Promises to Ride You HardPromises to Ride You Hard


I close my eyes and picture you laying on the bed and me standing over you wearing one of my little nighties, feet on either side of your hips….. with my cowboy hat on, you wearing nothing but a big smile…Hands on the backs of my knees gently pulling me down to sit on your lap….. mmmmmmmmmmm OMG! As our bodies touch, immediately there is such an undeniable hunger that I get wet. You sit up on your elbows so that I don’t have to lean down too far to kiss you. As I am sitting there on your lap you can feel the heat coming from between my thighs… I can feel your cock getting harder and I reach up and tip my hat backwards a little on my head. Our tongues licking, dancing, searching. You reach up and take my hat so that it doesn’t get ruined and set it on the bedside table. With the same hand you reach up and wrap your hand around the side of my neck, caressing my face with your thumb as we continue our kisses. I reach up and take your hand from my neck and tear my lips away from yours, long enough to look into your eyes and see the complete passion in them, the desire. With your other hand on my ass you try to pull me forward enough so that the folds of my pussy envelope your hard cock, and I won’t allow it. I take the index finger of your hand and slip just the tip of it into my mouth, I flick the tip of it with just the tip of my tongue. You groan at the sensations that my tongue is causing you… I take the whole length of your finger Cebeci Escort into my mouth and suck gently… causing you to take a sharp deep breath. As I slowly release your finger from my mouth, swirling my tongue around it and lightly grazing my teeth down the length of your finger, I hear you growl with hunger…Once I completely release your finger, you grab for me and I tell you NO. I take your arms and run my hands up the length of your arms making you lay your arms down with your hands about your head… I tell you to clasp your fingers together and put your hands under your head… “whatever I do to you, you can’t touch me”. “Are you serious?” you ask of me. “Very!” You give in and while you are lying there on the bed, I move one of my legs over your body so that it is between your legs, then the other follows, and I start to slide down your body, licking, kissing, nibbling my way lower and lower until you feel my breast against your cock. I gently caress your cock with my breasts…I realize that a little bit of pre-cum has leaked out of your cock and is on my nipple. I reach down and take my breast into my hand and lick my nipple clean – while you watch. You groan again in ecstacy when I reach down with just the tip of my tongue and lick the tip of your cock. I gently run my tongue around the head of your cock and bring it into my mouth without putting a hand on you… The feeling is so intense that you buck your hips against Cebeci Escort Bayan me, bringing your hands down you grab ahold of the blankets on either side of your hips. With your cock in my mouth, I start to move up and down, sucking, in and out, flicking the tip with my tongue… You let go of the blanket with one hand and reach around for a handful of my hair, and I stop all that I am doing. I make you put your hands back under your head. I take one leg and put it back up over your hips, leaning at an angle, it leaves my pussy wide open for fingers, a tongue, a vibrator… I stick my hand down and insert 2 of my fingers into my pussy and I start to ride them…only long enough to cover them with my juices so that I can take your cock with my other hand and position myself to take the whole length of it into my pussy. As I do that I put my fingers that just came out of my pussy into your mouth, you lick me clean and suck on my fingers for a bit longer, sucking my fingers in as your cock gets buried into me and releasing my finger as you pull back with your hips. I take my hand from your mouth and place both of my hands on your thighs so that I can lean back and give you full access to watch your cock thrust into my and to play with my clit; however, your hands are still under your head and I tell you that you can move them now. Immediately your hands come down and grab my waist and lift me off of you… bewildered I look at you Escort Cebeci not knowing what you are doing, you grab my hand and pull me over to the end of the bed and bend me over… You shove your fingers into me and make me cry out in surprise and OMG the sheer pleasure. You pull them out of me and position your cock just right to thrust into me, grab a fistfull of hair and pull my head back and put your fingers in my mouth… You know that I like it rough and you keep your hand wrapped in my hair while you thrust in and out of my pussy with your cock… pulling my head back and biting on my neck, my shoulders and making me scream out for you not to stop…You put your arm around my waist and flip around to sit on the edge of the bed to watch me bounce up and down on your cock. You know that I am ready to cum when I start to grind against your hips and moan and run my nails across your thighs. As I cum all over your cock you hold me while my body finishes the spasms from my orgasm. Your cock still hard, not yet ready for release. I get down on my knees in front of you and take your cock into my mouth. Not expecting for me to do it, your body jumps at the touch of my lips and you grab me by my hair and pull me to your mouth for a kiss. With your cock still in my hands, I start to move my hands up and down and work you up to being ready to orgasm, I take the tip of your cock into my mouth and lick all over, swirling the head of it with my tongue. You grab the edge of the bed and your body starts to shake as you shoot your load all over my breasts and stomach. You pull me up and back onto your lap to sit and bring my lips to yours for a sweet kiss.

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