Rachael’s StoryRachael’s Story


This is another one of the short stories I wrote for a publisher. It was in some little rag Magazine. I hope you enjoy it. My editor was busy with something else, so make due.

Any complaints call…1-800-eat-shit.


Rachael crawled from bed, rubbing her pretty hazel eyes and headed for the kitchen for coffee and a cigarette. Plus she knew that this weekend was going to be wonderful. Everyone was gone except for her Dad and she couldn’t wait to spend some time alone with him. Between her stepmother, stepbrother and two stepsisters’, she never got to do anything with him and it pissed her off. He was ‘her’ Dad and she loved him more than a daughter should and Rachael was ready to take her love for him down a forbidden path.

‘Hey Dad, what’s up?’ she asked walking into the kitchen in a small tee-shirt and a very, very tiny pair of blue, bikini panties, knowing her tight, little ass would be filling his eyes.

He looked up to Rachael and couldn’t believe how good she looked in his tee-shirt and her tiny panties. Her large C cup breasts looked great under the shirt and it was easy to see that her nipples were hard with excitement. She’d turned 18 a few months ago and since that day, she seemed to change. She was always hugging him, sitting on his lap and seemed to wear less and less when she was around him. Rachael knew that it drove her stepmother crazy with jealousy, but she didn’t care.

‘Hi baby,’ he smiled watching her making her way to the coffee and he couldn’t resist watching her cute, little ass wiggling with each step. ‘How’s my girl today?’ he asked as she reached up in one of the cabinets for a coffee cup, showing him more of her young and very inviting ass. ‘Oh Lord!’ he couldn’t help but moan when Rachael’s shirt lifted and her sweet ass was in view. He knew it was wrong to look at his daughter this way, but she turned him on a thousand times more than his wife ever could.

She turned to see his dark and handsome eyes were looking at her butt and she stretched higher, teasing him more. ‘Like what you see?’ she asked with a smile, pushing back her light, brown hair, poured a cup of coffee and walked to sit with him at the table.

‘I always like seeing a nice ass like that first thing in the morning,’ he smiled, knowing she liked showing it just as much as he loved looking at it.

Rachael felt her nipples begin to tingle and a warm rush moving between her legs. ‘If you’re a good boy, you might get to see a lot more of it today,’ she said feeling her face flush, wondering if she should stay dressed the way she was or change into her new, white bikini. ‘Fuck it!’ she thought, knowing Dad was going to cum in his pants when he saw her in the bikini.

‘Oh really?’ he winked at his sexy daughter, wondering how much longer he could hold back making a pass at her. She seemed so different lately. It was as if Rachael was trying to seduce him and he didn’t know what to do. He loved her so much and did not want to fuck it up if he was wrong about her wanting him.

‘I was thinking about spending the day out by the pool.’ Rachael said thinking of him rubbing her down with oil and how good it was going to feel having his big, strong hands all over her body. ‘Wanta join me?’ she asked having a very good idea that he would. She knew that Dad loved watching and in truth, she loved every second that his eyes were on her body and Rachael wanted it to go farther.

He just looked at her and smiled. ‘Like you need to ask your horny Dad a question like that!’ he laughed thinking of spending the day enjoying Rachael’s body and rubbing her down with suntan oil.

Her heart skipped a beat when he said ‘horny Dad’. ‘How horny are you?’ she asked without thinking and wanted to crawl under the table, but she just sat there, feeling her face turned red with embarrassment.

‘Pretty fucking horny and you running around in this little outfit, made it worse,’ he said, watching her pretty face turn as red as a tomato.

‘If you want,’ she said taking a sip of coffee. ‘I can always go change.’ Rachael teased, knowing she wasn’t going to change until she put on her bikini.

‘I think not. Your poor old Dad needs some enjoyment in his life,’ he said wishing his fridged wife would start Tokatköy Escort fucking him they way she did when they were first married, maybe he wouldn’t be thinking of seducing Rachael.

‘Poor Daddy!’ she teased in a soft voice, knowing he liked it and Rachael also knew that it made him as hard as a rock. ‘Maybe I’ll wear my new bikini for you. I think you’ll get a lot of enjoyment from it,’ she smiled as his eyes grew wide.

‘You’re an evil, little girl!’ he laughed trying to remember if he’d seen this bikini or not. Rachael had a knack of buying very sexy things to wear and hiding them until they were alone. ‘Have I seen it?’ he asked, hoping it wouldn’t be too bad. He was already so horny for Rachael and hoped he could resist her.

‘Nope!’ she replied with pride. ‘I got it last month and nobody’s seen it but me.’ Rachael added thinking of the small, white top and how it just did cover her large breasts. ‘You’re going to love it!’ she purred thinking of the look on his face when it got wet and turned transparent.

‘Oh brother,’ he moaned, seeing a lustful sparkle in her eyes. ‘Please don’t kill me,’ he added as he reached to light two cigarettes, one for him and one for the temptress on the other side of the table.

‘I’d never kill you,’ she said in a soft voice, thinking of the only way she’d kill him. Rachael would consider fucking him to death, but then she’d be alone, so that was definitely out of the question.

‘Sometimes you make me wonder,’ he laughed, seeing that her nipples were harder than he’d ever seen them and they looked great. ‘I think those two little guys want to tell me good morning,’ he smiled pointing to her breasts and watched Rachael’s face turning bright red.

She was so excited and her damn nipples always gave it away, especially when it was for Dad. Rachael could be anywhere and just a single thought of him would bring her nipples to full hardness in a split second. ‘What can I say, they like you,’ she replied with a sheepish grin, wishing she could play with them, but on the other hand, she wished that he would.

He just looked at her face, wondering if his sexy, young daughter knew what she did to him. She could make him hard with a single look, a soft touch or even one of her innocent smiles and now here they sat with her telling him her nipples liked him. ‘You’re a tease,’ he said looking into her pretty eyes as he took a deep puff from his cigarette, wondering if they were thinking the same thing. If only she was someone else and not his daughter, he would have her lying on the table with his stiff cock so deep in her; it would take a doctor to get them apart.

‘You love it just as much as I do.’ Rachael said taking a sip of her coffee, wishing he’d stand up, bend her over and give her the hard fuck she dreamt of for so long. ‘If we didn’t tease each other,’ she paused to take her last puff from the cigarette, put it out and smiled. ‘We’d both die.’ Rachael said slowly standing up, took their cups, walked to the coffee pot on the other side of the kitchen, knowing his wonderful dark eyes would be looking at her tiny panties and her excited butt under them.

He couldn’t help but watching Rachael’s ass wiggling under the small pair of panties and that they had moved up, exposing the soft flesh of her right cheek. His cock growing harder, wondering what it would be like making love with her. She was so young, sweet and his daughter, but he also knew that she was a woman in need.

‘You gotta stop looking so fucking good,’ he said as she walked back to him with a warm smile on her pretty face. He couldn’t help seeing that the front of her panties looked as if she’d wet herself. ‘Damn!’ he thought as the panties filled his eyes and knew he had to take a chance. ‘I’m going to the store for a few things, you wanta come with me? I’ll buy you something.’ he said, giving her large breasts a quick look, hoping she’d want to go with him. He loved when they went out together and the way she always hugged him and never left his side.

She sat his cup on the table, saw him looking straight at her breasts and a warm, exciting rush went between her legs. ‘What can I get?’ Rachael asked in a soft voice, knowing that he’d buy her anything she Escort Tokatköy asked for and with her bitch, stepmother gone, it would be even better.

‘Anything you want,’ he replied slipping his arm around her back, pulling her against his side and it felt as if Rachael was on fire. Her body was so hot, he wondered if she had a fever, but her nipples were hard, she was trembling and her young, wet pussy on his side told him the real story. Rachael was horny.

‘I might get a few pairs of panties,’ she said in the soft voice he loved so much and she knew that it got her anything she wanted. Rachael knew it was bad the way she teased him, but it was so fun. She loved it when they’d hug after teasing him, his hard cock always felt so good against her body and Rachael knew it was all for her.

There was a little custom that Dad and Rachael loved, when stepmother and her brats were gone, Dad always picked out what she’d wear for the day. ‘What do you want me to wear for you?’ she asked, pressing her body against his side, knowing Dad could feel how warm and excited her pussy was.

He just held her, thinking what she should wear, sliding his big left hand down her side, enjoying the feel of her hip and the top of her panties against his fingers. ‘I know,’ he smiled looking to Rachael’s excited nipples, wishing he had the nerve to suck one of them into his mouth. ‘Your tight jeans with all the holes in them,’ he winked thinking of seeing her tight ass wiggling and the massive slit under both cheeks.

‘You bad little boy!’ she giggled, knowing that tonight just could well be the night she’d been dreaming of. A breathtaking night alone with her handsome Dad loving her long into the night, giving her all the wonderful feelings that a young girl needed from a man. She didn’t care who he was or if they shared the same blood, she wanted him. ‘What else?’ Rachael whispered, running her fingers through his thinning hair, knowing that his cock had to be so hard by now and she couldn’t wait to feel it. She loved it when he was hard for her and Rachael knew that it was time that she made up for teasing him so badly. ‘Anything you want!’ Rachael whispered with lust pouring through her young body, but this time, she made sure to smash her breasts against his face.

He couldn’t breathe when Rachael’s large breasts pushed against him and he was sure that tonight would be a special one. ‘You’re fucking killing me!’ he moaned, sliding his hand down to her ass and couldn’t help but squeezing her tender flesh. ‘You feel so good!’ he moaned caressing over her panties, feeling her gasping for air and he had a good idea that she was his. He was hours away from taking that special bond that a father and daughter shared, to a new level and down a forbidden road.

Rachael was helpless as his big hand moved over her butt and she knew the game was over. She wanted him and didn’t care if he was Dad or not. She needed him to throw her on a bed, ram his long, thick cock up her burning pussy and fuck her. ‘Let’s not go to the store, but to my room,’ she whispered, hoping and praying that he wanted her as badly as she wanted him. ‘Please, Daddy!’ Rachael whispered with need in her voice, as warm tears ran down her face, dripping on her breasts and him.

He looked up to her, stood up, grabbed her in his arms and he couldn’t get to her room fast enough. ‘Oh baby!’ he moaned pulling her against his hard cock and kissed her deep. ‘I’m going to fuck you to death,’ he smiled thinking of all the times she’d made him hard and now, he was going to make up for lost time.

‘Oh yes, Daddy!’ Rachael moaned as his hands roamed every inch of her body and she knew that she was going to get it good and hard. She’d been teasing him since she was a young girl and now it was time to pay for it. ‘I want you to fuck me hard!’ she growled jerking down his shorts and couldn’t believe what he had to offer. ‘My God!’ Rachael smiled, caressing his long, hard cock, wondering why in the hell her stepmother didn’t like to fuck, if he was Rachael’s husband, she’d never let him out of bed.

‘I guess that means you like it?’ he smiled pulling off her shirt and couldn’t believe how great her breasts looked. ‘Damn, you’re so hot!’ he said Tokatköy Escort Bayan pushing her back on her bed and quickly moved over her, taking turns sucking each of her wonderfully hard nipples, while rubbing his swollen cock between her legs. ‘I’m going to fuck you until we die!’ he moaned sucking her nipples with love and tenderness.

‘Oh yes!’ she cried grabbing his head, shoving it to her breasts, enjoying him sucking them along with his hard cock trying to bore its way through her panties. ‘I’m never letting you go. You need to kick them people out of our house,’ she said and began to cry. ‘I’ll be your wife. I’ll be a good wife and you can fuck me day and night,’ she moaned as he reached between her legs and Rachael knew what was coming. ‘Oh Daddy,’ she whimpered when his big hands slid down her panties, leaving her totally nude and at his mercy.

‘I know you will be,’ he moaned sucking her breasts, humping her soaked pussy and it was time. He gently pulled her to the side of the bed, carefully slid down her panties. ‘Is Daddy’s little girl ready?’ he asked seeing a hint of fear in her eyes, but it quickly faded to a smile and she nodded her head.

‘I’ll always be ready for my Daddy,’ she whispered in a soft voice and was ready for the man she loved to take her.

He eased forward, his large cock head gently slid in Rachael’s tiny pussy, stretching it wide and her muscles locked around him. ‘Oh Lord!’ he moaned grabbing her hips, pushing deeper, until their hips met. ‘I love my baby girl!’ he cried out, not caring if he was heard or not, he was in his daughter’s wonderful body.

Rachael’s legs wrapped around him as her tiny pussy felt like it was going to split wide open, but she knew he’d never hurt her and she relaxed, taking her Daddy deep in her body. ‘Oh Daddy! Yes! Oh yes Daddy!’ she squealed as he filled her with more cock than she could have ever imagined and it felt magnificent. ‘You’re in me Daddy,’ she moaned looking down to see the beautiful cock deep in her and she had a thought. ‘Oh Daddy! That’s the same wonderful cock that made me and…now it’s fucking me!’ Rachael moaned, fighting to hold back an orgasm, but the thought of him fucking her with the same cock brought her into the world was just too much.

‘Yes it is,’ he smiled, caressing her thighs and pussy. ‘I fucked your mom this very same way and she loved it, just like you do,’ he smiled again, watching Rachael squirming under him. ‘Are you going to cum for Daddy? Cum on your Daddy’s big, hard cock!’ he moaned as he slipped in and out of her with ease.

‘Yes Daddy!’ Rachael squealed again as her young body felt like it was going to explode. ‘Fuck me Daddy! Fuck my pussy hard!’ she screamed loud, not caring if it was heard. He was giving her the best gift a girl could ever want from her Daddy, his big, hard cock.

‘Cum for me,’ he grunted driving his stiff cock in and out of her body and drew back his hand, giving her ass a slap. ‘Cum for me!’ he ordered, driving in her deeper.

His big hand sent a rush to her young brain and it happened. ‘Daddy!’ Rachael screamed when her tiny pussy locked around him. Her heart raced, every muscle in her body began to spasm and she exploded. ‘I’m cuming Daddy! I’m cuming around your big cock!’ she screamed louder as blood raced through her so fast she felt like fainting.

‘That’s my baby,’ he smiled, holding her hips, fucking her harder, deeper and he couldn’t wait to fill her with cum. ‘Go baby! Cum all you want,’ he moaned and knew he was so close.

‘Go Daddy!’ Rachael moaned enjoying him fucking her so hard. ‘Fuck me! Fuck your baby girls’ pussy!’ she cried out watching his handsome face and hoped this was the first of many times with him. ‘Fuck me Daddy!’ she ordered sitting up on her elbows, driving her hips to him. ‘Fuck my pussy!’ Rachael moaned thrusting into his hard cock and she couldn’t wait to have him cum. She wanted to feel the same warm cum that made her, shooting into her pussy.

He looked to her and knew there were going to be a bunch of changes in the house. ‘Oh mother fucker!’ he yelled as his cock began filling her tiny pussy with more cum than he thought possible. ‘Oh baby!’ he moaned pumping her fast, filling her full of the same cum that made her 18 years ago and it felt good. All the teasing and tormenting was over. In a small way he was sad. He was going to miss thinking of that taboo thing a father and daughter were not supposed to do.

Well, that’s it. Hope you liked it. I know you want more, but that’s it, sorry.

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