Protecting Purity: The Sodomizing of SerenaProtecting Purity: The Sodomizing of Serena

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18 year-old Serena was enjoying her summer break before she went off to college. Her entire life she had been a straight-laced, well-behaved young lady. She always got good grades and never got into partying or sneaking out like many other girls her age. Part of this was due to Serena’s faith which she considered to be a very big part of her. Serena had a couple of boyfriends over the years but she made a vow to herself as a young girl that she would only give her virginity to her husband. However as she got older her hormones got stronger and her urges became more powerful. The only way she knew to subside them, of course, was to pleasure herself until orgasm. She didn’t have any dildos or vibrators, just a little bit of lube and her two fingers, which she worked in circles around her tiny clit until she climaxed. She usually did this under cover of night after she knew that her mom and stepdad had gone to bed. But now that it was summer, Serena had some lazy days around the house where she would sleep in and then rub her bean before starting her day. Such was the case on a sunny Wednesday morning when her stepdad, Grant, walked in on her.

She had been spread-eagle on her bed with her nightgown pulled up, hand between her chubby pussy lips. The second Grant walked in, she clamped her thighs together and pulled a blanket over herself as quickly as she could. But it was too late, Grant had seen just about everything.

“Uh, I’m sorry sweetie, I was just going to see if you wanted some breakfast,” he said, averting his gaze but the image of his stepdaughter’s spread was still burning in his mind.

“It’s okay daddy, I’ll be out in a few minutes.” Serena’s round face was flushed bright red and her heart was pounding from the embarrassment she felt of exposing herself to her stepfather. The man who had practically raised her and instilled so many faith-based values into her.

“Sweetheart, are you…pleasuring yourself?” Grant stepped inside her bedroom and closed the door behind him as he realized what was going on.

“No! I was just umm…scratching something,” Serena fibbed.

Grant chuckled and walked closer towards the bed. “Don’t be embarrassed sweetheart, it’s alright,” he consoled her as he sat down on the edge of the bed. “You’re a woman now and women have needs, just like men…there’s nothing wrong with self-satisfying as long as you’re still intact for your future husband.”

“Yes daddy, I am I promise,” Serena said eagerly.

“I know you are, you’ve always been such a good girl,” Grant said as he looked down at his stepdaughter’s vulnerable form. “But sweetheart, there are many other ways to satisfy your urges without losing your virginity…now that you’re going to college, Erzincan Escort I feel it’s the right time for daddy to show you how to properly do those things.”

Serena looked up at her stepfather, wide-eyed and fascinated. Being a rather sheltered girl, she had always just thought that sex was a penis going into a vagina. “Well…what kinds of other things daddy?”

“I’ll teach you, sweetheart. But I’ll need to see all of you first,” Grant said as he quickly pulled the blanket off of her and tossed it to the floor. Serena’s nightgown was still hoisted up around her waist and her little slit was visible between her lush thighs. She began to pull down the nightgown as Grant exposed her, but he quickly stopped her. “Don’t be shy sweetie, you can be comfortable around me…this is purely for educational purposes.” He grabbed the hem of her nightgown with both hands and lifted it over her head, exposing her breasts which were much fuller than he’d expected.

“Oh my gosh,” Serena squealed as she became completely exposed for her stepfather’s lustful gaze. She lifted her arms and covered her face while he looked, trying to stifle some nervous giggles. She was an average height and had a somewhat chubby body type, with wide hips and size D breasts. Though her hair color was naturally brown, her pubic hair was even lighter and rather sparse the further it went down her lips and around her butthole. Serena had never shaven her bits because she didn’t intend to do so until her wedding night.

Grant tried his best to keep his composure in front of his stepdaughter’s naked body. Her curves were so soft and beautiful, and she looked so much like her mother. As lustful as he wanted to be, he knew his purpose was to help her preserve her innocence while still being realistic. He didn’t expect his pretty stepdaughter to be completely chaste while she was away at college. Grant propped her up with lots of pillows and instructed her to spread her legs and keep her knees pulled back with her arms wrapped around her thighs. Then he lowered himself between her legs, putting his face close to her naturally parted pussy lips. “This is the first thing that a boy can do to pleasure you without entering you,” he said softly as he spread her lips open completely with his two fingers, exposing her pink inner labia and her throbbing clit. Serena gasped as she felt her stepdad’s wet tongue lap against her clit once then twice before he began sucking at her clit almost as if it were a nipple, like he was trying to suck out some sweet nectar from his stepdaughter’s nubile body. Serena’s eyes began to roll back into her head and she moaned as her stepdad stimulated all the nerve endings in her clit, sending shivers across Erzincan Escort Bayan her entire body.

After a few moments, Grant paused and lifted his head to view Serena’s cute face contorted with pleasure. “Does that feel nice, sweetheart?”

Serena was so relaxed she couldn’t hold back. “It feels amazing, daddy!”

“Good…now keep your legs pulled back as far as you can for me, and I want you to reach your hands under both your cheeks, and spread them apart as far as you can for daddy.”

Serena did as she was told and asked, “like this, daddy?” She was embarrassed that he could now see her puckered little asshole on top of everything else.

“Oh yes, that’s perfect, just like that…” Grant lowered his head back between Serena’s legs, this time taking his tongue right to her little rosebud butthole. He started by softly rimming her tight hole, in an attempt to loosen her muscle but instead he felt her clench up even more.

Serena could hardly believe what was happening. “Daddy, please don’t lick me there!” she squealed in shock.

“It’s okay, baby,” he assured her, lifting his head to give her gentle eye contact. “Daddy knows what he’s doing, sweetheart. It feels good after all, doesn’t it?” He went back to tonguing her tight, peach fuzz covered hole, this time gently dipping the tip of his tongue inside of her, trying to dilate her ever so slightly.

Serena couldn’t deny that what her stepdad was doing to her felt fantastic. “Yes daddy, I just…I never knew that my butthole could feel this good!”

Grant chuckled with his tongue still lapping at her fresh little shithole. “Oh yes sweetheart…your asshole can do everything that your little pussy can do. You know what makes it feel even better? If you rub your little clit while I’m licking it.”

Without hesitation, Serena reached between her legs and began to rub circles around her sensitive clit with two fingers. She found that her stepdad was correct; stimulating her clit in addition to the sensation of his tongue circling her tight hole was sending her senses into overdrive. Grant began to penetrate her asshole with his tongue, giving it a gentle stretch. Her hole clenched down around his tongue periodically in response to the clitoral stimulation.

“So good, baby. Your little asshole is so perfectly tight. That’s why it’s such a great alternative for girls like you who want to save themselves for marriage.” He took his pointer finger and gently began to push it inside her hole; he could feel her instantly tense up but he kept going. “Open up that asshole for daddy, sweetie…it will feel better if you push out like you’re going to the bathroom.”

Serena’s face was red and hot from Escort Erzincan listening to her stepfather describe such a nasty act. “Are you sure, daddy?” She asked timidly.

“Yes honey, go ahead. Don’t be shy.”

Serena did as she was told and pushed out her rectal muscles; as soon as she did she could feel Grant’s finger plunge deeper inside of her. He didn’t stop until it was knuckle-deep. “Oh yes, baby. Your asshole is so wet, and so warm…you can make plenty of men very happy before you ever even decide to get married.”

“What do you mean, daddy?” She asked sheepishly, cheeks still flushed with embarrassment.

“Just like I said before, sweetheart…your asshole can serve the same purpose as your pussy. You can use it over and over and still keep your virginity intact. Do you want daddy to show you how?”

“Well…okay,” Serena agreed timidly.

Grant pulled his throbbing cock out of his pants; he was leaking precum already. He pressed his tip to his stepdaughter’s asshole, spreading the precum around her perfect little circle before nosing it inside her hole as slowly as he could. He could feel Serena begin to tense up the further he went; he told her to rub her little clit, to which she obeyed. Once she closed her eyes and began softly moaning, Grant shoved his mushroom inside her tight shithole. Serena stopped her moaning to let out a scream but he held her down and kept pushing himself inside of her.

“Don’t worry baby, that’s the biggest part inside you now.” While Serena began to softly whimper through the pain of her virgin asshole being stretched, Grant began to break a sweat as he pumped his hips back and forth; her little hole was suctioned so tight around his cock, it was difficult to stroke at first the way he wanted to. With each thrust, Serena cried out and subsequently her asshole would tense up, squeezing even tighter around her stepfather’s throbbing cock. “I know it hurts, sweetheart, but just keep taking it and I promise it will get better.” After the next few strokes, her hole began to relax open a bit as it became accustomed to the penetration. The sharp pain also began to subside with each thrust, making way for a new sensation unlike anything Serena had ever felt before, but it sent shivers up her spine and turned her nipples rock hard. Her pussy also started to gush and Serena finally stopped crying just before Grant was ready to cum.

“The best part about letting a man fuck your asshole, is that he can finish inside of you every time,” Grant said as he spurted his hot spunk deep inside his stepdaughter’s used hole. The accompanying orgasm was so intense that he kept his hard cock inside of her for a moment before slowly pulling it out. He then observed her now turned out pink shithole as his cum leaked out of it. “You did so well baby girl,” he praised Serena who was wiping the tears and snot from her face. “Now when daddy takes your pussy, it will be a piece of cake for you.”

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