Romancing KamoraRomancing Kamora


this is purely fictional ….

The Romancing of Kamora

Just a little diddy about James and Kamora, to American kids in the heartland….

James and Kamora had been online pals for years when James decide to surprise his friend. Little did she know that he was a very wealthy man, having made his money the old-fashioned way, he inherited it. James was a powerful, well-educated seasoned man who had many lovers but no one to love. He longed to love and take care of someone special. A couple of months prior to her birthday, James asked Kamora to get her passport and that he had a surprise for her birthday.

James in the months leading up to his friend’s birthday he made reservations in LA, Hawaii, Tahiti, Bali, Sydney, Beijing, Hong Kong, New Dehli, Rome, Venice, Florance, Istanbul and Paris. He made reservations for Kamora to be pampered in Los Angles Spas, to go shopping on Rodeo Drive. On the day of Kamora birthday, James gets in his private jet and heads to Kamora’s home in Michigan. He lands at the local regional airport and has a stretch limousine waiting for him, with dozens of roses of all colors in the limousine. He has a bouquet of multi-colored roses ready for Kamora’s mother.

James is dressed in the finest three-piece suit and as he arrives at Kamora’s house she grew up in the neighbors all look out their windows. The chauffeur opens the door for James and he exits the limousine and walks up to the door and knocks. Kamora’s mother and father answer the door and James introduces himself. Kamora is dressed in a beautiful white dress, that shows off her beautiful body.

James says hello to Kamora and hands the flowers to Kamora’s mother, “Mrs. Harden, I see where Kamora gets her beauty from. Rest assured your daughter is safe with me” James says as he reaches into his pocket and hands Mr. Harden a satellite phone. “Mr. Harden, this phone is programmed with a similar phone that I will give to your daughter. You will be in constant contact with her. This is our itinerary of where we will be on each day. My profile and pertinent information”

“I will be fine daddy” Kamora says as she hugs James. “Are you ready to go my dear?” James asks and she nods. They leave as Mr. and Mrs. Harden go over where James is taking their daughter. They get into the limousine and Kamora sees all the roses and has a tear in her eye, “I didn’t know what color was your favorite so I got every color I could. Are you ready for the time of your life?” James as Kamora as she leans on his chest and says yes.

“We are going to Los Angles first, then after we get you ready we will head to Hawaii for a week, then to Tahiti, Bali and Sydney for a week, we are going to China to see the great wall and then to Hong Kong, New Dehli for some good Indian food, then off to Istambul and then spend a couple of months in Italy, Rome, Florance, Venice and then finally Paris. How does that sound?” James asks his friend as they arrive at the airport. They exit the limousine and head to the plane as the chauffeur loads the plane with the flowers. “James, I did not bring a suitcase” Kamora says.

“That’s okay, I have it covered. We are going shopping in the morning on Rodeo Drive to get you a wardrobe” James tells her. They take off and the stewardess brings them a bottle of champagne, “James are you trying to buy my affections?” Kamora asks. “No, I am trying to pamper you and spoil you. Show you a good time” James tells her as he leans over and kisses her fully on the lips for the first time. After the first full kiss he gives her a small one. “To a happy birthday, baby” James says as he lifts his glass of champagne.

They arrive in LA and head to the Willshire Beverly Hills, the same hotel that was in the movie Pretty Woman. They head to the honeymoon suite and James takes a hot shower. Kamora comes into the bathroom, “James, I see there is only one bed” Kamora says. “That’s right, baby. If you are worried I will sleep on the couch. I don’t want to force you into having sex with me” James tells her. “Will you save me some hot water?” Kamora says as she takes off her dress. She opens the door to the shower and heads in and washes James back and massages his butt.

James turns around and kisses his friend and starts washes her body and her hair. He is gentle in his care of her. They stay in the shower and make out until the water run cold. James gets out and dries off and then dries his lover off soft and gentle. Then he puts a soft robe on her and then himself and escorts her to the bed.

Kamora goes down on James for the first time. James lies there enjoying her talented tongue and throat muscles that squeeze his cock. James does not have a monster cock but has never had any complaints. Length and girth have always pleased his lovers. After she gets him off, Kamora takes James’s cock out of her mouth and shows him his semen that is in her mouth and then swallows it. James in turn goes down on Kamora, she shaved the day before so there is only a little stubble. After he makes her climax hard for the first time James looks up at his new lover and tells her “You will never have to shave again, I plan on having your hair permanently removed”, and goes back at it. After James has made his lover climax hard three more times he crawls back up the bed and takes Kamora into his arms and they fall asleep.

The next morning James orders room service for the two of them. They eat and talk for a while. Ben tells Kamora that he has scheduled her for a day at the spa, complete with a deep tissue massage, pedicure, manicure and a facial. He tells her that they will go shopping tomorrow for clothes for the trip. After breakfast they take a shower together and then James takes Kamora to the spa. James being studious has already surmised her dress size and after she is taken into the spa he goes and buys her a cocktail dress and some jewelry.

While he is out he talks to his business manager, he gives him Kamora’s home address and tells him to investigate how much is owed on the house and if her parents are in debt. He tells him that he needs the information soon. He also tells him to pay off the house note.

James heads back to the honeymoon suite with his purchases. He plans on giving her a ruby and diamond necklace with matching earrings and bracelets along with the cocktail dress when she gets done with the spa. He puts a special package in his luggage for later. When Kamora is done with the spa treatment they call James and he picks her up and takes her to the room.

“Kamora, how did you enjoy the spa?” James asks. “Best day of my young life” she tells James with a kiss. “First of many I hope” James tells her. What Kamora doesn’t know is although James is very wealthy he is very lonely and is looking for someone to spend his life with. James tells Kamora that he has made reservations at a fine restaurant in town and shows her to the bedroom where he has a beautiful red cocktail dress laid out on the bed with a box.

Kamora opens the box and see the necklace, earrings and bracelets. “James, this is so beautiful and way to much” Kamora says. “Dear, it is your birthday and it makes me happy so indulge me”.
“You are spoiling me way too much. I might never want to leave you” Kamora says and James just smiles and thinks to himself that is his plan. James asks about her classes and what she intends to do after college. They talk and relax before they have to get ready for dinner.

They arrive at dinner, Kamora dressed in her red dress with the jewels and James in a nice Armani suit. When they enter the restaurant all heads turn to see the older gentleman with his stunningly beautiful younger woman on his arm. Kamora whispers into James’s ear “Everyone is staring at us”. “They are staring at you, you are the most beautiful woman in the restaurant” James tells her. Kamora smiles and squeezes James.

They eat and share their hopes and dreams. James and Kamora go back to the hotel and have passionate sexual intercourse for the first time on the balcony of the honeymoon suite. After James carries Kamora to bed and she asks him, “Aren’t you worried about getting me pregnant?”.

“Why, should I be” James says with a wry smile. They make love three more times in the bed and finally fall asleep. The next morning they make love again in the shower before they eat breakfast. Kamora gets her first call from her parents and James excuses himself. Kamora tells her parents about the beautiful dress and jewelry that James bought for her and also the fancy dinner. She tells her mother about the spa treatment and her mother is amazed at how well James is treating her.

After a few minutes James comes back into the room as Kamora tells him that her father wants to talk to him. James talks on the satellite phone with Kamora’s father and he reassures him that he is going to take special care of his baby and that she is perfectly safe with him. James tells him that they are going to go shopping and then go to the Lakers game tonight. Kamora hears this and smiles. Kamora says goodbye to her parents and they go shopping on Rodeo Drive for clothes for her. James buys her swimsuits, dresses, shoes everything she could ever want. He buys her luggage to carry it all in. Enough clothes to last the whole trip. They go to Victoria’s Secret to buy her sexy lingerie for the trip. They get back to the hotel and dress for the game, James has a huge surprise for Kamora.

They go to the game and sit front row. After they games Kobe Bryant and Lebron James both come over and shake hands with James. James introduces Kamora to his friends and they both pose for pictures with the two of them. Lebron invites James and Kamora out for a night on the town with him and they accept.

They wait for Lebron outside the and Kamora gets a phone call. It’s her father and James overhears them as she tells her father “Yes that was James and I with Lebron and Kobe, we are going out on the town with Lebron now”. James takes the phone from Kamora and tells her father “I told you I would take care of your daughter. Lebron and Kobe are friends of mine, they have been over at my house numerous times”. Lebron comes out of the tunnel, signs a few autographs and gets into the limousine with James and Kamora. “You don’t mind if Chris and Dwayne come with us do you James?” Lebron asks and he already knows the answer as Chis and Dwayne approach the limousine. They head out to all the posh nighclub spots and hangouts. Lebron tells Kamora how he came to meet James.

Kamora is impressed with James even more now as they party with the NBA stars. Lebron invites James down to his place in Miami when he gets a chance. James tells him that he is taking Kamora on a worldwide trip and tells him all the places they are going. Lebron calls his person in Hawaii and tells him to give James the keys to his house. “Make yourself home in my place in Hawaii, James Kamora” Lebron tells him.

James takes the NBA players back to their hotel in the early morning hours and head back to the hotel to sleep. “Did you enjoy yourself tonight?” James asks Kamora. She tells him “It was absolutely amazing. You are full of surprises” as James receives a call. It is Lebron and he talks to him for a minute and then comes back to Kamora as she gets undressed for bed. “That was Lebron he just called and said he had a wonderful time and that he is very impressed with you”.

James climbs into bed with Kamora and she snuggles up next to him. “You are full of surprises, James”. “I am just glad you had a good time” James tells her in response. “Who wouldn’t have a great time, my only question is why me? It is obvious that you have plenty of money and could have any woman you want, why me?” Kamora asks.

“We have talked for over three years on the Internet and through text messages, I have gotten to know you without revealing my financial wealth. I know you like me for who I am and not how much money I have. Before I take you back home in a couple of months I plan on bringing you to my home. You are a beautiful person inside and out. I am looking forward to getting to know you better and enjoy the world that I have seen before through your eyes” James tells Kamora as he strokes her back softly.

They drift off to sleep as Kamora whispers, “I am falling in love with you” which brings a smile to James’s face. His plan is working, he has his servants at his luxurious mansion getting prepared for Kamora’s arrival in a couple of months. While they were shopping James captured her sizes and measurements. He has shoppers all over the world building an impressive wardrobe for her. In the morning they head to the airport and board James’s private jet and head for Hawaii.

Once they arrive in Hawaii they are met at the airport by Lebron’s man who gives James the keys to Lebron’s house and the security code. They get into the awaiting limousine and head to the house. “James, you rented this place for our week here?” Kamora asks him. “No, this is Lebron’s Hawaii mansion” James tells her as they approach the front door, James opens the door and they enter. “Pretty nice digs don’t you think” James says as they tour the place and head for a bedroom. “Lebron just let you have the keys to his house?” Kamora says as she snaps a few pictures. “Yes, we are good friends. He has been over to my house many times with his wife and kids” James tells her as they head out back to the pool. James takes off his clothes and jumps into the water. Kamora joins him after stripping naked, James watches as her breast bounce as she jumps into the pool.

Kamora and James spend a week in Hawaii at Lebron’s house. They have sex on the beach just as the sun is setting. They go to a luau one night and enjoy a night on the town another night. James take Kamora on a long walk on the beach as the sun comes up one morning. James is thinking how he wants to propose to this lovely person he is falling in love with. Hoping beyond hope that she will say yes. On their last night in Hawaii they make love in the hot tub at Lebron’s house. Before they leave on the jet James calls a cleaning company to come and clean the pool, hot tub and house. He gives the keys back to Lebron’s man and calls Lebron and tells him thanks.

They leave Hawaii and head to Tahiti for a couple of weeks, James has been to Tahiti a couple of times with his previous lovers but this time is different. He is “in” love with this person, James enjoys seeing these places with Kamora as she witness’s the beautiful places and is enchanted and enchanting. James has rented a small bungalow in a remote part of the island. It comes complete with a cook, maid and servant. They eat dinner by candlelight on the beach after watching the sunset. “James, this is the most romantic place I have ever been” Kamora tells him as she leans over and kisses him.

“Kami, this is the first of many such romantic evenings for us” James says. “Kami, you just came up with that nickname for me did you?” Kamora says in reply. “You like it, it is something we have between the two of us” James tells her as he leans over kisses her on her lips. “I like it a lot, BIG Daddy” Kamora says as she strokes his leg. They enjoy a wonderful south asian seafood dinner, that is a little spicy.

They tour the island during their week, swim in the clear blue water. James and Kamora are falling in love with each other and it is very noticeable to everyone around them. They head out from Tahiti and go to Sydney for a couple of days. Take in the famous opera house, have shrimp on the barbie. They eat crocodile soup one night and tour the city. They then head to China to walk on the Great Wall. They go to Hong Kong and James does a little business while he is there. He sets up an account for Kamora and one for their yet to be born child. Kamora has no idea what business James is on as he has her spend a day at the hotel’s spa.

He returns and they have a massage together and have room service before they head out to Bali. Kamora tells James that all these places are beautiful and asks if they could go to Dubai and have dinner at the underwater restaurant there. James agrees and picks up the phone and calls to make reservations for two when they will be in the area. They spend a week in Bali and enjoy the local cuisine. They talk about what they want out of life and James tells Kamora that he wants to show her his place before he takes her home.

After leaving Bali, they head to New Dehli for some great Indian food. James and Kamora are attacked by local hoodlums and James fights them off breaking their legs and arms as they try to grab at Kamora. The police finally come and James gives his account as the police haul the hoodlums away. They tell Kamora she is lucky to escorted by such a brave suitor. They arrive at their five-star hotel and go to their room. Kamora is a little shaken by the incident. “James, I was a little scared when those guys attached us. You were so brave, I feel so completely safe with you” Kamora says as she reaches for James and hugs him. “I love you, James. You are kind and gentle. Sweet and charming. I feel completely safe with you”.

Kamora then drops to her knees and unzips James’s pants. She takes out his manhood and gives him a blow job, making passionate love to his cock. Licking and sucking on it like it was a lollipop. They make love in the bed five times that night and in the morning they head out to Dubai and go skiing in the indoor ski slope and shopping in the adjoining shopping center before heading to dinner in the underwater restaurant.

“This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Eating dinner while watching fish and other sea life all around you. Thank you James for fulfilling this dream of mine” Kamora says. James raises his glass and tells her “May all your dreams come true”. “Your s too James” Kamora tells him before drinking her champagne. “They already have come true, I am here with the most beautiful woman in the world” James says. Kamora has a tear in her eye as James tells her this.

The next day James and Kamora head to Italy for their six-week visit there. The visit Rome, Florance, Venice, Naples, Tuscany. James has made up his mind where he is going to propose to Kamora. By the time they leave Italy, Kamora is showing and they both know it but do not discuss it. They head for their final destination in Europe, Paris France.

James proposes to Kamora at the top of the Eiffel tower. When they get to the top of the tower James drops to one knee before Kamora, “Kamora, sweetheart” James starts out as everyone starts to watch them “Will you make me the happiest man on the face of the earth and be my bride? Will you marry me?” James continues.

Kamora takes a minutes, much too much time for James’s liking and says “Yes, James I will marry you” with tears running down her face. The crowd applauds them as James gets up off of his knee and kisses his new fiancée.

They spend the week in Paris and then head back to the states to James’s large estate. They land and the servants come out and get their baggage. Once they are settled James gathers the staff and tells them “This is the new lady of the house, Kamora she is going to be my wife”. They all congratulate them and the couple retire to their bedroom as James shows Kamora her walk-in closet. The shoe rack alone is larger then her bedroom back home. Her closet is larger then her childhood home. “When we were in LA I got your measurements and had my buyers purchase you all these clothes, shoes, hats everything you will ever need” James tells her as he leads her to the new nursery, “We will live here very comfortably. Why don’t you call your parents and invite them down? We will break the news to them when they get here. I will send the plane for them in the morning” James tells her as she picks up the satellite phone to call her parents.

Kamora tells her parents that she is okay and that she is back in the states at James’s house in Colorado. She asks her parents if they would like to come down for a visit. Her father says he will have to see if he can get off work. James interrupts Kamora and asks her where her father works. She tells him and he goes and make a few calls. He comes back and Kamora is telling her mother all about the house and her bedroom closet. Her father has gone to take a call. He comes back and tells Kamora that the owner of the company just called and said he could have all the time off he wanted to take with pay.

Kamora’s father asks to talk to James and Kamora hands James the phone. James talks to Kamora’s parents and tells them he will have his plane sent up in the morning to the regional airport to pick them up. He will call them with the specific time and Kamora’s father asks James if he paid off his mortgage. James tells him yes and that it was a gift for trusting him with his most important treasure in his life his daughter. Kamora’s father tells him he just got a call from the owner of his company and that he has all the time off with pay that he wants. He asks if he did that. James says he did and that they have something important to talk to him about and that he will see him tomorrow.

Kamora and James go down to the dinning room for dinner where the chef has prepared a special meal. They have surf and turf, lobster and filet mignon with all the trimmings. After dinner James takes Kamora on a tour of the rest of the mansion. “Did you enjoy your new closet and the clothes?” James asks her as they tour the living room and entertainment room. “Yes, my love. It looked like a clothes store” Kamora tells him. “Yeah, but these are all yours and in your size. As you grow with our baby we will get more clothes for you. You will always be dressed in the finest outfits. I plan on us taking in the fashion shows in New York and Paris every year. Do you think your parents will be surprised?” James asks her as sit in the entertainment room. James pushes a few buttons on the remote and the largest screen that Kamora has ever seen comes out of the wall as a painting separates in two. “James, I love you and they will come to love you also” Kamora says as she snuggles up next to him.

They watch a movie and then go for a swim in the indoor pool. James tells Kamora that he has an indoor and outdoor hot tub along with pools. There is a sauna also. Kamora says she needs to get her swimsuit. James just strips naked and jumps into the pool, Kamora follows. “How many rooms do you have here?” Kamora asks. “We have thirty bedrooms, some of which I hope to fill with children. Ten bathrooms and several other rooms. This is your house now” James tells her as he swims up to her and passionately kisses her. They swim for a while and then get out and towel off. They walk hand in hand to the master suite. Kamora asks about their clothes and James tells her the maid will get them and clean them. The make love for the first time in the master suite. After James goes down on Kamora making her climax four times. The last one a screaming loud orgasm.

“Kami, baby, I have waited my entire life to meet my soul mate. I love you with all my heart” James says as he caresses her belly. “We need to go see my family doctor in the coming days and make sure everything is okay and that we get a due date” James says to Kamora with her juices dripping from his lips.

James climbs up next to Kamora and pulls her next to him and throws the covers over them. “How many children do you want?” Kamora asks James. “I would love to have at least five or six children” James tells her. They go to sleep in each others arms. In the morning James calls his pilot and tells him to go pick up Kamora’s parents. He asks how long the trip will be.

“Kamora your parents will be here by 3 today” James tells her as he gets up and goes to the bathroom. James asks Kamora what are her parents favorite types of food and he tells the chef to prepare a special dinner Elazığ Escort for them. For the first time in his adult life James is nervous. “Kamora, I hope your parents accept me as your husband. I am so nervous they will not approve of our relationship” James tells her.

“My love, I love you and they will see that. That is all that matters” Kamora tells him. “I want your fathers approval” James tells her. They swim and soak in the hot tub during the day and just lay around until about an hour before the parents are to arrive. James and Kamora head up to the master suite to get ready they shower together and James puts on his nicest three-piece suit and Kamora gets all dolled up in her designer outfit, does her hair and makeup. She remarks to James, “Honey I will need to go to the stores and get some more makeup”. James comes in and takes out his wallet and presents her with her own credit card with her name on it, it has her new name on it. “Kami, get whatever you want. You can search the Internet and have whatever you want shipped here. The card has an unlimited line of credit” James tells her.

This is only the first of many surprises James has in store for Kamora. They wait for Kamora’s parents in the formal living room that has a large fireplace and picture windows that overlook the mountains to the west. James gets a call from the security gate that Kamora’s parents are at the gate.

(The following is from the perspective of Kamora’s parents)

“Julius, can you believe this” Sandra asks her husband as they pull up to the mansion. “It is all so beautiful with the flowers and gardens. Look at the house” she continues. “Honey, I think it is called a mansion” Julius says to his wife as they pull up to the front door. The chauffeur opens the door after he pops the trunk. “Oh, my word” Sandra says. “Master James is a very powerful and generous man. I love working for him” the chauffeur tells them as he knocks on the front door. The maid opens the door and welcomes the guest. The chauffeur puts their baggage on the marble floored foyer as the maid escorts the couple through the house.

“Master and Mistress are in the formal living room, please come with me” the maid tells Julius and Sandra. “Do you like working here?” Julius asks as Sandra looks at him funny. “Yes sir, I do. Master James is very nice boss to work for. I have my own suite to stay in, have very good food to eat and am paid very, very well as is everyone that is in his employ. Master James is a very great man” the maid tells him. “This place is huge” Sandra says to no one in particular. “Master has thirty bedrooms most with their own in-suite bathrooms and ten other bathrooms along with an indoor and outdoor pools along with two hot tubs and a sauna. Along with many other rooms” the maid states as they enter the living room “Master James may I introduce Sandra and Julius” the maid says before leaving.

“It is nice to see you two again, welcome to my humble abode” James says. “Humble abode…this place is huge” Sandra says as she hugs her daughter and then grabs her hand. James shakes Julius’s hand as Sandra screams “Oh, my god what is that on your finger”.

“Momma, it is an engagement ring” Kamora says as she shows it to her father. “That is the biggest diamond I have ever seen” Julius says. “So you want to marry my daughter?” he continues. “With your permission. I love Kami with all my heart. I will love her and take care of her and our children. Your daughter and grandchildren will never ever want for anything” James says. “I assume it was you that paid off my mortgage and you admitted to talking to the owner of the company I work for. Where you trying to impress me?” Julius asks.

“Well, I paid off your mortgage to say thanks for letting me take your daughter on her fantasy trip. I talked to the owner because I wanted you to come here. If you want I will buy the company and make you the boss. It is not about the money which you probably already realize that I have a lot of. What I don’t have is someone to love and be loved by, I found Kami and am deeply in love with her. She is so sweet and caring” James says. “Kami, why don’t you show your mother the rest of the house and let me and your father talk” James asks Kamora. She kisses him and takes her mother by hand.

“Mom, I got to show you my walk-in closet” Kamora says as she leads her mother out of the room. “Julius, I love your daughter with all my heart and will take care of her. She is already set for life” James states as he pulls out and envelope from his vest pocket and hands it to him. It is a statement from a bank in Hong Kong that shows an account balance in Kamora’s name for twenty-five million dollars another one for a new-born child for another twenty-five million dollars. “Your daughter does not know about this, she loves me. I take care of my own. I told you she will never want for anything ever again” James says.

“What is this second policy, for a new-born baby. Is my daughter pregnant?” Julius asks. “Yes, she is. And we cannot be happier” James says as he gets up and takes Julius on a tour of the house. They end up in the master suite as Kamora and her mother come out of the large closet.

“Julius, you have got to see this. This closet is larger than our whole house and is stuffed with Kamora’s clothes” Sandra says. Julius goes into the walk-in closet as Kamora comes over to James and holds his hand. “That is quite impressive, James” Julius says “Sandra, James has gotten our daughter pregnant” he continues.

“I know Julius, I could tell from the moment I hugged her. She is in love Julius and James is in love with her” Sandra says as Julius shows her the statement that James gave her. Sandra reads it and says “This just provides for her security”. “What is it momma?” Kamora says. “It says you have 25 million in a bank in Hong Kong along with the baby in your belly” Sandra tells her.

Kamora takes the paper and looks at it and then to James, “Honey, I don’t want this or need this all I want is you and your love”. “That you have unconditionally, this is just to provide for your future security and that of our first-born child. It is but a small token of my affection and did not even put a dent in my vast holdings. Julius I can assure you that Kami and our children will be taken care of and looked after” James says confidently, “Let’s go eat dinner” James states.

The enter the large formal dinning room and are seated as the servants bring in the first of many courses. They start with soup, then their main course Prime Rib cooked just like everyone likes. James and Julius get a king cut that has three bones in it. Each have a lobster to go with it. “James loves lobsters and all seafood” Kamora says

They eat until they are stuffed enjoying Kamora telling her parents about their travels. After dinner they retire to the entertainment room where James puts on the game. Miami versus Denver, “Hey Honey, its Lebron” Kamora says. “We had a wonderful evening with Lebron and his teammates” she continues. James texts something and then asks Julius who is his favorite team.

“I liked the Bulls when Jordan was around, now they are okay. I just like watching a good game. I like college ball” Julius. They have drinks all but Kamora. James pours Julius and himself some 30-year old scotch and sits down and offers Julius a fine Cuban cigar. “Do you on occasion enjoy a cigar, Julius?” James asks. Julius says he does and the both enjoy their cigars and fine scotch as they watch the game. James asks if Julius would like another drink and he says he would and James gets up and gets the bottle and pours both of them another drink. Julius asks to see the bottle and notices the name. “I have never heard of that brand of scotch” Julius admits to James.

“I will box up a couple of bottles so that you can take them home with you, I get them from a distributor in Scotland” James tells him. After the game is over James tells Kamora that he has a few guest coming over.

About two hours goes by and James gets a call that his guest are here. The maid lets them in and escorts them to the entertainment room, “Julius, I would like you to meet Lebron James and his teammates Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh” James says as he gets up and shakes Lebron’s hand. Lebron comes over and shakes Julius’s hand and then Kamora’s “Nice ring, you two get engaged? Nice to see someone to tame my friend James here” Lebron says, he then kisses Sandra’s hand “This must be your sister, Kamora”.

“Yes we got engaged on our trip around the world” James tells Lebron. “You guys looked a little sluggish out there tonight” James says. “Yeah, we partied pretty hard the night before and got in late. We got it going in the second half a got the win” Lebron says with a smile. Lebron, Dwayne and Chris talk to the guys about the association and who their competition is this year. James serves drinks to the guys as Kamora and Sandra chit-chat in the corner. Sandra is already to give her blessing. Julius takes a little more to get his blessing. The guys leave late that night and everyone retires for the night. Kamora shows her parents to their large guest suite, “Daddy, I love James and would love to have your blessing. He is kind, gentle and very caring”.

“Kamora, I like James but …” Julius says “But what daddy?” Kamora asks. “I think he is trying to buy our approval” Julius says. “I think he is trying to gain your approval and trust. I love him, there is nothing he wouldn’t do for me” Kamora says. “Let your father sleep on it tonight” Sandra says and kisses her daughter goodnight. Kamora leaves and goes to her bedroom and sees James getting out of the shower. They get into bed and James asks Kamora “Kami, I think your mother likes me but I am not so sure about your father. I want to take him on a tour of the property tomorrow after breakfast before we go shopping”.

“That sounds like fun, I haven’t seen the property yet either. How much land do you own?” Kami asks. “About thirty-five thousand acres here, I own some property in the Cayman Islands” James says not going to far and telling about all his properties. “We can take a four-wheel drive SUV out and tour around the property, I will show you the lake and the lake house.” James continues. They curl up together in bed and Kamora tells James “I love you James and we are going to get married whether or not my father likes it”.

The next morning James and Kamora get up get dressed and go downstairs to breakfast. Julius and Sandra meet them down there. Coffee, juices, bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, sausage and home fried potatoes are on the menu. After breakfast James offers to take everyone around the property and then he promised Kamora that they would go into town and shop.

James drives with Julius up front and the ladies in the back. He explains every part of the property, shows them the lake and the lodge there. The horse stables, and the pasture that is full of cows, goats and buffalo. James tells Julius that he has a party in July and invites his friends over for a bull roast. At the party the usually barbecue a couple steer, a buffalo and several pigs. He tells him that Lebron is usually there along with several other NBA and NFL players, business associates. This year he plans on celebrating his wedding to Kamora at this party. He tells him that he plans on having a small wedding and a large reception.

“You sure do have it all planned out don’t you, James” Julius says. “I do have a plan” James tells him. “I just need a list of your family that will attend the reception to book the hotels in town”. “Daddy, please give your blessing. This IS going to happen” Kamora says with her hand on her father’s shoulder. “OK, honey you have it. James seems to be more than capable to support you and your children. He seems to be a nice guy, but James listen to me. If you do anything to hurt my baby I will hunt you down and kill you” Julius says. James looks at Julius and smiles “Kami is the most important thing to me, everything else means nothing and I respect that you would kill me if I did anything to hurt her” James says.

“Lets go into town and get the stuff you need, Kami” James says as he starts driving toward the exit of his estate. They go to town as Kamora and her mother shop James and Julius go to a restaurant and wait on them. Six hours later they come into the restaurant and Julius asks “Did you two buy all the stores out?”. “No but close to it” Sandra says “James, I had some of the stores deliver what we purchased to the mansion. I told them I was with you and they stepped and fetched like I have never seen before” Kamora tells them.

They leave the bar and go sit at a table for dinner, James orders a bottle of Dom Perignon before dinner and lifts a glass to toasts his new family. They eat their dinner and Kamora and her mother talk about who they want to invite to the reception, who can probably afford to fly out to Colorado. James interjects “Immediate family, grandparents are a must and I will pay for their plane tickets and expenses”.

They finish dinner and head back home to the mansion. The servants come out and take the bags inside. Kamora tells the maid which bags are hers and which are her mother’s. When they are inside James gets a call from Lebron inviting them down to Miami to see a game and spend some time at his place, James turns and asks Julius if he would like to do that and he smiles and nods. The game is two weeks away on a Friday and James busily arranges for limousine transportation for the weekend. “This will give you gals enough time to make your lists and check on getting the invitations printed. I will have a list of about a five-hundred people who will probably all show up. Julius and Sandra go to their room for the night. Julius just shakes his head when he sees the clothes and shoes that his wife purchased. “Honey, Kamora insisted that I get these things” Sandra says.

James and Kamora are in their room and he tells her “We probably need to get your father a tuxedo for the wedding and some suits for the reception. We can do that when we are in Miami. James has Kamora try on some swimsuits, one-piece and two-piece suits. He prefers the two-piece suits the best, “James I look horrible, how can I possibly go to the beach looking like this” Kamora says. “Kami, baby I love you in the two-piece suits. They show off your pregnant belly. You are so beautiful and will be the most beautiful woman on the beach, beside any pool we go to. You are the only woman I want or will ever look at. Tomorrow go downstairs in this swimsuit when we go for a swim. I talked to my doctor and he said the hot tub and sauna might cause problems with the pregnancy” James tells her.

“You want me to go downstairs wearing this?” Kamora says “Yes, Kami you are so beautiful” James says as he comes over and rubs her belly and kisses her. “I would be proud to be seen with such a beautiful woman on any beach in the world” James tells her. “You surely know how to push my buttons and say the right things. We need to go over the list of who we want to come to the reception. I want my best friends at the wedding, Whitney Shonda and Lesley. I also want David Tutera to plan the wedding” Kamora says. They get undressed and head to bed Kamora lays her head on James’s chest and looks at him in his eyes, “I love you James, you are so sweet and always say the right things to me”. “I have been waiting my whole life for a woman like you to come into my life, I will call this David Tutera in the morning and get him out here to plan the wedding. Do you want to do it before or after you give birth?” James asks. Kamora thinks about it and thinks a fall wedding would be beautiful. “After, Big Daddy. Lets say in the fall” Kamora says.

“How about something outdoors with the mountains as a backdrop? I can have an alter built with a canopy for the minister” James says “That sounds wonderful” Kamora tells him. In the morning they go downstairs and meet her parents. Kamora and her mother discuss their list of people they want to come to the party as James and Julius talk.

“Julius, do you like wear you work? What exactly do you do?” James asks. “I work in the machine shop, building special equipment for clients” Julius says. “What have you always wanted to do, if you could do it. Always dreamed of doing?” James asks. “I love working with my hands, building new things. I would love to have my own workshop, design studio. To work on my own designs” Julius tells him. “Are you permanently attached to staying in Michigan or could you move?” James asks. “I could build you a house, your dream house and a studio/workshop on my land here so that you can be closer to your grandchildren. You have younger children right, staying with relatives right now. I would love it if you would think about moving out here and stay after the wedding. I think I can get you a house built for you and your three other children. A nice six-bedroom house. With a three car garage with a walkway to your workplace. Think about it and talk it over with Sandra before you decide. Maybe something on the lake?” James continues

At this point Kamora and Sandra look over at James. “Are you serious honey, you want my parents to move here?” Kamora asks “Only if you want them here Kami?” James tells her and Sandra shakes her head in amazement James’s supportive and always on target with his support. “I will have the architect draw up house plans and have the construction company work around the clock to build the house and studio, all I need is your okay. One floor or two-story structure. I would imagine Julius would like a man-cave downstairs, would I be correct?” James asks.

“That would be great one floor with a basement for the man-cave would be great, James” Julius says. “With a fully-stocked bar with a huge entertainment center. Of course, your children must go to college along with Kamora is going to after she gives birth and comes home from our honeymoon” James says. “I would hope they go to college. Make something of themselves a better life, work with their minds” Sandra says. “My brother Jamal wants to be a doctor” Kamora says.

“How are his grades?” James asks. “A’s and B’s” Julius says. “What is keeping him from straight A’s?” James asks. “A little tramp in school, God I pray that he doesn’t get her pregnant and ruin his life” Sandra says. “A little white girl” Julius says shaking his head. “I know her, she is enjoying that black cock. Doesn’t care one thing for Jamal, just a slut for that cock” Kamora says. “Big is he?”

“He is above average, James” Julius says. “Not huge like you BIG DADDY” Kamora tells James. “Kamora, girl what has gotten into you” Sandra says. “James and his huge cock that what” Kamora says. James excuses himself after breakfast and goes into his den to make a few phone calls, he calls his architect and he is going to come out in the afternoon with a few house plans. He calls David Tutera and makes him an offer he cannot refuse and he is schedule to show up the next day. James calls his pilot and sends him to California the next day to pick him up. James returns to the living room where everyone has gone after breakfast.
“Kami, David Tutera is going to be here tomorrow to go over our wedding in September. Julius my architect is coming over this afternoon with some plans for houses. We can take him to the lake and select a site for the house and studio. I was thinking of a steel building for the studio with large doors for deliveries and the such. How does that sound?” James asks as Kamora pulls him close “that sounds wonderful my love”.

“Julius, you and Sandra are okay with moving here? Would you miss Michigan?” James asks. “I will miss it but as long as I have my children with me and they are safe, I could enjoy living down here” Sandra says “And I will be close to my grandchildren” she continues. “I spent my whole life in Michigan, I different place might be nice change” Julius says as they sit and talk around the fireplace. The ladies continue to make out their lists, Kamora asks James for his list and he goes to the den and prints the list of names, addresses and phone numbers. It is about a thousand people a literal who’s who in the world. Kamora shows the list to her parents.

“Needless to say, the gifts will be expensive if not priceless. Some of those people are business associates and friends of mine” James says. “I see a couple of ex Presidents, a large number of well-known businessmen” Sandra says, “Do you really know Oprah?” Kamora says. “Yeah, I know her. I know Steadman also. You never hear anything from him but he is quite the businessman. Oprah is the one that has the name recognition. We need to get these invitations out quickly so they have a chance to mark their calendars” James tells them as the excuses himself, “I am going to get my trunks on and take a swim, Kami are you going to model the two-piece for your parents?” James asks.

Kamora agrees and goes with him to change. Julius and Sandra sit in the living room shaking their heads at the names on James’s list. James and Kamora go upstairs and change into their swimsuits, Kamora comes out of her closet with a gift for James. “Honey, please wear this for me” Kamora asks. “Jesus Christ, Kami. This will never fit me. This is obscene, I cannot wear this in front of your mother and father” James says. “Please, BIG DADDY. It is called a banana hammock I know you will look great in it. Do it for me baby” Kamora pleads. Of course, James does what his beloved Kami wants. He loves her and this is a small price to pay to satisfy her. They change and head downstairs. They enter the living room and James asks Sandra, “Doesn’t your daughter look beautiful in her two-piece swimsuit?”

Sandra looks at her daughter and then at James and smiles. She gets up and comes over and tells her daughter that she looks beautiful and looks at Julius and he says so also. Sandra whispers in Kamora’s ear and they giggle. “You look pretty good to James” Sandra says with a smirk. “You would never catch me in one of those things?” Julius says. Sandra and Kamora both giggle as James states “I would do anything I could for my love Kami. Even if it means embarrassing myself”. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about BIG DADDY!” Kamora says using his nickname for the first time in front of her parents.

“You two care to join us for a swim and a soak in the hot tub” James asks and Sandra goes over and pulls Julius up by his hand. “I am definably not wearing one of those” Julius states as they leave the living room.
James and Kamora go to the pool area and start swimming and playing around. About an hour later Julius and Sandra come into the pool area, Sandra in a two-piece. She has her belly button pierced (a recent event) and Julius is in a white banana hammock. Julius is not as large a James, by a great deal and is self-conscious about it. “Not every man can be hung like James, Daddy. You have a nice body. You have kept in shape. I am surprised you got into your trunks”.

“Your mother convinced me, quite convincingly I have to admit” Julius says. “I gave him a blowjob for the first time in (omit) a while” Sandra says. “James loves oral sex” Kamora says. “I am sure he does” Sandra interjects. “He loves to give as well as receive oral sex momma” Kamora says. “Sandra, I make sure your daughter climaxes at least once every night before we go to sleep” James says with a grin. “I am not having this conversation” Julius says as he swims to the other side of the extremely large pool. “I usually wake James up with a blowjob, I love a nice fresh load of cream in the morning before my coffee” Kamora says. “My husband doesn’t believe in giving oral sex on a woman. He has only done it a half-dozen times since we have been together” Sandra says. “What a shame, I love hearing Kamora get off” James says with a huge grin.

They Elazığ Escort Bayan swim around and then take a soak in the hot tub everyone except for Kamora who tells her parents it is dangerous for the baby. They get out and dress for the architect who arrives on time and they all go out and plot the area that would be perfect for the in-law house. The master bedroom will overlook the mountains to one side and the lake to the other and open to a deck all around that part of the house with a hot tub on the end of the house so they can see the lake and mountains on one side and mountains on the other side. Sandra says it is beautiful and they select the plan that they like. James tells the architect to push it through the permit process and get the contractors out here as soon as possible. “I want this house ready by July” James tells the architect. James tells the architect to run the electric underground with a septic tank out the front of the house.

Sandra tells James she always had a garden in Michigan and James tells the architect to put up a greenhouse and a garden for her. The architect understands and agrees. Tells James he will have the numbers brought by the mansion in a couple of days. He leaves and James talks with Julius and Sandra. “Jamal is in what grade in high school? And what about your other two children?”.

“Jamal is in the 11th grade now, Cedric is in the 8th and Samantha is in the 5th grade” Sandra says. “Good, I will make preparations for them to get in the local private school and have tutors in the subjects they need help with. They will all graduate on the honor roll and with honor and go to a fine university” James tells them. “Why are you doing this?” Julius asks.

“First, you are family now. I take care of my own. I learned that from my late parents. Plus it gives me something to constructively pass my time. My money makes money so I need to find something to do. The past four months with Kamora have been the best of my life. I look forward to the next chapter of my life. I have looked for someone to pass all this along to and Kamora is the one I fell in love with and have chosen. Lets go back to the house, Julius and I will come forward with you” James tells him.

They drive back to the house and James takes them into the den, he shows them the expenditures for the mansion and staff. The estate and all his other expenses and he shows them his net worth. Sandra almost faints, Kamora knew he had money. “Julius, my money has money. My money grows by the day. I have more money than anyone could ever spend. If I spend 200k on each of your children’s educations and then make sure they are setup for the rest of their lives it wouldn’t even scratch what I make in a month in interest on my money”.

“James, is that in billions?” Sandra asks. “No that is in trillions” James tells her. “My children with Kamora grand-children’s great grandchildren will never ever have to worry about money. I hope Kamora will have at least five or six babies with me” James continues. “Are you alright Julius?” Sandra asks. “Yes, dear. I just never thought James had that kind of money. Nobody I have ever heard about ever had that much money” Julius says.

“Julius, the people you hear about bragging about their money are very insecure people. They brag so they can feel important. I am important and am in the background, I can walk down the street and nobody would ever know I had any money at all. Although, I generally never walk around town. I usually have people come to me. Enough of the business talk. Call Jamal, Cedric and Samantha and make sure they are watching the Heat game next Friday. We can wave to them at court-side” James says.

The next day David Tutera arrives and meets with James and Kamora. They give him their ideas and show him where they want to have the ceremony and reception. He takes notes and makes suggestions and asks a few questions like how many guest to plan for the reception. James tells him that the ceremony will be private, followed by the reception the next day. James and Kamora talk and tell him to plan on 1500 people for the first weekend in September. After dinner David Tutera leaves after going over what to expect. He will have something planned for review in a month. James tells him they will meet him in Los Angles when he is ready.

The next couple of days are pretty routine, construction begins on the in-law house and the four of them board James’s private plane for Miami. They check-in to the Ritz-Carlton and relax until they need to leave for the game. When they arrive at the arena they have passes for the locker room and go down to the locker room and meet the players. Julius is impressed by James’s connections as they are escorted into the locker room and meet with Lebron before the game. He welcomes them and invites them over to his house after the game. Lebron introduces his wife and kids to James, Julius, Kamora and Sandra. They sit with them for the game and then go back to Lebron’s house. On the way Jamal calls his dad and tells him he saw him court-side.

James tells Julius to tell Jamal that if he gets straight A’s this semester that he will introduce Lebron to him. Julius does and Jamal is excited. “That should get his grades up” Julius says with a smile as they enter Lebron’s mansion. They socialize all night with Lebron and his wife. James asks Lebron where to go for suits in Miami. He tells him he needs to get Julius some proper attire for the wedding and reception.

The next day the four go shopping at Damiani, James picks out six suits for Julius and finds a couple for himself. They need to be tailored like most good suits and they have the tailor make the adjustments. James has them shipped back to the mansion when they are ready in four-weeks. They go out to this restaurant/bar. James called ahead and has reservations for six, Lebron and his wife join them. After dinner James gets up at the piano bar with Kamora in hand. He tells Kamora that he has a song he wants to sing for her.

The piano player plays along with a small band that James hired special for this occasion to play “It Might Be You” music as James sings

Time, I’ve been passing time watching trains go by
All of my life
Lying on the sand watching seabirds fly
Wishing there could be someone
Waiting home for me

Something’s telling me it might be you
It’s telling me it might be you
All of my life

Looking back as lovers go walking past
All of my life
Wondering how they met and what makes it last
If I found the place would I recognize the face

Something’s telling me it might be you
It’s telling me it might be you
So many quiet walks to take
So many dreams to wake and there’s so much love to make

I think were gonna need some time
Maybe all we need is time
And it’s telling me it might be you
All of my life

I’ve been saving love songs and lullabies
And there’s so much more
No one’s ever heard before
Something’s telling me it might be you
Yeah, it’s telling me it must be you and
I’m feeling it’ll just be you
All of my life
It’s you, it’s you I’ve been waiting for all of my life
Maybe it’s you Maybe it’s you I’ve been waiting for all of my life.

When James is finished, Kamora is crying with joy. “I love you my sweet Kami with all my heart” James tells her as he kisses her cheek. Her mother has tears running down as she leans on Julius. “Julius, Sandra your daughter is going to have a great life with my friend James. I have never seen him so much in love, and never knew he could sing” Lebron tells them as James comes over holding Kamora’s hand. After they have listened to several other people sing with the piano and band in the background Kamora leans over to James, “Honey, I am tired can we go back to the hotel”. “Julius, Sandra would you like to stay I am taking Kamora back to the hotel. I will leave the limousine with you and take a cab. Lebron will show you the town won’t you?” James says and Lebron agrees. They go their separate ways bidding each other goodnight. James takes his love back to the suite and they get undressed and head for bed.

James rubs Kamora’s pregnant belly, “Kami, what do you want? A boy or girl?”. “A boy, we can call him James Junior” Kamora says. “Oh, God” is James’s response. They stay in Miami a couple more days and then head back to Colorado. The suits come in as Julius and Sandra leave to head back to Michigan. They will be coming back permanently in the summertime with the three other children. James and Kamora are free to be themselves around the house and are usually naked. They swim naked and James hires a masseuse to give them regular massages. David Tutera comes back for a meeting and goes over what he has planned. James has a list of entertainers he wants to hire, he is a big Motown fan and hires a cover band that he has heard before, also Bruce Springsteen, John Legend, Usher and he asks Kami who she wants to perform at their . Kamora says “Chrisette Michele and how about Beyonce”. “Anything for you my love” James tells her.

David hands him an estimate of the costs for the wedding and reception. James doesn’t even blink and tells David Tutera that he will line up the artist on his list and that he needs to contact Ms. Michele and Knowles. A week later David calls James on his telephone and says Ms. Michele will do it for five-hundred thousand but Ms. Knowles will not name a price. James tells her he will make her an offer she can’t refuse and hangs up. James then calls Lebron and asks him a favor. He asks him to call Jay-Z and get him to have his wife perform at his wedding. Lebron agrees and within thirty minutes Beyonce calls James and tells him that she would be more than happy to perform at his wedding. James has decided to have a three-day event over labor day weekend.

James calls his beloved fiancée to the phone and tells her she has a phone call. Kamora says hello and she talks to Beyonce for a long while, girl talk as James gets into the pool. James tells Kamora their will be one main huge cake surrounded by six other cakes. All different types, one a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, one chocolate with chocolate icing, another triple-layer moose cake. He asks her what type of cake is her favorite and Kamora tells him that she likes a lemon cake with light icing. James tells her that he will have the bakery make sample cakes for their trial at the July Barbecue.

Time moves on and after Kamora’s brothers and sister get out of school they are ready to move to Colorado. James sends his plane and hires a moving company to pack their belongings. James and Kamora greet her family at the local airport. James greets Julius and Sandra with a kiss on her cheek. Julius introduces Jamal, Cedric and Samantha to James. James shakes their hands and welcomes them to Colorado. They pile into the limousine and head to the mansion. James informs Julius that their house is three weeks away from being completed and that they will have to stay with them.

“Welcome to your new lives, I hope you will be happy here” James says as they pull up to the mansion. They get out and Jamal states “Pretty nice digs, James”. “They suit Kamora and my needs” James says as he escorts them into the foyer. He instructs the driver to take the guests bags to their pre-assigned bedrooms as he takes the kids with their parents on a tour of the mansion. Jamal and Cedric are impressed with the entertainment room and the two pools with the amenities. “You guys packed your suits right, go change and will meet back here in fifteen minutes, Kami please show Jamal, Cedric and Samantha their rooms” James asks. Kamora comes over and kisses him and then takes them to their rooms to change.

Kamora is due in two weeks. The midwife is already on board along with the doctor who James has hired for the rest of the summer at considerable expense. James tells Julius and Sandra about the wedding plans as he takes them to their room. He excuses himself and goes to change. They meet up with Kamora’s family a half-hour later. “We got lost, James. This house is huge” Samantha states. James takes his towel off and Samantha stares at his package. Her brothers jump into the indoor pool. “We have an indoor and outdoor pool with hot tubs and a sauna. Enjoy yourselves” James tells him as he gets into the pool with Kami, holding her hand as she gets into the pool carefully.

“Tomorrow, I will take you guys out to see your new house by the lake” James says as she leaves Kamora to talk to Samantha. Samantha swims over to Kamora and whispers “I couldn’t keep my eyes off James’s package. His cock must be huge”. Kamora just smiles and her sister nudges her, “Come on and tell me how big his tool is”. “James is over twelve inches long and very thick. When he makes love to me my whole body goes into an orgasmic buzz every time” Kamora tells her sister as the two of them look over at James who is talking to Jamal, Cedric and Julius.

“Damn hens are probably talking about the size of your weapon, James” Julius says. “I just hope that Samantha finds someone who treats her as well as you do Kamora” he continues. James shakes his head “Enjoy yourselves here in the mansion guys, there is a game on tonight I don’t want to miss” James says. They all enjoy themselves around the pool and James has the chef cook steaks out on the grill for everyone. “How about some surf and turf?” James asks and everyone agrees. They eat dinner out by the outdoor pool that has a full bar. James pours Julius a scotch and grabs a beer for him and the boys. Julius looks at him and James ask him “They are driving is it okay if the boys have a beer with dinner”. “Just one beer” Julius tells the boys.

They eat dinner and James pours wine for everyone except Kamora. They eat and talk until game time and go into the entertainment room and watch the Eastern Conference Finals game seven. The Heat beat the Pacers again to reach the finals against Oklahoma City. After the game is well over James gets a phone call and talks for a while. He puts him on speaker phone and tells him “Yeah, Lebron we would love to come see you play game four next week in Oklahoma City. It all depends on when the twins. If Kamora gives birth than I will not be able to attend but get the tickets, I am sure Julius and Kamora’s brothers Jamal and Cedric would love to come see the game and meet you. You are still planning on coming to the barbecue in July right?” Lebron says yes to the barbecue and tells James that he will him four tickets to the game. They say goodbye and he hangs up.

“Looks like we are going to the game next week, Guys” James tells them. “We are going to need to get you two suits for the wedding” James says. “You really do know Lebron” Jamal says. James nods and their father tells them about his night out with Lebron in Miami. Kamora is stroking James’s manhood without even thinking about it as her sister watches with a smile on her face.

Kamora tells everyone that she is tired and is going to bed. James excuses himself and heads to bed with her holding her hand. When they leave the room Samantha is scolded by her mother, “Quit looking at James’s package, it is rude”. “Mom, I can’t help it. That thing is huge. I thought only black men had huge cocks” Samantha says. “That is just a myth, Samantha. James is huge but you cannot keep staring at his crotch” Sandra tells her daughter. “I thought Jamal’s penis was huge. It is small compared to James’s” Samantha says.

“It is time to go to bed” Julius says as he gets the kids up they go to their rooms and Julius sees that Jamal and Cedric’s rooms have a flat screen television on the wall and game consoles and every imaginable game on shelves next to the television. “James doesn’t miss a beat does he” Julius thinks to himself. “Dad, James has games here that are not even suppose to be out until Christmas time” Cedric says. “Don’t stay up all night playing games son” Julius tells him and Jamal.

James and Kamora are in their suite and are laying down. “Damn, your sister couldn’t keep her eyes off of my cock all night. It didn’t help that you were stroking me all night. It was all I could do not to get hard” James tells Kamora. “Sweetheart, she is jealous of me and envious of my man. Let me suck on that big fat cock of yours BIG DADDY” Kamora says. “Oh, Kami I love it when you do that” James moans as Kamora sucks on him. Little does James and Kamora know, Samantha is watching from the door. After Kamora has gotten James to explode down her throat they hear a rattle at the door and James looks up to see Samantha at the door. Kamora takes a slowly softening cock out of her mouth and looks at the door.

“Damn it, Samantha can’t we have some privacy” Kamora yells at her sister who comes into the door. “Sorry sis, I just wanted to take a peak at James’s tool. Damn that thing is huge. I can’t believe you got that whole thing down your throat” Samantha says to her sister in astonishment. Her panties have a wet-spot on the front. “GO to bed Samantha before I tell our parents” Kamora says. She runs off to her bedroom as James and Kamora snuggle together and giggle about Samantha.

The next morning James takes everyone to the new lake house. It is directly across from his lake house. They tour the house and James tells them that they each have their own bedroom and that each will have their own television and the games that are in their rooms in the mansion. “Kamora and I have picked out furnishings for each of your rooms and the living room and basement. They will be delivered in three weeks as will the furnishings for the man-cave downstairs. I will have the bar stocked and groceries in all the pantry” James states as he takes Sandra and Julius to the three-car garage. “I took the liberty of buying you two Mercedes and Jamal a Range Rover” James says as he gives them the keys to the cars.

“The house is beautiful, James. Thanks. And thanks for the cars you really didn’t need to do that” Sandra says. “How else are you going to get around?” James tells her. They leave the new house and go back to the mansion and over the next couple of days they watch as Miami goes up 3-0 and Kamora still hasn’t given birth.

“Go, honey, go with the guys to the game. I will call you if something happens” Kamora tells James. They guys head to the airport and head out for the game. They are at the game in the fourth quarter when James gets a call from Kamora that her water has broken and the doctor says it will be hours before the baby will be born. At a timeout James tells Julius that he is leaving to go be at the birth of his children. Julius tells him they are going with him. James tells him not to, to stay and enjoy the game. Lebron sees that James is leaving and goes over to him quickly and James tells him he is leaving and asks Lebron to take care of Julius and his sons until he sends his plane back. Lebron tells him congratulations and then goes back to the bench.

“Lebron is going to take care of you after the game until I send the plane back, I will see you guys tomorrow” James runs out of the arena and heads to his plane that is waiting to take off. He arrives at he mansion just in time to see his babies born. A beautiful baby boy and girl. James is crying in joy when he holds his children for the first time. “Where are my husband and kids?” Sandra asks. James turns on the television and it is showing the post game interviews in the locker room and they see Julius and the boys. “I sent my plane back for them, they will arrive by morning. This is a once in a lifetime event for your boys, let them enjoy it. Lebron will show them a good time” James tells her.

It is noon by the time Julius and the guys get back to the mansion. All three are red-eyed and wearing Heat jerseys signed by the team. “James, that was the best night of my life. Thank you” Jamal says. “Anytime, would you like to meet your niece and nephew?” James asks the three of them and then takes them into the nursery. “This is James Julius and this is Katrina Samantha” James tells them showing his two children who are in the arms of Kamora and Samantha. Julius comes over and kisses his daughter and then his grandchildren. “You did a great job, Kamora” Julius tells her. “Thanks Dad, Did you guys have fun last night?” Kamora says

“It was a really good time, great game. Your brothers here had a great time” Julius says. Julius and the guys excuse themselves they are really tired after partying all night with the Heat. On the way to their room Jamal gets a call from one of his boys back home and asks him if that was him court-side. He goes into the room telling him all about it.

James takes Kamora into their room and he lets her sleep while the babies are asleep. James leaves the room and checks on the babies before he heads downstairs. Sandra is in the kitchen getting something to eat and James comes over and gets a glass of water. “The babies are truly beautiful James.” Sandra tells him. “Thanks, I appreciate you guys coming out here and being a part of the child-birth and helping with the babies, Sandra” James tells her as she hugs him. “My pleasure, I have never seen my daughter so happy as she is with you” Sandra says “Thanks Mom, or should I say grandma” James says with a smile.

They next couple weeks are pretty routine, with the babies starting to sleep all night after three weeks. The in-law house is ready and Julius, Sandra and the kids move into their new house. James has a blacktop road put in between the houses and to the front gate. Julius’s studio will be ready after the wedding.

At the July barbecue James introduces his fiancée, new-born babies and his in-laws to his party goers that have come to his annual fest for years. Some of whom are invited to the wedding festivities coming in two months time. James serves Julius, Sandra and family Buffalo for the first time in their lives.

“How do you like your steak, Julius? Guys” James asks. “Best steak I have ever had. Very tender and lean” Julius says. “It’s great James as usual” Jamal says. “I am glad you like it, it’s buffalo not beef. I prefer this to beef. Nice and lean. I keep around two-hundred head on the ranch, along with steer. Try this” James says as he motions to the server. The serves up some more meat. James points out the type of meat, “This is emu, deer, elk and finally rattlesnake”. James spends the day greeting his guest, showing off his beautiful wife and children.

Their are several NBA and NFL players in attendance at the party including Jamal’s newest best friend Lebron. Jamal, Cedric, Lebron and several of the NBA players shoot around on a makeshift basketball court. It is midnight before the party finally winds down and the guest leave, Kamora and children are back in the mansion with Sandra and Samantha. The next day as workers cleaned up the James is in the outside pool swimming naked as Samantha comes out in her bikini with Kamora. James gets out of the pool and before he can grab a towel Samantha corners him.

“Kamora, you are a very lucky woman. To have a man like James to love you and take care of you” Samantha says as she looks right at James’s tool. “Samantha stop looking at my husband’s cock, James put a towel over yourself Please!” Kamora says angrily at Samantha. “Kamora you haven’t learned how to share. I just want to experience what it is like to have that beautiful cock inside of me” Samantha says. “I am sorry I didn’t know Samantha was over or I would have worn a swimsuit” James says as he grabs the towel. He lays down on a lounge chair and Samantha comes over and dries him off “James would you like me to put some suntan lotion on you, we wouldn’t want you to get burned would we?”.

Samantha starts rubbing suntan lotion on James’s shoulders, arms and chest. “What are you doing Samantha? James is my husband and I want you to leave him alone” Escort Elazığ Kamora says taking the bottle from her. Kamora applies the lotion to the rest of James’s body. “This is my husband, we are going to have to get you a boyfriend or something so you will leave him alone” Kamora says. “Kami, Samantha don’t fight over me. Samantha I love you sister and I would never cheat on her”.

Samantha leaves a short while later after kisses the babies goodbye. “Kami, baby. I would never ever cheat on you. I have waited my whole life to find you. I just have to be careful around your sister” James tells her as he kisses her passionately full on the lips.

James takes Jamal and Cedric to Los Angles with him and Kamora when they meet with David Tutera for the last time before the wedding. James sees the bill so far and an estimate of what the final bill will be and agrees to it with Kamora having a couple of additions. A larger dance floor being on and more room under the tents for tables. They have a final head count of over 1700 people showing up. They go over the menu; crab dip, spiced steamed jumbo shrimp, bacon-wrapped scallops, crab puffs, spinach dip, finger sandwiches, and epanadas. Main course consists of beef, buffalo and a pigs on spits. Lobster tails and crab legs with all the trimmings. Of course an open bar with plenty of taxis to take the guest back to their hotel. James has reserved all the hotels in the area. Many of Kamora’s aunts and uncles are staying with Julius and Sandra. Kamora’s grandparents are staying in the mansion.

James has arranged a special guest for Kamora, and a surprise honeymoon. It is a month away from the wedding and Kamora and James spend the month at the mansion playing and taking care of the twins. About a week before the wedding Kamora’s family starts arriving early as expected. James was an only child and has no family so Kamora’s family has become his family. The night before the wedding a special guest arrives at the mansion, it is Kamora’s long-lost best friend, Jolene. James spent a considerable amount of time and expense to find her. James has flown her in and has sent his chauffeur to pick her up. The maid shows her to where James and Kamora are relaxing socializing with Kamora’s grandparents.

“Kami, baby I have a gift for you” James says as he see Jolene walk through the door. Jolene is a stunningly beautiful twenty year old blond hair beauty with deep blue eyes. “Oh, my GOD. James you found Jolene” Kamora says with tears coming down her eyes as she kisses her soon-to-be husband and gets up and hugs her friend.

Jolene and Kamora talk and catch up. For the last couple of years Jolene has been trying to get her acting career off the ground without any luck when James’s private investigator found her. James has been supporting her for the last couple of months. Kamora and Jolene excuse themselves and Kamora takes her best friend on a tour of her new house. After about another hour everyone turns in for the night. Tomorrow is a big day for James and Kamora. James enters the master suite and is astonished to see Kamora and Jolene laying on the bed.

“Honey, would you mind if Jolene sleeps with us tonight” Kamora asks. James reaches out and takes Kamora by hand and takes her into the bathroom, “Kami what are you asking?” James asks. “I would to share you with my long-lost best friend. My wedding gift to her and you” Kamora says. “I will only do it this one time with you and her there together. I don’t want to be a swinging couple. I want to be monogamous with you and only you. I would never cheat on you” James tells her. Kami smiles and tells him “I know, I love you and we are only doing this if we both agree and I only want to be with you and her tonight. I wonder if she is clean?”.

“Kami, I had her tested at the doctor’s office I sent her to. She is disease free. I would never bring anyone in contact with my family that is ill or do us harm” James tells her as Jolene knocks on the door, “Kami is everything alright, should I find another room. I know this is the night before your wedding”. “It’s okay right James?” Kamora asks and James nods as Kamora and Jolene get undressed. James goes to the bathroom and then changes for bed and enters the bedroom.

The sight is almost too much for James to stand. Kamora and Jolene are naked, Jolene has a small patch of fur above her pussy and the Jolene has dime sized areola on each breast with dark pink nipples that are pierced with hoops. They lookup at James and Kamora giggles, “Take those damn shorts off, James”. James does and out flops his semi-hard cock. “Holy shit, that thing is huge” Jolene says, “Biggest one I have ever seen in person”.

The three of them make passionate love with each other. James takes Jolene first spreading her legs and sucking her little pussy to three orgasms before he puts his hard as steel twelve-inch tool in between her slit. James pushes three inches into her and Jolene starts to moan, “All my GOD you are too freaking huge. You are going to tear me in half”. James smiles and proceeds to pound her within fifteen minutes Jolene has had three orgasms, wetting the sheets. James kisses his fiancée as he continues to pound on Jolene. It takes James thirty minutes before he can get all twelve inches into Jolene. She starts to scream as he repeatedly hits her cervix. He pours his seed into Jolene after about an hour of constant pounding and then rolls off of her and exits her. Kamora starts to lick and suck on James’s cock immediately after he lies on his back. He gets hard again after ten minutes of Kamora’s efforts. Kamora rides James until he comes again.

Jolene is recovered enough to tells Kamora “You are truly a lucky woman to have James”. They fuck James’s brains in and he passes out after four orgasms, Jolene and Kamora play for a little while after. At seven in the morning the maid wakes them up.

They take a shower and have a small breakfast in the suite before they get dressed for the wedding. The ceremony is set for noon at the outdoor alter that James had built. Only family are attending the ceremony with the reception an hour later.

They are picked up in the front of the mansion in a horse-drawn carriage, the horse is a white Arabian and the carriage is white with gold trim. When Kamora sees the carriage she leans over and whispers in James’s ear “You are so romantic my love”. The are taken to the alter in the carriage as they arrive the family stands and Julius is there to help his daughter out of the carriage. James takes his place at the alter. Jamal, Cedric and James’s best man Lebron escort the bridesmaids down the aisle.

They play “Here comes the Bride” and Kamora is escort down the aisle by her father. The minister asks “Who gives this woman to this man?” and Julius says he does and shakes James’s hand. James and Julius have become really close the last couple of months. Only being separated by a year or two in age they seem to be brothers rather then father-in-law and son.

The Minster officiates the wedding and then announces James and Kamora, “Man and Wife”. James and Kamora are then greeted and congratulated by family in attendance. Julius kisses his daughter and shakes James’s hand, “Julius we are going to have a great life together. I am going to take care of your daughter”. “James, you are taking care of all of us. You have provided me with grandchildren, insured my other children’s future and made my daughter very happy” Julius tells him. “Daddy, I made James very happy last night” Kamora says with a grin. James and Kamora get back into the carriage and head to the reception after the customary pictures are taken. Upon arrival the wedding party are introduced to the awaiting guest. The guest have been entertained by a band while waiting for the wedding party they have been snaking on appetizers and drinking while they waited having gotten there while the ceremony was going on.

The grandparents are introduced first, then Kamora’s parents. Julius and Sandra look so proud as they see their family and guest. They see the fifteen hundred or so guest James has invited, they know most of their names as they are quite famous. As the best men and bridesmaids take their seats Jamal looks around and sees all the famous people who are in attendance, he see one of his favorite artist Beyonce. Everyone stands when the bride and groom enter the huge reception tent that is decorated in Kamora’s favorite colors. The main table is at one end of the tent with tables all around the huge dance floor. On the opposite side of the main table where the wedding party sits is the stage where the band is set up and where the singers will get up and perform.

Before they have dinner they are bride and groom are toasted by the maid of honor then the best man. Jolene gets up first and gives her toast to the bride and groom, “Kamora, you are my oldest friend. We always talked about having a fairy tale wedding with prince charming. You have found your prince charming in James. Being with you two the last couple of days seeing how he treats you, it makes me believe in love. You have shown me what love is. I wish you all the best, congratulations on finding your prince charming”. Lebron gets up next, “James, I have known you since I was in high school. Your advice and friendship is invaluable to me. It is nice to see you have finally met someone so beautiful to spend your life with. Kamora, you have made my friend a very happy man. He has looked for you for a long, long time. May you both have a happy life together. To the bride and groom May they be happy and prosperous for the rest of their lives”.

After dinner master of ceremonies calls James and Kamora take to the dance floor for the first dance, they start dancing when Meatloaf gets on stage and sings “I’d do anything for Love” to Kamora and James.

And I would do anything for love, I’d run right into hell and back
I would do anything for love, I’ll never lie to you and that’s a fact
But I’ll never forget the way you feel right now, oh no, no way
And I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that, I won’t do that
Anything for love, oh I would do anything for love
I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that, no I won’t do that
Some days it don’t come easy, and some days it don’t come hard
Some days it don’t come at all, and these are the days that never end
Some nights you’re breathing fire, and some nights you’re carved in ice
Some nights you’re like nothing I’ve ever seen before or will again
Maybe I’m crazy, but it’s crazy and it’s true
I know you can save me, no one else can save me now but you
As long as the planets are turning, as long as the stars are burning
As long as your dreams are coming true, you better believe it
That I would do anything for love, and I’ll be there ’til the final act
I would do anything for love, and I’ll take a vow and seal a pact
But I’ll never forgive myself if we don’t go all the way tonight
And I would do anything for love, oh I would do anything for love
Oh I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that, no I won’t do that
I would do anything for love, anything you’ve been dreaming of
But I just won’t do that
I would do anything for love, anything you’ve been dreaming of
But I just won’t do that
I would do anything for love, anything you’ve been dreaming of
But I just won’t do that
Some days I pray for silence, and some days I pray for soul
Some days I just pray to the God of sex and drums and rock ‘n’ roll
Some nights I lose the feeling, and some nights I lose control
Some nights I just lose it all when I watch you dance
And the thunder rolls
Maybe I’m lonely and that’s all I’m qualified to be
There’s just one and only, the one and only promise I can keep
As long as the wheels are turning, as long as the fires are burning
As long as your prayers are coming true, you better believe it
That I would do anything for love, and you know it’s true and that’s a fact
I would do anything for love, and there’ll never be no turning back
But I’ll never do it better than I do it with you, so long, so long
And I would do anything for love, oh I would do anything for love
I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that, no no no I won’t do that
I would do anything for love, anything you’ve been dreaming of
But I just won’t do that
I would do anything for love, anything you’ve been dreaming of
But I just won’t do that
I would do anything for love, anything you’ve been dreaming of
But I just won’t do that
I would do anything for love, anything you’ve been dreaming of
But I just won’t do that
I would do anything for love, anything you’ve been dreaming of
But I just won’t do that
I would do anything for love, anything you’ve been dreaming of
But I just won’t do that
I would do anything for love, anything you’ve been dreaming of
But I just won’t do that
But I’ll never stop dreaming of you every night of my life, no way
And I would do anything for love, oh I would do anything for love
I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that, no I won’t do that
Will you raise me up, will you help me down?
Will you get me right out of this Godforsaken town?
Will you make it all a little less cold?
I can do that, I can do that
Will you hold me sacred? Will you hold me tight?
Can you colorize my life, I’m so sick of black and white?
Can you make it all a little less old?
I can do that, oh oh, now I can do that
Will you make me some magic, with your own two hands?
Can you build an emerald city with these grains of sand?
Can you give me something I can take home?
I can do that, oh oh now, I can do that
Will you cater to every fantasy I got?
Will ya hose me down with holy water, if I get too hot?
Will you take me places I’ve never known?
I can do that, oh oh now, I can do that
After a while you’ll forget everything
It was a brief interlude and a midsummer night’s fling
And you’ll see that it’s time to move on
I won’t do that, no I won’t do that
I know the territory, I’ve been around
It’ll all turn to dust and we’ll all fall down
And sooner or later, you’ll be screwing around
I won’t do that, no I won’t do that
Anything for love, oh I would do anything for love
I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that, no I won’t do that
When Meatloaf sings “And sooner or later, you’ll be screwing around” James looks at Samantha and mouths “I won’t do that, no I won’t do that” with Kamora watching him. Kamora giggles and leans in and kisses her husband, “We need to be really direct with her, she is fascinated by your huge cock”.
The duets are sung by Chrisette Michelle. After they finish the song Chrisette states “This song goes out to the happy couple. I hear this is Kamora’s favorite song”
I see it clear, my heart is here
We got each other, lets take it from there
And if I could Id love you a forever at a time, Oh oh oh
What weve been through, no one else knows
Cause all that matters is how far this goes
And it will go until it starts again, oh oh
Me and you are built like armor
Nothing can stop love from loving on us
And Im not asking for much
Just a couple of forevers
A couple of forevers
Im the only one, youre the only one
Together till never
Im talking my forever
Just a couple forevers
Im the only one, youre the only one
Together till never
It can get hard, damn it gets rough
It can get crazy but not for us
Cause we gotta struggle just stay apart
Me and you are built like armor
Nothing can stop love from loving on us
And Im not asking for much
Just a couple of forevers
A couple of forevers
Im the only one, youre the only one
Together till never
Oh Im talking about forever
Just a couple forevers
Oooh, Im the only one, youre the only one
Together till never, never, never
Can you see it oh oh ooh oh
Can you see the signs from above
Its so blinding, theres no denying
You and me are built like armor
Nothing can stop love from loving on us
And Im not asking you for much
A couple of forevers
Im the only one, youre the only one
Together till never
Oh Im talking about forever
Just a couple forevers
Im the only one, youre the only one
Together till never

After the song they invite the father of the bride up to dance with his daughter. Julius bounces up to the dance floor and takes his daughter’s hand from James. James then goes up to Sandra and asks her up to the dance floor and the four dance. They dance and then the master of ceremonies calls everyone up to the dance floor. Jamal asks Beyonce to dance before she takes the stage to sing. The party goes on till two in the morning when James and Kamora leave for the mansion.

“I thought the wedding was beautiful. What do you think?” James asks his wife “I love it, it was everything I could wish for” Kamora tells James. They go to their spacious suite and take a shower together. After they play with the kids after they are fed. “I can’t believe we have two more days of parties” Kamora says. “We have several bands that are planning on playing tomorrow. I think several of them look forward to jamming with each other. Tomorrow we will start with a catered brunch, then go into concerts for the rest of the day. I believe most of our guests will leave tomorrow night. The third day will be for the family and my close friends. We will fly out to Miami and head to our honeymoon from there. I know you will enjoy it” James says.

“You still won’t tell me what we are going to do?” Kamora asks. “We are going to cruise around the islands for a couple of months” James tells his bride, “Do you want to take Jolene with us? Somebody to “PLAY” with?” James asks Kamora. She thinks about it and tells him, “I want to be alone with you for a while. You really enjoyed our time together last night?”. “I got to be truthful with you, Kami. I really did enjoy fucking her, almost as much as I loved watching you two go at it. That was freaking hot. Why don’t we spend a couple of weeks together and then I will fly her out to join us” James asks her. “That sounds great” Kamora says as they lay down together and snuggle. “I love you, Kami with all my heart. I know you are going to enjoy yourself on our honeymoon” James tells his love before he kisses her passionately. “I love you too, BIG DADDY” Kamora tells James as she strokes his large cock.
In the morning the clean up and go for a swim in the outdoor pool. James remembers his bathing suite. Lebron comes out and joins them with his family. “That was a great wedding, James” Lebron tells him as his children get into the pool. “Today we are going to relax and enjoy concerts and a little time around the lake” James tells everyone as Kamora’s grandparents come into the room. Jamal comes in with Beyonce who is in a two-piece suit. Beyonce is looking hot as usual. “Did you have a good night, Jamal? Did you enjoy my wedding?” Kamora asks.

It was remarkable, and yes I had a great night” Jamal says looking at Beyonce. Lebron tells James in a whisper that Jamal got a piece of Beyonce last night. James looks up and to everyone in hearing distance “What happens here stays here in the mansion and on the grounds. Do not advertise what happens and no problems will come from what happens here”. James looks at Beyonce and Jamal. Jamal smiles and nods. Beyonce is non-nonchalant about it.

James and Kamora with family and friends enjoy a day of concerts, jam sessions from the artist around the lake. When it turns dark James has fireworks go off over the lake. James and Kamora are alone in the hot tub on the deck on the top floor of his lake house. “James, this is so beautiful. In a hot tub with fireworks going off in front of us” Kamora says as James pops open the champagne and pours two glasses. “Here is to the rest of our happy lives. I have looked my whole life for you, I love you” James says before they sip their champagne and kiss. After the fireworks are over they go into the bedroom and make love.
In the morning they party with their guest until the leave in the afternoon. James and Kamora spend a quite night with the twins. James and Kamora go on their honeymoon the next day, flying off to Miami. James hires a limousine to take them to his new yacht. James takes Kamora aboard as the driver loads their bags.

“Kami, this is our yacht. I bought it for our honeymoon. We are going to take a trip around all the islands of the Caribbean. It has ten-bedrooms, living and dinning rooms, a complete galley with our own chef and maid. I plan on us cruising around a couple of islands for few weeks and then have Jolene join us. Does that sound okay with you?” James asks his bride.

“That sounds wonderful to me, BIG DADDY” Kamora tells him as they board the ship. They are greeted by the Captain, the chef and the maid. James shows her around the ship, taking her to all the rooms and then to their room. They start out that night from Miami and head to The Bahamas, then to the Turk and Caicos Islands, then to Puerto Rico. James tells the Captain they are in no hurry. After dinner James and Kamora head to their luxurious suite, complete with a huge bathroom with a jacuzzi tub. They take a relaxing soak in their jacuzzi and make love on their large California King size bed with silk sheets. In the morning they eat breakfast out on the large deck of their yacht relaxing as the cruise the open seas. That night they have a fine meal in Nassau at the Poop Deck and the next morning they go sightseeing around Nassau.
After a two weeks in Nassau the go to Turk and Caicos Islands for another couple of weeks and then to Puerto Rico and take a tour of San Juan, and the Bacardi plant and buy several cases of rum.
The next day they go wave-running and snorkeling, which they do at every island. They spend a week in Puerto Rico at the end of the week they pick up Jolene at the airport in San Juan. They take her to the yacht and show it off to her. They set sail to the British Virgin Islands, then to Antigus, Martinique, St. Lucia, Barbados and then Aruba. On the way to Aruba Kamora snuggles up to James and whispers in his ear, “Honey, I have loved the last three months, but I miss my babies. I need to have my babies with me”. “Do you trust me, my love?” James asks her. “Of course I do” is her response. “Then trust me in every detail” James tells her with a kiss.

When they arrive in Aruba the head to the fancies hotel and as they enter the restaurant Kamora sees her mother and father with her babies. Kamora picks up her babies as James and Jolene come over and greet Julius and Sandra. “How have you enjoyed Aruba?” James asks Julius and Sandra. “Like a second honeymoon for us?” Sandra says as she kisses her husband. They spend the day with Sandra and Julius at the hotel. Julius and Sandra check-out of the hotel and go to the yacht with James and Kamora.
Julius and Sandra are very impressed with the yacht as they cruise to the Cayman Islands. The five of them spend two weeks in the Cayman’s sightseeing, James takes Julius deep see fishing. They catch a ton of fish enough for the rest of the trip. The cruise next to Belize for three weeks before Kamora tells James it is time to go back home. He agrees with her and puts her parents and Jolene on a plane back to Colorado.

James and Kamora spend a week cruising back to Miami alone enjoying each others company with their children. The day before they arrive in Miami Kamora tells James that she is pregnant again. James is ecstatic with the news, he kisses his love of his life and rubs her pregnant belly. “Kami my love you are blessing me with another baby, I love you” James tells her.

They live happily ever after …

Kamora has twelve children, Jolene has four by James and they all live together on the estate with Julius and Sandra. James puts Kamora’s brothers and sister through university. Jamal becomes a very powerful sports agent. Cedric becomes a cardiac surgeon and Samantha becomes a very successful fashion model and actress.

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