Big Dicks

Waking up to find that once again I have an erection which feels hard enough to support a marquee, my hand instinctively moves in to grasp and stroke it. As my fingers curl round the shaft, I’m reminded of morning encounters with my last sexual partner. The reflexive jerk of my pelvis as I slide back my foreskin brings my first meeting with her sharply into focus. After a seminar on recent amendments to international tax law, I was helping myself to a plate of food at the buffet when I took a step back without looking and bumped into someone. Turning emek escort to apologise, I found myself looking into the eyes of a woman who was obviously amused at my discomfort. In that moment when our eyes met, it was a case of lust at first sight on my part. Astonishingly, I could see the dusky pink of arousal suffusing her cheeks. Straightaway, I realised she was much younger than me and couldn’t believe my good fortune. Turning away to cover my confusion, I took out a business card eryaman escort making sure it was one of the few that had my private number on it. Turning back to her, hoping I hadn’t completely made a fool of myself, I was delighted to see that she was still looking in my direction. Seizing the moment, I passed the card to her whilst leaning in to ensure no-one else heard, and said, “Please give me a call, when you can.” Her only acknowledgement was a slight nod of the head but I did see esat escort that the card disappeared into the depths of her voluminous handbag. Hope springs eternal! My thoughts took only a minute or so but were so vivid, my prick was leaking much pre-cum which was making my erection slick, enabling me to encircle it with my whole hand. The heat, slipperiness and firmness of my grip were a stark reminder of the first time we were in bed together. Such mental images were firing my need to climax. Determinedly, I stopped my hand at the base my cock and let the stirrings of ejaculation subside. That didn’t stop my mind wandering back to our first phone call. I had to wait some ten days for that. She explained that at the time of our first encounter, she was in a relationship which was floundering but couldn’t bring herself to make contact until she was sure it was over.

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