Plea Deal Pt. 05Plea Deal Pt. 05

Public Sex

Senator Davis basically dominated my thoughts. Almost every morning, I’d wake up with throbbing morning wood from some variation of the same carnal dream. I’d go to work and drool over him all day, constantly obsessing over how I can impress him or earn his praise. Then, I’d go home and think about him all evening. I’d google him on my phone and look through pictures of him on the internet. I made a hidden folder on my phone for all the images of him I’d saved. I was 18, perpetually horny, and obsessed with a man who I knew would probably never view me as anything more than a sex toy.

This morning, I woke up and realized it was Friday – normally everyone’s favorite day of the week with the end of the weekday and start of the much anticipated break from work or school. TGIF, right? Today, I realized I was beginning to dread them. The end of my work week meant several days apart from my boss and severe sexual frustration. Call it young love, but I wished I could go to work everyday.

I greeted Senator Davis with his morning coffee and asked if there was anything I could help with. He thanked me and said he didn’t have anything for me today. He was going to be in meetings much of the day, which demoralized me even more. I was crestfallen, ready to leave his office and spend the day on my phone, when he called me back.

“Before you go…” I turned back to him almost like a soldier. “I think it’s time to mete a little more punishment for you crimes. My house at 8.”

I had plans with friends, but I knew better than to bring it up. I’d just have to find an excuse to cancel. “Yes, sir.”

“You might want to bring an overnight bag.”

My heart fluttered and he could tell.

“I wouldn’t get too excited, boy. I did say punishment.”

I nodded my head humbly and left his office.

The day was agonizingly slow and boring with nothing to do and no reason to be around Senator Davis. I texted him asking if I could get him anything. I knew he was busy but wanted to be helpful if I could be. He never replied. I roamed the halls and had lunch with my Dad and tried to beat the clock, but my mind was occupied. I thought all day long about what the evening had in store for me. He asked me to bring an overnight bag, which had the a similar effect on my foolish heart as if he’d told me he loved me. But, he assured me it would be a punishing night, and I already had a taste of what that could be like. My calves were still sore from my last punishment, suspended on the tips of my toes while he edged me and denied my orgasm. Would it be even worse this time? Regardless of what was coming, I knew I wanted it. I would do anything he wanted. I was desperate to please him.

I told my parents I’d be out with my friends and staying the night with one of them. I told my friends that a family thing came up and I couldn’t get out of it. I brushed my teeth, used mouthwash, reapplied deodorant and grabbed a backpack before realizing I didn’t really know what to pack in an overnight bag. I threw my charger, my toothbrush, and a fresh change of clothes in a backpack and headed over to Senator Davis’s place.

By the time I had arrived, he’d sent a text telling me to let myself in. I opened his unlocked front door and entered, awkwardly advancing towards his living room and craning my neck to see where he was. He rose from the couch as I saw him and led me to a spare bedroom.

“You can leave your bag in here.”

I nodded, set my mostly empty backpack on the floor, and waited for my punishment to start. I didn’t know what to expect, but I wasn’t nervous anymore. As I stared at my crush, I was just excited to be with him and not have to spend another weekend pining over him. He was so large, manly and handsome. He glanced at the tent in my crotch and smiled.

“Like a little puppy.”

I was a little perplexed.

“You ever had a puppy, son?”

“Yes, sir.”

“What’s a puppy like?”

“Really energetic, a little mischievous, always getting into things he shouldn’t. He barked a lot and sometimes he’d bite. But he was a good dog.”

“That’s just what puppies do, right? They are too young to know any better.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And that’s why we train them.” He stared into me and a clarity was communicated. All this time, I wish he’d known that he didn’t need to hold my run-in with the law over my head to elicit sex. Only now did I realize that he wasn’t. It may have been a convenient pretense to explore my willingness in the beginning, but now it was nothing more than a tool in his war chest. He knew I was his desperately willing submissive, and he had been slowly establishing that on many levels.

“You’ll be spending this evening without your clothes. Everything off.”

I wasn’t sure I heard him right, but I was not going to question. I started undressing right away. When I was nearly finished, he stuck his arm out to collect my clothes, which I dutifully handed over.

“I want you on your hands and knees, unless I tell you otherwise”

I kaçak iddaa dropped down obediently, looking up at him about five feet away. He dropped a notepad and a pen on the floor.

“Think back and write down everything you think you’ve done wrong since the night you were first escorted to my door. I’ll be back when I think you’ve had enough time to write it all out.”

He left me alone in the room and I crawled over to grab the pen and notepad. I had nothing to be excited about, yet I was stiffening just a bit. I was hunched on all fours with my naked ass up in the air behind me and started writing.

“Masturbating in the shower” I started my list with the most obvious mistake.

I scribbled another. “Not keeping eye contact when spoken to”

After a few minutes my list was filling up.

– forgetting to say “sir”

– playing with myself

– spilling Daddy’s cum

– pausing my blowjob when Stan came in the office

I was running out of ideas, but wary of forgetting anything. His words still rang in my mind. “I’ll be back when I think you’ve had enough time to write it all out.” With that thought permanently fixed in my mind, my list seemed insufficient. I repeatedly played back the last week and a half in my head and searched my memory for anything else he had corrected. I remembered my first day at work when he walked me through the building and gave me instructions, I remember being overwhelmed and missing or forgetting some details. I added that to the list.

I kept searching my memories, but that just made it harder to focus on the task. Replaying the times I’d sucked his cock was making me horny and my uncovered prick was becoming a real distraction. I rubbed it for a split second before thinking better of it. Getting caught playing with myself was the last thing I wanted to do. I left it alone and tried to think of things to add to my list.

I am not sure how much time had passed. There was no clock in the room and he had taken my phone with him. I was alone, on my elbows and knees, naked, sitting in a mostly empty room with the door wide open and nothing to do but sit with my thoughts. It felt like it had been an hour or two and my mind had given up on thinking of things to add to the list. With nothing else to do, I started doodling on the next page in the notebook. I had filled up half of the page with random sketches when he walked in the door.

“Let’s see what you’ve come up with.” I urgently flipped the page back to my list right before he grabbed the notebook from me. He silently read through it, flipped the page up to glance at the second then looked down at me. “You couldn’t even focus for 30 minutes?”

I cowered a little, feeling pathetic. “I’m sorry, sir.”

“Well that settles it. Tonight’s punishment will be all about focus. Restraint. Blocking out distractions.”

I was embarrassed and afraid.

“Follow me, boy.”

He hadn’t told me to get off my hands and knees so I assumed I was expected to crawl behind him. He led me into his living room as I followed behind on hands and knees.

“Sit right here,” he pointed to a spot against the wall on the side of the room, while he sat down on the couch in the middle of the room. He leaned deep into the cushions and spread his legs wide. I knew he was tempting me and it was working. My dick started to chub again as I sat there waiting for instructions. He gave me back the notebook and pen.

“You’re gonna write lines correcting your behavior. Read me the first thing you wrote.”

“Masturbating in the shower.”

“I want you to write ‘I will not masturbate without Daddy’s permission.’ 100 times.”

I looked down and started writing immediately.

“Nice and neat, boy.”

I started on my task diligently while he turned on the tv and settled in. My naked body rebelled against the menial task. My mind was intent on obeying, but I was fighting the constant urge to look at him and his openly displayed manspread. He was very forthrightly testing my ability to block out distractions and restrain urges, and from the beginning I realized exactly what he meant. I could see him out of the corner of my eye from where I sat, but I knew I had to resist the urge to look over at him.

While Hugh settled in and watched tv, I wrote line after line. It was monotonous and frustrating and had me feeling like a little school boy in detention. When I finally finished my 100th line, I meekly told him. “I finished my first set, sir.”

“Read me the next thing on your list.”

“Not keeping eye contact when spoken to.”

“‘I will look my Daddy in the eye when he speaks to me,'” he fed me my next line and I started again at my task.

“100 times,” he reminded me.

In the corner of my eye, I noticed movement. He had kicked off his shoes and maybe started unbuttoning his shirt. I couldn’t tell for sure, and It took all my restraint not to confirm my suspicion.

I kept writing, stating each word in my mind deliberately as I wrote it as if to kaçak bahis emphasize to my body that I was focused on the task. I. Will. Look. My. Daddy. In. The. Eye. When.

A quiet whoosh of air and soft thump of cloth hitting the ground a foot away from me stopped my thoughts and weakened my resolve. It was clearly his shirt, removed and discarded. I didn’t physically react. I knew it was part of the test.

I kept writing and he stepped up his temptations. He was playing with himself through his pants. I could barely see him in my peripheral vision, but he was very openly rubbing himself, surely just waiting for me to avert my eyes from my notebook. I was fully erect now and it was starting to demand attention. It was another moment of realization for me, understanding just what he meant by controlling my desires. I had very little ability to control my hormones and my lust. My flesh yearned to touch him and to be touched.

I somehow managed to finish my second set of lines.

“I’m ready for the next line, sir.”

“Read it for me.”

“Forgetting to say ‘sir'”

“I will always address my master appropriately.” I copied down the line and continued my task.

A few lines in, I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper and knew he had opened his fly. He was surely rubbing himself over his underwear now. I wanted more than to look. I wanted to help him. But I stayed resolute, writing my lines and not falling for his trap.

He changed the channel and turned up the volume as a basketball game was exchanged for something clearly pornographic. The audio narrated what I dared not see, just mercilessly teasing me and my aching body. In the video, a deep voice declared “that is one tight pussy” while a younger voice moaned and audibly struggled. The deeper voice was very talkative. “That’s your Daddy’s cock,” he told the other before telling him how he would “stretch that hole out.” I closed my eyes for a moment, my hole clenching instinctively to the stranger’s words, and reminded myself this was a test. You can not look up. You have to wait patiently.

I calmed my mind and opened my eyes to continue writing. I was getting close to finishing the third set when the sounds from the video tested my resolve once more.

The man with the deeper voice clearly picked up the pace because the other voice was yelling out from pain, which only made the deep voice more verbal. “You need that pussy pounded with a big bear cock?” The yelping voice got higher and higher as the bear aggressively obliged. My own cock was tensing as the video aroused a hunger in me that I’d never felt before. Without even looking up – from the audio alone – I knew if this complete stranger was in the room talking like that to me, I’d willingly be the boy getting his pussy pounded. Clearly struggling, the boy in the video asked to suck the bear’s cock. After being told to repeat his request louder, the boy yelled it out as he groaned from the ongoing assault.

“Does your pussy need a break? Is that what it is?” The bear teased.

“Yes daddy, please. Please.”

The audio momentarily subsided as they apparently changed positions and I took the moment to announce that I had finished my next set of lines. Daddy gave me my next set of 100 lines to write while the bear in the video told his boy how to suck his cock. Maybe I am being dramatic, but it seemed the toughest thing in the world to focus on my assignment. I was naked, embarrassed about being punished, with a dick throbbing harder than I can ever remember. On top of that, I was jealous of Senator Davis stroking himself, all while fighting the never-ending impulse to look up at the him and the hot video. My willpower was being pushed, while my hand began to shake as well. I scribbled the first line of my next set: “I will not play with my cock without permission.”

While I fought to steady my hand against the spasming muscles, the cocksucker in the video was struggling with his own task. I could hear him gag and cough while the deep voice simultaneously praised and scolded him. The boy would gasp for air in intervals when the bear apparently pulled out to let him catch a breath. Fighting the ongoing impulse, I put my head down and kept writing. My hand was really cramping now and my writing was becoming less and less legible. It was quickly becoming evident that I wasn’t going to be able to finish.


He grunted a response.

“I can’t steady my hand, sir, and my writing is becoming sloppy.”

“Your hand needs a rest?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then flip through the notebook and read the lines you’ve written.”

“Yes, sir.”

I flipped back to my original list and the first 100 lines and read quietly to myself.

“On your feet and read out loud, son,” he corrected me. “But quietly.”

I stood up, positioning the notebook so that I wouldn’t be tempted to look at Daddy or the tv screen.

“I will not masturbate without Daddy’s permission.” I read the first line softly and repeated line after line, illegal bahis as I had written. “I will not masturbate without Daddy’s permission. I will not masturbate without Daddy’s permission. I will not…”

“Ooof, that’s hot.” He said it almost imperceptibly, just loud enough for me to make it out. My cock twitched in response, demanding I jack off. I was so stimulated, I knew I would shoot in seconds if I dared touch it. I kept reading, trying to ignore my pulsating cock.

“I will not masturbate without Daddy’s permission.” Senator Davis exhaled. The boy in the video started yelping again as they had apparently switched back to anal.

“I will not masturbate without Daddy’s permission.” The bear in the video yelled “take that cock, boy!” My own cock screamed for attention.

“I will not masturbate without Daddy’s permission.” The boy yelped over and over. Senator Davis’s breathing told me he was getting close.

“I will not masturbate without Daddy’s permission.” It was a symphony of erotic noises, each instrument commanding my attention. But I had to fight to block it all out.

“I will not masturbate without Daddy’s permission.” Senator Davis yelled out amidst a powerful orgasm. He exhaled aggressively, each breath ending in a grunt. My heart dropped.

“I will not masturbate without Daddy’s permission.” I continued obediently despite the hurt.

“I will not masturbate without Daddy’s permission.” Senator Davis was coming to a rest, but the video continued on. The boy was begging for relief again.

Senator Hugh interrupted my lines. “Look at the screen.”

I anxiously looked up to take in the scene that had been teasing me. The big bear had pulled out and now stood commandingly over a tanned boy sitting against the foot of a bed. With both hands firmly on the back of the boy’s head, the bear pushed the boy’s face into his belly and drove powerfully in and out of his mouth. The bear’s face wasn’t in the frame, but his build was similar to Senator Davis. Hugh’s chest was a bit tighter and covered in more beautiful gray hair.

“Take that cock. Don’t pull off, now. Ohhhhh, yeah.” The bear grunted as he used the boy.

He let go and the boy desperately pulled back for air, revealing the bear’s cock for the first time. All that yelping was no exaggeration. The bear’s cock was massive and especially thick. He commanded the boy lick it even while he caught his breath. The break lasted only a few seconds before the bear resumed control, pulling the boy back into his body with both hands as he restarted his assault.

“Open your mouth, boy. I don’t want to feel any teeth on my cock while I stretch your throat. That’s it boy.”

After another brief pause for air, the bear grabbed his boy’s arms and lifted them back behind his head. With their hands interlocked, the bear leaned forward and pinned the boy back against the bed, while continuing to drive powerfully in and out of his throat. I was mesmerized by the bear’s aggression – verbally and physically. I was so turned on and hoped to be used like that. As if he knew my thoughts, Senator Davis spoke from behind me. “This is going to be part of your training, boy. Do you want that?”

“Yes, sir.”

The bear continued to pound his throat. He pushed the boy’s limits, continuing while the boy gagged and struggled before finally pulling up. The boy coughed and fought for air. “You said your pussy needed a break.” The bear repositioned his boy, pulling him off the ground and directing him to lie upside down on the bed. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”

The boy’s head rested over the foot of the bed and the man leaned down into his mouth once more. From this position, he could drive even deeper. “Ohhhh, I can feel your throat stretching boy.”

“I’m gonna stretch your throat out, just like that son.” Senator Davis spoke over the video, invoking a violent twitch from my cock. The bear’s hands explored the boys smooth, tan skin as he drove literally as deep as he could. The boy’s head disappeared between his legs. “That’s it, bitch, take that cock. Ohhhh, yeah. That’s my boy. Take it!”

“Will you talk to me like that, sir?”

He stepped closer to me. I could feel his presence. “You want Daddy to talk dirty to you, boy?”

“Please, sir.”

He was right behind me now and my neck craned as he spoke softly. “There’s something you oughta know, boy.”

My mouth opened and I breathed heavily.

“You haven’t felt nothing yet.”

I moaned, unsure of what he meant but unbelievably turned on.

“When you suck my cock, boy, you don’t reach anywhere near the base.” His hands came beneath my arms and pinched my nipples. “I have been patient because I know you’re just a puppy.”

The feeling in my balls started to swell.

“When I took your virginity, boy… I was so gentle.” My asshole puckered at the thought. The pressure I felt when he penetrated me was unbelievable. I was naive enough to think, until now, that I had gotten the real thing. “Soon, I’m going to give you everything I got. And when I really give it to you, you’re gonna be yelping like the boy in the video, son. You’re gonna be begging me to fuck your throat so that your pussy can have a break.”

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