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I don’t care whether or not my father will kill me. I am not the type of girl to do what guys want me to do, any guy. I wanted Tequan Hamilton. Being Bianca Martinez, the daughter of Ramon and Lacey Martinez means that I can only date the “adventurous” white boys who ask me out, they are mostly upper class clowns who think that sex with a Latina is as fun and exciting as their lives are ever going to get. Its funny because what they say is true. My father is a judge for our State Supreme Court, my mother was a best selling novelist and eight years after her sudden and mysterious death, she still sells out in bookstores. My father knows that all of the idiots that are so polite in his face only want to fuck me. He never said in so many words, but he’s okay if I fuck the “right” guy. Thanks Dad.

Which brings me back to Tequan. This isn’t a case of rich girl being obsessed with some poor black guy. He’s the 18 year old son of Mick QL, probably the most famous rapper of our generation. He came to the private school I attend, Rileton Prep, six months ago and he’s already almost as popular as I am. He’s quiet, serene, intelligent and FOINE. All of the lily-white prepsters who have been fucking stalking me melt into the atmosphere when he’s around. My panties get instantly wet. He sits there, somehow making our lame-ass uniforms beautiful, listening to underground rap and writing some of his own. He hadn’t dated anyone since coming to the school, even though all of my popular but slutty and starstruck friends rubbed their tits against his chest and asked him out. They got nowhere! He didn’t even smile at them, he just turned them down cold. He is one of the only black guys at our school, and certainly one of the most gorgeous in our area. White girls in this school love black guys. If they are willing to be with the losers with the dorky suitcase bookbags and almanbahis adresi fucked up fades, they were creaming themselves over Tequan, the epitome of black masculinity for the hip-hop generation. Because he wasn’t fuckin with any of them, they just made it seem like he was gay. He was too sexy to be gay! He just didn’t want any of them. Then again, none of those blond bitches have anything on me. I don’t mean to sound TOO proud, but where those blondies have stick figures, I have luscious curves nobody can ignore. You know the magic numbers, 36-24-40. I have long hair, layered and dark. I keep it glossy and thick. I decided that I was going to get the most eligible guy at Rileton.

I memorized Tequan’s schedule and asked around about him to some of my male associates. I found out that he was having trouble in Calculus and his mother made him sign up for student tutoring so that he would socialize with us “prep-schoolers” and get his grade up. It just so happens that I’m in the top five in my class and in Calculus AP. Even though its pretty much social suicide to do dumb ass shit like “tutoring”, I immediately signed up as soon as I found out. I also found a way to get paired with him. When he walked into the study hall for his first session with me, he saw me sitting there, my shirt unbuttoned practically to my navel, my plaid skirt hiked up to reveal my shapely legs, my sweater tied around my waist lifting my breasts even higher. I smiled up at him as immocent and provocatively as I could. He shoved his chair back and sat down.

“Hi. I heard you had some troubles so I’m here to save you.” I said, pulling out my books as if I were all business.

“Yeah whatever. I know all of these bitches think they can trap a nigga. I’m surprised you waited this long,” he said, putting his large Nike-clad feet on the table.

“Umm, almanbahis adresi actually, I need the community service. I’m in the top of the class and I certainly don’t need to fight for any guy that I want. I don’t need some hiphop asshole to come in here needing MY help and then insulting me.”

I piled all of my books in my bag hurriedly, as if I were going to flounce away in anger. He sighed loudly and before he forced me to call my bluff, he put his hand on mine.

“Sit yo ass down,” he said tiredly.

I smiled and pulled out my books.

“Okay, lets get to work then.” I swear I saw him cover up a smile.

Okay, lets get down to business…..

This back and forth went down for weeks. I smiled and flirted and he pretended to ignore it while smiling and flirting back. I needed him to stop all the bullshit and get to fuckin with me already.

It was early morning and he showed up for the weekly session at school. The sun was still rising over the hazy North Cali horizon. It was warm, we were one of the few people at school. I was sitting in my little red Bentley waiting for him. I was wearing the standard uniform, my skirt hiked up, only this time, no underwear. It was only 7 AM when he showed up in his black Benz, his music was so loud, it was ridiculous. He pulled up and stepped out, his long uniform pants hangin off his ass. He was still sexy. His body was a marvel, when he let anyone see past his baggy clothes, he had a tight washboard stomach, his arms were ripped. He was tall at 6’3, and he had the perfect hazel eyes. His haircut was always fresh and he had jewelry that rivaled any rapper out there. His car was fresh and new, like everyone else’s at this school, but it was tricked out perfect. When I am impressed, then you know its expensive. He got out and leaned on his car. I approached him almanbahis adresi slowly, stepped up to him, inches away from his face. Before I could say anything, he grabbed me and kissed my mouth. His hands trailed up and down my body, his hands squeezing my ass. I broke away from him and leaned against his car.

“What makes you think I would let you do that to me,” I said with an anger he knew I didn’t feel. It was his turn to come in my face.

“I know you want to jump on my team. I ain’t gonna chase yo’ siddity ass, if you want this dick, you gotta work for it.”

I smiled and lightly touched the crotch of his pants. He felt under my skirt, saw I had no panties on, and gave that half-smile.

“I knew you would be ready” he said, unzipping his pants. He lifted me up against his car, and before I knew it, his dick was 10 inches inside my pussy. I gasped in surprise. His dick was as thick as my wrist and longer than anything I had ever felt before. My pussy was not ready for that. I was already SO wet, I knew his pants were ruined as he started pumping me slowly. He kissed my neck and ears. I couldn’t believe that I was doing this, as wild as I’ve ever been, I never fucked some guy at sunrise on his car in front of my own school. That fact turned me even more. He put me down and turned me around over the trunk of his car. He pulled my skirt high over my ass and jabbed his dick back in my pussy. This time he was hitting my G-spot with every thrust. I moaned in Spanish, something I seem to only do when I’m really excited.

“Corije yo” I murmured in his ear, leaning back so that I could bounce on his dick. “No me importa dos cajones, quiero el palo,” I groaned. I think that sent him over the edge.

His balls were already slapping up against my ass with a quickness, but now he was fucking me royally, I was cumming like crazy. He groaned and came in my pussy, hard. I rested against his car as he pulled out of me, letting his dick soften and zipping up his pants.

He smacked my ass and pulled down my skirt. I sat up and sat on the hood of his car. “So,” I said with a grin, “Are you ready to start studying?”

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