Sara’s Temptation Ch. 02Sara’s Temptation Ch. 02


Author’s Note: All individuals are at least 18 years old and consenting.


It was a sunny Saturday morning, and Sara was eating breakfast with Peter. It had been a few days since the incident happened and since then she had been very satisfied with how things were going. Peter had stopped complaining about Jake being naked in the house. Sara on the other hand, had been more affectionate with Jake in front of Peter and was borderline making out with him, just cause she was so turned on by it in and because that way she could control him. Peter, though he didn’t say anything was very much turned on by her actions, but was also very bitter towards them. He wasn’t really that happy to see his son anymore, cause he knew he would start touching his wife, and he couldn’t say anything about it. What was really nice though was the fact the last few days, Sara and Peter had a couple of chances to spend some quality time together, and quite possibly revive their long-lost love, if it could be revived. At least that’s how it seemed to Peter.

That morning Peter had made Sara pancakes with chocolate and biscuit on top. There was also a variety of fruit and some fresh orange juice on the table. It was around that time that Jake was supposed to return from basketball practice. It’s been a couple of years since he was in the local basketball team and it really helped him blend in with others in college. Peter and Sara attended most of his games and were really encouraging him to keep on going. The last few days, Sara was always looking forward for Jake to return from practice so that they could make out. She hadn’t really sucked him off since then, because she liked teasing Jake and also cause she wanted to ease Peter into accepting more and more stuff as normal. If she sucked Jake off now he would snap at her, maybe divorce her even. She knew she could get Peter more loose by using Jake through Peter’s punishment, which was that Jake needed to not wear boxers or pants in the house, and that Peter couldn’t complain anything about Sara being affectionate with him, in order for him to overcome his jealousy. Surprisingly, in Peter’s mind all this made perfect sense, and he had some to terms with his punishment, to a degree.

“You want anything else baby? You barely ate any of the pancakes!” Peter asked inquisitively.

“No I’m okay. I wasn’t hungry anyway.” Sara answered looking bored.

“I think we should go camping or something. You remember how much we used to enjoy going camping? You used to be the one who organized everything and I mostly went just because of how excited you were for it.” Peter asked, worried that he was losing his wife.

“You know what? I think we should. We just have to check for when Jake’s free from his college duties and when I can take a few days off from work.” Sara said while fantasizing about riding Jake in a tent while Peter was sleeping.

“Oh, I was thinking that maybe we would go just the two of us, you know? Just like old times. I don’t think Jake would enjoy going camping with us anyway. He probably wants to go on holiday with his friends, or maybe a girl. You can’t expect an 18-year old to want to go on holiday with his parents.” Peter remarked.

“What’s wrong. Why are you so against Jake spending some time with us lately, or should I say with me. It appears to me that you’re jealous of him again.” Sara replied.

“No I am not, I’m just being reasonable and was hoping I could spend some time with my wife.” Peter said frustrated.

“Baby, why are you doing this again. It was all going so well, you understood my relationship with Jake and that I was trying to help him and be an affectionate and loving mother, why are you being so jealous all of a sudden. I thought your punishment would really help you with your issues.” Sara noted while seemingly being calm and caring.

“Yeah, you were very ‘affectionate’ with him the last few days. Anyway forget I said anything, I’m willing to sacrifice my ego in order to make this work. I just need to know for how much longer Jake is gonna be naked in the house.” Peter said while being visibly angry at this point, and possibly a bit horny.

“Maybe a few days more, it depends largely on how you behave and honestly I think you’ve been great so far. There are no signs of the old contemptuous and bitter Peter the past week, so I guess this is working.” Sara replied.

“That’s fine. Is there any chance we’ll get naughty tonight? I kinda miss our alone time. Maybe we can use the dildo again you know?” Peter said while breathing heavily.

“Of course baby, don’t even think about it. I’ll wear the panties you love too, the black ones.” Sara teased.

“Oh yeah, to be honest though I prefer just skipping straight to your bare pussy, if that’s alright” Peter said and started kissing his wife.

Peter was very much into making out with his wife, it was one of his favourite things to do ever since his penis stopped working. He removed her bra and starting biting down from her neck to her chest until she reached her erect nipple. He started sucking on her nipple and rubbing her pussy over her panties, while she was moaning loudly. Peter was at this point holding both of her Yakuplu Escort tits close to his face and passionately sucking on them. Sara’s tits were truly a thing of beauty, her pale skin and pink nipples could drive anyone crazy, add to that the fact that she really knew how to use them to please guys and you have the perfect breasts. At this point, her tits were shining from all the saliva and her pussy was being abused by Peter’s hands. He was rubbing her clit slowly while pummeling her pussy with 2 or 3 fingers. Ever since Sara took that huge black dildo, Peter knew that her pussy could take a huge dick.

“Fuck baby, look at your pussy taking all of my fingers in, it’s sucking them in!” Peter said when he stopped sucking her neck.

“Oh fuck, keep fucking my pussy please! I need a dick in my pussy FUCK! Keep going, keep going!” Sara was screaming at this point.

Peter, while unable to use his dick anymore, was very good at using his hands and a couple of toys to please Sara. He was basically tearing her pussy apart with his fingers, which is something that Sara loved. Sara loved huge dicks and Peter learned that the past few days, cause Sara was very vocal about it. It’s the reason why he was so jealous of Jake, apart from everything else that happened the last few days. He knew that Sara was fantasizing about fucking him and riding his dick. Even though he knew that though, Sara’s behavior had really confused his the last few days, and there were times when he really thought that there was nothing going on between her and Jake.

While Peter was going to drop to his knees to eat her clit, the doorbell rang.

“Fuck not now!” Peter said.

“WHO IS IT?” shouted Sara who was very excited cause she thought Jake returned.

“It’s me mom, I forgot my keys. Why were you screaming, are you okay?” replied Jake.

“Yeah baby give us one second please!” Sara replied in a hurry to put her clothes on.

Peter picked up his pants from the floor and started putting them on while being visibly disappointed. He had gotten so into it that he didn’t want anything to stop them, especially Jake. He knew he wouldn’t have that many chances to eat his wife’s pussy and now it was taken from him at the worst possible moment. While Peter was thinking about all this, Sara went to open the door, her tits still exposed.

“Hey baby, come in fast!” Sara said and hurried inside with Jake.

“Hey mom! Why aren’t you wearing anything?” Jake told her while looking at her tits.

“I had to hurry to open the door baby. Come in!” Sara replied and pulled Jake towards her for a kiss.

Jake responded with a tongue kiss that lasted for a while. She was much more passionate kissing him than Peter and was also biting his neck and lips, making marks everywhere on Jake’s neck. Jake grabbed his mom’s tit, the one which was out of line of sight of Peter and played with her nipple. If Peter wasn’t there he would instantly have started slapping his dick between her tits and starting fucking them.

“Mom can i eat anything? I’m starving!” Jake said while moving away from Sara, who was viciously sucking his mouth.

“Of course baby, you need to replenish your energy after your basketball practice!” Sara replied.

“Hey dad! How was work today?” Jake said.

“Hey! I didn’t go today, I took a day off. I had a lot of work lately and I had to take a break!” Peter said looking contemptuously at Jake who had interrupted them, and had taken his place in making out with Sara.

“Yeah, yeah, working my ass. You know I went to his work the other day, and he was watching videos online instead of working. And then he complains about not having any days off!” said Sara who was at this point walking with Jake towards the kitchen.

“Baby, what are you doing?” Sara added.

“What’s wrong mom?” Jake replied.

“How many times do I have to tell you to take off your boxers at home? You know your dad needs help but you keep forgetting. Let me take those off you!” said Sara, and she instantly pulled down his basketball pants and his boxers exposing his black dick on the kitchen table.

“Look at our young man. Aren’t you proud Peter?” Sara said and while Jake was eating pancakes, she was sucking on his neck, holding his half erect dick with one hand and his hair with the other.

This was something that Sara did very often the last few days. She would grab Jake’s dick at any chance she could but not jerk it off. She just held it in her hand in an “affectionate” way and from time to time lightly massaged it. It was one of the things that Peter had come to accept over the past week even though it didn’t make any sense to him most of the time. And that turned Sara on more than anything else. She knew she was working her way up but it had to take time for Peter to accept more and more stuff.

Whenever Jake was done swallowing a bite from the pancake, he would pull his tongue out so that Sara would suck on it and vice versa. She would also fuck his mouth with hers by violently shoving her lips on him and fucking his tongue with hers. Sara was very much into tongue play with Jake, and she especially enjoyed it when Peter was there Escort Yakuplu too. She would even look at him from time to time and show with her eyes how much she enjoyed making out with her black son.

“Yes, I am very proud of him!” replied Peter who couldn’t take his eyes off of them, even though he was hurt by what was happening.

“I’m glad!” said Sara when she could take a break from sucking Jake’s neck.

Even though Jake’s dick wasn’t being rubbed, it was throbbing and begging to cum, which was evident from the veins popping out and the fact that he was, at this point, fully erect. Sara, being an experienced woman, knew of Jake’s situation and was very excited that she held him there and controlled his dick. All of this made her very wet, and she knew that she would have to cum in some way or another. This had become the standard the last few days, since she would regularly make out with Jake and then would fuck herself with her dildo in the bathroom. Her pussy hadn’t been this pleased since her college days, when she would get fucked all the time.

“Honey, is there any hot water left for Jake? You know he needs to take a bath after practice.” said Sara while still holding Jake’s dick, now with both of her hands.

“Yeah, there is. I’m gonna go to the bedroom, I’m tired.” Peter said bitterly, and gave Sara and Jake a look as he was going upstairs.

“Go take a bath baby, I have some work to do too!” Sara told Jake.

“Mom come on, I need you to suck me off, you told me that we would be doing this.” Jake said and slapped his mom’s face with his dick lightly.

“Jake! I told you, I’ll suck you off when the time is right. I need a bit more time, maybe tonight when we’re with your father.” Sara replied and grabbed Jake’s dick.

“It feels like you’re only doing this to make dad feel bad about himself. And also you tease me so much every day, how do you expect me to withstand it?” Jake complained.

“No baby, it just turns me on more when your father is watching us, and I wanna hold on till the time is right. You know I’m in need of dick, so I wouldn’t postpone this for something unimportant. Don’t worry though, I have plans for tonight. Now go take a bath.” Sara replied and kissed the head of Jake’s dick.

As she kissed the head of his dick, some precum popped out and of course she couldn’t help but suck them all out. Even though she didn’t really jerk Jake’s dick off, she always ate his precum with the pretense of cleaning him.

“Jesus, okay mom!” Jake replied, and he gave his mom a kiss before going to take a bath.

While Jake was taking a bath, Sara rubbed her clit a little bit in the kitchen. She liked to tease herself while thinking about all the things she would do to Jake. She couldn’t really believe she held on to not sucking Jake’s dick off for the past few days. She was always ready to just drop on her knees and start jerking it off whatever way she could. Still, she had been very patient.

An hour after that she went upstairs, to wake her husband up since she knew that it was around that time that he woke up. As she was walking us the stairs, she heard squeaking from Jake’s bedroom, something that happened all the time lately since he was very turned on too from his mom’s actions. Sara tried not to think about Jake playing with himself, as it would be hard for her to resist going to his bedroom and hurried to her bedroom. She knocked on the door while hearing weird noises from inside.

She opened the door without waiting for approval and saw Peter naked on the bed with his hand on his dick. From the looks of it, Peter was trying to get his dick hard and of course he had failed. He gave Sara a frustrated and contemptuous look because she surprised him like this in such a vulnerable state.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry baby. I though you were sleeping.” Sara lied.

“Fuck, can you give me a moment?” Peter said and put on his pants.

“Okay, now we can talk, what’s wrong?” Peter added.

“Nothing’s wrong, I was just thinking maybe we can a movie tonight, there’s a good horror movie on TV tonight.” Sara said.

“Sure.” Peter replied embarrassed.

“Baby, you don’t have to be jealous of Jake, we’ve discussed this. I still like making love with you, in whatever way possible.” Sara told Peter.

“Okay, we can watch the movie tonight, tell me whenever it’s up okay?” Peter said.

“Of course, we’ll talk at night.” Sara said and gave Peter a kiss.

Sara left the room with her pussy soaking wet. She thought it would be the perfect time to fuck Jake now, but as she went to his room Jake was sleeping and there was cum everywhere on the bed. What a wasted opportunity, she thought. Right after that, she felt a bit guilty because of how malevolent her thoughts were, but her horniness made them vanish.

Sara spent the rest of the day doing some work on the laptop, cleaning the house and making dinner for everyone. While she didn’t really enjoy doing housework, both Peter and Jake weren’t gonna be able to do any housework today, so she knew she had to do them all by herself. Whenever Jake and Peter were in the living room, and she would do the cleaning, Yakuplu Escort Bayan she would wear something to show off her tits to them, and a lot of the times she would climb on to Jake when she had to clean the couch so that he would get the full view. What would end up happening then, was that Jake would get turned on by his mom, would get on top of her, and they would start “fighting” on the couch while Peter was watching TV. Peter would from time to time take a peak at what they were doing, and would see Jake on top of his wife tickling her exposed belly and boobs. Sara got super turned on by things like this where Jake would tickle her, and she would playfully shove his hand away when he would go for her boobs. It was definitely her favourite part of cleaning the house.

It was around 11 o clock when Sara decided to summon everyone for the movie. She had prepared pop corn and frozen beer for everyone. Peter who had trouble with his vision, would sit right next to the TV screen. Sara sat right next to him, and a bit further Jake would take his seat on the couch. Jake was still, of course, naked from the waist down. As he arrived at the couch, Sara would quickly grab his dick with one hand and his ass with the other, and pull him towards her to kiss him on the neck.

“So what movie are we gonna be watching?” Peter asked, to interrupt them.

“Oh, it’s a Mexican horror film. Critics say it’s excellent!” Sara replied and quickly went back to sucking Jake’s tongue.

“I see.” Peter replied.

“Baby, are you still sad about what happened today? I told you there’s nothing wrong, why don’t you hear me out!” Sara remarked as she was carefully rubbing Jake’s balls up to the base of his dick.

“Forget about it, let’s watch the movie.” Peter replied.

As they were watching the movie, Sara would never let go of Jake’s dick, and would often hold it with both her hands. She would also at any jumpscare hug him, and he would of course pull her towards him and hold her there for a while. While hugging, Jake’s dick would be squared between both of their bodies and get rubbed. Sara knew about this of course, and she knew that she had to not let this happen too often cause Jake’s dick would erupt. She had to slow the pace down and make out with him less.

“This movie is pretty good, not that you would know!” Peter said referring to Sara.

“What?? I’m watching it, I can tell you exactly what happened since the start.” replied Sara who at this point had no idea what was going on in the movie.

“Yeah sure. I think I will go sleep actually. I’m too tired today.” Peter replied while yawning.

“No, stay! Here I will stay close to you and we’ll watch together.” Sara told him and gave him her full attention by petting his hair and kissing him.

The next few minutes, Sara would hug Peter tightly and watch the movie with him. She would of course take a peak at Jake’s dick and wink at him but most of the time she was giving her attention to Peter. As the music got scarier in the movie, she knew that there was gonna be a jumpscare in the movie, so she knew it was her chance to act. As soon as the jumpscare happened she quickly jumped away from Peter into Jake. As she did that one of her tits escaped her shirt and landed on Jake’s dick. Jake knew that he wouldn’t have many chances to rub his dick on his mom again this night, and he also knew that she wouldn’t jerk him when they were alone, so he took advantage of this chance. As soon as he hugged her he instantly started to pretend like he was taking care of her by hugging her but in reality he was squeezing his dick between her tits and pushing it up and down. It had reached to the point where he couldn’t take it anymore and Jake was gonna cum.

“That really scared you baby didn’t it?” Peter said.

“Oh my god FUCK!!” Jake screamed as his was cumming.

“Oh what are you doing baby? Not on the couch please. STOP!” Sara shouted to him and quickly fell to her knees to suck of all the cum.

As she dropped to her knees, Peter was watching what was about to happen. A familiar image, since it was very close to what happened last week, although he hadn’t seen him cum in her mouth and also this time round one of her tits was exposed and her nipples fully aroused. Even though last week Sara had sucked Jake off she didn’t really expect that he would cum this hard. The constant teasing had an effect on him, and he exploded in Sara’s mouth down to her throat. For a full minute Sara was milking Jake’s dick for cum while rubbing her pussy with the other hand. Sara put as much of Jake’s dick in her mouth as she could and was practically begging for more cum, even though Jake had had practically filled her mouth with it. Of course, she didn’t let any of it go to waste, and was swallowing like crazy, to keep up with Jake’s rhythm. Jake, who was breathing like a wild animal, had his hand on Sara’s head throughout the whole process. Peter, who had been watching the whole thing attentively, was shocked and fully aroused at what happened. His gorgeous wife, who had been very loyal and caring throughout the years, was now pumping her son’s 9 inch black dick for cum. She had her eyes closed the whole time and was deepthroating Jake’s dick while he was cumming. After a minute or two Jake was finally done. Sara kept sucking on his dick after it was done, making sure she drank every last drop and when she was done sucking on his now half erect dick, she got up from her knees and put her boob back in her shirt.

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