QuickieIt was a lovely late summer day and the sun was shining strong enough to forget that autumn was just around the corner. We were driving down to Lymington, enjoying the drive in the sunshine and idly chatting as we went. The conversation at some point turned to matters of sex as it sometimes does, especially when we are relaxed, and we talked about favourites – positions, sessions we could remember, places we had done it and so on.The conversation made me a little randy and I leant across and felt the front of Billy’s trousers. I could feel the outline of his soft penis inside his pants and I moved my fingers over it, tracing the outline. Billy looked at me with a ‘what do you think you are doing’ question on his face and I just smiled and told him to keep his eyes on the road!Inevitably I suppose, I felt it move so I went on running my fingers around and over it as it grew in his pants. Billy tried to move in his seat as the growing penis became uncomfortable and he wanted to give it more room to grow. To help him I pulled down the zipper of his trousers and tried to get my hand in to pull his member out but because he was sitting it was too difficult and so I undid his belt and unfastened his trouser waistband which gave me more access. With his boxers revealed I could get my hand inside them and slid down to grasp the, by now, semi-hard member. Pushing down the waistband of his boxers I finally managed to wrestle the b**st out into the open. Still soft but growing it felt good in my hand, warm and pink with its bulbous head and its one eye looking at me. Billy glanced at me, trying to concentrate on the driving while I held his manhood in my hand. I could not resist the desire to feel its length so I pulled my hand slowly up and down holding the skin tight feeling the member sliding underneath.His cock gave little pulses and twitches and with each one the blood gathered in him and it continued to grow in my hand. What was a soft, stumpy, fat piece of flesh slowly grew in girth and length in my hand, and I felt the heat as it grew. Slowly I stroked him, gently up and down, teasing the head with my thumb. He shifted in his seat knowing he was growing hard and there was nothing he could do about it. Watching it grow I leant down for a closer look, though I know his cock very well, intimately you might say, but enjoying seeing it inches from my eyes. The pink head growing more taut as it swelled in my hand, no longer flopping about but staying upright and erect, the skin pale and loose but harder and firmer underneath, at the base was a glimpse of the hairy bush and still buried in his pants the heavy balls. It was too much to resist and I lowered my head the last few inches and took his cock-head in my mouth. I felt the car give a little lurch as I swallowed his helmet, surrounding it with the warmth of my mouth, feeling it pulse on my tongue as I licked all over the head so that it gave little twitches, still growing to full stiffness. I pushed my head slowly down, taking more and more into my mouth. The fatness of his erection meant I had to open my mouth quite wide to take him in and I felt him slide past my lips, over my tongue and pushing past the roof of my mouth until I felt him reach the back when I stopped. I do not do deep throat but I had about half his length in my mouth and I squeezed it with my hand and massaged it with my tongue and his hips gave a little thrust in an automatic male reaction to the sensations. Gradually I drew back and revealed his wet, stiff, shiny erection in my hand. I was on automatic now as I stroked my hand up and down the stiffness, admiring the head which was now taut and purple. As I went up and down on his cock with my hand I looked up at him from his lap and told him that I loved his thick cock and I wanted him, deep in my pussy, I wanted him to orgasm there and shoot his spunk deep up my cunt, unless he liked me sucking on his güvenilir bahis erection and wanted to cum there, then I would suck the sperm juice from him and when he finished he could squirt all his juice over my face and tits. I felt like a slut and I wanted him to treat me like a whore. The car swerved in the road!His hand slid down my back and roughly pulled my blouse out of my waistband. As he pulled my blouse up he reached for my bra strap and fumbled with the clip single handedly and finally it came undone as I felt the tightness release and my breasts fell loosely downward. His hand pushed down under my waistband and met my pants, but he pushed his hand under then and slid a finger along my bum crack as far as he could reach which was just about at my bum hole. I glanced up and could see he was leaning sideways with his eyes still on the road, but heaven knows where his mind was.I stopped sucking his cock and lifted up slightly so he could reach under me and he pulled my bra up and away and let my breasts fall free. His hot hand slid over and around my boobs until he found a nipple and rolled it sensuously between his fingers, squeezing it slightly as I continued my slow action on his cock. I sensed the car was occasionally swerving gently and I guessed his mind was not entirely on the driving so I sat up but still held onto his erection. Having a man’s cock in my mouth is a sure way to get me going and I was really horny by then but I knew what we were doing was dangerous, so, as I did not want to stop, I suggested he pulled over at the next opportunity so we could continue the action safely.Not long after we came to one of the off-road parking areas and there were no other cars there so he pulled in and parked up away from the road and switched off. I wasn’t going to hang around and wanted to get straight back to the action and Billy seemed keen too as he lifted his bum up off the seat and pushed his trousers and pants down fully exposing his genitals – his cock stiff and lying against his belly with the halo of coarse pubic hair at the base, out of which hung his big ball sack. I didn’t waste any time but went straight back down on him taking his fat stiffness into my mouth while I held the base of his shaft with one hand and cupped his balls with my other. There was less subtlety now as my hand wanked him and my head went up and down gobbling his cock and sucking on the helmet and I tickled behind his hairy balls. Billy was getting into the action as he was lifting his bum up and down, fucking my mouth. He reached down for my boobs and continued the action on my nipples, squeezing them harder and harder until it became painful. I love having my nipples played with and he knows how far to go as gentle pain there helps get me wet, and I knew by now I really was wet. He pushed his hand further down looking for my pussy but our position didn’t allow him access, so he pushed his hand down my back again trying to get into me that way. I felt him run his fingers down my bum crack, teasing my bum hole as he reached it and pushing on further until he just managed to reach my slit. He teased a finger into the crack and that confirmed my wetness was ready and waiting as he slipped his finger in and out of my vagina very easily. I wanted more but his arm was at full stretch and I began to ache with the frustration of it, so I went to work harder and harder on his erection.Eventually he stopped me, saying that unless I wanted his to shoot his load of cum in my mouth I should slow down. What I really wanted by then was his cock in my vagina and I told him so, telling him to fuck me. For those of you who have tried car sex, unless you have a very big car, it is really quite awkward, and as we were not teenagers we liked our comfort so it didn’t look promising and maybe mutual handjobs was all we could do. Putting a rug down beside the car was not an option and we looked around but güvenilir bahis siteleri there was very little cover to offer – anyone who knows the New Forest knows that the one thing there is very little of is trees! However, down a track only a little distance away was a copse, and we looked at each other and decided it was worth a try, so we got out and put Billy’s cock back in his trousers and I slipped my bra off and did myself up again and we walked over to the copse.It looked as though we were not the first ones there as the ground looked trampled down which suited us as we didn’t want to be knee deep in nettles. Billy didn’t waste any time as he immediately unbuttoned my blouse exposing my hanging breasts and fastened his mouth on a slightly sore nipple. I leant back against a tree while he sucked and played with my boobs and I couldn’t help but undo the two poppers on the waistband of my skirt so that it fell away and I slipped my hand inside my pants and pressed my fingers against my clitoris. He took this as an instruction to go down on me as he knelt down in front of me and pulled my pants down exposing my sex. He pushed my hand away from my clitoris and slid one of his fingers against my vagina and it slid in without any resistance and so he rubbed it in and out, spreading my wetness. He took his finger out and pressed his face against my sex and licked all the way up and down which sent little shocks through me, and the he flicked his tongue up against my clit which really made me jump as I was so sensitive by then, and he continued wetly sucking my sex and pushing his tongue into my vagina. Little shocks were passing through me as he flicked his tongue around and took my labia in his mouth and sucked them and beat my clit with his tongue..I was really turned on and wanted to give as good as I was getting. I knelt down in front of him and undid his trousers and pulled them down with his pants. His cock sprang out at me, thick and semi-hard, and I wasted no time but took him in my mouth and gobbled him hard. I could taste saltiness so I knew the pre-cum was beginning to seep from him, a sure sign he was getting ready, so I lashed his cock-head with my tongueDimly one part of my brain was thinking that we were in public and anyone could be watching. I opened my eyes and looked around but there was no-one there, we were still the only car in the parking area and the traffic was going past both ways with no-one slowing down to watch as, even though we were in a copse of trees they were sparse and we were in sight of anybody who looked closely. Billy’s tongue on my clit stopped my thinking about spectators and I held his head and pushed him harder against my sex, rubbing his face against my wet labia, and still he managed to flick his tongue against my most sensitive button. I opened my legs to give him better access but my pants were round my ankles stopping me so I kicked them off. I parted my legs wide and he slipped two fingers inside me while he frigged my clit with his tongue and I continued pushing his face against me with the urgency of my desire, rubbing his face hard against my sex. Eventually he stood up before he suffocated and kissed me long and hard and deep so I could taste my sex juice on him.I reached down and found his member, which had softened slightly but was still stiff enough, and I rubbed it up and down my open pussy lips and against my clit loving the hardness of his cock against my open sex. I wasn’t in the mood for waiting any longer so I positioned his cock-head against the entrance to my vagina and he needed no further invitation and having given a few tentative thrusts he pushed with his hips and I was hardly surprised by the ease with which his thick erection entered me as I was so wet. That lovely sensation of being filled washed over me and all my sensitive parts tingled and I held and pinched my nipples and he slid in and out iddaa siteleri of me.Standing leaning against the tree was not the ideal position even when I tried lifting one leg so as to get more of him inside me. He was thrusting hard and I loved it when he banged against my clit, crushing it with the force of his pounding. I put my leg down to stop myself from falling over but this restricted how far in he could go and stopped the rubbing against my clit. We paused for a moments rest and I said would he like to take me from behind, doggy style, He was happy to take me in any position as his rampant cock showed and so he pulled out. I turned around and bent over presenting him with my crinkly bum-hole and beneath that my open vagina. Slipping his hardness against my open lips he slid easily inside me, all the way, as I felt his belly slap against my bum cheeks. That was much better as now I could feel him filling me deeply and I put my hand between my legs and held his stiffness, feeling it as it slid smoothly in and out of me, coated with my wetness. His thrusting became more urgent, more a****l, as each time he pulled out he banged in again, hard.This did not have any of the subtleties of love-making, this was just a fuck. My breasts were swaying and banging as he pounded me. I wanted to hold them still but needed both hands on the tree to steady myself, so I had to leave them to jerk about. Billy was beginning to grunt behind me so I knew he would cum soon and I was getting there too. I risked letting go of the tree to rub my clit and moved my feet wider to help steady myself. I drew the wetness from my pussy and began to rub my clit hard, tormenting in its sensitivity, flicking it with my fingernail.Sometimes orgasms appear on the horizon and approach steadily, building as they do, others come from nowhere and hit you unexpectedly. This was one of those. My clit shot shards of lightning through my pussy, my knees all but gave way and just trembled uncontrollably as my bum and pussy clenched rhythmically, grabbing at Billy’s cock, trying to suck him in, to suck the sperm out of him. For his part Billy grunted loudly as with a final thrust he thrust his cock deep inside me and let go his spasms of cum right up in my cunt. I could feel his cock pulsating in me and knew he was flooding me with his seed. My tummy was cramped as my pussy clenched and the lightening bolts from there echoed up and down me as I desperately clung onto the tree.Eventually Billy resumed a gentle stroking of his cock in and out of my pussy and I felt our combined fluids being pushed out and running down the inside of my thigh. As our climaxes faded away we rested as we were, his cock still buried inside me, saying nothing but relishing the fading sensations.As I came to I slowly became conscious of a noise and looked up and to one side. Standing there with their bikes were a couple of cyclists, a man and a woman, and they were applauding!. It took a couple of moments to sink in and I grabbed for some clothes but Billy was still inside me. As I stood up he fell out and our spectators were confronted with a man, naked other than his shirt with a wet and hard but softening erection, and me with my pussy on full view and my breasts barely covered and still swaying with every movement. We grabbed at our clothes on the ground and didn’t stop to put them on, but ran as we were past the cyclists and back to the car with the sound of laughter and applause behind us. Billy fumbled in his trousers for the keys as I stood urgently waiting for him, one arm covering my breasts the other hand over my sex. Finally we jumped in and drove away, still virtually naked until we were out of sight of the copse. We did our tops up as we drove to achieve some dignity but wondering when, where and how we could get our lower clothes on.It taught us a lesson that although we had enjoyed our quickie fuck we just hoped there were no photos of the occasion. We might think twice about doing it again, at least, not without taking a bit more care over privacy. Incidentally, after this there was always a slight stain on the fabric of the passenger seat that would not clean out!

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