Double Penetration

Subject: A Scout in the Snow, Part 2 A Scout In The Snow Part Two Copyright Van T Z Boi 2009, 2010 (The usual disclaimers apply, some more words joined together to make a fantasy, none of this real, so enjoy the imaginings and keep safe.) By the time I left, Simon was being fucked at both ends and refusing to let the twins double fuck him, despite all their attempts to seduce him. I smiled, the twins knew he would only let them do that under strict conditions and lunchtime at a combined camp with some unknown cubs was far away from those. “Please, please,” persisted Jake, fucking Simon’s pussy and caressing his nipples. “No,” gasped Simon, taking his mouth of Larry’s cock, “not here, its too dangerous and you know I’ll want Skip to supervise. “Please,” they begged together. “Not until we get back to the hut and all the cubs are gone and if Skip can stay to watch,” Simon capitulated. That afternoon I was running the ‘Light a Fire’ part of the events. Each group of cubs would come to the prepared area where materials were laid out; once they had been shown how to create their small fire, each boy set about making their own and then I supervised as they were given their three matches to try and light it. Most boys managed it by the second match, the rest caught on to the fact there was a breeze around which could easily blow out the match and we had only one failure, a young cub who was allowed a fourth match, everyone crowded around the boy and his fire to help block the breeze so that this time his fire was lit, his happy smile gladdened my heart. Jimmy was in the third group that came to my station, he had previously done fire-lighting at his old pack and was quickly able to light and clear away his own small fire, he then helped some of the younger cubs, making sure they set their fires properly. I stroked his back and told him he was doing a good job and he smiled and then showed me his tented shorts. “When can we do it again,” he whispered. I looked around, the cubs were all concentrating on their fires, I slid my hand into his shirt and down his shorts and stroked his little cocklet and he wriggled up against me. “After tea,” I told him, there would be opportunity then to slip away. Once the training sessions were over, the cubs and the scouts were allowed to swim in the nearby lake. Akela went with them to keep an eye out, some of the scouts were lifeguard badge holders and would take turns to watch the younger ones, that left me and some of the others to get the tea prepared, the boys would be ravenous after their swim. Jimmy came and sat beside me as he ate his te; sausages, beans and fried potatoes with bread and butter and jam, there was water, tea or drinking chocolate to drink. He tucked in with gust, his hair was almost dry after his swim and he chattered on about how much he was enjoying this camp. “Its much better than anything my old Akela did,” he beamed, “he always camped in a hut, we never slept in tents and we never did stuff like knives and axes, this is brilliant.” Once he had finished his tea he had to wait for me to finish mine and he sat restlessly beside me. Finally I stood up and he accompanied me to the washing area where we washed our plates and mugs and hung them up on the drying rack, our utensils once clean were stood in the drying box. Other scouts and cubs were heading for the trees to pee, we had designated a particular place for peeing and there was a small queue for the chemical toilet tents. The scouts were organising a game of three legged football, one cub and one scout tied at the ankle with a scarf and the boys were organised into teams of five. It was a popular fun game and it stopped the boys from running around too fast after their meal. Once Jimmy’s team had played their first match I directed him away from the crowded pitch, he would not have to play for another twenty minutes as least. He bounced excitedly alongside me as we walked away. I chose a quiet spot away from the camp and off any well worn tracks, I stood him against a large tree and knelt down before him. His shorts fell to the ground, he was still bare-chested and he was also very stiff, I wasted no more time and quickly sucked his cute cocklet into my mouth. Excited as he was he seemed to take no time at all before he wriggled and tensed and I felt his cocklet throb as he had his dry cum. He sighed happily and kissed me, I checked my watch, he had only taken seven minutes to achieve his orgasm, ‘there was time for more’ I thought and he gasped as I bent forward and began to suck him again. His second climax took longer and he wriggled and writhed delightfully, he was very responsive and moaned enthusiastically as I sucked him to an extra good cum. We kissed for several minutes after his orgasm, his cocklet was still hard and I stroked it making him writhe and tremble even more, I reckoned he was good for more but it was time to get back to the others. Back at the pitch we had hardly been missed, there had been two good matches and the crowd was cheering and laughing in equal measure at the antics of the cubs and scouts as they tried to run and kick at the same time whilst keeping their balance. We joined the throng and Jimmy went off to find his partner; Larry, one of the twins and get prepared for their next match. I joined the rest of the throng and watched as my new prot�g� giggled and laughed his way through an energetic game, admiring his slim cute body and wondering how he would look impaled on my ever-ready cock. Later on in the evening we sat by the campfire and he sat in my lap as we shared a quiet half and hour, just sitting and staring into the flames. I sat back against one of the cut down tree trunks that had been dug into the ground around the fire area and enjoyed the sight and smell of the cute cub. Around us other groups had formed; the trunks were joined by lashing into place flat planks which provided extra seating around the campfire and formed little separate areas. We listened to the other groups talking about their day or whatever. Akela had disappeared with Simon in the direction of our tent and we now watched as they reappeared Akela, smiling laid his arm around the boy’s shoulders. I also noticed Roy walking into the woods with Donny one of the older cubs who was also well broken in, the ten year old was due to come up to Scouts soon and had proved to be an energetic fuck, he also loved swallowing sperm and on Troop night the scouts had often all lined up to give him a load to take home with. Akela now called the Sixers and the Patrol Leader’s together to arrange the late night ‘wide’ game he intended to run. Each participant would get two strings or ‘lives’ and the game would be run over a large heather and bracken filled field in which extra lives had been hidden. The field would be patrolled by the leaders who were acting as the ‘Guards’ and the idea was to crawl around in the dark locating the extra lives, if challenged or caught by the ‘Guards’ then a ‘life’ would be claimed, the guards had replaced the ‘life’s’ back in the various stations so there would be an ample supply of ‘lives’ to keep the game going. The game would run for an hour and after that there would be a ‘midnight swim’ to clean up followed by hot chocolate and jam sandwiches and then teeth cleaning would be followed by bed. Akela and I now divided up the patrols and the cubs so that there were equal mixed numbers ankara türbanlı escort starting off from the four corners of the field. Each boy was checked that he had a working torch and a whistle in case of danger and that each boy was wearing adequate clothing and that his towel was placed in the pile by the lake, then the boys were escorted to the four corners and told to wait the long whistle blast which meant the ‘wide game’ had started. I could see Jimmy was bouncing around with excitement like all the younger boys, he had been paired with Roy who I knew would look after him. As ever the game was a wild wonderful session, with us ‘guards’ stalking the noisy boys who made it too easy, finally these boys caught on and it became harder for us to catch the victorious boys, eventually we had to lie in wait by the ‘life stations’ to catch the unwary as they exited by the obvious walkways. The night was quite dark, there was just a sliver of light from the waning moon and it all added to the excitement of the game. I was also lucky enough to catch hold of young Simon and we managed a quick fuck in the bracken as my fellow guard, one of the older Ventures, got a blowjob from Mike the fifteen year old Patrol leader who was Simon’s partner. We also caught a number of other boys having some similar ‘fun’ as we patrolled the game field. At last the three short whistle blasts sounded and the game was over and we repaired in haste to the lake for our clean up swim. Some of the scouts and cubs were extremely muddy from crawling around in the damp dirt which had been almost muddy in places and I too had some dirty patches on my knees from my fuck with young Simon. We all jumped naked into the water, it was not really a midnight swim as it was closer to half ten really but we kidded the younger boys as all watches had been left back in the tents. It was also a chance for a groping and cuddle and a number of boys and teens and us men had fun fondling each other. I saw Akela actively wanking one of his younger cubs who I knew would be sharing his sleeping bag that night, Timmy had been brought on at the age of seven by his older brother Martin who was eleven at the time and had introduced Timmy to the pleasures a spunk producing teen or man could provide, Akela being the first to mount and breed the boy with his first load of mancream. Timmy was now a great fuck, and I hoped to find some private place to fuck him over the weekend. There was a lot of giggling and laughing as now all the boys were sporting erections and the group began to divide up as boys paired up to dry off, those in the know disappearing into the trees to rub each other dry and other areas that needed friction. Some of the scouts and the other guys were taking the opportunity to dry and stroke the cubs who were still virginal and I quickly sought out Jimmy for the same thing. Under the cover of the dark and with all the others gathered around us I gently caressed Jimmy’s extremely hard cocklet. He stood still, his hands on my shoulders as I worked his satiny foreskin up and down. I heard him sigh softly and then he shuddered gently as he had a dry cum. Around us other boys were being treated to the same delight, the towels across shoulders ostensibly hiding what was going on. Some boys would have an enjoyable first night back in the tents and there were more obvious sighings’ and tremblings going on. “I want you to suck,” whispered Jimmy quietly in my ear. I looked around, there were too many new boys who might be frightened or worried if they saw me openly sucking Jimmy. “Let’s move off,” I suggested and slipping his towel off so he was naked I walked with him into the darker woods, his still hard cocklet pointing the way. We passed two scouts who were fucking, I recognised Roy’s backside and Gavin’s legs crossed over his backside. Gavin was a cute blonde thirteen year old and was one of those boys who was still hairless but he did produce pre-cum but as yet no spunk and it was very sweet tasting pre-cum, one of the sweetest I had found in a boy. “What are they doing?” whispered Jimmy. “Just another way of having fun,” I whispered back, imagining him under me as I punched my rod in and out of his tender boy pussy. I directed him away from the fucking boys and into a small grassy clearing. Around us I could hear the slurping, sucking and friction sounds of boys, teens and men pleasuring each other. “Gosh you willie is huge,” breathed Jimmy as he stood opposite me in the middle of the clearing, the slight moonlight was now amplified by our nightsight and I watched his face, seeing the curiosity. I held my breath and waited. The touch of his young virginal hand was exquisite, feather like and velvety satiny. Gently he pulled back the wrinkled skin from my cockhead exposing my slit, a bubble of my own precum appeared at the slim opening. Jimmy began to pull my foreskin back and forth, up and down, gently then as he felt the strength of my hard cock he began instinctively to go faster and harder. His actions caused the ever growing splodge of my precum to be spread up and down and over my cockhead. He became aware of the silky wetness. “What’s this stuff?” he asked puzzled and stopped in mid stroke. I knelt down so we were face to face and explained what the stuff was and what it was used for and also about the mancream that would follow it out of my balls. His eyes boggled and gleamed in the moonlight and I gently laid him on the ground. Carefully I positioned myself over him in the sixty-nine position, hoping he would get the idea of his own accord. As my mouth descended on his slim pencil of a cocklet and I sucked it slowly along with his tiny pea sized balls into my mouth, caressing the silky tender skin with my tongue, he sighed and arched his back pushing himself harder and faster into my mouth. I began an intensive swallow and suck motion, my mouth acting like a vacuum. He groaned and writhed and had another of those so cute quick boy dry orgasms. I felt him shudder underneath me and gently nursed his cocklet, tonguing the exposed cockhead until I felt him heat up again. “This time I’ll do it slow,” I whispered and rubbed my dripping cockhead across his face, smearing my copious precum across his hot cheeks and the tip of his nose. I had been sucking him slowly for about two minutes when I felt that magical touch of his young hands. Tentatively he explored my cock and balls and then I felt the first touch of his tongue tip, the hot point with the wet slightly rougher skin as he licked me for the first time, tasting my precum and my cockhead. I bobbed up and down on his crayon of a dicklet and then felt the same motion on my cockhead. Slow, slow and then a little faster and a little harder, his mouth now closed over my cockhead, his action had caused the foreskin to slide free of the head and it now formed part of the shaft of my cock. Further and further he took me inside him and I felt the tightening around my glans as he almost gagged as he went to far and felt the beginnings of choking. “You’re doing great,” I praised him, “just take it slowly and don’t try to swallow my willie just yet, you need to practice the basics,” I enthused him. I felt him react, he did as I asked and just concentrated on sucking my cock. I love that, a young boy learning how to please a man and get pleasure from the act too. I continued tuzla escort to suckle him and now slid a finger down between his legs to caress the pulsating wrinkled virginal boy pussy. The sensation of his moan of delight and joy as I did this against my cockhead was awesome and he writhed and wriggled wantonly underneath me as I began the next stage of his seduction. In seconds I felt him begin to shiver as his passion came to a huge dry orgasm, I sucked furiously on his pulsing boyrod feeling his body spasm as the universe exploded inside his young mind and body. He grunted and shook almost uncontrollably and yet he still managed to suck almost in time on my cockhead. It was enough, more than enough and I felt my own explosion flood its way up my tubes, along my dick, into the throbbing pulsating cockhead and I too grunted as I felt my glans expand and then my sperm jetted into his mouth. Still into his own climax he quivered and shivered as I filled his young mouth with my seed, my mancream. He gagged, coughed and swallowed and sucked all at the same time. Unable to control my own actions I just let that part of me watch in case he choked but Jimmy proved he was more than capable and as we lay there joined mouth to cock and mouth to dicklet he coped with my fluids until at last, passions spent we broke away from each other. Immediately I turned to gather him into my arms and kiss him sweetly, using my tongue to slick any of my escaped sperms into his gorgeous mouth. He kissed back and accepted each of my spermy offerings. “Like that?” I nuzzled up against him, he was still boyishly hard. “Hmmmm,” he sighed and I went down again, it took just a few moments for his to have another gentle dry cum and he twitched his legs appreciatively as the wonderful sensations tickled his nerve endings. The come to campfire whistle disturbed us and the other couplings. Quickly I picked him up, his body felt cool against me as I gathered the towel around us and headed back to camp. More and more cubs, scouts, teenagers and men joined us as we headed back to the flaring flames and the mouthwatering smell of hot chocolate that spurred our heels. Still naked all the boys and men sat down together as the mugs were handed out and the tray of jammy sandwiches worked their way around the circle. A number of boys sat on laps, spare hands caressing each other as the newly taught not so virginal cubs watched bright-eyed at the sight of the variance of cocks on display. All too soon all the sandwiches had disappeared and the billie containing the hot chocolate rang hollow as the ladle scraped the bottom. “Time to clean teeth and bed down,” grinned Akela, his hand caressing Timmy’s erect boy nipples. There were no groans, the boys simply dumped their mugs into the waiting bowl, they would be clean in the morning after the nights soak and soon there were groups of boys gathered around the washing bowls, cleaning jammy hands, jammy and chocolate faces and teeth. Now the newly awakened cubs were taken to their tents and sleeping bags and given one last dry cum before delightful sleep overtook them. After that the educated cubs, scouts and men paired up for the night. I took Jimmy into my tent, Simon was already on his knees in the twins scout tent reliving the afternoon joint fuck and suck session. Akela was doing the rounds making sure the cubs were all settled before heading back to his sleeping bag and his night with Timmy. Jimmy and I cuddled and kissed and then as in the woods I positioned myself across him; there was no hesitation, my cock was in his mouth before his was in mine. Slowly and tenderly we suckled on each other, this time Jimmy had several body twitching dry orgasms before I once again spurted into his mouth. We fell asleep entwined around one another. The morning found us both racing naked to the piss tree to empty our bladders, we could tell by the dry state of the tree that we were first up but by mutual consent we headed back to my tent and again sixty-nined. I remember looking down at him sucking furiously at my cock desperate to get my pre-cum and my sperm as once again he trembled and writhed as yet another dry cum coursed through his body. It was such a pleasing erotic sight, his young body clinging to mine, taking me inside his mouth deeper and deeper I felt my lust surge and my balls tighten as my sperms wriggled in lusty anticipation. Soon I too writhed as my orgasm shook me and I felt the tender scrape of his teeth on my glans as he suckled me dry, swallowing my sperms with delightful sugary moans of pleasure. Afterwards we again lay happily entwined stroking and kissing each other as our bodies came back to normal. “Like this don’t you?” I sighed into his ear. “Oh yesss,” he grinned, “we never did stuff like this in my old cub pack, this is awesome. I never felt so good before.” He nuzzled his face against mine and his hand squeezed my semi hard cock gently. We showered together and were soon joined by a growing number of naked boys and men as the rest of the camp woke up from what they were doing and headed for the shower block. As usual there was a lot of horseplay and cock grabbing, the cubs now all joining in the fun, many of the cubs making a constant play for Akela’s cock, something he laughingly relished. We exchanged glances, the camp was proving to be a great training ground for the inexperienced cubs and we both looked forward to enhancing their knowledge in more ways than one. After breakfast there was just enough time for some fun before we struck camp. I walked Jimmy past the scout tents which had their flaps closed, the sound of pleasurable moaning rang through the air as the cubs and scouts enjoyed each other for a last time. Jimmy strode naked alongside me and we headed for the field we had played in the previous night, there in the middle I found a grassy spot and for the first time Jimmy knelt down and sucked me. I stood naked in the middle of the open field as my young lover on his knees suckled and sucked me in the time honoured position. As ever I felt awesome as the young boy slurped away. He looked incredibly sexy on his knees, his head bobbing back and forth and all too soon I felt my tubes fill and then explode into his suctioning mouth. He swallowed and licked up every trace of my sperm and then I laid him down and reciprocated, his young body straining underneath me as he was wracked with a heavy dry cum, my finger probing his boy pussy for his love spot only helping to reduce him to a quivering orgasmic jelly. “S, s, s, s, ssskkkiiiipppp,” he groaned, stretching his young limbs as the pleasure overwhelmed him. “I understand,” I whispered and held him for those few precious moments. “Time to get back to camp,” I told him and we strolled happily back hand in hand. The camp was a frenzy of activity as everyone got involved with breaking down the tents and the other paraphernalia of camping. Everyone was naked, enjoying the warmth of the sun as they worked away. Bit by bit the tents came down and the pile to be loaded into the lorry grew higher and higher. Now and again boys would disappear for a few minutes coming back with happy smiles as moments of bliss were stolen. I took the opportunity of fucking young Timmy in the woods, the now eight year old was slick from his night with Akela and I was easily able to sink my cock into his avrupa yakası ucuz escort hot young boy pussy. He came hard and heavy, his velvety colon gripping me in its hot soft vice like grasp as he orgasmed, my cock in response flooded his colon with another heavy dose of mancream. I delighted in the feel of his young hands and legs entwined around me as I rode him hard plunging my cock in and out of his boy heaven, as ever it was ecstasy. Now that the work was over we sat down to a final meal together, Cook had excelled himself and we dined on earth baked beef, roasted potatoes and vegetables which was followed by a washing basin trifle which managed to fill up the few holes left in our stomachs. Now we cleaned up after the meal and once the site was checked over to both mine and Akela’s satisfaction it was down to the lake with our towels for a final clean up dip before we got dressed for our return. The journey home was uneventful, Jimmy rode with the other cubs and I drove one of the scout minibuses, as usual there was some mucking around in the back of the bus once the boys got bored with the journey. A lot of sucking went on and a couple of boys managed a quick fuck on the back seat watched avidly by the other scouts. Once we arrived back it was again all hands to the pump as we unloaded everything, hung up the tents on ropes to air and dry out. A working party would return on Monday evening to put everything away before the cubs met on Tuesday night. Parents were also arriving but I managed to get Jimmy alone in my office for a final kiss and cuddle before he drove away. I said I would see him at the cub meeting. As everyone finally left I found myself alone with Simon and the twins who looked expectantly at me. I knew what they wanted and I knew Simon was just as eager. I checked the windows were closed and the door locked, by the time I came back the three boys were naked and Jake and Larry were jointly licking Simon’s boy pussy, lubing it up for the double fuck. “It’s my turn on the bottom,” I insisted Larry and he lay down, his young cock sticking up hornily hard and gleaming with pre-cum. Simon grinned and position himself over the teen rod. Slowly he slid down it, both boys uttering groans of joy as they found their position. Jake stalked impatiently around them and then as Simon lay back on Larry’s chest he position himself between the boys open legs and gently position his cock alongside his brother’s cock which was only slightly in side Simon’s boy cunt. I knelt down beside them and took hold of Jake’s cock and carefully helped push it in alongside his brothers. “Okay boys, now slowly slide in as far as you feel comfortable,” I instructed. The twins grinned and Simon chuckled. Larry grasped Simon’s cocklet in his hand as both he and his brother began to fuck the boy in unison, both identical cocks plunging in and out, back and forth as Larry wanked Simon at the same time. I watched to make sure they were safe and then position myself at their heads. Simon and Jake sucked me jointly and now and again I thrust my cock downwards into Larry’s lusting mouth. Simon came first, his body spasming and he cried out as his orgasmed, this made the twins redouble their efforts and they broke formation, fucking to their own individual rhythm, this combined effect on Simon’s pleasure spot brought him back to another sexual peak and he climaxed again. Seconds later both twins shook as they came, mutually shooting their combined loads into Simon’s vibrating boy pussy. “Fuck that was so gooood,” groaned the twins as the lay back on the floor. Simon was now finished however and the agile twelve year old quickly mounted himself on my cock and rode himself to another heavy dry cum before I spurted deep inside his sperm slicked fuck chute. “Now that’s better,” Simon grinned. I drove them home before heading to my own place. There I found Tony, one of the scouts who had been unable to get away for the camp. “Mum says I can stay the night,” he whispered as I undressed him, “her new boyfriend is staying over and she gets embarrassed if I’m there,” he grinned. I caressed his slim fourteen year old body, the sparse growth of black pubes and the heavy sperm filled boy balls. “Let’s not waste any time,” I smiled, “you have a whole lot of catching up to do.” He lay on a pillow on the bed, his already slicked teencunt almost winking at me and in seconds I was deep rooting him fucking his first load of teen cum ou od his jerking cock in mere minutes. Each time I fucked him that night and in the morning before school I thought of Jimmy and imagined him groaning in ecstasy as I fucked him repeatedly. Tuesday night I was there at the cub meeting. I stole Jimmy away from the pack and in my little room I quickly undressed him and we spent a happy half our sucking away at each other, more and more he was responding to my finger, then fingers which were probing his young virginal boy pussy. He agreed to go with me on Saturday afternoon for a special training session and that night I got the usual acceptance from his parents. I picked him up bang on time, he looked adorable in his cub uniform and as I drove him away he soon undressed down to his scarf. I toyed with his erect cocklet all the way back to the place where we had camped the previous week. Carefully I carried him back into the open field, again I sought a grassy place and laid him down. As I undressed I gazed hungrily at his naked body, the pointed nipples, the soft boy skin, the little crayon of a boydick and the tiny pea sized balls. His eyes were intent on my cock which loomed bigger than ever, leaking and pulsing lustily. I knelt down between his open legs and spread them even more, his puckered boy pussy pulsed as I looked at it and he twitched as I stroked a finger over and around the pinkish entrance. I looked up at his trusting face. “Ready?” I whispered and he trembled a half smile. My cock lurched again and I leaned forward. END OF PART TWO To be continued…. 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