Promiscuous WifePromiscuous Wife


I’ve been married to my wife for 15 years. over the last seven years she has screwed numerous men with my full knowledge and approval. she has settled down a little, but there have been times when she was seeing multiple guys at the same time. although there is one aspect of this situation that bothers me. i am happy to have such a promiscuous wife, these extra-marital relationships have transformed her from a straight-laced puritan into a wanton and completely uninhibited lover. although my wife would indulge in some heavy petting after we got engaged, she refused to let me screw her until pur wedding night and continued to be very straight-laced after we were married. most people who know flora think that she would be the last woman in the world to be promiscuous. although she favors sexy lingerie, she usually dresses quite conservatively.

My wife’s first affair was set when the company i work for got bought out and we became worried that i might be laid off. Flora reluctantly agreed that she would get a job. this way we have something to fall back on if i got laid off. she ended up getting work as a secretary for a real estate broker. soon after she started, however, flora got upset and wanted to quit her new boss, James, requested that she wear more revealing clothes to the office to help boost sales. I’ve always been proud of her figure and frustrated by her refusal to dress provocatively, so i insisted that she not quit and abide by her boss’s dress code. Flora was uncomfortable with her new wardrobe at first, my wife soon relaxed and even admitted that she enjoyed the lustful looks she got from men. she amorous with the men. Sometimes Flora would go into the bathroom and suck her coworkers off. One day i decided to bring food and have lunch with her and i was told she wasn’t in. i go to the bathroom and see her holding the edge of the sink with her dress pulled up passed her ass and her panties to the side as she got fucked from behind. the guy quickly scurried out of the bathroom leaving me alone with my wife. she explained to me that she was only doing it to help with sales and that she was sorry for going behind my back doing it. I told her it was ok as long as she didn’t do it again.

My wife’s second affair was when the holding corporation sent one of Edirne Escort their vice presidents to evaluate my office. it was understood that he would decide who would get laid off and would pick the new division manager. I had done some excellent work and felt i deserved that position. the vice president was obviously a ladies’ man and flirted with the more attractive women at the office. I was flattered by the interest he showed in the picture of my wife that i kept on my desk. when he invited everyone to a banquet, i decided that it might help my chances if i could get flora to flaunt her charms or even come onto him a bit. When i explained the situation to her, she agreed to do it. she even let me buy her a very low-cut evening gown and sexy matching bra, panties, garter belt and stockings for this occasion. my wife was a little nervous about the banquet, she seemed to be looking forward to it. As we got ready to leave for the hotel, she told me she was feeling horny and would be willing to help me out in any way she could. as luck would have it, the vice president’s suite was next door to ours, and we ran into him while checking in.

Rick obviously was attracted to my wife, and she seemed to be taken by his rugged good looks and tall, fit body. he had a liter of rum and some mixers, which he shared with us once we got to his room. as we drank we talked, flora went to the bathroom to get dressed and put the finishing touches on her hair and makeup. even though he had to mingle with the other employees Rick spent a lot of time at our table. he eventually asked my wife to dance with him, and of course i encouraged her to accept. the band favored slow songs, so he held her close as they danced. the lighting was low, but i could tell that he was exploiting the opportunity to caress Flora’s ass and fondle her breasts. I didn’t think she was up for it, but she welcomed his roaming hands and let him do as he wished. I noticed he moved behind flora and began grinding his crotch against flora’s ass which made her nervous and bite her lip in response.

When i danced with my wife afterwards, she apologized to me for allowing my boss to take such liberties with her. she explained that while she felt like she was being somewhat unfaithful to me, she didn’t want Edirne Escort Bayan to pass up the chance to get fucked. I assured her that she hadn’t done anything wrong, because letting another man feel her up wasn’t the same as letting him fuck her. when Flora mention that she could feel my erection pressed against her stomach, i admitted that watching them did turn me on a little. she chuckled and asked me if she had my permission to indulge in some heavy petting with Rick as long as she didn’t let things go too far, I encouraged her to do so.

He treated us to a continuous stream of free drinks during the evening, and Flora and i got quite drunk. we took turns dancing with her, with each of us kissing her and groping her. eventually he made the first move. I went to the bathroom and lost track of them for a short time. After a brief search of some of the darker corners of the hotel i found them making out in a dark, secluded alcove Rick sat back on a couch and Flora climbed on top of him with the top of her evening gown pulled down to her waist. the scene was very exciting for me, and since my wife assured me she wouldn’t go too far, i didn’t interrupt them. I hid behind a potted plant and made sure i wasn’t noticed by them. After engaging in some deep kissing, Flora leaned forward to offer her naked body to him. Rick began to vigorously fondle, kiss, and lick her boobs and sucked on them. as he eagerly sucked on Flora’s tits Rick slowly slid her dress over her hips and down her legs leaving her naked wearing only a garter belt, stockings and skimpy panties.

After a few minutes, Flora knelt down in front of Rick and pulled his pants down to release a impressive dick. I was a little jealous when she started rubbing the head of his dick in between her boobs., given she rarely did that for me. Flora was obviously pleased with how big Ricks dick got as it reached its full erection, and i found the sight a little daunting. I have always known my penis size is average but Ricks dick appeared to be 10 inches long and must’ve been as thick as a bottle. After rubbing his cock in her boobs for a while, Flora got up and sat on his lap, facing him so that his dick was pressed against her crotch. as he kissed and sucked on her boobs, she began rubbing her Escort Edirne pussy against his dick.

the flimsy material of Flora’s G-string panties stretched enough that she was able to work an inch or two of his shaft into her pussy. he encouraged her to take him in deeper. Flora pulled out and took off her panties and sat on his lap again as he held her in place with a firm grip on her hips, he pulled her toward him until his dick was pressed against her pussy. Flora giggled and laid back, telling him that she wasn’t sure if she could trust herself, and then allowed him to push his dick inside her a little. I was getting jealous that flora was agreeing to go on. although she had often gotten us both off by rubbing her pussy against my dick while we were engaged, she always insisted on leaving her panties on to act as a chastity belt. As Flora rubbed herself against Ricks big cock, he coaxed her into taking more.

I wasn’t worried at first, but as i watched Flora take more of Ricks cock inside her, I saw a look in her eyes that told me she was going to go all the way with him as his body began resting against her. muffled heavy breathing, moans and grunts started to echo from their hiding spot. She had turned back into the wanton lover again as lust had taken control of her mind. I was trying to think of a way to stop them but couldn’t think of anything. I heard Flora moan loudly that Rick was a much better fuck than i ever was and she wanted to marry his cock. Rick grunted as he moved faster inside Flora. I heard rick ask her who her husband is and I felt my heart drop into my stomach as i heard her loudly moan that he was her husband. Flora wrapped her legs around Rick encouraging him to keep going. Rick made a few hard thrusts and i knew he came inside Flora. Flora quickly got out from under him and grabbed his dick and placed her mouth on his cock and stroked him milking out every last drop of cum from his cock. Rick pulled his pants up as they both noticed me hiding behind the plant. Flora looked down unsure of what to do and Rick grabbed her ass hard and passed me telling me that she’s now his.

After the banquet was done i had a argument with Flora that ended up with us getting a divorce, in addition i got laid off. But to top it all off a few months later after i had gotten a new job i got sent photos on social media of Flora and Rick as a newly wed couple and that Flora was pregnant. Needless to say, i should’ve been a lot more careful with my now ex-wife.

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