Scott’s Story Pt. 01Scott’s Story Pt. 01


First Date, First Taste

[Memories from a distant time. A time before VCR’s, cell phones, and computerized everything.]

The memories of that night are burned deeply into my brain. All it takes is a certain smell or taste to instantly transport me back in time; to my senior year of high school.

To be more precise, the last six weeks of high school. When my life would take a dramatic turn.

Some might say I was taken for a ride, or duped … even brainwashed. But now, after all these years, I believe that it was merely a special set of circumstances and coincidences that would force me to see certain personal short comings while providing methods and motivations for compensating with these failings. Along the way I would discover the lengths I would go to fix what was broken and the sacrifices I was willing make for others.

You see, I had not been especially successful on the dating scene. As such, I had not dated many different girls. It’s not that I didn’t have friends or couldn’t socialize with people. It was just that when it came to asking girls for a date I became shy, deeply fearing rejection. When I would finally get up the nerve to ask a girl and she agreed, then I would be falling all over myself to do anything to make her like me. In effect, smothering the relationship before one could even develop.

By mid-April of ’79, I was 18 and had my own car. Almost instantly things started looking up. Now, the dates I did manage to get often ended-up at the local lover’s lane.

There had been lots of kissing in my used 1974 Toyota Corona station wagon. A few of the girls had rubbed the front of my pants, fondling my hard-on while I massaged their bra encased breasts. Twice I had actually held a bare breast! But even though the stick shifter always proved to be an obstacle, none of these girls could be coaxed into my “Love Chamber”: the back of the station wagon. Certainly, a better time could be had back there.

In hindsight, the fact that I had already folded down the back seat and so thoughtfully spread out a comforter may have come off as a little TOO obvious.

Anyway, things changed drastically when this girl named Ann agreed to a date. How I ever got brave enough to ask her out I still don’t know. Ann was the most sought after girl in our senior class. She may have been a high school senior like me, but at four foot seven inches, she was also the shortest and cutest. She was my dream date: so beautiful and oh so sexy … and surrounded by so many rumors. Plus, from the classes we shared I knew that she was smart. There was one other thing that caught my fancy: Ann had to have had about the flattest chest of ANY female in the school – even underclassmen. While most guys seem to have a thing for large breasts, I had often fantasized about touching and kissing Ann’s tiny tits!

She had only been in acıbadem escort the car ten minutes when my date informed me she was ready to do some necking. Man, this girl was totally different from the others. It was she who directed me down a hidden dirt road and she knew just where to park. Before the engine had even stopped turning she was in the back telling me to hurry and join her. Still a very horny virgin, I scrambled into the back of my car only to find myself with a girl hornier and more willing than even my wildest wet dream. Ann wasted little time on preliminaries; it didn’t take long before hands were roaming. As we kissed she pushed one of my hands between her legs pulling up her mini skirt and steered it to the thicket of curly hairs that covered her otherwise naked pussy. [Finally!] I thought, [the Promised Land.] I was actually touching a real pussy. To this day I have no idea when she took off her panties. Maybe she hadn’t been wearing any when I picked her up! All I knew was a couple of my fingers had found their way through the tangled hairs and were touching the damp folds of her vagina … and I was loving it! My dick was so hard in my pants it hurt!

Before long that was remedied – because soon we were both naked.

My heart felt like it would jump from my chest as my brain digested the fact that I was, for the very first time, in the presents of a real, live NAKED WOMAN. It was late on a cloudy evening. The sun had already set an hour ago. But there was still just enough light for me to be in awe of her astounding beauty.

Naked, she was far more beautiful than I had imagined. Aside for her head and the patch of curly locks covering her womanhood she was completely devoid of hair. But my eyes (and hands) zeroed in on her chest, or lack thereof. I had seen guys in the locker room with bigger tits yet I thought hers were a perfect fit for her small frame. They made her look so young and innocent, yet I found them incredibly sexy.

She also had the smallest areolas of anyone I’d ever seen this side of puberty. When I began rubbing those little mounds on her chest I detected a bit of embarrassment on Ann’s part. That is until I started sucking on one of the nipples. Both nipples became erect, rising into perfect pencil points.

“SHIT!” A voice in my head shouted. “I forgot to bring the rubbers!” Of all the rotten luck! I finally get a willing partner and … “THE DAMNED TROJAN’S ARE BACK AT HOME!!” Quickly, I tried thinking of a way to break the bad news to my hot date.

At about that same moment Ann abruptly stopped rubbing my boner and said, “Wait a minute. I need a better look.” She reached up and turned on the dome light then began to snicker. “Is that as big as it gets?!”

Looking down at my throbbing hard-on, I didn’t understand the question. I’d always been rather impressed with my atalar escort erections. Proud even. Obviously, I didn’t see what was so humorous. Certainly I must have looked perplexed as I nodded.

(I would soon to learn that Ann had some iron clad standards. First and foremost: For any man’s erection to be worthy of the title ‘cock’ it must be longer than 6 inches. Anything less is nothing but a little boy’s ‘dick’ and thus prime material for ridicule.)

“That’s the smallest dick I’ve ever seen!” Before I could clear my head enough to ask her just how many other dicks she had actually seen she added, “on anyone over the age of eight,” she said with a snicker. Then with a look that was a cross between desperation and pity she sighed in resignation, “Well, look, I’m so horny I’d fuck a broomstick … and that’s about as thick as one. So put on a rubber and let’s see what you can do with what you’ve got. Give me your best shot.”

I had barely begun to apologize for forgetting to bring any condoms, she groaned, “God, you’re pathetic!” After giving it half-a-moments thought, she announced, “Well, they probably don’t make them your size anyway. A regular would only fall off.” Totally confused by all this information hadn’t stopped me from continuing to probe her gash, which I now had two fingers deeply inside.

“Oh HELL! I doubt if those little balls could make any good sperm to get anybody pregnant anyway.”

[Did she say my balls are little too?] My thought processes were in overdrive. [What the hell’s wrong with my BALLS???]

“So I guess it’s your lucky day! You get to be the first guy to have me without a raincoat.” I didn’t know whether to feel honored or insulted. I’m thinking to myself, [Just how many guys have had you WITH a raincoat?] My dick didn’t care one way or the other – it wanted to slide into some pussy! Eagerly, and clumsily, I jumped on for my very first fuck.

I still remember how wonderful it felt; the way my steely rod slid so easily into her hot, wet hole. I wanted to stay in there forever.

Nature, my nature, would have none of that. It was over almost before it began. In a matter of several strokes, I began to cum. But oh, what a great cum it was.

Several more strokes and my dick began to soften and Ann knew I had cum. Boy was she was pissed! She yelled, “That just figures! I still didn’t get off!!” The glare from the dome light only emphasized the anger and disappointment on her face. “Well let’s see if your tongue works any better than your dick does. Get down there and lick my clit and my pussy until I cum!”

Now I had never had my face anywhere near a pussy let alone had my tongue in one. It’s not that I didn’t know about pussy licking. About six months earlier some friends and I had snuck into the adult movie theater downtown. So I had seen both guys and girls going down aydınlı escort and lapping pussy and was eager to try it out for myself. As quickly and as carefully as I could in the confines of the wagon, I turned myself around so that I was kneeling next to her with my target in sight I parted her legs wide. There it was, all pink and wet with traces of white liquid beginning to leak out.

[Wait a minute,] I thought to myself. [What’s that white goo leaking from her pussy? Th…that’s my sperm! I never saw any of the guys go down on the girl AFTER he came in her.] Then again, the guys in those porno movies never do cum IN the girl. They always shoot ON the chick.

My delay in complying with her command only made her more determined. She grabbed my ear and forcefully steered my mouth between her legs. Opening her legs wider only gave me a better view of what a pussy looks like. It also caused more of my jizz to ooze out. “Stick your tongue out and start licking!” she ordered. “I’ll put you where I need you.” With that she held the back of my head and pushed me face first into her open gash.

Instinctively, mouth wide open and tongue extended, I proceeded to gently lap her pussy. Having no idea what pussy should taste like – nor had I ever tasted semen – I didn’t know what to expect.

However, even my inexperienced tongue could instantly discern the two distinct fluids coating it. My mouth filled with both a slightly sweet thin oily secretion, and what had to be my tart and somewhat thicker sperm. Forcefully, Ann held the back of my head ensuring I had my lips locked around her snatch as she began contracting her insides, expelling the fluids within. As my mouth filled with hot sauces I had no choice but to swallow. Moving my tongue up and down she began to moan and say, “Yeah! That’s it. Oh, yeah! Lick it baby! Suck my pussy. Suck your cum from my hole. Lick it! Suck it! Oow yeah, swallow that scum!!” She kept it up while moving my head just where she wanted it.

When I began thinking about what I had just swallowed I almost gagged. I was sucking and swallowing my sperm! But somehow I fought off the urge to puke and kept right on licking, sucking and swallowing just as I was told. [After all,] I told myself, [I got MY rocks off. It’s only fair that I help my date get the same pleasure she had given me.] I just had to convince myself that the sauce that coated my mouth and tongue didn’t taste all THAT bad. It did kind of burn in the back of my throat but it didn’t hurt. Actually, I began to LIKE the taste! And it seemed to make my date feel good so I convinced myself I had no problem with staying put at least until she had an orgasm.

It took a little while, but as I became more familiar with what I was doing Ann began writhing about. “Oh yeah! Oh god! OH YEAH! I’M CUMMING!!” Then her body tensed as she kept my face firmly planted to her pussy. Suddenly my mouth filled with more hot, thick fluid. I could hardly swallow fast enough. “SUCK HARD!” she shouted. “Suck OUR cum from my hole. Drink it down. YOU KNOW YOU LIKE IT!! Don’t waste any of it!” she commanded.

[I think I’m in love!!]

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