Subject: Ramon and his little brother Sixto part 3 Ramon and his little brother Sixto part 3 We got on the freeway and headed towards my house. This was going to be the longest one hour drive in my life. Aside from having an always hot and horny Ramon sitting next to me that I couldn’t touch. His 9yo mini-me was sitting in the back seat, looking like an ice cream cone on a 100 degree day. As we drove, Sixto got out a gameboy from his little coat pocket and started to play. In 1990, the gameboy was the first of those sort of hand held game devices and the sounds it made were pretty unfamiliar to me. He seemed to be oblivious to us and just to tease me, Ramon would look in the back seat at his little brother first and then quickly reach over and squeeze my cock, then he pulled his hard cock out of his fly and waved it around, licking his lips and smiling at me, all of this while I’m trying to drive. “It’s not fair” I cried. “Why don’t you drive and I’ll sit in the back” “Haha” Ramon laughed. “I don’t have a license and have never driven a car before” “Really?” I asked. “Well I should give you a driving lesson” “Yeah!” Ramon exclaimed excitedly. “I’d love to drive your car” Just then, Sixto piped up from the back seat. “Can I drive too?” Sixto asked. Ramon and I both laughed. “Well, let me see how your big brother does first, then maybe you can try.” I said “Nice” Sixto said as he went back to his gameboy. “You guys want some pizzas?” I asked “Sure” Ramon said. “Yeah” Sixto said. We finally made it to the pizza place near my house and I ran in and ordered pizzas to go. I came back out and we waited in the car for the order. “I have to pee.” Sixto said. “Can you wait until we get to my house?” I asked. “NO” he said. ” “I have to go bad” I turned around and looked at him in the back seat. He had his hand in his little crotch and was squeezing it, wiggling around in the seat. “Go over there behind the dumpster” I said pointing at a dumpster about 50 feet away. There wasn’t anyone else around and the pizza shop was empty. All the other stores at this little strip mall were closed already. “Go on, it’ll be ok” Ramon said to his little brother. Sixto got out of the car and ran over behind the dumpster. As soon as he was out of the car, Ramon leaned over and clamped his lips to mine, tongue out and we kissed passionately until we saw Sixto returning. We both popped raging boners from that kiss. Sixto got back into the car and went right back to his gameboy. “I hope you didn’t get any on you.” I said. “I’m a big boy” Sixto said. ” I can pee and not make a mess” “Of course you can” I said. “I was joking” A few minutes went by and the pizza man waved to us through the shop window, signaling that our pies were ready. I went in, paid and came out with the boxes. We drove off and finally arrived at my house. We all got out of the car and went in. I put the pizzas down on the coffee table as I watched little Sixto looking around at everything. “Cool room” he said. “Thanks, I like it” I replied. “Shall we eat?” I asked. “I’m hungry” I heard 2 yeses and we all took off our coats and sat on the sofa. Now I got a better look at all of little Sixto. He was a head shorter than his big brother but not as skinny. He had some baby fat on him, fuller legs and really full, pert buns. He was wearing a green tee-shirt and those little boy type blue jeans that had an elastic waist band with oversized pockets on the sides. We all started eating and I asked Sixto what he wanted to drink. “Coke please” He said. I went upstairs and brought down a coke and 2 beers. Sixto didn’t say anything regarding his 16yo brother drinking beer so I assumed it wasn’t a big deal. Once we had finished the pizza, I asked if they wanted their driving lessons now. Both of them seemed equally excited about that idea. “No one has ever taken me for a driving lesson before” Ramon said. “Me too” Sixto said, almost parroting his brother. “Ok well this should be fun” I said. We got our coats on and went out to the car. I told Sixto to get into the backseat, while I told Ramon to sit in the front seat more or less on my lap. He was skinny enough that he could fit between my legs and it was a big car so there was enough room. I moved my left leg as far up and against the door as I could, while keeping my right foot for the gas and brake. Ramon şişli travesti snuggled his little ass right into my cock which was rock hard as soon as we sat down in the car seat. I reached around him and turned the key. I backed us out of the driveway and onto the road. I lived on a very quiet road and there was never any traffic at night. I placed his hands on the wheel, put it into drive and told him to steer. I pushed the gas slightly and we were off. I told him just to worry about steering for now and maybe tomorrow I’d let him do the pedals. We went about 20mph down the road. I was so horny, with his body pressed right up against mine, my nose breathing in the scent of his wavy black hair. Since Sixto was in the back seat directly behind us and it was very dark, he really couldn’t see anything. While we were slowly moving down the road, I slipped my left hand around Ramon’s waist, under his winter coat and found the top of his jeans. I started to wiggle my fingers in until I hit the top of his underwear. I undid the button of his jeans and eased the zipper down and then shoved my hand straight into his underwear. He let out a gasp as my hand found his already hard cock and balls. I had to grab the steering wheel with my right as he had drifted to the wrong side of the road. “Concentrate on the road” I said. “I’m trying” he giggled as I kept gently stroking his hard cock. We drove on at a blistering 25mph and I gently licked the back of his neck while continuing to stroke his rock hard cock, which had now leaked a bit of pre-cum into my fingers. Before we hit the 1 mile mark of our first driving lesson, I felt Ramon’s cock start to convulse. “Oops” I whispered into his left ear as he started to cum right into my hand. He wiggled his little butt right into my hard cock as he came, groaning softly. “I think we’d better pull over here” I said. He turned the wheel and pulled off into an open area on the side of the road. My hand was still in his underwear which was now full of hot goo. I gently eased my hand out and with my right hand reached over to the glove compartment and grabbed some Kleenex. I stuffed a couple into his underwear and then wiped my hand with another one. Ramon did up his pants with the Kleenex still in his underwear and got out of the car. “Ok Sixto you can drive back” “Come up here with me” I said. “Ramon got in on the passenger side and Sixto got out of the back and I opened my door and he climbed in onto my lap. That scent of young, pre-pubescent boy is indescribable and so erotic and intoxicating. Sixtos head and neck were an inch from my nose and his pert little jeans covered butt was pushed right against my raging hard-on. “Ok you steer and I’ll help you” I said. “OK” Sixto said excitedly. I put the car into drive and eased us back on to the road. Sixto had both of his little hands on the wheel and I had my right on top of his right hand just guiding him. I let my left hand rest on his left thigh, for now. Ramon just watched us with a smile while he fidgeted with the wad of cum soaked Kleenex still in his undies. We drove like this for a ½ mile or so, me enjoying the smell and the feel of this 9yo boy on my lap. “Can we pull over?” Ramon said. “I have to pee” “Sure” I said. I’m guessing he just wanted to get that cum soaked Kleenex out of his undies but didn’t want to do it right in front of his little brother. Sixto and I sat in the car while Ramon got out. As we waited I moved my nose in closer to the little boy’s neck and I moved my left hand a bit higher on his thigh and slightly more inward so as my thumb was just a couple of inches from his little crotch. Ramon got back in the car. “That’s better” he said. We drove off. Sixto was seriously concentrating on the road, both of his little hands gripping the wheel tightly and staring straight ahead. We were going about 20mph and I kept reassuring him that he was doing fine. We got back to my house and when we made the sharp left turn into the driveway. I let my left hand slip into Sixto’s little crotch and rubbed my fingers quickly around and felt a soft fleshy little lump. I told them both they did really well for their first time and we went inside. “Can we do it again?” Sixto said as we were going into the house. “Maybe tomorrow” I said. Once inside, we all took off our coats and Sixto planted himself beylikdüzü travesti on the sofa and went back to his gameboy. I needed to bust a nut in the worst way. I went upstairs and called to Ramon to come up and help me with something. I could hear him saying to Sixto to stay downstairs and play his game and he’d be right back. Ramon came up the stairs and I grabbed him and pulled him into the bathroom and shut the door. I wrapped my arms around him and my hands went straight to his firm buns, squeezing them hard while our mouths locked together. “I should kill you for making me cum in my underwear” he said. “Oh, it wasn’t that bad was it?” I asked “Well, hehe, it was awesome, but I should still kill you anyways” he said. “I need to get off right now” I demanded. I turned Ramon around facing away from me, got down on my knees and reached around and undid his jeans and yanked them and his undies to the floor. I spread his butt cheeks and drove my tongue straight in, slobbering up his little hairless hole. Once good and wet. I quickly dropped my pants and undies to the floor, bent him over and got a small blob of lotion from the dispenser on the sink, slicked up my cock and drove it home. Ramon let out a grunt and my 6.5inches slowly made its way all the way in. I started to hump like a wild beast, reaching around to feel his hard cock while licking the back of his neck and shoulders. I slammed a couple of hard rams into his backside and my cock erupted, 5 good spasms of hot cum straight into his little ass. We both were breathing heavy and panting. I let my cock slip out of his hole and lifted his leg up to get his undies off of his legs and wiped them all up and down his crack and then around my cock to clean up my large goo load. I said we should throw those into the washer and switched it on. He said fine, he could free ball for awhile and pulled his jeans up minus his undies. We splashed some water on our faces and kissed, then went back downstairs. Sixto was still engrossed in his gameboy. “Looks like that thing would keep him busy for hours” I said. “It’s a better babysitter than me” Ramon said. Ramon and I joined Sixto on the sofa. We sat on either side of him, me on his left and Ramon on his right. I turned the TV on and while Sixto continued to play his game, Ramon and I watched TV. Ramon had put his arm around his little brother and was gently stroking his hair while Sixto just stared at his game, indifferent to his brother’s affections. A couple of hours went by and we noticed Sixto had fallen asleep with the gameboy in his hand. Ramon and I both looked at him and then at each other. “So, what do we do now?” I asked. “Why don’t we all sleep down here” Ramon suggested. “Good idea” I said. “We can get him to bed and smoke a joint that I have” Ramon said. I went to the closet and got out a couple of pads I had, like yoga mats only thicker, spread them out and then covered them with a few blankets and pillows and then got out my down comforter as our covering. Ramon was already taking Sixto’s shoes and socks off and went to lift him up off the sofa. “Ugh” Ramon said. “He’s getting too heavy for me to lift anymore” “Can you lift him?” he asked. “Sure” I said. I put my hands under Sixto’s little armpits and picked him up into my arms. I wrapped my left arm around his mid back and my right hand cupped his pert little butt and I gave it a squeeze. It felt so soft compared to Ramon’s whose was firm and muscular. I laid him down on our newly made bed and Ramon came over and started to undress him. I just watched as he pulled Sixto’s little green tee-shirt up and over his head. His torso was soft, still had some baby fat around his little nipples and he had a soft little belly. My cock twitched as Ramon went for the button on Sixto’s jeans. He undid the button, lowered the zipper and tugged them down and off of his legs. Sixto was wearing little blue briefs with yellow seams. I could see a little lump in the front where the yellow seams criss-crossed the front pouch. He folded his little brother’s clothes and put them on the floor under the coffee table and then we both just looked at him. “He is a cutie for sure” I said. “Yeah he is” Ramon said. “I love him a lot” “So you wanna smoke the joint?” Ramon asked. “Sure I said but let’s go upstairs and smoke it” I said. We istanbul travesti went up the stairs and by now Ramon’s underwear had been washed and dried. While he lit the joint, I went into the bathroom and got his undies out of the dryer and brought them to him. He handed me the joint and then dropped his jeans and pulled them off, then pulled his undies on and folded up his jeans. “I love warm undies right out of the dryer” He said. I handed him the joint and reached over feeling his undies, front and back. “Yeah me too” I said with a smile. We finished the joint and kissed, then went back down stairs. Sixto was sound asleep. I turned off the lights but left the TV on and quickly stripped down to my undies and laid down next to Sixto. Ramon was in just his freshly washed undies and came over and laid down next to me so as I was in the middle. Ramon was on my left and Sixto was on my right, all of us in our underwear. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Ramon threw his left leg over mine and rolled himself into my side, pressing his underwear covered cock into my hip. His left leg was resting on my cock and I wrapped my arm around him and we started to kiss passionately. I pulled him on top of me, cock to cock. He slowly humped into me while kissing each other with our tongues. I had my left hand on his little butt, squeezing his firm buns through the soft cotton fabric of his underwear which was still warm from the dryer. “Do you think he’ll wake up?” I asked. “No, he sleeps like a rock” Ramon said. “Can I touch him?” I asked. I felt like I should ask his permission just out of respect. “Yeah, it’s ok, just be gentle” Ramon said. We went back to our embrace, kissing with our tongues and mouths ever so softly as I reached my right hand out and gently placed it on Sixto’s chest around his nipples. What a contrast to Ramon’s hard body. Sixto’s skin was soft and almost baby like in the sense of his muscles hadn’t really developed yet. As we continued to kiss and hump, Ramon slipped his undies off and then slipped mine off. He slowly slid himself down between my legs as my right hand was going lower on to Sixto’s soft stomach. I let my hand rest there and felt his stomach going up and down with the rhythm of his deep breathing. Ramon got down between my legs and started to slowly lick my cock head which was covered in pre-cum. This sent a shiver up and down my entire body and I let out a gasp. In one quick motion, Ramon took my entire hard shaft into his mouth and began bobbing up and down. I had to feel it, I thought. I slipped my right hand into Sixto’s little blue and yellow undies, down his soft and smooth lower stomach and found his sweet little soft cock. I rubbed it between my thumb and forefinger. Like his brother, he was uncut and I played with the loose foreskin. I pushed in just a bit lower and found his little balls, hanging loose and soft. His scrotum was as soft as silk. “Flip around baby” I said to Ramon. He quickly got up and flipped around into a 69 and dropped his 5inch, hard and slim cock right into my mouth and then resumed hard sucking on mine. We sucked on each other’s leaking cocks until I felt his cock start to spasm. “Mmmm” Ramon grunted as his cum started to flow into my mouth. I still had my thumb and forefinger on Sixto’s little cock which had now grown to half mast. Once Ramon’s balls were emptied into my mouth, I swallowed and pushed him down just enough so I could bury my face into that sweet butt, jamming my tongue into his butt hole while he was still sucking and stroking me. I was going to erupt. My left hand was squeezing Ramon’s left butt cheek while my right hand was deep into Sixto’s little boy undies with his now hard little dicky being gently massaged in between my thumb and forefinger. My cock exploded into Ramon’s mouth, I could hear him gag and he pulled his head up as my cock continued to shoot rope after rope all over his face while he continued his stroking until I was drained. “Damn!” I said. “That was amazing” “You’re amazing” Ramon said. I gently eased my right hand out of Sixto’s little blue and yellow undies and got up to get some paper towels, came back and gently wiped the gallon of cum off of Ramon’s face. We caught our breath, kissed, pulled on our underwear and both laid down. “Do you want to sleep next to Sixto?” I asked “Sure” Ramon said. We switched places and Ramon cuddled up next to Sixto, putting his left arm and leg over his sleeping little brother. I cuddled in behind Ramon pressing my slowly deflating cock snug into his butt crack. “Goodnight” I whispered into Ramon’s ear.

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