Disclaimer: My life is surrounded with a fetish for urine, especially in my jeans. (Or Your”s) It also involves incest, public wetting and jerking off and interactions with strangers, quite young boys to older men. It may be graphic and may be offensive to some readers. If fetishes of any kind offend you, I would suggest looking through Nifty for softer material more suitable to your desires. My story will use language that is direct to the nature of the user and may offend some. If graphic conversations of sex and fetishes are not for you, Nifty has a wide variety of stories to suit you in other categories.

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The obvious idea here is to feed all the real juicy and filthy things that go on in my mind about what”s in my pants or yours, and all aspects of my personal life. Things like filthy or wet pants, lust and sexual satisfaction of a gay person now in college that went through many strange and weird events with strangers, family members, and well, pretty much anyone who would play. At home or in public. My legs and piss spread fast, for the slightest reasons. There are no limits to the heights that the events in my real life that I and my dysfunctional family went through, in an effort to satisfy your secret, deep and filthy urges.

Most of us don”t have the ability to tell our friends and family our dirty, and disgusting thoughts and urges so we do it here.

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Author Joseph joe


Chapter (6)

The school year is almost over. I got fucked 2 times this year and my asshole is really beginning to like it. I want to be a top but everyone I come in contact with is much older and bigger than I am so they just take over. Jeremy is the only person I know that’s near my age, he is one year older,14 and turning 15 soon so he too fucked me. I think if I ever end up at Mr. Hall’s place again and that 10 yr. old barges in like he always does, I may just have to give him a try and see what a top feels like. I’m sure Mr. Hall has fucked him. I don’t know how he has lasted as a grade 2 teacher so long, his phone is jammed with kids between 8 and 12 and he entertains them a lot. At 13 I think I’m the oldest boy he ever had over and he didn’t fuck me. He’s really nice and is a hot pisser. He just never stops pissing, I love it. Plus he’s super ripped and jacked and looks just so fucking hot in light blue jeans especially wet. Also looks so hot in dress pants, can see his cock and balls and a beautiful butt crack. I consider a butt crack hot if I think I can tell where the hole is.

My papers are still a good source for fun. The last customer is an apartment building and I love it. Some days I save all my piss and go to the top floor and just soak myself and jerk off then deliver my paper down each floor. Only been caught twice. Tim in 808 caught me then became a customer and what an epic fuck he was. I absolutely love him but he is worried because he”s been caught with an under age kid and worries a lot.

Then when I had to collect at apt. 512 one day I was a bit wet. He”s very old but told me he likes little boys and if I wanted to talk with him or have some pop or hot chocolate I could, so when I knocked to collect this week I made sure I had a my shirt tucked in so he could see my wet spot on my jeans. I was curious and wanted to see him. He saw my pants and invited me in.

“Do you have to use the washroom?”

“No, I”m OK.”

“Aren”t you kind of young to do papers?”

“I don”t think so, I”m not sure”.

“Could you do me a favour?”

“Sure, what?”

“I want to have a bath but I need help”. He went and started running the water. I didn”t think this would be too hard. I”ve never seen an old man naked. He had a lot of wrinkles and everything was hanging. His tits were like an old ladies would be, his cock was very wrinkly and hairy and his balls were very, very low with lots of hair and wrinkles. I can”t even describe his butt. It was in pretty bad shape, but I guess he is a good education what we all are in for. It really didn”t take him long to get in the tub.

“Do you need me to stay or are you OK now?”

“I thought you could come in with me.”

“Well no, I don”t want to do that.”

“We could play. I”ll give you money.”

“No, that”s not good, I”ll stay here if you need me.” He took his hand out of the water and took hold of my crotch. He seemed to go to heaven and actually got a boner. I let him play with me for a short time as he got me wetter and wetter, then he asked if I could take it out. It wasn”t him that was getting me hard, it was the fact that he was getting my pants wet. He kept putting his hand in the water and bringing it up to my pants. The more I got wet the harder I got, then I was horny to jerk off.

“Please take it out, I won”t hurt you.” He sounded like he was begging and I thought, I get lots of action, how long has he just been dreaming of something like this, so since my pre-cum was running down my leg I thought, OK I”m wet now anyway, I first pissed myself, couldn”t hold back. so I pulled my boner out hoping I was getting him harder. He played with it and stroked it for the longest time.

“OK my arms tired now, can you finish it for me…please?” He asked me. so I took hold of my cock and started stroking as he played with my nuts and got me more wet. I decided that since I was wet I would let some more hot piss out as I stroked. He loved it and wanted me to piss on his chest, so I did but kept stroking. Soon I felt I was close.

“Where should I do it?”

“Right here.” He pointed to his chest. I couldn”t tell who was breathing harder, him or me and finally as my cock throbbed I shot of three rounds that hit the wall then the rest, the best part of my load collected on his chest and as that happened I saw that he had cum on the top of his cock.

“WOW, you really brought the best out of me.: I told him.

“Your so sweet, I needed that. You must be a kind person because most young people wouldn”t do that for me.”

“I get pretty horny all the time. I can”t remember some days how many times I jerk off. Here”s your towel, I have to go soon, I”ll be late.”

“But your all wet.”

“Not the first time, I love wet, have you ever done that when you were young?”

“No, my wife would kill me and my kids would laugh at me, but since I was 12 to this very day, I just love wet little boys, and your beautiful and I promise I won”t push you again, but I might ask you in for tea, What we had here today was the most beautiful thing in 25 years. I like to talk a lot. Would that be OK?” We did have a few visits, we never had sex except some times he would ask me to jerk off in front of him. His place was always neat and clean so I always made sure my cum landed on my jeans, which he would lick off. He talked a lot about when he was my age and when he was in the military and all the buddies he even had some pictures. I showed him what a selfie was and I took one and made sure I told him I liked him. I hope when I”m his age some kid comes along that will give me some light in my day.

When I left I went up to 808 to visit. Tim and I sucked each other off and pissed like crazy. He put my pants in the dryer. I love the way they smell with dried piss on them. They smelled of his piss, not mine.

On Monday when I got to school Mr. Hillman text me.

TEXT in…Hi:

TEXT sent…Hi:

TEXT in…Missed you all weekend.

TEXT sent…Same here.

TEXT in…You look hot.

TEXT sent…Can I touch you?

TEXT in…At recess?

TEXT sent…Cool.

Class couldn’t end fast enough. After all the kids left, I went to his desk and already he had his boner ready, as did I. He took in a deep breath and took hold of my wet crotch and cock and raised his groin as I grasped his huge fucking hot cock. God he felt so good.

“I wish we…” He interrupted.

“I know, so do I. Do you believe me when I say I want to fuck you?”

“Do you believe me when I ask when?”

“Why are you so fucking hot?”

“Why are you!!! So fucking hot?” He squeezed my junk hard. I squeezed his thick long cock harder.

“Do you erase our text right away?” Mr. Hillman asked.

“I already did when I left my desk. I”m going to jerk off now.”

“No don”t, save it till you deliver your papers, the girls are going out, save your piss too.”

“Are you kidding?” I got really excited. I couldn”t believe this, he just dropped it on me so fast.

“Never kidding.” He said. I stroked his cock hard it”s so fucking hot. For the rest of the day I touched myself a lot to work up a load of pre-cum and piss. My undies got soaked with the stuff and my pants were showing damp spots. I went home, drank a root beer with my sandwich and left to do my papers. I”m sure mom knew from my pants that something was up. I went to Mr. Hillman”s place last. He was in the garage and waved me into the side door.

“Let”s go down stairs.” We started making out right away.

“Can we piss first?” Hillman asked

“Any time, on me first.” We took our boners out. Holy fuck, I knew it, what a fucking huge cock he has. I couldn”t get my hand around it. It was all wet at the end with a lot of pre-cum. Mine was soaking as were my undies. We stroked each other and played with each other until our pre-cum had us soaking and slippery. He sucked my cock and balls at once and I sucked his cock”s head. How he got my balls in his mouth I don”t know but he was nervous and all over the place. This is the biggest and fattest cock I have ever seen in real life. I think it might be bigger than my uncle”s which to this day I haven”t seen nor held yet. This will never get into my ass, but my cock was exploding at the seams for him to try and I was willing to let him just rip whatever he has to, to get it in. The heat coming from his crotch was epic. He was shaking, I could hear and feel my bones rattle as the anticipation of this cock trying to get up my ass grew.

“Do we have time for this?” I asked Hillman. He assured me we had lots of time. He put the head of his cock in my zipper and started pissing. His stream was hot and strong, and strong smelling, he”s been saving this. My jeans were soaked from top to bottom in an instant. I stuck mine in his zipper and my fire hose let go. Fuck this felt so good. The floor took a huge puddle. He sat on a chair and pulled my pants down and sucked my asshole and pushed his tongue in and pleasured me for a long time. He took drippings of pre-cum off my cock and fingered my boy hole until he had three fingers up there making room for what would be the longest, thickest, hardest cock ever to get in me. I had a lot of pre-cum that he used to lube his cock, from top to bottom. Holy fuck he wanted me to sit on it and placed his rock, hard cock head against my asshole. I was shaking and ready to cry. My hard cock ached hard and hurt so much. Not a bad hurt, a good hurt and the more I wanted his cock the more mine ached, and the more pre-cum my istanbul travesti cock put out so I stroked it real slow. When he released holding me up I got scared and started to cry as my hole started to stretch when his huge cock head tried to breach the impossible. He let more of my weight go while his cock stretched more. He lifted me up and asked for more pre-cum. I relaxed and let a substantial amount of pre-cum out and let it flow down my cock shaft where it dripped onto his cock. He tried again but this time he let me down more and I screamed as the head of his cock popped past my boy hole and into my butt. Tears were running down my face but now that the head was in I let him slide me down his thick shaft. I couldn”t believe how much it hurt but how good it felt. My cum was shooting a fucking huge load, shot after shot then just erupted over my cock head and down my shaft then over my nuts to his cock. Then as it did my hole contracted. I kept stroking because I could feel more coming, which prompted me to lift up and down, I wanted it all, but he was only half in. I let myself down hard and he pushed up which made me cry more. I could feel there was no further to go. I was totally fucking full of cock. Hillman moved around and I felt so good. I pulled up a bit and started stoking my cock like crazy as he pushed in and out. It was feeling better and better as he picked up speed. He was moaning and grunting and I felt his cock throbbing. Mine was shooting again and fuck it felt so good. Then he started to ram harder and suddenly his cock exploded his load. The thickness of his super rock hard cock grew. It was shot after shot, after shot. It felt thick and hot. His nails dug into my sides and he had a stream of tears and told me over and over that he loved me, how hot that was. His cock softened right away. We sat still for a long time then he pulled out and we kissed a lot. My cock just stood there as hard as ever, I decided to go again as Mr. Hillman played with my nuts and kissed my face all over. My asshole was sore but felt epic. I moved in close to him tight as my third load was shooting and then I felt his cum load escaping and landing on him. After that we pissed what we had left on each other. We stayed stuck together for a long time. He was big and warm and I didn”t know what to do next. More piss came from me first then him. His piss was strong smelling, would love to save it and pour it on my jeans at home. Hey I just thought of a good idea, I could get dad to save his piss for me so I could stink up my jeans. This line of thought wasn”t doing anything to tone my boner down. I lay there as Mr. Hillman played with my nuts which he made many remarks about.

“We should shower while our clothes are drying. I didn”t want mine washed, I wanted his dry piss left in my jeans. As we showered, without soap he kept asking how my boy hole felt. He went on and on that it was the best fuck he had in years and that he loved me.

“There is nothing better in the world than a little boy hole to fuck. You”re the first boy I fucked since I was 17, I fucked a 12 yr. old but never got a chance till now.” When the clothes finished in the dryer, we got dressed. I love the smell of my jeans and decided to keep them till the next time, even if we just piss.

We played with each other until we were hard again.

“Wanna cum inside my jeans?” I asked him. I opened my zipper so he took his huge cock out again.

“You have the most beautiful cock I ever saw.” I told him as he stuck it into my jeans. It took him a little longer but I enjoyed playing with his nuts and especially enjoyed the feel of my new asshole which he rubbed while jerking off, then he started shooting his cum. I held my hand against my jeans where his cock head was so his cum wouldn”t run down my leg. I wanted all his cum up front. Again, as soon as he came his cock softened. When he took it out the wet cum spot was huge, like I might have pissed myself on one side of my zipper. I had to jerk off and held my hand over my cock so my cum wouldn”t shoot anywhere else but against my hand which then ran onto the other side of my jean zipper. I thought I looked hot. When I was leaving, he said he could throw my jeans in the dryer again but I told him I was OK they would be mostly dry by the time I got home. He didn”t catch on. I really wanted his neighbors to see my wet pants as I rode away on my bike. I peddle standing up when I want people to see my wet pants.

The next day we didn”t make any contact but I felt like everyone knew. Mr. Hillman was in a good mood all day. I pissed through my undies at the urinal and was getting boner after boner and moved around my ass a lot to feel my new asshole then discovered I wanted to be fucked again.

After the four o”clock bell rang I went up to the third floor washroom and played with myself getting my jeans wet with pre-cum until I heard the wheels of the janitor”s bucket. I stretched my legs out under the stall door like boys do when they are jerking off and don”t care if all who look knows it. Leo the janitor would see them so I left the stall door a little ajar as I stroked my cock in long slow strokes to tease myself creating a lot more pre-cum which dripped onto my jeans leaving the front of them wet, slimy and shiny. I heard the door open and the bucket roll in. My cock was just getting more hard and my asshole craving for a good fuck. He didn”t waste any time and came right to the stall door and pushed it open.

“Holy fuck, that”s what I call hot.” Leo said. My jeans not only looked wet, they were very shiny from all my pre-cum.

“You know how to get me, don”t you?” He started working his crotch sliding his hand over my pre-cum jeans. I took over for him and worked his junk around in his pants as he was getting hard. He moaned as I stroked him through his pants when he reached totally rock hard.

“What would a little boy like you need, as if I didn”t know.”

“I really need some beautiful hard cock up my ass.” I said. He moaned more as he put his hands under my arms to stand me up. He went down and started sucking on my slimy wet crotch. I pushed his head against me hard and felt his teeth bite into my hard shaft. My pre-cum was getting his face wet.

“Really, you need hard cock up your ass?, are you sure? I have a hard cock and I love to fuck little boys with tight holes, hard and fast.” I started pulling my pants down without unzipping I was so eager and ready to cum. My heart was pounding and pounding. I turned around and he pulled his cock out and tapped my butt with it then spit onto his hand. I turned back around and filled his hand with slimy pre-cum which he spread over his rock-hard raging cock, glazing it for easy entry. He has a beautiful cock but not even close to Mr. Hillman”s size and thickness, but he was much younger and more aggressive and his rock hard body was always gyrating and he was rough. I spread some pre-cum into my asshole with three fingers. He pushed his cock in all the way in one stroke, and let out the sound of pleasure that prompted me to start stroking my cock. God this felt good, having a hard cock up my ass again. I love this. He was rough and stroked long and fast grabbing my hips, just fucking and fucking and fucking. It was beautiful. When he started pounding, I pushed back into his driving force for maximum depth. He leaned over my back and humped as hard as he could causing my cum load to shoot hard hitting the inside of my pants in return causing him to drive me to the max, then suddenly he stood up and pushed all the way as hot cum shot against the back of my ass cavity. He just kept pushing and pushing as long as his boner was hard. He leaned over my back again and when I felt the fullness of his hard body I realized the beauty and my piss load just let go all over the wall and floor. We didn”t move until I was finished and the stall was all wet.

“Oh my God that was so beautiful. You don”t know how hot you make me when I see you. I jerk off a lot in my utility room after I see you.” He slowly pulled his cock out. My ass felt so good. We pulled up our pants and made out. We went to the sinks to check out the damage, I thought I looked epic with a wet crotch from my cum shots, my hair messed and my neck marked up.

“You look so fucking hot, I want to fuck you again. Tell me, a few weeks ago when I looked into your classroom and you were bent over Mr. Hillman”s desk, and he was behind you, was he fucking you or about to fuck you?”

“No, I was writing down a paper boy”s number to take over his paper”s because he”s giving up papers to work in a fast food place. Your fucking was so epic and so is your hard body.” I lied in part because I didn”t want him to know that Mr. Hillman did eventually fuck me.

“Just asking. I”ve seen the way he looks a little boys and always wondered if ever he was horny for them. Maybe I”m wrong. I get horny for you little boys all the time but never had the nerve till the last time with you. I thought for sure Mr. Hillman was doing something with your butt when you were bent over in front of him, so I built up enough nerve and made a play for you.

“I”m glad you did. Do you know how hot at fucking you are?” I asked.

“No, first time ever that I fucked a little boy.”

Very first time?!!!” I asked. We merged and made out again, he bit my neck again, and I let him do as much biting as he wanted. I watched his butt in the mirror and felt his crotch and like me he was as hard as a fucking rock again. His tongue was long and his ample supply of spit was epic. I wanted as much spit as he could give me.

“I have to text mom, she”ll wonder why I”m not on the bus.” I started texting as he played with my butt. Fuck he has a nice feel.

“Your wet, won”t your mom notice?”

“She has seen me wet before.”

“Do you think she suspects when you mess around.”

“She does,”


“I tell mom everything. We”re very close.”

“You don”t tell her who, do you?”

“Why not.”

“What, you told her about me?”

“Actually, she loves you, thinks you”re hot,”

“She knows? What about today, just now.” I showed him my text to mom.

“Holy fuck I”m in trouble.” I hugged and kissed him and played with his boner.

“No, you”re not, mom and I are tight, like really tight, you have no idea.”

“Have you ever been fucked by other boys?”

“Yes, and grown ups too, in fact most of the guys who have ever touched me are grown ups”

“Like who? And does your mom know?”

“Yeah, like a couple of months ago the guy across the street from us spent the day with me and fucked me. He was beautiful and we will fuck again.”

“Where was your mom?”

“In the kitchen and her sewing room.”

“She actually knew this guy was fucking you while she was there?”

“I told her ahead of time that I wanted this guy to fuck me, she knew, but she knows since I was 10 that I like pissing myself and liked boys. This is not really news to her you know.”

“How old is this guy?”


“I”m 23.”

“Yeah with a fuck beautiful rock, hard body too.”

“Let me read that text again.” By that time mom had text back.

“I was really that good?” Leo asked me.

“Actually better I can”t express how good you were.”

“She says she knew it, what does that mean?”

“The last time when we sucked each kadıköy travesti other off I told her, well I was all wet, she knew something and when I told her who she said no wonder, look how hot he is, he”ll be back for more.”

“WOW this is sick. What if this gets out?”

“Jesus, it won”t, mom and I have secrets way bigger than this. She enjoys when I do sex things with guys and she knows that they are all older than me. I did sex stuff with two teachers in this school and she knows.”


“Well I don”t ever tell anyone who I fool around with, I can”t do that. Just mom. Trust me you”re OK.”

“Fuck I wish I was as lucky as you when I was 13. Only thing is at that time, I liked 7 and 8 yr. old”s when I was 13, and they like to talk too much.”

“I know a few people who like little boys like me, and when I get hard or wet and they spot me, and just know, and when they make a move, I move in and I love it, and I love you and I want us to fuck again, and tonight mom knows I”ll jerk off a few times and wet my bed, dreaming of us just now.”

“How long does it take your mom to get here?”

“She”s probably close, I should go, com”on to the door.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“I”ll go as far as this last turn then after you leave I”ll lock the door.”

When we got down stairs mom was already inside. The school was empty. We stopped as we rounded the corner.

“Hi mom.” I walked ahead.

“That”s Leo.” Mom waved. Leo was in shock. My pants were soaked at the front from my cum and I still had a boner and Leo”s cock was still half hard. Mom was taking us all in. I thought Leo looked cute getting caught with wet marks on his jeans and his almost hard cock visible. He heard mom say cute as she checked him out. Then as we went out the door she made sure he heard her say (Nice Body Too).

“He really, actually seems nice, I told you, but be careful. Is he messing with other young boys, what”s his story?”

“No, he said he”s too scared, till he saw me two weeks ago when you dropped me off. He”s cool.” We went to the mall. Mom knows I actually love when people notice I”m wet. Well I wasn”t that wet I was getting dry. The rest of the day was epic. When I got home, I went to my computer and jerked off again and got my pants more wet. It was so hot going to the supper table wet. Dad and Paul knew I must have had an active cock day. After supper I jerked off and soaked my pants dreaming about Mr. Hillman”s fucking huge cock and massive piss stream then Tim in 808, fucking me like a mad rabbit with his super hard cock and body, and Leo, so cute and he got caught, the best ever. I did some homework and jerked off again around 8 drank a lot of pop then went to bed in my pants and jerked off for the last time and soaked, well actually drenched my pants and bed and fell asleep with my beautiful new asshole and boner.

I had to study for exams coming up so I wasn”t as active for two weeks. Mom and I had a few piss events and dad and I had a few hand job events while watching baseball. I actually like sports now thanks to dad”s beautiful cum loads all over my jeans. I actually convinced him one day when he was totally drunk and we were watching baseball to check the crawl space before he ever takes a piss and if he sees my jeans on the floor could he soak them for me. It”s so fucking hot going to the mall or the theater or on the bus or the subway with jeans that totally stink of piss. He never misses a chance. Sometimes I leave them there for two days and he just soaks them every day about four times. When they dry and I put them on, I pull my cock and nuts through my undies and the head of my cock rubs against the rough dried pissed jeans and makes me so horny. Mom gets jealous when she smells me knowing my piss doesn”t smell and knows that it”s dad then wants me and her to have an event that night. She just can”t get enough of my pissed jeans, well neither can I.

Finally, one day my rest period came to an end when I went to a basket ball game at school and ran into Roger who was smoked up with his juicy crotch in everyone”s way, with two girls following him all over. I watched his crotch and his ass and his nice fucking legs and the way his body moves. FUCK he”s hot and he knew I was aiming my boy hole right at him. During a game break he somehow lost the girls and was with his parents. He introduced me to his parents then we went into the hall.

“You look hot in regular clothes.” He said.

“You probably look hot when you”re not in clothes.” I said. He just laughed at me. He was hot..

“Wished I could fuck you right now.” He said. I could feel my undies getting wet with pre-cum. We walked further away from the gym and down some halls and stopped as he took hold of my ass. I played with his junk. So fucking nice.

“Wanna fuck me?” I asked him. More brave than I usually am but it seems my boy hole craves cock a lot now and his fingers were trying to get in. It”s 11 in the morning and I”m horny.

“Where?” he asked. I took him to the third floor where the janitor fucked me. There was no one there. We went to the end stall and made out. His cock was huge. I know his cum load his the biggest I ever saw and I wanted it. I pulled his pants down and took the head of his cock into my mouth. My two hands held his cock and not only was pre-cum dropping into my undies, but I relaxed and let more just flow. When I stood up, Roger took hold of my crotch and all my pre-cum came through to my pants from my undies. He started taking over as my wet crotch seemed to ignite him. He pulled my pants straight down without unzipping them. Both our cocks were standing straight up. He took a lot of my pre-cum and stroked it all over his cock, getting himself fired up. He started to get rough and turned me around. With three fingers he stretched my asshole making room for his huge rock hard cock and suddenly, ram, he was in. The pain was incredible but after Mr. Hillman I just took it and let Roger fuck my brains out. After a few minutes I was enjoying it and as he rammed I pushed my butt into him hoping to get all his cock. I couldn”t he”s just too long, but fuck, I wanted all of it. When my cum load shot I aimed my cock into my pants, twice. He grabbed me hard and thrust his whole weight into my ass then he slowed down and his huge cock started throbbing when he said he was going to cum and took his cock out. I quickly turned around and pointed his cock towards the inside of my pants. I love school pants because any wetness shows up very dark grey or black where they get soaked. When he started shooting his massive load I caught a lot of it in my hands and soaked my hair with it then wiped it over my face. His cum continued to fill my pants so I took more for my hair and face and ate a lot of it. He was so out of breath and spent that he had to lean against the wall. I pulled up my pants and rubbed all over spreading all his cum around inside. My whole crotch and part of my legs of my thin school pants were soaked. Nobody, absolutely nobody cums as much as Roger. His cum is very hot and thick with lumps, like mine but the taste is not as sweet as mine but he has tons and tons of it. It just keeps shooting and shooting, hard and far. We made out a bit and he kissed me and kissed me more and told me he loved me again and again. I know I”m too young but I felt that I could love him completely too, but then again I love everybody who I cave to. I love Mr. Hillman and Leo and dad and mom and Mr. Hall and Ron, Andrew and Jeremy. The only person who I know I could never love is Ron”s dad. I just used him to get him on video touching me, but I did totally love his long, hard stream of hot stinky piss when he drenched my jeans.

Amazingly Roger was dry and in good shape. I sat on the toilet and sucked his ass through his jeans then his crotch. We kissed and he bit my neck hard. I look down and my cock flexed harder as I drooled over how nice my pants looked and the cum on the floor and there was cum on the wall behind me.

“I shouldn”t do that to a 13 yr. old, your mom will see it.”

“You just fucked my whole ass off and your worried about a bite mark?” I laughed.

“Your my boy pussy, and I love my boy pussy and love your tight hole, your all mine. And by the way, I don”t care if you tell people. I want people to know I have a real boy pussy. I”m going to tell all my girl friends and buddies, is that OK?”

“OK with me, was I good though?”

“Fucking awesome, and I”ll tell everyone that.”

“You better go, the girls and your mom and dad will be wondering where you are.” We made out a bit more then he gave me a deep kiss and told me he loved me, then left. I went to the mirror and I was soaked, all cum, no piss. When cum dries in thin school pants they dry hard like cardboard and on my face the skin feels tight. His bite mark was huge. I kept rubbing my pants for over for an hour when they started to dry, then the door opened. It was Leo the janitor. Holt FUCK I can”t believe it, and look how fucking hot he looks.

“What are you doing up here, I just saw Roger down the hall, I guess he was here.”

“I”m his boy pussy.”

“Did he just fuck you?”

“Yeah, he said he doesn”t mind if people know I”m his boy pussy.”

“I thought you were my boy pussy?”

“You didn”t say that. I love what we have but we never mentioned boy pussy.” He came up to me and started feeling me all over and I was still very damp and hard from Roger.

“What did he do, piss all over you?”

“Yeah.” (I Lied) I didn”t want him to know that all the wet he saw was all cum. Leo started to kiss me and stroke my cock. I stroked his which didn”t take long to get hard. He used a key to lock the door.

“I”m really horny, and no matter, I”m stuck on you and want to fuck you again?” I didn”t tell him I was super ready, but spread my legs a bit to answer him. This fucking my up my ass thing is taking hold of me, and with him I”m ready to cum again if I can get his cock up my ass. He kissed me and marked my neck up a lot. I bit him too as he pissed his hot and hard hitting stream all over my jeans and soon we were both naked. I sucked the front of my jeans showing him how much I love his piss. Our cocks were hard and straight up with pre-cum running out mine, onto the floor. He caught it and stroked it over his cock. We lay our clothes on the floor and he had me kneel on the floor like a dog coming up behind me aiming his rock hard rod right into my asshole, and again, to my complete enjoyment the fucking started. His cock was nowhere near as big as Roger”s but every bit as fucking good, and I let him know it. His body is so fucking hard. He took his time as pictured him and I as we stood in front of mom after the first time he fucked me. I saw us standing there while mom studied the scene of him half hard and me wet with a full boner, what a sight. Back to now, we just fucked and fucked and fucked. He was beautiful. We turned and made out and he sucked my cock and my asshole for over half an hour then he started fucking me again. I shot more than twice onto out clothes and when he was ready to cum he indicated he wanted to cum on my face. It was hot and sweet and he had lots. I rubbed it all over my face. I love cum. After we lay there for a while, we got dressed and made out more, until we were hard again.

“I love every part of your body. Your cute, you have a beautiful ass and cock. Gorgeous lips and eyes and fucking hot hair. I would wait for you and marry you but I don”t want to ruin your childhood. I just want to stay friends with you so we can fuck, is that cool?”

“You bakırköy travesti can fuck me as often as you want, as many times a day that you want as long as you soak me every time with you hot piss. I love your piss, it”s just so fucking hot and I love every part of your body too.” We continued making out and were soon ready to go again. He sucked me off and jerked off onto my pants.

“Jesus, I can”t believe it, I could fuck you again but you have to get dry and I have to get back to the gym.”

We kissed again and he left telling me he can”t wait to see me Monday.

I turned the dryer on and aimed it down to get myself partially dry, took about forty minutes, then I jerked off again and eventually left and went out a side door and got my bike to ride home. I would stop and pretend I was doing something on my phone but I would push my asshole back into the point of my bike seat. I tried to see if I could push the whole thing up my ass giving me a beautiful boner. I can”t believe how good my ass feels when it”s full of cock. I rode around and bought a few pop and filled myself again, stopping a few times to stand and shove my hole again against my bike seat. I pushed extremely hard and could almost feel my thin school wet pants getting a bit into my hole. When I got home dad was out. Mom took one look at me.

“Who fucked you today?”

“Roger, and Leo. I”m Roger”s boy pussy and Leo just loves fucking me and I love it.” She felt my stiff hair.

“Where”s dad?” I asked.

“Uncle Franks.” We looked at each other. She loves to watch me piss myself but she knows that I love totally soaking myself and I totally love that she loves watching me, but something just changed. Mom usually holds my crotch and plays with my ass while I soak my jeans but now today a new direction entered my head. When she plays with my ass I can feel her long sharp nails at my boy hole. I just decided I want to feel her nails right up my fucking hole till she gets my pants inside. I suddenly want anything and everything up my ass. I got a can of pop and moved to the counter in front of the silver drawer as usual. I was busting, and my pants were quite damp. Mom moved close and felt my crotch, then slowly moved up and down my butt crack with her sharp nails. She never ever gives me a boner. I think my cock actually knows it”s mom so I didn”t piss right away and just stood there enjoying the sensation. I moved my crotch in and out trying to fuck her hand so she went with the flow. I could feel when she found my hole. She played harder as she knew I wasn”t ready to piss because when I”m ready to piss I reach into my pants and pull my cock up. After a fair bit of time of her pulling my junk around in my pants and insisting on trying to get into my asshole with her sharp nails, I put my hand on her hand when she hit my bum hole again. I had school pants on so I hoped she could push them in my ass further than jeans, so I pushed her hand and could feel her sharp nails trying to get in my hole. I pushed harder and so did she. I reached into my pants and pulled my cock up so she pushed up my ass harder and harder and she was actually getting my pants up my ass when I let my piss go, and fuck did it ever go. She grabbed my crotch hard, rammed her hand in my hole more. Her sharp nails were trying to rip my pants, I could feel them right in my asshole when the piss got there my hole stung. This was fucking epic. My pants were soaked and my shoes were full and one of the biggest puddles ever formed below us and two of her fingers were in my asshole with her sharp nails leaving their mark so the sting of piss continued. I finally ran out of piss and pulled my cock out. When my cock realized it was me it got rock hard in no time and I started jerking. I kept one hand on mom”s pushing her fingers further into my boy hole then as my jizz shot at the silver drawer my asshole contracted with each shot. Mom”s fingers would grab on as my hole tightened with each contraction. Then I totally relaxed and leaned back as the rest of my cum flowed over the head of my cock and over my fist to land on my pants. Mom rested her fingers as they left my hole. She used her other fingers to help me eat my cum. I leaned over the counter pressing my boner hard against the front of the silver drawer in my cum. I humped my hard cock harder and harder against the drawer. When I stood back, mom wanted to grab my rock-hard cock but I took it out of her hand and reminded her no flesh contact, that was our agreement, through the clothes only. I didn”t tell her I wanted her to stroke all the fuck out of it so I could cum again. I also didn”t tell her that I wouldn”t stop her if she wanted to jerk me off through my pants, it would probably go too far. My cock totally doesn”t get or stay hard when her hand goes for it. A 5 yr old or a 70 yr. old could jerk me off if they wanted and I would be rock hard waiting for it but some how mom can”t, it just stays soft and plays dead. I took all my clothes off washing my hair and face with the front of my pants. When I left, she called me and I turned around my cock rock fucking hard and my big balls swaying.

“Just wanted to look. Your so fucking beautiful.” The feeling of such completeness overwhelmed me. I love my body especially my new asshole. Mom”s craving for it makes it better and actually harder. The base of my shaft gets so hard it hurts and feels beautiful. I could feel her eyes checking out my asshole as I left. Mom raised my soaking pants to her face. I forgot my phone and turned back, she was on the floor and had dipped my jeans in the puddle and took them to her face again and when she saw me she stopped, and didn”t move. I got my phone and left.

In my room I put clean jeans on over my wet body and went to xtube and watched boys and men pissing themselves and jerking off, as I jerked off onto my clean jeans. My door as always was open. I switched to a language page. I”m studying French and latin. In September I start high school, like to be ahead. I heard the washer going and my body tingled as moments of today passed through my mind. When dad got home for supper he noticed I was dry, I could tell by his strange look, but I still had a boner. I drank a lot of pop with plans to jerk off and soak my jeans in bed with the thought of letting Paul, my brother fuck me if he crawls into my bed tonight when he gets home from Lillie”s. He usually crawls in behind me and jerks off onto my ass even if I”m wearing jeans. I”ve never let him fuck me but tonight I”ll have my jeans on but maybe have them down at the back low enough to encourage him to just fuck my ass. I don”t know what it is but now anybody can fuck me if they want. I just love the feeling of my asshole when I”m full of cock. Sure enough, I soaked my jeans and the bed and jerked off. I can”t remember how many times I jerked off today when I fell asleep with my rock hard aching cock.

I don”t know what time it was when I woke to Paul beating all the fuck out of his cock against my wet jeans behind me. I forgot to pull my them down. I moved slowly and reached for his cock. Fuck was it hard, he had to be almost there. Even the head was rock hard and swollen. He started humping my hand but I squeezed him hard and stopped him. He went for my neck which has to be black and blue by now, but I let him bite, and he bit again, even harder as I pulled my wet jeans down, my boner snapping back against my belly. I let go of his cock to see if he would take the bait as his boner was hard against my naked ass. His moaning and breathing got heavy and loud as he pressed his cock hard against my ass. I moved around and so did he. I stopped when the hard head of his cock found my asshole. He stopped too. I felt his piss hitting my hole as he pushed to get in. It wasn”t really too hard as there were remains of pre-cum and cum on it. It took his time not believing his luck but once in he grabbed my cock and pulled me onto his cock till I felt his balls hit my ass. Then, all of a sudden, he started pounding me like a crazy bull. His rock-hard swimmer”s body was banging me as his six and a half inch stone hard cock tried to push to the back of my ass cavity. He rammed and rammed but didn”t take long at all when he pushed all he had and stopped. In an instant I could feel his cum shots hitting me as far back as it would shoot. He rolled me on my belly and fucked me again and again, this time, to my joy took him much longer. Again another load of hot cum sinking in as far as possible. He whispered he loved me over and over. I love Paul so much. I need as much of his cock and cum as I can get. Love to have him fuck me while wearing one of his competition speedos or while wearing wet jeans. I can just imagine, he pisses his jeans then pulls his cock through his zipper and when he fucks me I feel his soaking jeans hitting my butt. That would be fucking EPIC . As I fell asleep I cried.


I remember that night many times over the years because I just actually fell in love with Paul. Chapter seven starts with mom opening the drapes the next morning finding Paul still on top of me and probably still inside me but she had to know that we were fucking. I am just about 14 and to date have had sex with every member of my family in some form. Mom watches me piss myself, dad and I only jerk each other off and Paul just fucks me, gotta get him into piss. Only moms know all the facts. Paul and dad both think they are the only ones having sex with me. I jerkoff at my computer watching boys and men, pissing and jerking off and fucking every day leaving my room door wide open and parading around the house with wet pants. Even if other family come around, my pants won’t be soaking but they will notice some wet from cum or evidence of me jerking myself off, but even if I’m dry, they will notice my constant boner, first up then down then stretched out over my leg to my pocket.


In future chapters, like the “BBQ”, a new love for me, and mom goes way out of line. In another chapter the “Tutor,” you won”t be ready for this true double-sided plot. I think these two will be about chapter 10 or 11. I was 16 and in grade 10 at that time.

You may say to yourself, “Why So Long Between Chapters?” It”s like this, I start writing and want to recall exactly how this all went down in real life, and while I”m writing I get a lot of pre-cum and get really wet, then I get hard and horny because all of these people are still in my life. I end up soaking myself and jerking off then stop writing. For that I am sorry, but at 23 I”m still jerking off 4 to 6 times a day. But you should know this very important thing that is good for me and all my readers. Since I was ten and started pissing myself every day, sometimes more than once, and since I”m not afraid to indicate I”m ready and willing to do whatever you want with me, I get a lot of boys, and especially men coming on to me, especially before I turned 18. But this is the most important thing. I ignore or turn down any and all guys that come on to me that I don”t feel an intimate connection to. “Every single person I hook on to, I must feel in my heart that I could love with my heart.” I”m proud to announce that I am to this day still enjoying the company of every single one of the people you read about.” I love them and we really enjoy our times together. Locations and names are different, but occupations and events are true

Going into grade (9). I don”t think any 14, year old ever had as much sexual attention as me. I think I may be a slut. I see piss, bulges, cute guys no matter how young or old or even if they”re straight. I think a lot of straight guys, young and old, look at little boys as girls. I get a lot of attention from straights because they see or smell me wet and I”m out there, especially for pissing, they move in on me. Funny, my brother Paul isn”t really into piss, he only pisses with me because he knows I”m a pisser, but he”s straight and a swimmer. He dives and goes to competition meets all the time. You want to see him in a speedo on the thirty foot board.

All writings in My Life For Wetness are protected by copyright 2019 Any reproduction of any kind is strictly prohibited

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