Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Chapter 76 Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 76 When the others arrived at 1800 Sir, Tim and I were waiting for them at the Cunard terminal. Ryan had collected them from the station. “We came in a taxi,” said Vincent excitedly, “I’ve never been in a taxi before.” It was strange to think that boys from backgrounds like his, to whom a taxi ride was a novelty, would soon be a part of the biggest and most luxurious form of transport on Earth. As Sir had instructed they had precious little luggage, and it took only a few minutes to get them all into the bus. “You’ll be in the crew hostel tonight,” said Sir. This was as new to Tim and me as it would be to the recruits: we didn’t know there was such a thing. When we got there – it was only two miles or so from the dock – it was pretty basic. There were dormitories and a bathroom on each floor. We were the only people sleeping there, but Sir explained that sometimes three hundred crew members slept there if they ship was to be in port for more than a day. He put us all in one room. It had twenty beds, so there was plenty of room. Six sets of uniform were hanging ready for the new bell boys, and new ones for Tim and me as well. I asked Sir how they had known the sizes as we hadn’t chosen them until a few days before. “They all had their measurements taken at the medical exam. It wasn’t just their foreskins we were interested in. Food downstairs at 1900,” he went on. “Oh, by the way, I don’t care what your sleeping arrangements are on board – Patrick will tell you about all that – but tonight the beds stay where they are. The women who will make the beds after you’ve gone don’t want to have to deal with damp sheets, so hold it in for tonight. Patrick and Tim are in charge from now on. Do what they tell you. You will be well looked after. I will be back here at 0630 with the bus. You will get breakfast on board Queen Mary. Patrick, they’re yours.” When he’d gone we all sat on the beds. There had been a natural inclination to stay together, and the eight beds were round one corner of the room. This was it. “I don’t know what will happen at 1900,” I said, “but I’ll brief you about everything after we’ve eaten. Save any questions till then. I’m sorry about the no-wanking rule tonight, not least because Tim and I have been staying in London with Ryan’s family and neither of us has come since we last did so on the last night with you lot. Tomorrow will be different, I promise.” Cheers greeted this happy news. The meal turned out to be soup and stew, served by a woman who doled it out and then said that she expected us to do the washing up and pile the plates and cutlery neatly. I assured her we would do as she wanted. I don’t think she trusted a mere 16-year-old to wash up properly, but she shrugged and went off. I saw her leave the building a minute or two later. We were on our own. That meant I could talk freely. When the last of the stew was gone, and each of us had washed, dried, and piled neatly I sat them all down again. “The cabins we have are a group of four in the lowest deck, with a shower area and bogs in the middle. We keep one of the cabins unused. There will be four of us in each cabin – two old hands and two of you. The beds are single but can be pushed together. We’ve all slept in pairs since we started. You can shift them how you like. Until we get to New York each of you will have one of the old hands showing him the ropes all the time. It won’t always be the same one teaching you, and we’ll take each day as it comes.” I told them about meal-times, and stuff like that, and that unless there was something unusual going on they would come off duty at 2000 each night. “And after that you’re free. You can’t go into the passenger areas if you’re not on duty, of course. ‘Free’ means in our little cosy corner of the ship. No-one comes in there unless they’re invited, except Sir, but he’s only ever come in a few times.” Tim added that he’d only appeared when there was a problem. “He takes good care of us,” he said, “but he keeps his distance. He won’t be sucking your cocks again.” Tim has the knack of timing to perfection. He allowed just two beats before adding, “though others will.” I told them the sleeping arrangements. “You know this already, but let me say it again. Charlie and I are boyfriends, and all the bell boys and a good few of the crew know that we’re not just boyfriends – we love each other. That doesn’t stop either of us fucking clients for money, or fucking you lot, and the others, for pleasure. We’ve felt like that since very early after we met on board. Until then Tim and I were ataköy escort the closest to each other either of us thought possible, but then I met Charlie. I’m telling you this to show you that boys who are pairs at the moment – Graham and Nigel especially – won’t necessarily always be the most important boy to each other. That’s why I’m splitting them up. Nigel and Javid will be with me in Cabin 1. Tim and Sam are like Charlie and me, boyfriends who love each other. They’ll have Prince and Graham. Tim and I have talked about George and Vincent. They’re not twins, and it’s been very clear that they are boyfriends – they’ve chosen to be with each other rather than just being the same age in the same family. Maybe it won’t stay that way, but that’s how it’s going to be for the time being. You two will be with Alan and Andrew in Cabin 3. You won’t be surprised to learn that Alan and Andrew – the As – are boyfriends too.” “Queen Mary sounds like a floating love nest,” said Prince. “Yes,” I said, “that’s what being at sea seems to do to you. Be careful, Prince, it could happen to you.” I was careful not to catch Tim’s eye. “The other things you need to know are things it’s harder to explain on board. Your first task is to be bell boys. That means you operate the elevators and you take messages for passengers round the ship. On the day passengers board half of you will be at the Purser’s Office available to help, and answer any questions you may get asked. Don’t worry – one of us will be with you. On other days we’ll probably have more of you in the elevators. Sir has a motto: always visible, always available, always willing, always smiling. Every bit of that is important. Cunard wants its bell boys to be an important part of each passenger’s comfort and happiness, so you’ve got to be bright and cheerful, however much you may not feel like it. Sir and the Bell Captains want the bell boys to go a bit further for those male passengers who want something extra from their ocean crossing. So smiling and looking, well, fuckable, is vital too. You’ll pick up how we do that soon enough. “This is really important. When you’re in the elevators you’re in the shop window. Men who want sex with you may make an approach. You must not agree. Instead you must get their stateroom number and tell them they will be contacted. You then tell me straight away. If you can’t find me, tell Tim. If you can’t find either of us within two hours then, and only then, you tell Sir. The only reason you won’t be able to find us is if we’re with clients for a long session, and that’s only happened a few times in nearly two years. For the first year or more it was Sir who contacted the clients, but I’ve been doing it for some months now.” “What happen when you see the client?” asked Javid. “I ask what he wants, and how long he wants a boy for. The basic rate is now $80 for an hour, and every hour after that is $60. If he wants a boy for the night it’s $300 for a session from 2200 until 0700. That’s for fucking, sucking, and being fucked as often as the client can manage in the time he’s paying for. You saw how keen Tim and I – and the others on board – are on pissing. Some clients want to play piss games and that’s $30 extra. You’ll all be expected to do everything a client tells me he wants. The client pays me in advance, and he gives me his Passport.” “Why?” asked George. I told them about Alan, and they went quiet. “That was before Sir held their Passports. We changed it immediately so that if there was any more stuff like that we knew who they were. We couldn’t involve the police, of course, because what we’re doing could get Sir behind bars as well as the client, and us flung out on our ears. Nobody wants that. Since then then there’s been no trouble. After all, what most of the clients want is to spend an hour or two with a naked sexy boy, and come in him or on him as often as he can. When you leave the client you come straight back to the cabin and shower. Even if you have another client that day each client has to be able to pretend to himself that he’s fucking an innocent lad who’s never done that kind of thing before, and the smell of cum isn’t something you take into the client’s stateroom with you. After you shower you report to me in my cabin. If it’s all been fine I go to the client and return his Passport. You’d be surprised how often a repeat booking is discussed. Naturally, being a tactful boy, I wait an hour or two before calling – got to give the buggers time to recover, after all.” They laughed. “You get to keep any tip they give you. Tell me how much, that’s all. Each morning at 0915 we all go to Sir and report. He wants all the details of any sex you’ve had with clients. When we started he also wanted the details of all the sex we had with each other, or with men like Ryan. After a few months we got pissed off with that, and now all he’s interested in is what the clients do to us.” George asked if we had to take anything with us when we went to a client’s stateroom. “No, not unless he wants something special and tells me about it. I’ll tell you. It hasn’t happened yet. The merter escort important thing a client needs is growing out of his body – or yours. By the way, always grease your arse. Those of you who’ve fucked or fingered Tim or me will have noticed that we are always greased. Sir will give you loads of vaseline – stick it up with a finger or two and smear it nicely inside. I’m sure you can get one of your colleagues to help.” That brought more laughter, and there were no more questions. Tim said that we had an early start, so at 2100 we made for bed. I was pleased to see that although they’d all brought pyjamas as instructed nobody was bothering to wear them. Nakedness was now as natural to them as it had been strange less that a fortnight earlier. Tim and I were sprouting hair, so we were no longer standing out among our hairy brethren. “Take a last look at your hairy bits, gentlemen,” I said, “Ryan will be asked to call in the next day or two.” Grins greeted this on most faces. Only Prince seemed not to be excited about Ryan’s attentions. I would have to persuade him that a smooth naked savage was sexier and more savage (and therefore attractive) than a hairy one. Body oil might help, particularly if I could get Javid to demonstrate. ***** At 0700 the next morning we were all waiting on the dockside. Queen Mary was only a few feet away and the crew gangway would be on in ten minutes or so. I looked at the six faces. None of them had seen her before, and even to old hands like us she was immense, towering over eight ant-like figures on the dock. When the gangway was on I led them on board to their new home. To my delight the other four were waiting at the head of the gangway to welcome us. Charlie took me in his arms, and if there had been any lingering doubt amount the new bell boys that he and I were special to each other, those doubts vanished. Sam hugged Tim as well. The six just stood, smiling at what was happening. Alan stepped forward and introduced himself and Andrew. “We’re like them,” he said, “but we’ve not been apart for two weeks.” Introductions were made once Tim and I had unwound ourselves. The six new comers seemed to be much amused by such overt demonstrations of affection. “Come on,” I said, “let’s go below.” I led Javid and Nigel into Cabin 1 where I was touched to see that Charlie had made a ‘Welcome Home’ sign and strung it over the bed – beds, I should say. The other two beds were separate. “You can sleep separately or push the beds together,” I said, “it’s up to you.” Neither of them hesitated and the two beds were pushed together across the cabin from ours. “We eat at 0800,” said Charlie, “and that’s not for 20 minutes. Let me show you the rest of our area.” I was glad to let him do it: I knew these guys a lot better than he did and the more I let the other four get to know them, the better. I put my kit away and wandered out to see what the rest of them were up to. In Cabin 2 I saw that Sam had done a ‘Welcome Home’ thing too – the two of them must have planned it together. I saw also that kit had been dumped on the beds, and that they were still separate. There was no hurry. Cabin 3 was noisy, and I found all 11 of the bell boys in there. George and Vincent were sitting together on the pushed-together beds being smiled over and generally made a fuss of by the As, Charlie and Sam. “We didn’t know we were getting another married couple,” said Andrew happily, “it will be very cosy in here of a night.” Tim led them to breakfast, the quality and quantity of which surprised them. The food where we’d been had been plain, probably quite like the food they’d had at home. Here it was quite different. We were used to it of course, and they would be within a few days, but it was nice to see their faces when confronted by so much choice, much of it – fruits, for example – which they would never have seen before. “Is the food always this good?” asked Graham. “Oh no,” said Tim, “it’s often quite a lot better. Tuck in, you have a busy 12 hours ahead of you.” While we were all still together I told them the drill for today. “We’ll go back down and smarten up – piss, clean your teeth, that kind of thing. You’ve no idea how unsexy you look with food between your teeth. The six old hands will take you to the Purser’s Office, and that’s the central point where you should go if you’re not doing anything else. I’ll give you instructions when we get there. Come on, I want us all ready to go in 10 minutes.” Fifteen minutes later we were all outside the Purser’s Office. On the way I’d pointed out where Sir’s lair was. I got the new ones to stand properly, “just do what the others do. You’ve got to look smart. Javid, you’re with me. Stick to me all the time. Watch but keep your mouth shut unless a passengers speaks to you directly. I’ll help if you’re asked anything you don’t know. Tim, you take Prince; Alan, you take Vincent. The rest of you go with the other boy in your cabin. He’ll tell you what’s what. Meet back here at 1145. OK?” There were no questions. Real life had begun in earnest. I led Javid off to the elevators. “This is where the goods bahçeşehir escort are on display. Come on,” and I pressed the button. When it arrived I showed him the controls. As I’ve said before, it takes an intelligent boy about 10 seconds to master these, and I didn’t really know why Cunard thought their passengers were too stupid to manage: after all, they had to manage after 2000 each night. Still, the elevators were an excellent place for boy-loving queers to find man-loving queer boys like us, so I didn’t regret the arrangement. I made Javid take us up and down a few times. “Is that it?” he said. “That’s it as far as driving the elevator is concerned. You need to know where everything is on the ship so that if a passengers asks to go to such-and-such a place you know which deck to stop at. And you need to smile. Remember Sir’s motto: ‘always visible, always available, always willing, always smiling’ we both said in unison. Now take us up to the top deck.” Over the next three hours I took him to every corner of the ship. The passengers were slowly disembarking, so they were not concerned with bell boys. The new ones wouldn’t board until 1230. Not only did I show him every corner of the ship. I introduced him to Larry at the pool. “I’m looking forward to getting Alan and Andrew here,” he said, “we can use them. When will Corrigan let us have them?” I said I didn’t know, but it would certainly not be later than the next time we were in Southampton. “It depends how fast these buggers pick stuff up,” I said. “This new bugger is learning quickly,” said Javid, “because the new bugger captain is teaching him well.” “I see you have a good working relationship with your boys, Patrick.” Larry turned to Javid. “I hope to get to know you better soon, Javid. Patrick won’t have told you, but you are standing in the very place where he and his Charlie first met. Maybe you’ll meet the love of your life on Queen Mary,” and he smiled, as did both of us. As Javid and I walked slowly back along the decks and down the grand staircase to the Purser’s Office he said that he found it very touching that everyone he’d met accepted Charlie and me as a couple without turning a hair. “Is Queen Mary full of queers like us?” “No, I don’t think so. But we boys naturally meet the queer crew members. As well as Sir’s group of boys there’s a group of men who are willing to fuck around with male passengers who prefer men rather than boys. Larry is one of the men who run it. For all I know there are crew members who’ll fuck women passengers, but that’s a closed book to me. When you’ve been on board for a month or two it might be fun to have some kind of get-together with some of the men. Maybe a midsummer orgy – that would be a good time.” Javid reminded me that Liverpool would be at Highbury that day. “How will we find out the result?” I told him that wireless communication between ship and shore had been available for 40-odd years, and that we would know all right. “So tonight night will be fuck night?” “Of course. Every night is fuck night, but tonight will be special. One of us will be giving a demonstration, Javid, to welcome all the new bell boys on board.” At lunch there were six excited newcomers babbling about all they’d seen and, I hoped, learned. I told them that the afternoon when passengers boarded was always a bit chaotic as a couple of thousand people found their way about. “I want each of you to spend time with each of us. That way all six of you will learn what each of the old hands thinks you ought to know, and that’s bound to be different from what the other five think. We’ve all just spent three hours, so tomorrow morning another three hours with a different trainer, and tomorrow afternoon another. So by lunchtime in three days time you’ll all have spent time with each of us. That afternoon I’ll get Sir to agree to an hour or two when we can be off duty so we can have a meeting, all 12 of us, to see how things are going. Tim will get a rota and tonight we’ll know who’s working with who. Today stick with the partner you had this morning.” Just before 1230 I led them down to the Grand Lobby where the passengers would leave the gangway and be confronted with the splendour of Queen Mary. I wanted them to be confronted with the splendour of her bell boys as well. “Tim, Alan and I will wait here with Javid and your two … ” “Graham and George,” said Tim. ” … and we’ll be all smiles when the passengers come on. The other three pairs should go and operate three of the elevators – any three, it doesn’t matter. Then at 1400 you all come back here and take over the greeting while the six who’ve been here go and do the elevators. All meet back here at 1530. We sail at 1600 and there may be last-minute panics – there often are. If the panic means one of us has to run and find a passenger then we need to be on our toes.” Off they went. I wondered which of them would have the first professional engagement. =============================================================================== The fun will continue in Chapter 77 where we shall learn about how the Arsenal-Liverpool matter was settled. The photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing a few months ago, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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