.The people we gathered with were not swingers as they were people from work and those in the neighborhood who would get together to eat, drink and dance. On occasion we would hear of short affairs and we all would flirt with each other’s wives even knowing that it served no purpose than to heat the wife’s and ourselves for the inevitable fuck when we got home.One evening we got home she poured us another glass of wine indicating she wanted to talk. We sat down in our great room that had a sofa and a love seat facing each other, She took the sofa her favorite and I sat on the love seat and we sipped our drink.“So, what’s on your mind I asked?”“Do you know James Taylor?” she answered.“I only know him from the parties” I answered, “Doesn’t he work in your company?”“He does” she said, “he’s older than us and is a manager in the shipping yard.” Well tonight I danced and talked with him quite a lot and found out a secret he has been keeping.”My wife loved intrigue and could at times appear to be nosey in getting details. If the story involved sex, all the better.“It seems’ she said,” he and his wife are separated and have been for over three months.“I’m surprised” I said, they seemed to be a happy couple, what happened?”“They were having some remodeling done in their home when Jim caught her giving the worker a blowjob.”“Wow, what did he do?” I asked. He said that he was so shocked that he just stood by the entrance way of the mudroom surprised and bahis siteleri confused. After the initial shock, he said, I wanted to watch. I was aroused as I never saw two people engaged in sex. The man was leaning against a wall while Jim’s wife was on her knees bobbing her head over his crotch. The man had his fingers all tangled in her hair pushing her head further down on his dick. After a few minutes the man pulled her up and began to strip her clothes off until she was in her bra and panties. He turned her around and cupped her breasts and kissed the back of her neck. She threw her head back and that along with the strain of him pressing and squeezing her breast caused one breast to pop out of her push up bra. He immediately started pinching and pulling her nipple with one hand while running his other hand down over her flat stomach into the top of her panties. His wife’s face was changed by yearning and lust as his fingers entered the top of her pussy and began to massage her clitoris with his rough hand. She began to moan loudly and her knees began to sag as she cried out in orgasm, shaking and jerking. He lay her on the floor and removed her remaining clothing: then taking a cushion from the sofa he placed it under her head. He dropped his clothes and climbed between her legs. She opened her legs wide to accommodate him and in a single stroke he slid his entire cock into her causing her to respond by yelling.“Oh my god yes.” More, more, more she cried out as the man fucked her as long, hard and deep as possible. It was at this point Jim went back outside and drove away. “He didn’t do anything?” I asked.”Well, she explained. He says he has a daughter three years old and doesn’t know what to do. He wants to talk with us about this so I invited him over Friday night.“Is that okay with you?”I have to admit the story had an effect on me as I sat there with a hard-on and also on Chloe as she became more restless the more she talked, her eyes were glistening indicating to me her passion was high and her pussy was becoming wet. I took her by the hand and led her upstairs to our bedroom where we threw off our clothes and fucked hard and fast. With more lust than passion.So Friday came and we met up with Jim at a local pub where Jim and I had a couple of beers and Chloe had her usual white wine. Chloe was dressed in her usual bang around clothes wearing a skirt that struck her just above the knee and a front buttoned shirt that hung directly down from her breasts. I loved the fact that she seldom chooses to wear pants. Needing privacy Jim followed us back to our house where Chloe fixed us all a drink, I sat on the love seat and her and Jim on the sofa. Chloe was immediately sympatric with Jim as I knew she would be. We discussed the problem in terms of whether it was worse to divorce his wife and lose his daughter, or forgive her the affair. Maybe, Chloe said, it’s not her first affair. What then what chance would he have of getting custody of his daughter, if he divorced her on a charge of adultery. Soon it was I bringing the drinks and mostly listening to the conservation. As time went by, I became bored with all the speculations. And mellow with the beer so I lay pack on the sofa and at some point I drifted off.When I awoke I saw that Chloe was now closer to Jim facing him with her knee on the edge of the sofa. They were still talking but in a lower voice so as not to disturb me. Her back was turned toward me as she looked at him. I saw his eyes looking more at her exposed thigh than her eyes. I decided to see what developed and looked through half closed eyes pretending to be asleep. I saw his hand drop to her naked thigh as he made a point. She looked down at his hand but didn’t push it away. Jim began to caress her leg from knee to thigh. She told him to stop. “He could wake up and see you.” She said. “Maybe he would like to watch: like I did.” Jim answered.“Nothing going to happen.” She replied nearly angrily.She stood up and came over to me and taking my hand she said come on honey, you’re tired and need some sleep I’ll put you to bed. Besides I’m uncomfortable and need to put my PJs on. I followed her upstairs and after tucking me in she went into her closet to change. I pretended to sleep. She did not put on PJs instead she came out wearing one of her favorite white sleeping night gowns, covered by a full length robe. She quietly left the room shutting it as she left.After giving her time to go back downstairs I came out of the room and closed the door. Our room led directly to a loft that gave me a direct view of the entire great room and of them. She sat down in basically the same position she had left. This time however her gown was tucked as to keep him from reaching the skin of her thigh. They continued to talk but it was my impression even before I left that Jim wanted to canlı bahis siteleri fuck her. It was most curious to me that she chose to wear a gown. Was it to cover her up or make it easier.The gown she was wearing was actually two in one. Underneath the robe was a sleeping gown that was held up my two strap and came only to mid-thigh. Jim immediately reach over and slipping his hand underneath the robe cupped her breast. He was a tall man over six foot and had large hands. Large enough that his hand nearly covered her breast. She removed his hand away but with a minute he cupped her again giving a slight squeeze before she again removed his hand. She said, “Please Jim stop. I love my husband.”Changing tactics he reached behind her head and drawing it toward him he brought their lips together in a kiss and with his free hand he reached under her gown and felt her breast through the thin nightgown. Upon realizing she was bra less he begin to kneed and caress her breast with vigor. I could hear both moan when he began to pinch and pull on her nipple. I was sitting leaning against the wall my dick hard now understanding what xxx would make a man watch someone trying to fuck his wife. It was then I went to get our camera. I placed the camera between the banisters and returned to my hiding place behind a flower plant.By this time, he had managed to untie her robe at the waist and pull it apart. She sat there her robe now open cover only by her thin night gown. He reached up and slid the straps off her shoulders down to her waist. Her white breasts with her nipples hard sticking out were beautiful and even Jim who had been fondling them for half an hour was taken back by their beauty. My dick had been so hard that I had begun to ache. Rolling on my side I shot load after load of hot boiling cum in my briefs. I slipped into the bedroom again long enough to change and grab a towel.When I returned to my hiding place he was sucking on one nipple and with his free hand he was caressing, squeezing and pulling her other nipple. Chloe, who had always been a vocal lover moaned in pleasure throwing her head back and pushed out her chest for his advantage. They had returned to kissing and he dropped his free hand onto her naked thigh caressing her gently as he tried easing her gown further up her thigh and during a long kiss his hand pushed her night gown up to her waist. She did not have any panties on and his fingers immediately found and enter her wet pussy. Her legs opened and his hand indicated he was finger fucking her rapidly. Chloe moaned and groaned and cried out in pleasure as his fingers began to rub her clitoris. Suddenly she pushed him back and stood up and standing in front of him she dropped her clothes. She was nude her white skin glistening and her bright red bush was right in front of his face. She was beautiful and sexy and he reached out and placing each hand around her hips then pulled her forward as he lowered his head to her stomach. He appeared to place his nose into her bush so he could smell her cunt.“Oh God Chloe” he said. Your pussy is dripping.”He pulled her closer and ran his tongue down inside the lips of her pussy. Chloe shuttered and her legs were trembling, to me it seemed her knees seemed to buckle. With that he pulled her around and sat her on the sofa. He took her by the legs and pulled her to the edge of the sofa. With both hands he pushed her legs apart. Just for seconds I was able to see her pussy clearly, the lips were swollen and red, she was wet and I could see moisture dripping down to her ass and her pussy was opening and closing like a fish gasping for air. Then his head covered my view as he buried his face deep into her cunt. Chloe had oral sex many times before but never had I seen or heard the sounds coming from her mouth. I later learned that he stuck his tongue deep into her hole as possible and reamed her for several minutes. Chloe was twisting her head from side muttering incoherently and with her hands on his head trying to pull him closer she raised her hips throwing her legs over his shoulders. He moved slightly up and grasping her protruding clitoris began to suck and lick her nub.Chloe climaxed in such a rush that her legs flew straight out from his shoulder. Her thighs were shaking and her body was stiff but still trembling. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed as she grunted and moaned. Jim stood up and dropped his clothes on the floor watching Chloe wither on the sofa in ecstasy. I had been watching Chloe but was amazed when I turned and looked at Jim he was standing also watching Chloe his dick sticking straight out from his body. His dick was bigger around than mine But it was the length that surprised me his dick must have been nine inches long. I had never seen one that long and when Chloe opened her eyes neither had she.“Oh canlı bahis god Jim, she said, I can’t take a dick that long!”“That’s what all the girls say but once they have had it they want more.” “No” she said, “I am deformed down there my vagina will not expand like most women, I’m very small you will tear me up!”He said, “whenever you walked through our office I would tell my coworkers if I ever got the chance I would tear your pussy up’” Don’t worry he said I’ll be gentle.’ Have I hurt you yet?”“But you haven’t tried to put that big thing in me” she was near tears.Getting irritated he said. “Chloe you can’t tease me like you have and then say no!”Please “she begged, let me give you a blowjob, I’m very good at it I’ll make you happy.“No, he said we are going to fuck”“Promise me you will go no deeper when I ask you.”I Promised” he said.“I have to go to the bathroom first” she said. She stood up and went into the power room and when she came out she was carrying a blanket and a pillow. She spread the blanket by the couch parallel to where I was watching and placed the pillow for her head. She lay down in surrender.Jim must have been concerned that she was not ready after that lengthy conservation lay down by her side took her in his army and began to kiss and caress her beautiful breasts. He rolled over on top of her and once again started lick her clitoris, already sensitive she soon grabbed him by the hair pulled his head as far between her legs as she could and pressing her cunt up into his face she screamed as yet another orgasm racked her body. By this time, I don’t think they knew or cared that I was still in the house.Jim pushed her knees apart and brought his dick up to the lips of her cunt. Chloe reached down took hold of his dick and put it by her hole. As she was so wet Jim had no problem entering her tight hole. Chloe moaned out “Oh God’’ as a few inches slipped into her tight hold. Jim who could never have fucked a virgin tighter then Chloe gave out sounds of pleasure as her vaginal wall seemed to grab his dick and he could feel every inch of his dick being caressed. From my position I could see his long cock easing forward as he slid more dick into my wife. Chloe between moans was talking to him to be careful as he continued to fuck her deeper. When she told him to stop he did but only long enough to withdrew and began to fuck her in earnest. They were both in heaven as his large dick pressed against her vagina walls she could feel each blood vessel in his dick. Suddenly Jim’s dick bumped into her cervix and she screamed in pain followed immediately by a feeling of pleasure. Jim realized what he had done but did not stop, in fact he pushed more dick into her hitting her cervix with each deep thrust. Chloe, was now torn between pain and exquisite pleasure so intermixed she was unable to speak and only mumble incoherently. Jim unable to control himself continue to push his cock in as far as it would go. Chloe climaxed unlike ever before. It centered in her pelvic region but waves of pleasure rolled from her breasts to her toes and back again and the climax continued with each thrust of his cock. When the first shock hit her she screamed out loud but now the sounds coming from her were sounds I had never heard. Jim trying to cum increased his thrusts going deeper into this crying moaning woman. Chloe was laying there like a rag doll her entire body shaking and jerking unable to respond until she passed out. I could see her body go limp and both arms fell off to her sides.Jim unable to satisfy his need rolled Chloe over picked her up and carried her to the sofa where he d****d her over the arm. Coming up behind her he rubbed his dick in her wet pussy and placed his dick at the entrance of her ass. Holding her hips, he thrust his dick up her ass until his dick was buried and his balls were bouncing off her pussy. Chloe with the fight gone from her cried out in pain and grunted and moaned as Jim’s dick torn into her ass. Jim began to fuck her at a faster and faster pace. Suddenly Jim’s hips began to tighten and jerk as he shot months of built up cum up her ass. He lay on top of her until his dick began to soften and slip out of her followed by a stream of cum and blood.I waited, and when Jim got off of her she stood up naked before him she was wet with sweat and had cum and blood running down her thighs. The red bush covering her pussy was matted. She slipped her night gown on as Jim got dressed and left quietly. I was back in bed by the time she came up and went to take a shower.AftermathChloe was too sick to go to work the next morning and went to see her doctor. Later I found out that Jim had not torn her pussy up as he wanted but he did tear her ass. I took the film out and took it to a professional I knew and had him edit out Chloe face. I mailed a copy to Jim’s wife. Probably as revenge for fucking my wife better than she had ever been fucked before and perhaps better than ever again. I was part of Chloe seduction but she did so willingly and unable to trust her I also took a copy to my attorney.

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