Peeping TammyPeeping Tammy


The thermometer had been hovering between 100 to 105 all week. And worse, our nightly Delta breeze was nowhere to be found, meaning the overnight and morning lows were still over eighty degrees. July had been the hottest month on record according to my favorite tv weather hottie.It was a typical mid-week evening. I met friends for Happy Hour, came home to my condo, took off my suit and tie, and made a quick dinner. I moved into the living room and flopped into my favorite leather chair. I had the tv news on, as I usually do, as I was reading a few new stories on Lush.One story was extremely erotic with superior writing and a solid storyline. As I read paragraph after paragraph, I became more turned on. I soon had a bulge in my gym shorts. At that same time, the weather girl came on with her forecast.Amy Flores was new to the market for the past three months, and I was crushing on her hard. She was a striking late-thirties Latina standing about five-seven tall, an athletic size six frame, with average breasts. Afyon Escort Her best feature was her face: she was drop-dead gorgeous. Long wavy black hair, a foot past her shoulders, a pearly white smile, and the prettiest eyes. Amy had big bright brown eyes, fake lashes, but not overdone, and perfectly arched brows. I hate to use the term, but she was my “Dream Girl.”As she moved in front of the green screen, moving her hands and pointing to different cities, my hand dropped from my laptop keyboard and found my thick six inches. Rubbing my cock over my Nike gym shorts wasn’t cutting it, so I pulled an Al Bundy and shoved my hand down the front of my shorts. I took hold of my manhood and gave myself a long firm squeeze to start, and then slowly began stroking my dick.Today Amy was wearing a bright turquoise summer dress, above the knee, and with a work-appropriate V-neck showing off some cleavage. I was in a trance watching her as she rattled off the various temperatures in the different Afyon Escort Bayan cities. I pushed my shorts down to my ankles as I knew I was going to bust my nut in another minute or two. I was now stroking my cock faster and oblivious to the outside world.That was when something caught my attention. Out my living room window, going up the stairs, was my new upstairs neighbor Tammy. She had stopped and was watching me through the window. My vertical blinds were only closed only halfway, so she could see everything perfectly from her angle on the staircase.I kept jerking as our eyes met. I expected her to be embarrassed and run up the stairs, but instead, she walked down the stairs without taking her eyes off me and stopped on my front patio. Tammy looked through the window right at me. She moved one hand to her breast and began caressing herself. My eyes were shifting from Amy on the tv to Tammy in the window. They did a close-up of Amy and I fantasized about blowing my load Escort Afyon all over her pretty face.TAP, TAP, TAP. Tammy was lightly knocking on my window. I looked over at her in horror. She pointed to my front door, and then simulated the jacking-off motion. Then she pointed at me and then at the door. I yelled at her, “The door is unlocked!”My new neighbor had moved in above me only two-plus weeks ago, and I had only had one real conversation with her once that first weekend. All I knew about her was she worked at a venture capital firm in Palo Alto, was thirty-three, originally from Dallas, and had gone to Harvard for her MBA. She was average looking, average height, average body, you get the picture. She was Caucasian with light brown hair and brown eyes. If you saw her at the store, she would not grab your attention. Our other neighbor Kathy said she needed a full makeover: hair, makeup, wardrobe, etc.Tammy opened the door, her eyes re-focused on my dong, and she smiled. “Need some help?” she asked.“Yes. I’m close. Talk dirty to me,” I instructed her.Tammy quickly moved fifteen feet and dropped to her knees. She then pulled off her thin t-shirt revealing her perky breasts. I slowed my strokes and admired her large brown areolas and rock-hard dark nipples.

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