Pissed Off BitchPissed Off Bitch


Your at home and a girl that you always thought was a bitch but was very attractive comes pounding on your door. You open the door and she immediately starts yelling at you saying she knows you’ve been cheating with her boyfriend. You, of course, have no idea what the fuck she is talking about and deny any such accusation. This is one pissed off chick though and soon attacks you. The two of you go down and are wrestling on the floor. She is tearing off your clothes and you rip hers off as well. Out of nowhere she all of the sudden sticks her tongue down your throat. You are so surprised by this but it turns you on like never before. On an impulse you shout,

“You fucking bitch. Look what you’ve done to my clothes. Just for that I’m gonna make you tongue fuck my ass you fucking piece of shit.”

Without waiting for an answer you grab her by the hair and shove her face into your ass. She seems to be equally turned on and starts jamming her stiff tongue in and out of your ass real fast. She asks in a bitchy voice,

“Is that what you want you fucking Escort Pendik cunt? You like my hot tongue in your ass don’t you, you fucking bitch? Hmm? I’ll tongue fuck your ass. I’ll fuck the shit out of it.”

She then goes at with all her might. As fast as she can. You respond by bending over and sticking ass straight out and spread your ass cheeks apart so she can really go at it. You yell,

“That’s it bitch. Tongue fuck my ass nice and hard. Oh yeah. Stick your tongue deep inside my dirty asshole and taste my shit you mother fucking cunt. That’s it. Bury that tongue deep in my ass.”

She asks,

“You love my tongue in your ass don’t you? My hot tongue in your nasty ass you fucking slut. I think it’s time for you to tongue fuck my asshole now you fucking piece of shit.”

She gets up and now your going at her asshole with the same aggression. The two of you take it to the bedroom and start working on each others pussies. Licking and fingering pussies and asses with the same nonstop anger that you have for each other. Each one trying to verbally out do the other girl in the anger department. Each one trying to gain control of the other and fighting to be the boss. After this goes on for a while you bust out with a strap on and say,

“I’m gonna fuck the living shit out of you now you fucking slut.”

Her eyes go wide with delight and she barks,

“Ok bitch. Fuck the shit out of me and I mean hard.”

You strap it on and start banging the crap out of her cunt. The scorching verbal name calling goes back and forth like two female cats in heat then you say,

“Now I’m gonna fuck your ass nice and hard bitch.”

“Do it,”

she shouts,

“Fuck the shit out of my ass.”

As you’re nailing her ass she shouts,

“Oh yes. Fuck my asshole nice and hard you bitch. That’s it. Fuck it. Fuck my ass. Come on you piece of shit. Is that the best you can do? Where the hell did you learn how to fuck, Disneyland? I SAID FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF MY ASSHOLE GOD DAMN IT!”

“Yeah? You like that? You like it when I fuck your ass nice and deep? You want me to fuck the hell out of you? Ok bitch. You asked for it. This is for ripping my clothes and accusing me of cheating with your boyfriend.”

With that you go full steam ahead and ram the living crap out of her thinking of how mad you are at her and how totally turned on you are by her. She screams,

“I’m cumming”, and violently has her orgasm.

Quickly, in mid stroke, you exit her ass and plunge deep into her cunt as she is cumming. You shout,

“That’s it bitch, cum all over my cock. Yeah, cum on it god damn it.”

After she finishes her orgasm you pull out of her cunt and grab a fistful of her hair and force her mouth onto your cock shouting,

“Suck it bitch! Suck your cum off that cock you mother fucking piece of shit! Lick that cum off my cock you fucking dirty slut.”

You violently start fucking her face and she is hungrily sucking her cum off your cock. When she is done you spit in her face and yell,

“Now get the fuck out of my house and tell your boyfriend he has a freak for a girl friend and is lucky to have you now GET THE FUCK OUT BITCH!” The end. Please let me know what you think good or bad.

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