Cum to Mommy Ch. 04Cum to Mommy Ch. 04


Before I get into our further sexual adventures at the lake, I ask readers to indulge me as I reflect on some things.

Ever since I started masturbating quite young – and before I knew what it was actually – I have always been very interested in sex, physically (as most of us normally are as healthy humans) but also mentally and emotionally. I have no real way to gauge the degree of that interest because unlike what we see on this website, most people are not that explicit with others about their sex lives. The readers of Literotica are a rarefied set, not a good sample of the general, walking-around interest in sex that most people have, for obvious reasons; i.e., we would be selecting from a group that must be very interested or they wouldn’t be here. If one observes much popular media, one would think that friends and couples spend hours a day talking explicitly about their sex habits and interests. Well, not among my set. When we do happen to stumble into the topic somehow, it is all very indirect and general and it is hard to determine when someone is joking or serious. So I have no real insights into whether or not I am more sexually interested than other females my age, social position, health etc. I just know it is a very important part of my life.

But – and here’s the point of all this finally – my interests consist of two parts. One is innate; it is just who I am. Periodically, maybe once a week or so, I NEED to have an orgasm, no matter what sexual environment I am in. For the last few years for example, when I have had okay but fairly infrequent sex with my husband, over the next few days the need increases below the surface and then I will notice that everything that happens causes me to think about sex; I then realize I need relief. As I said, this biological need caused me once to seriously consider having an affair. I didn’t, more because of circumstances than anything else. But, for the most part, large chunks of time can go by when I think about sex infrequently or in some low-key way.

But the other, perhaps larger, part is sexual need is situational and environmental. It takes some kind of stimulation or reciprocity to catalyze a quiet, biological need into something much larger. I believe this is the case with almost all of us, certainly females, but not just females, I suspect. I consider myself submissive (now that I’ve figured out what that means!) so perhaps I am more prone to this phenomenon, but we all need some sparks in our lives, not just in sex but in many parts of life – interests, hobbies, job, education. Even for those considered “self-starters,” we can all benefit from added stimulation. As for sex, for many of us – including me – it may include fantasizing about sex, reading an erotic story, seeing a good-looking guy, daydreaming etc. But, I think we will all admit that live person-to-person stimulation is best when it is available.

Whenever I have a sexual catalyst come into my life, like my son, then my sexual interest and energy gets a huge boost. Having Josh around, when we are active sexually, makes me quiver and feel so sexually alive and keyed-up that it pervades all my thoughts. I’ve read that having good sex not only satisfies at the time but it also stokes the desire to have more good sex. That is certainly the case with me. I get rapacious.

But, even in that state, by and large, I can continue to function like it isn’t there. I can run errands, have conversations, do my job, read a challenging book etc. and on one level I can concentrate but another, deeper level, I am also thinking about sex. And if I check myself, in those situations, I find my panties plastered to my pussy from my leakage. In short, I can compartmentalize but it is always there.

So, after the sex we had that I described in the last chapter of this story, we both had things to do for the rest of that day and we got on with them. We also mutually decided that we would not sleep together that night so that tomorrow we would be fresher and well, hornier for each other. I was relieved because, at some point, at my age while I have the desire, I probably couldn’t function with wall-to-wall sex over an extended period of time. I am multi-orgasmic but I’m not endlessly-orgasmic. And Josh, while being a very healthy and very hormonally-driven young man, also has his limitations – I think. So the interlude was good for both of us. But, believe me, while I could function, the experiences of the day and the expectations of tomorrow were never far from my mind. When I took a shower that night, I soaped up as usual but I was reminded of Josh soaping me up earlier in the day and I was almost weak-knead with desire, and when I got out of the shower, I put my foot on the counter to dry off between my legs and my pussy was completely wet, not from the shower but from the copious juice I was excreting.

I was finally able to get to sleep that night. I was up early the next morning and was sitting, still in my robe, having a second cup of coffee when Josh walked in the kitchen. He is always ravenously hungry so gorukle escort he got a bowl the size of half a basketball and filled it with cereal then added a pint or two of milk and wolfed it down. We didn’t talk about the day or yesterday’s sex at all; just small talk about his impending move. I was so apprehensive and skittish about all this that I wondered if he had changed him mind about our trip to the lake.

I was cleaning up the dishes when I found out differently. He walked up behind me, wrapped him arms around me from behind, reached inside my robe and grabbed both my breasts. “Ah, your nipples are so good Rita. I’m gonna suck them later. I have some big plans for you today. It’s morning and you were wet yesterday so you know you’re my slut for today remember?”

Any concern I may have had was gone. “I always pay my bets Josh. So today, I am your slut to do anything you want to with. I love your hands on my breasts.” I could also feel his hard groin pressed against my butt. Now I was doubly glad we waited because it was evident that we were both very stimulated again.

“Let’s so upstairs. I want to dress you before we go.”

“Dress me? I can dress myself young man,” I responded laughingly. “I think you have other things in mind.”

He swatted me on the ass – hard! “Remember Rita, you’re mine for the day. I can do whatever I want and I am going to dress you.”

So we went upstairs. Of course, he knew where nothing was so I had to show him where I kept each piece of my wardrobe. He had me sit on the bed to wait for him. I had to admit this was very exciting. One of the things I had actually taught Josh about sex was the excitement of anticipation. I think he would have developed that anyway over time but like most young men, he sometimes wanted very quick gratification. But he finally learned to enjoy being sexually excited, to let it build up.

He came back in the room and showed me the panties he wanted me to wear. I was surprised to put it mildly. They were plain cotton ones! I can’t stay that I have tons of sexy panties but I do have several thongs, brief bikinis, and a couple that are sheer, and one my husband bought me a long time ago that is crotchless! But I didn’t comment. Maybe it had something to do with me being his mother or something.

I reached for them to put them on but he had other plans. He leaned down to hold him and I stepped into them. Then he kissed me deeply, open-mouthed, tongue probing as he pulled them up my legs and over my hips. He kneaded my buttocks and pressed me to him and continued to kiss me. He straightened the panties around my legs in back and also then positioned them in front, over my pussy.

Then he sat me down on the bed and pulled a pillow over and told me to lie back. My legs were dangling off the bed so he moved me back on the bed so I could put my feet on the edge and he opened my legs. Just like yesterday, after he’d fucked the hell out of me, he stood to look at me; the only item of clothes I had on were my panties. This one act was so amazingly exciting to me…him watching me like an owner proud of his property.

Before I go on with this narrative, I want to elaborate even more on something I said in my last chapter of this saga. The look of rapaciousness and hunger are so important to me. Imagine me, I am over 40 – but not much more so mind you. I didn’t have a perfect body. My breasts were nice but not outstanding. My ass sagged a little and my stomach was a little softer than it used to be of course. His girlfriend Louisa was tight, tanned, lithe. She was beautiful. I was pretty good for a 40+ year old but I couldn’t compete with a 23 year old. So, to feel desired by a young man – evidenced by a look that indicated he wanted to relish and ravage me – was very affirming and exciting.

The other point I want to make before I go on is my use of the term “he’d fucked the hell out of me.” I mean to convey something very specific about that other than the fact that we had sexual intercourse. I didn’t fuck him, WE didn’t fuck, he FUCKED ME. Maybe it’s because I am submissive or something but I want a man to fuck me; I want him to use me, to ravage me, to take what he wants. I want his cock thrusting up inside me, invading my hot cunt, ramming me. I am not necessarily saying rough sex…even though I do like some of that. What I am talking about is a man using his cock as a ramrod inside my needy, greedy pussy. I want to be reamed, hosed, whatever terms convey that his cock is taming me, taking me, making me his slut. I always try to meet those thrusts but it is the body-slamming into me that excites me. And “greedy” pussy is exactly the right term. My cunt wants to gobble up, suck in, grasp cock flesh and hold on to it. But fucking back? I can’t really do it and don’t want to. I want ME to be fucked, not me fucking him.

He picked up my legs and held them open and pushed them back towards my body; I felt like he was looking so intensely at my crotch that I was being fucked with his gaze. Josh (and his dad) likes public altıparmak eskort bayan hair so I only trimmed it a little around the edges but I know it was still visible around the leg-holes of my panties. I have no idea how long he held me like that but long enough that I could see the huge bulge in his shorts. I didn’t know if he intended to fuck me right then or not.

Instead he dropped to his knees and, still holding my legs back and open, he licked my panty-covered pussy. Whenever I am truly sexually aroused, i.e., totally starved for sex, I make whimpering sounds almost like crying. I think the noises are those of desire, submission, and anticipation. In my case, I believe they are,in part, an indication that I am truly helpless and totally dependent on my partner for satisfaction. I have no control. I am his to do with what he desires. But I know I am going to be taken care of and thus, the anticipation of what awaits me. The noises I make when actually get fucked hard are different…shrieks, more guttural moans, trying to talk etc. but when I am waiting for that, I sound like a baby I think.

He didn’t lick long because I was about to cum and he didn’t want that yet. So, after a minute he stood and ran one finger up my slit and pushed the panty-fabric inside.

“Rita, your cunt is red hot. That’s how I want it; I want you to get wetter on the way to the cabin.”

I sat up and reached for his cock. I barely got my hand on it, feeling the length of it, before he removed it.

“You’ll get all of this later that you want, Rita. In your mouth and up your hot cunt. Let’s soon go. I’ll drive.”

“You’ll have to. After this I’m lucky if I can walk to the car. God, sometimes you’re cruel. I was so close to cumming and still am.”

He grabbed me by the arm and smacked my ass hard – twice. It stung like hell.

“What are you doing Josh? That hurts.”

“I meant it to hurt. But, let me show you something. I need to punish you for saying I’m cruel.”

He grabbed me by the arm and sat down on the bed and pulled me and bent me over his lap. He was very strong but I didn’t really resist because I didn’t really know what he was doing. But as I lay over his knees, he spanked me 3-4 times, again very hard.

“Does that hurt Rita?”

“Yes, it hurts like hell, Josh. You know it does. Now stop and let’s go.”

His voice was lower. “I know it does but admit it…it gets you hot doesn’t it Rita? It makes your cunt twitch every time I hit you doesn’t it? Admit it, slut.”

“God, what are you doing?” I cried out.

He swatted me again. “Admit it.” Then he put his hand between my legs with the fingers on my slit and clit. “You are soaking wet. You want to cum don’t you?”

“God, oh God…yes, make me cum. Hit me, feel me, fuck me. Make me cum.” What had I turned into? I was turned on even more when he spanked me!

He laughed and pulled me to my feet. “You are so ready to be a slut today Rita. Let’s go.”

We quickly got dressed and left. We stopped on the way and picked up lunch and bottles of water. But we were there in 30 minutes.

The ride out was uneventful, except all I could think of was what would happen today. I am by nature a worrier. I am always thinking ahead about what can go wrong or rather, what I can do to make things go right. It is a pain sometimes that I have a hard time just relaxing. I don’t have anxiety attacks or anything like that but I just have a hard time throwing caution to the wind. Well, truth be known, I never do that. But, I was determined that the day would be carefree. I had gone too far with all this to turn back now. I had already canceled any commitments I had, I had no one to answer to, we were going to be in an isolated area. If I was going to ever let things go, today would be the day. So I promised myself I would. I was going to give myself – emotions, mind and body – to Josh today for him to use like he wanted to. I felt liberated after that. And he was right, the anticipation and his teasing kept me hot the whole way.

The cabin is really special. I’d been there several times and Josh had spent much of every summer there since he was a kid. It had been in Kurt’s family forever. It was on a pristine private lake that was maybe 50 acres or so (I’m not good with measurements) and the cabin was very, very private. There were only 8-10 cabins on the whole lake and most of them were congregated in a small area on the other side. The cabin was not luxurious by any means and not real large, but nicely done and very comfortable.

We took our things in and, after going to the bathroom, I put the lunch in the refrigerator. I then walked back into the big living area.

“Rita, I want to see you now. Show me what I’m going to use.” Josh was standing there totally nude, with his cock already hard. What an exciting sight! I decided I was going to make this special.

“Okay, then if you want to sit down, I’ll show you. Want to see Mom undress for you Josh?”

“Fuck yes. Show nilüfer eskort bayan me what I already own today. He smiled and sat down on the sofa. I could barely stand up seeing him sitting there with his cock so taut that it pointed at his face.

I was dressed simply in an outfit with a strapless, crisscross top and a flared skirt, with no bra. Not a lot of clothes to do an extended striptease – not that I knew how anyway – but I decided to play with it a little. So, I started to run my hands over my breasts while looking at Josh and smiling. My nipples were of course already evident below the thin fabric, but even more so when I brushed them. I took a breast in each hand and hefted them and squeezed, kneading them like Josh – and sometimes his dad – does.

Josh had put on some music and I guess that helped; I was really getting into the mood. Not that I was really dancing but I was swaying with the music. I pushed down the elasticized top of my dress almost to the nipples while I still held him underneath. Josh was still not touching his cock yet but I could tell it was throbbing. I have described his cock before as much as I could but it is nice and long – not sure how long but certainly longer than my husband or most other cocks I have seen – but the outstanding thing was how thick it was. It looked like the end of a baseball bat. And the head was bigger around than the shaft. One of the impressions I got early on when I first viewed his penis is that it looked almost…ferocious in some ways, or maybe savage is a better descriptor. Not sure if either of those words fit but it was a very serious looking cock. It was darker than the rest of his body and the veins wrapped around it like snakes, so much that it looked kinda knobby. I suppose it if had been all smooth and everything it would have been beautiful as well but I always thought that the phrase that was so apt for Josh’s member is that it “was made for fucking.” I could not see how any woman could look at it and not have that impression.

I moved closer to Josh and started raising my skirt, high up my leg but just below my panties. I could feel my pussy leaking into the crotch. Neither of us was saying anything and we weren’t even smiling anymore. This was serious. Sex is fun and I love every part of it. I love being hot and thinking about sex. Long extended foreplay is fun, fucking is fun, and after sex cuddling and kissing is fun. But there is an aspect of it that is still fun but it goes beyond that for me at least and I think for Josh. At a point, the intensity takes over and sex becomes an imperative as well as a pleasure. Maybe fun is the wrong term here; perhaps I’m saying that sex moves beyond frivolity, into serious pursuits. We had moved into very deeply intense and passionate time. Do you get into one of those sexual scenarios with someone where you reach the point of no return? Where you feel that, even if a stranger walked into the room, you wouldn’t be able to stop until you got a cock or some pussy? This was what it was like. I felt like I was being fucked just by the ambience in the room.

I then got a few feet from Josh, just out of arm’s length and I bent over with my back to him and slowly pulled up the hem of my skirt until he could just see my crotch. I heard his say quietly, almost like it was to himself. “God, you are so wet. Wow.”

I turned to him and reached for the bottom of the skirt and pulled it over my head. I bent down and let my breasts hang free. Josh now had his hand on his cock stroking slowly. By now, I was only a foot or so away so I put some saliva on my fingers and put it on the head of his cock. “Let me make that a little easier for you to stroke.”

I then stepped back. “Josh, remember the first day? The first time you caught me playing with my pussy and then when I came in your room and stroked and sucked you? Did you like fucking my mouth and pussy that day, Josh? Are you glad we did it? I am, Josh. You fuck Mommy so well. See how wet Mommy’s pussy is for your cock, Josh.”

When I think back on these things I am flabbergasted about the way I talk to Josh sometimes. I never, ever once talked to his father like that. I am red-faced even writing what I said but when I am with Josh, I can’t control myself. I just want to turn him on.

I moved closer and put on foot on the sofa next to Josh’s leg. He held his hand over my crotch and as he pressed, I could feel the wetness. I had been so fucking hot and wet all day, my cunt must smell so lusty right now. He had one arm around the cheeks of my ass and he caressed my tits with the other hand.

He quickly removed my panties. He then held them up to his face and inhaled deeply. “I love the way your cotton panties smell. I have been sniffing them for a long time. Do you know that?” I stammered a surprised reply but then was speechless with desire as he licked the crotch and smiled. “God, your pussy tastes good.” He then told me to get on the sofa. He positioned me so I was on my knees, leaning my torso down with my head on the pillow. He got behind me and spread open my ass cheeks and pussy. He bent down to lick both holes. I was just on the verge of cumming even though I tried to wait. About that time, he got upright on his knees and put his cockhead to my cunt lips. I reached down between my legs and felt as it slid inside my needy, throbbing pussy.

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