School reunions are usually boring affairs; instead of reuniting classmates they tend to polarize people, those interested in attending and those who shun the anticipated boredom, the true friends who would stay in touch regardless of an event versus those who were happy to move on with their lives, never looking back. In the fifteen years since graduation I was happy to get away from the vast majority of my classmates, choosing an out of state university and then a job in another state to complete the separation. I have moved on, changed, grown, and felt a relief to be rid of the baggage of unpleasant roots.

With all of that being said, I am not sure why I felt it important to go back for the fifteen year celebration but there was something prompting me to return. Maybe it was just the desire, perhaps the need, to see certain people one last time to confirm my feelings about them, or to gloat about my personal growth and the changes in my life that this growth has fostered. However, it would be an opportunity to see one person in particular, someone who was an old friend who crept into my subconscious several years ago and who would not leave. It was a complicated friendship back in school and one of those bits of an unfinished story that begged for closure. This night of reunion would allow me to turn the page, confirming my decisions of fifteen years past so it was an event that was necessary for me to attend.

I flew into town the day of the reunion and had arranged a nice room in the hotel where the festivities were to be held. I did not wish to travel around the city and hoped to stay for as short a time as possible, so I booked my flight home the following afternoon. My plan was a simple one: fly in, see some people, stay overnight, a half-day at leisure the following day and then back to the real world. Regardless of my feelings I needed some closure and if this was the price for peace of mind, so be it.

After checking in at the hotel I took a shower and relaxed with a drink from the mini-bar. As I got dressed I could not help thinking about my old friend, Matt Grisham, the someone who had been on my mind and I wondered what seeing him after all these years would be like. He and I had been close, sharing similar interests and quite a few classes, but our friendship did not last much beyond the end of school. We had summer jobs at the same country club after graduation but when I left for university in the fall we lost touch. I had heard that he stayed in town, attending a community college before switching to a local school to finish his degree, and then he remained in the city and the story, as I knew it, ended. Maybe I would see him to find out more but, in reality, none of it mattered since I had my life and I am sure that he had his. The complication in all of this came into being because I cared for him more than I would for a friend but I never made my feelings known. We had our separate personas and worked diligently to preserve the façade shown to other friends and family so I kept everything inside, never knowing how things would have gone if I had been honest with him or even how he would react once I was. I made up my mind that tonight would be the night I would tell him everything and let the chips fall where they may. Closure once and for all.

I decided on a light gray suit with pink shirt and color matching tie. It was a sharp combination that was made to impress. Staying with the color choice I also wore a pink camisole, pink lace panties, and a pink garter belt and stockings. It was a dynamite ensemble and it made me feel beautiful and sexy when I put it on. They say almanbahis that you wear lingerie for someone else but in my case I wore it for myself simply because I loved the way it felt against my skin when I moved. I had come a long way in fifteen years and I was happy with my choices and the life that I had created for myself.

Entering the ballroom of the hotel was like stepping back in time. I saw classmates and teachers scattered around, some groups making obviously nervous small talk and others genuinely laughing with each other and having fun. I would have fit into one of the former groups rather than the latter if I was inclined to mingle but since I had no real desire to see most of these people I wandered aimlessly, saying hello to this one and that one, never staying much longer than to exchange simple pleasantries. I was not that interested in their lives and did not wish to share mine with people who could care less about me other than for gossip at a later date so I drifted around with a glass of wine in my hand for effect. Music played and people danced but it was becoming a non-event in my book. I walked out onto the terrace for some air, disappointed that I had not seen Matt and stood by the railing staring at the skyline and the night sky. Suddenly I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder and heard a familiar voice. “I was hoping that you would come tonight” said Matt. “It has been a long time and I was wondering how you were doing.”

I turned and looked at him for a few brief seconds before replying. He had not changed all that much but definitely looked more mature and more handsome too. “I hoped that you would be here as well. I had been thinking about you a lot over the years and I took that as an omen and justification to make the trip back. It is nice to see you.”

Matt smiled and touched my arm, melting away the years and bringing us back to those wonderful summer days of our youth. We talked easily as the evening turned into night and the sky became a beautiful dark blue with a glowing array of stars above the lights of the city. At one point we heard a slow jazz melody playing in the background and Matt looked directly into my eyes and said, “Dance with me.” It was a strange request since Matt and I had never done anything like this before. Good friends occasionally share a lighthearted hug and we were no different in that respect but the intimacy of slow dancing was not something that friends engaged in. All that I knew was that I wanted to feel his arms around me and to hold his body close to mine so throwing caution to the wind I replied, “With pleasure.”

Matt took my hand to bring me close and then put his arms around my waist as we started to move to the music. I was unaware of anyone else on the terrace but right now I would not care if it was full of people. I was in the place that I wanted to be and since I had waited so long for this moment, it was mine to savor. As we danced I rested my head on Matt’s shoulder and I felt him lightly increase the pressure to bring our bodies closer.

As I began to feel his erection against my leg I knew what I wanted and I believed that I knew what Matt wanted as well. I made this trip to bring closure to a part of my life that I felt was over for many years and I could not be timid any longer if I really wanted the truth. I raised my head and whispered into Matt’s ear. “I took a room in the hotel for tonight so perhaps we could go there for a nightcap and relax in private.” Matt smiled, “Now it is my turn to say ‘With pleasure’.”

We left the terrace through an exit that led directly to the elevator lobby and took the lift to almanbahis giriş my floor. As we walked down the corridor Matt’s hand touched mine but no words were spoken. Closing the door to the room behind us, we were finally alone in our own world where time meant nothing. Matt took me in his arms and kissed me with a lover’s kiss. I was trying to catch my breath, so caught up in the moment it seemed that I had forgotten to breathe or so it seemed. I held Matt’s head between my hands and kissed him repeatedly, trying to kiss away the years that we lost. He responded in kind and I knew that our desires were in sync but this was not a moment to be rushed. We had waited too long.

Pulling myself away I told Matt to make himself comfortable while I got a couple of drinks and changed out of my suit. He readily agreed and removed his jacket and tie as I got two glasses with bourbon and ice. Handing one glass to Matt I clinked our glasses and toasted our reunion. He smiled and took a sip to seal the moment.

I walked over to table by the closet and set my glass down. I took off my jacket and undid my tie while Matt sat on the bed enjoying the show. Smiling, I unbuttoned my shirt exposing the camisole underneath before removing my belt and slipping out of my pants. Matt was staring intently as I stood facing him in the pink ensemble that made me feel so special. He got up from the bed and walking over to me, he said “My God, you’re beautiful. I never imagined you so lovely.” Matt kissed me on the mouth and then moved down to my neck as I struggled to breathe.

I stepped back and hurriedly started unbuttoning his shirt. The rest of his clothes followed and before long he stood there naked and aroused. He wasted no time removing my clothes but he did it gently, lovingly. As we stood naked in the room we kissed again, enjoying the feeling of skin against skin. Matt’s erection pressed against my stomach and I longed to feel it inside me. Matt read my mind and led me to the bed where we lay together before he started kissing my neck and my chest before settling to my nipples. I moaned as Matt licked and caressed each nipple in turn, gently nibbling them before a harder bite that made me cry out in pleasure. He worked his way down to my abdomen and then took my penis into his mouth, moving it in and out in a slow, steady rhythm. In my mind I drifted back to the terrace, looking at the stars and dancing slowly, but my dream was brought to an end by the most intense orgasm that I have ever felt in my life. My body convulsed as wave upon wave of semen flowed from my penis into Matt’s mouth. Once I finished coming, Matt kissed me and let all my semen enter my mouth for me to enjoy.

I rolled us over and rested myself on top of Matt’s body with my legs straddling him. His rock-hard erection was against my abdomen so I slithered down so I could take it into my mouth. I got it nice and wet and sucked in all the precum in the process. I moved up to his nipples and after teasing them for a while I straddled him and leaned back to permit his hard cock to enter my anus. Matt moaned as he went in and I moaned as well as I felt my anus pulsing and contracting around his cock. He held me tight as he fucked me and I held his head as I kissed him, driving my tongue deep into his mouth. Matt rolled us over and pulled my knees over his shoulders. He fucked me hard and deep while staring into my eyes. In a few short minutes Matt let out a cry as he orgasmed and filled my colon with his cum. He rocked gently as he finished his orgasm and kissed me tenderly. He rolled off and lay next to me for a few minutes before putting his arm almanbahis yeni giriş under my head. Instinctively I rolled over, nestling my head on his shoulder, placing my arm over his chest and my leg over his. I was drained and satisfied and very happy.

We must have slept for a while because when I opened my eyes I saw that there was a very faint light coming through the window. Matt stirred as well as I went into the bathroom to clean up. When I returned to bed matt got up, kissed me good morning and went into the bathroom. I thought about the prior evening and longed for a continuation, exciting myself in the process. As matt came back into the room I could see by his erection that he might want an encore performance also. I sat up on the edge of the bed, grabbed Matt by his penis and brought it into my mouth. I gave his dick loving attention and then pulled him onto the bed. In the increasing light of the dawn I gave Matt a sensational blowjob that ended with him filling my mouth with semen to the point of overflowing. He moaned and whimpered as he came, holding my head firmly in his hands. It was extasy for both of us.

When we finished, Matt took a shower and then mentioned that he had to go back to change. I said that I would shower and change as well and that I would look for him at breakfast if that worked for him. He smiled and agreed, kissed me softly and tenderly and then got dressed, looking back as he reached the door. “I love you and always have” he said, and with that he walked out.

I enjoyed a nice hot shower then relaxed with a coffee before getting dressed. When I arrived at the dining room for breakfast there were a few familiar faces but no one interesting enough to chat with so I took a table near a window and glanced at the menu. After ordering some French toast and I settled in to enjoy my coffee and glance at a newspaper while I waited for Matt to arrive. Suddenly the silence was broken by a vaguely familiar voice asking if the seat next to me was taken. I looked up and saw an old friend, Kelly Roman, whom I hadn’t seen in fifteen years if not longer. I stood up and we greeted each other with the perfunctory double kiss and lukewarm smiles. Kelly sat down and we exchanged the usual pleasantries and tried to catch up on the happenings in our lives, a nearly impossible task for such a short time.

Kelly mentioned how she enjoyed the reunion, especially seeing the changes in people, but she was very sad and disappointed that Matt Grisham would not be able to attend. She said that she always liked Matt but she was sure that I missed him more than anyone else since we were such close friends. The puzzled look on my face said what words could not so Kelly kindly elaborated without my having to ask. She said that she thought that I knew that Matt was killed in Afghanistan about seven years ago while stationed there with his Army unit. Apparently, Matt joined the Army after graduating college and went on to serve two tours in Afghanistan, falling to a sniper in the latter part of his second. Family and friends were shocked but it was the life that he had chosen so he died doing what he wanted and trying to help people. She assumed that I knew and was sorry to break the news to me in such a cold manner. She didn’t know the half of it nor could I explain why I suddenly ended our breakfast and left the table.

On the flight home I sat by the window watching the clouds passing by, wondering what had happened over the last twenty-four hours. This morning I was content and happy, looking forward to facing the day with an old friend and new lover and now I sat alone feeling the weight of a broken heart. How ironic to find that strange circumstances finally brought Matt and I together only to find that we would never have anything more and I would only have a memory. A tear traced a path down my cheek.

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