Staying BehindStaying Behind


She leaned back in her chair and, with a sigh, stretched her arms above her head. It had been yet another tedious day and she felt hot, irritated and generally miserable. As she brought her arms down, she swung round to survey the big, open-plan office. As usual, she was the last to leave and the realisation suddenly made her want to cry. Out of the window, she could see smartly dressed men with briefcases and power-dressed women striding purposefully towards the underground station, undoubtedly rushing home to be with their partners, families and dogs, or whatever normal people did on a Friday night.

She reached over for the mouse and was about to shut down her PC when she realised there was a little envelope flashing in the corner of the screen indicating new mail. She clicked on it and was instantly assailed by yet another curt email from her boss demanding that she “drop by” on her way out. The concept of her ‘dropping by’ was ridiculous given that her boss’s office was a virtual penthouse suite on the top floor of the building, whilst hers was a hot and stuffy cattle-shed of a room on the second floor. She sighed again and debated as to whether she should simply ignore the email and just go home. Unfortunately, however, she was desperate for promotion and, in addition, she owned possibly the most ostentatious car of all the company’s employees, and which was quite obviously still parked next to her boss’s in the car park so he would know that she was still here.

She stabbed at the mouse viciously with her finger, turned off the computer, grabbed her bag with the other hand and strode out towards the lifts. Obviously, just to irritate her further, the lifts appeared not to be working and, despite repeated rattling of the buttons and uttering a plethora of choice expletives, failed to respond positively to her cajoling and remained motionless. She turned wearily and started the long trudge up the eight flights of stairs.

As she climbed higher, it became apparent that the air conditioning in the building was not really powerful enough to counteract the heat of the summer’s evening and she could feel beads of sweat running down the front of her chest and pooling in the cleft between her large breasts. By the time she had reached the top floor, she was out of breath and could feel a warm dampness gathering between her legs. At the top of the stairs she paused, her feet were throbbing and her kitten-heeled shoes feeling increasingly uncomfortable, so she slipped them off and continued along the corridor, her stockinged feet cushioned by the deep pile of the expensive carpet.

Her boss’s door was ajar, and as she peered through the gap she could see him leaning back in his large easy chair, removing his tie and unbuttoning the collar of his shirt. As she entered the room, he swung round and greeted her with a mischievous grin. kağıthane escort She was somewhat taken aback by his casual appearance; usually he was impeccably dressed in a three piece suit, highly polished shoes and expensive ties and commanded a great deal of awe and respect from his employees. However, tonight his blonde hair was ruffled, his glasses gone, his shoes kicked off and his pale blue shirt open at the collar to reveal a tuft of blonde hair at the top of his chest. She was alarmed to find that the sight of him had involuntarily increased the rate of her breathing and she could feel her heart thumping in her chest.

“You wanted to see me?” she finally stammered.

“Yes, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work on the Atkins case and wondered if you’d like to join me for a drink…” He gestured towards his desk where a half-full bottle of beer nestled amongst a number of empty bottles and piles of documents and files. “That is, if you haven’t got anything else planned for this evening…?”

“Erm…no, nothing else planned.”

“Excellent. Beer or…er…beer? Shit, I don’t actually have anything else – will beer do?”

“Beer will be fine,” she heard herself say although in her head she was reminding herself loudly that beer made her extremely pissed, extremely quickly with, often, calamitous results.

He motioned towards a small fridge in the corner of his office and, from it, she dutifully removed an ice-cold bottle of lager and returned towards his desk. He pulled a chair around from the other side of the desk and indicated for her to sit down.

“Come and see the fantastic view.” The entirety of the west-facing wall of his office was made from tinted glass and as she sat down she could see virtually the whole of London stretched out before her, bathed in a warm orange glow from the setting sun.

“You’ll be needing this…” he said, holding out a silver bottle opener. As she leant across to take it from him, she noticed that his gaze had shifted. As she followed the line of his vision down, she realised that the top few buttons of her blouse had somehow become dislodged from their buttonholes to reveal the pale soft flesh of her breasts spilling over the top of her blood-red lace bra. Her face flushed as her fingers brushed his and she could feel her hand shaking as she took the opener from him. As she flicked off the top of the lager, she gasped as the freezing liquid came gushing out, covering the front of her blouse and dripping down her short skirt onto her cream stockings. Looking down in dismay, she could see the wetness from the beer spreading out over the front of her blouse, the red bra underneath becoming more and more visible and the damp fabric clinging increasingly to the curves of her breasts. She felt her nipples harden sarıyer escort instantaneously and, as she raised her gaze to meet his, it was clear that this had not escaped his attention.

“I have a shirt that you could borrow, if you like…” he said. As he slowly stood, the extent of his reaction to her unfortunate ‘accident’ became clear; his hard-on visible through his straining trousers and she felt herself becoming wet just at the sight of it. She watched his reflection in the huge window as he walked over to the cupboard and retrieved a white shirt from its depths. As she watched, she could see him loosening his belt, unzipping his fly and releasing his erection from the confines of his trousers. Their reflected eyes met and he smirked at her from the other side of the room as he started to massage his cock. Emboldened by his actions, her eyes still on the reflection of his, she started to slowly undo the remaining buttons of her blouse and was pleased to see his movements become quicker and more urgent, dropping the white shirt onto the floor. Once undone, she removed her blouse with a deft flick of her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Still staring at the window, she could see him walking slowly towards her and, after what seemed like a lifetime, she suddenly felt his hot breath on her neck. The sensation made her shiver and she could feel her nipples harden further and an urgent throbbing began in her groin.

With one movement, he released her long blonde hair from its clip and watched it cascade over her shoulders and back. He roughly grabbed at it and pulled it to one side so he could continue kissing and licking the nape of her neck whilst he pressed his hardened prick into the cleft between her buttocks, so palpable in her tight skirt.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for months,” he whispered, “you really are the most sexy woman I have ever met…”

In reply, all she could do was whisper “thank you” and gasp as his hand came snaking around her waist, cupping the soft mound of her right breast and squeezing firmly on the already hardened and sensitive nipple. He steered her around the desk so that they were both behind it and still able to see their reflections in the window, which were becoming sharper and more clearly defined as the sun set and the sky darkened.

With one movement, he swept the empty bottles, files and carefully piled papers onto the floor and pushed her, face down, onto the tabletop, her pointed toes just reaching the floor. He slowly ran his hands, in circling movements, up the back of her stockinged legs, teasing her and never quite reaching the top. Her breathing became rapid and shallow as his fingers eventually reached the soft smoothness of her bare inner thigh and continued to circle their way upwards. It was his turn to sefaköy escort gasp as he moved his hand further upwards and, instead of the material he expected, felt the soft wetness of her lips…

“Little slut!” he exclaimed, “You’re not wearing any knickers!” and she gasped as he pushed his fingers deeper into her wetness and eased her skirt up to reveal her pale, taut buttocks and the blood-red suspender belt which matched her lacy bra.

The sight of this made his prick even harder and he feverishly rubbed his hand back and forth, pulling back harder and harder on his foreskin until he felt he could hold on no longer. He moved his right hand forwards, feeling for the nub of her clit and, once found, rubbed gently around it until he could feel her shivering and gyrating beneath him to the rhythm of his hand. With his left hand he released the catch of her bra and, in the reflection from the window, was able to watch as her full breasts came tumbling out of their restraint.

“Jesus!” he whispered and grasping her buttocks he pushed his tense cock between her wet lips and into the warm, moistness of her pussy. It felt amazing and he strove to thrust deeper and deeper into her. She leant further and further forward, grabbing the far side of the desk and lifting her arse higher and higher so that the whole of his shaft was swallowed up by her and he was able to see the tight opening of her anus. He licked his finger and started massaging around the tight little muscle; at which point her upward movements became more and more insistent.

“Do you like that?” He breathed.

“God, yes! Please don’t stop!”

And with that he slipped his finger inside her.

As he watched their reflections in the window, he saw her move a hand upward and start massaging her breasts and squeezing the nipples until they stood to attention. She then moved her hand slowly downwards and began to finger herself, rubbing her clit, around her lips and feeling his girth as he moved deeper and deeper inside her. The cold feel of her hand on his shaft and the image of her in the window – her hand rubbing at her clit and her breasts swinging in time to their frantic movements – brought him close to the edge.

“You’re too fucking amazing – I can’t hold on much longer…”

But as she heard his words, she felt the familiar sensation working its way up her thighs and into her cunt; she gasped and began to press her arse harder and harder into his groin. She could feel him grabbing roughly at her hips and pulling on her hair, yanking her head back and kissing and biting hungrily at her neck, and with a loud cry, she felt him cum hard inside her.

As he continued to thrust deep inside her, the muscular spasms of his orgasm became indistinct from her own and she suddenly felt the explosion inside her pussy.

Their paired rhythmical movements gradually slowed as each tried to slow their breathing. As they lay there on his desk, hot and sweating, their chests heaving, they both noticed a pale but visible light coming from the topmost window of the office block opposite. As their eyes adjusted to the changing light, they were able to focus on the silhouette of a man…

…watching them.

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