Sassy and her Saint NickSassy and her Saint Nick


So here Sassy was sitting and thinking about Ole St Nick remembering last years sagaand how lovely and big was his dickHave I been a good girl this year?Oh yes I have my dearI deserve more than coalSmiling as I think about your poleSo Sassy put on her red mini dresstrying to look her bestAs she heads out to sit on Santa’s lapto have a long talk with the ChapAs she walked isveçbahis up towards the bearded manhe remembered with her how it all beganso big was the smile on his face, and his mind immediately began to race”So Sassy, all classy, in your little red dressdid you come her to sit on my lap and confess?””Yes Santa, I have been a very good girl”She said, as her tongue over isveçbahis giriş her lips did swirlNow Santa, did stir, deep in his pantsHe was thinking about her doing her danceOn his big pole she would slidebouncing up and down, with so much prideHer luscious tits in his face would jigglewhile she would laugh and giggleand just as he would let out his moanShe isveçbahis yeni giriş knew that Santa his load had blownSo once again, Sassy made his good girl listSweet and and sexy his lips she kissed”Thank you Santa for being my manI love and please you in every way I can.”So all my friends another year has passedI wish you all Happiness, love and for the things you askedThank you for being your Sexy selvesHoping the elves leave you something special on your shelvesI’ll see you all again next yearHave fun and be safe my dear I leave you with a kiss on your cheekLooking forward until the next time we speak.

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